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Red Arrow

ça va nog wel
Oct 22, 2012
It had normal CN bumpers and promos just like Yorkiddin' Presents Cartoon Network.

Are you talking about this video? There's no bumper though.
Johnny Bravo sounds awesome in German.


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Mar 2, 2009
Was The Cartoon Cartoon Show on the German block a mix of Cartoon Cartoon series segments or What A Cartoon pilots?


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Jan 10, 2015
Raleigh, North Carolina
POGO TV Schedule for August 24, 2004:
05:00AM Wonder Woman
06:00AM Round the Twist
06:30AM Mr. Bean: The Animated Series
07:00AM Sitting Ducks
07:30AM Hi-5
{Tiny TV - 8AM-5PM}
08:00AM Boohbah
08:30AM Teletubbies
09:00AM Franny's Feet
09:30AM Barney and Friends
10:00AM Make Way for Noddy
10:30AM Thomas & Friends
11:00AM Kipper
11:30AM Bob the Builder
12:00PM Oswald
12:30PM Thomas & Friends
01:00PM Kipper
01:30PM Bob the Builder
02:00PM Oswald
02:30PM Make Way for Noddy
03:00PM Franny's Feet
03:30PM Barney and Friends
04:00PM Teletubbies
04:30PM Boohbah

05:00PM Hi-5
05:30PM Sitting Ducks
06:00PM Beakman's World
06:30PM Round the Twist
07:00PM Mr. Bean: The Animated Series
07:30PM Just for Laughs Gags
08:00PM Just for Laughs Variety
08:30PM Wonder Woman
09:30PM Beakman's World
10:00PM Round the Twist
10:30PM Mr. Bean: The Animated Series
11:00PM Just for Laughs Gags
11:30PM Just for Laughs Variety
12:00AM Boohbah
12:30AM Teletubbies
01:00AM Franny's Feet
01:30AM Barney and Friends
02:00AM Make Way for Noddy
02:30AM Thomas & Friends
03:00AM Kipper
03:30AM Bob the Builder
04:00AM Just for Laughs Gags
04:30AM Just for Laughs Variety
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Red Arrow

ça va nog wel
Oct 22, 2012
There are lots of British continuities online, but I can't find anything about Time Squad S2. Does anyone remember the European promo for it? When did it air? Late 2003? 2004? For some reason I don't remember it at all, which is weird. There are lots of promos and fillers I forgot, but not new series / shows, especially not if it was one of my favorites.

Sorry if I ask too much about Time Squad...

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Sep 4, 2010
Anyone know of old CN Japan schedules? I came across a Yamato 2 promo that mentions October but I haven't a clue what year it aired in. I'm intrigued at the amount of anime they've aired over the years since it's also evident Macross 7 was on the channel.


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Jan 22, 2011
Yesterday I found by a chance Cartoon Network Spain schedule for February 2003:
06:00 Spaced Out
06:25 Fat Dog Mendoza
06:50 Droopy and Dripple
07:05 Flintstone Frolics
07:30 Tiny Toon Adventures
07:55 Batman of the Future
08:15 The Powerpuff Girls
08:40 Dexter's Laboratory
09:10 The Cramp Twins
09:35 Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo
10:00 Boomerang
12:30 Fat Dog Mendoza
12:55 Animaniacs
13:20 Droopy and Barney
13:35 The Mask
14:00 Chez Cartoon
16:00 Batman
16:25 Menuda Toonteria!
17:00 The Scooby-Doo Show
17:25 Courage the Cowardly Dog
17:50 The Cramp Twins
18:15 Ed, Edd n Eddy
18:35 DaMöb (Another cartoon from the creators of "The Three Friends and Jerry": Da Möb (26×26’))
19:00 Dexter presents
20:00 The Powerpuff Girls
20:30 Tom and Jerry
21:00 Looney Tunes
21:30 Como en las mejores familias (according to this site: mundoplus.tv :: Televisiigital en España it's a block featuring cartoons with families as main characters like "The Jetsons")
22:00 The Chuck Jones Show
MONDAY-TUESDAY: 22:30 La Monda Connection
WEDNESDAY: 22:30 Toonami, 00:35 What a Cartoon!
THURSDAY: 22:30 A toon...ba abierta, 23:45 CN Underground, 00:25 The Cramp Twins
00:50 The Powerpuff Girls
01:15 Johnny Bravo
01:35 Dexter's Laboratory
02:00 Cow and Chicken
02:25 Wacky Races
02:50 Looney Tunes
03:20 Tom and Jerry
03:50 Top Cat
04:15 Hong Kong Phooey
04:40 DaMöb
05:05 Fat Dog Mendoza
05:30 The Cramp Twins

06:00-16:00 same as with Monday-Thursday
16:00 Por fin en viernes
02:25-06:00 same as with Monday-Thursday

06:00 Yogi's Treasure Hunt
06:25 Fat Dog Mendoza
06:50 The Cramp Twins
07:15 DaMöb
07:35 The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
08:00 Batman of the Future
SATURDAY: 08:25 Tiny Toon Adventures, 08:50 Animaniacs, 09:10 Mike, Lu and Og, 09:35 Time Squad
SUNDAY: 08:30 Cine CN
10:00 Tom and Jerry
10:30 The Cramp Twins
10:55 Angela Anaconda
11:20 Johnny Bravo
11:40 Ed, Edd n Eddy
12:05 Dexter's Laboratory
12:25 The Powerpuff Girls
12:50 Grim and Evil
13:15 Cow and Chicken
13:35 Sheep in the Big City
14:00 2 Stupid Dogs
14:25 I Am Weasel
14:45 What a Cartoon!
15:00 The Tex Avery Show
15:30 The Friz Freleng Show
16:00 Boomerang
SATURDAY: 20:30 Tom and Jerry, 21:00 Looney Tunes, 21:30 Cine CN, 23:00 What a Cartoon!
SUNDAY: 20:30 Como en las mejores familias, 22:35 What a Cartoon!, 22:50 Sheep in the Big City
23:15 Cow and Chicken
23:40 Grim and Evil
SATURDAY: 00:00 La Monda Connection, 00:50 Toonami, 02:05 Dexter's Laboratory
SUNDAY: 00:50 A toon...ba abierta, 00:50 La Monda Connection, 01:35 Toonami, 02:25 What a Cartoon!
02:35 The Powerpuff Girls
03:00 Ed, Edd n Eddy
03:25 Looney Tunes
03:55 Wacky Races
04:15 Yogi Bear
04:45 Fat Dog Mendoza
05:10 The Cramp Twins
05:35 Spaced Out

  • Sunday, 02nd February, 08:30: Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
  • Saturday, 08th February, 21:30: The Pagemaster
  • Sunday, 09th February, 08:30: Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring
  • Saturday, 15th February, 21:30: Space Jam
  • Sunday, 16th February, 08:30: Scarecrow (?)
  • Saturday, 22nd February, 21:30: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (yes, really)
  • Sunday, 23rd February, 08:30: Tweety's High-Flying Adventure
Source: The Onoweb Revista at Revista bookneeo - Neeo | Todo sobre medios de comunicación en España (schedules are present in issues between February 2003-September 2004, except for November 2003, February 2004 and August 2004)
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Jul 22, 2014
Bucharest, Romania

Red Arrow

ça va nog wel
Oct 22, 2012
IIRC, one of my first memories of CN was looking at the schedule pages of a magazine (probably TV Guia) and TNT+CN was listed. 1999, I guess.
You read magazines at the age of 1? Wowzers. I couldn't even read then. I only started reading quickly enough when I was 7. (thanks to subtitles)

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Feb 3, 2018
You read magazines at the age of 1? Wowzers. I couldn't even read then. I only started reading quickly enough when I was 7. (thanks to subtitles)
Heck, I barely remember anything that happened when I was 1, let alone remember what I read.

I started keeping track of cable TV schedules in 2006 through monthly cable guides from our old cable provider (Astro Nusantara) up until it went out of business in 2008. I can't remember where they are unfortunately, but I might try and look for them sometime.


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Sep 5, 2018
Anyone who has a schedule for Cartoon network in India either from 1998 -2000, i lived in the Philippines and their broadcasting cartoon network in india there, I used to remember this Jam commercial "Rahul Dravid Kissan Jam Commercial",back then i used to watch little Firestone kids and Dink the little dinosaur, which was 11:45 here in PHL whiile its 9:15 in India if im not mistaken. would appreciate if someone could help, thanks. (sorry for my english)

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