Now we are seniors again (Tales of Riverdale fan fiction)

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Jun 9, 2002
Troy NY
Preamble: Archie Andrews and his friends have moved on to college, but for some of them, it's not yet time to think about earning degrees. Some of the gang have reached their senior seasons, but others have not. This will last a while.

All characters, save for new ones created for this story, are copyright Archie Comics/WB.

Ever since graduation at Riverdale High three years ago, Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper have organized small, informal gatherings for their friends, usually before the start of the college season. This allows the gang to stay in touch throughout the season, even though they do reunite at Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as after the season is over.

Betty is beginning her senior season at Northeastern University, and the only real problem she's facing is finding a new apartment. The Revere-Adams Apartments, which Betty had called home for three seasons, was sold to a private concern over the summer. The new owners decided to revert the building to senior citizen-only housing. That left Betty with a choice. Either move back home with her parents, and commute back & forth to school every day, which would also allow her to work a regular schedule at New Dimensions Fashions, or find a new apartment in Boston.

Archie solved that problem for her. After taking a year off from college, since his parents could no longer afford to send him to Columbia University in New York, Archie transferred to Northeastern, and he & Betty have moved into a 2-bedroom apartment two blocks from the campus. Archie had thought about going to the Berklee School of Music, but his father, Fred, nixed that idea. However, Archie has changed his major from journalism to business & finance, with music as a minor.

Betty's former roommate, Sabrina Spellman, is co-habitating with her long-time lover, Harvey Kinkle, who is entering his senior season at Boston College. Unbeknownst to the young witch, Harvey's been secretly shopping for a certain piece of jewelry......!

Reggie Mantle also transferred from Columbia, but after three seasons. Having taken a part-time job at the Boston Globe over the summer, Reggie is enrolling at Boston University for his senior season,

Marmaduke "Moose" Mason and his wife, Midge, are now at the State University at Albany, entering their senior years. Moose made the move from Hudson Valley Community College, and Midge, following in lockstep behind her husband, transferred from Russell Sage College. Both are aiming for degrees in sports medicine, and both have part-time after school jobs.

Forsythe "Jughead" Jones, with past relationships with Betty and with Ethel Muggs behind him, transferred from New York University after his sophomore season to Riverdale City College. Ethel, meanwhile, has joined Cheryl Blossom at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Like Archie, Ethel took a year off before enrolling, and is a junior, while Cheryl is in her senior season.

Chuck Clayton is attending the Art Institute of New York, and is in his senior season. Chuck quietly married his long time steady, Nancy Davis, on Valentine's Day, and Nancy is expecting the couple's first child, due in February.

Veronica Lodge, after leaving UAlbany after her sophomore season, has enrolled at Russell Sage, as she & Midge have traded places.

Kevin Keller left RCC halfway through his freshman year and enlisted in the Army. His first hitch has ended, and Kevin has returned to work at New Dimensions as their lone male employee.

Dilton Doiley, boy scientist, is the first one to earn a degree, completing his associates degree in applied sciences in just three years. What otherwise would be his senior season at Stanford has him now aiming for his bachelor's degree. He also has a new steady, Clarissa Franklin. It started with Dilton tutoring Clarissa during his sophomore season. Now, the two are inseparable, and there are rumors that Clarissa may be in a family way.....!
Part 1 is coming after Thanksgiving.


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Jun 9, 2002
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Book 1: Two couples intertwined in a mystery......

Chapter 1:

It is Halloween, and both Betty & Sabrina have received invitations to attend a costume party in the rathskellar at Northeastern. The party is being hosted by Boston councilman Noel Gossett, whose son, Cody, afflicted with Downs Syndrome, is a freshman at the university, and is crushing on Sabrina, unaware that she has a boyfriend off-campus. Archie has been serving as a tutor for Cody in his spare time, but has no idea of the trouble he, Betty, Sabrina, & Harvey are about to face.

After class that morning, Betty returned to Riverdale, and consulted with her mother, Alice, seeking advice on how to address the issue, since Cody had also hit on her until Archie took him under his wing and set him straight.

"I realize, dear, that Archie is doing the best he can to help the young man,", Alice said, "but what if Cody's affliction is more than Downs? Maybe he's autistic, too?"

"What makes you think that, mother?"

"He was in town with his parents the other day, shopping at New Dimensions while you were still in Boston. Had a mild seizure that led his mother to lead him out of the store. He might just have Asperger's on top of everything else."

Abruptly, Betty's cell phone went off. It was Sabrina, asking her to meet at Frank's Coffee Shop.

Meanwhile, Harvey & Archie compared notes at Andrews Hardware.

"He's definitely autistic, and I didn't need a psi-probe from 'Bree to figure it out.", Harvey said. "Poor guy. From what 'Bree's told me, he's being bullied because of both his affliction, and the fact that as a by-product of same, he's hitting on not only our girls, but most of the cheerleaders."

"So I've heard. He tried out for the co-ed cheerleading team, and was turned down because of his illness. Insurance liability issues, I've heard. His dad's a city councilman in Boston, a patron of the university, but he's not doing anything like a discrimination lawsuit because he doesn't want too much attention placed on his son."

"And you're tutoring him?"

"Yeah, we spent an hour, almost an hour and a half, at the campus library yesterday, before his mother picked him up. Good kid, but it's hard for him because of Downs and the autism."

"Did Betty talk to you about the invites we got for tonight?"

"She's meeting with Sabrina as we speak."

Harvey checked his phone, and received a text from Sabrina.

"Gotta go. Maybe we'll see you later?"


Twenty minutes later, Councilman Gossett entered the store with bad news.

"You didn't happen to contact my wife or son about the party?", he asked.

"No, sir.", Archie replied. "Something wrong?"

"Very. Cody was sent to the hospital this morning. He was attacked before he could leave the campus. I think you and your lady were both gone."

"We left around 12. Cody was just getting to the rathskellar with Nicole Dennis when we left."

"Nicole was the one who called the cops. There were no security guards in the cafeteria, or whatever you call it in college, and that left Cody at the mercy of the bullies."

"Which ones in particular?"

"Jefferson Grant and his pals. They are part of a street gang known as the Black Lizards. Seems Nicole broke up with Grant two months ago, and he's been trying to win her back. Didn't like seeing Nicole with Cody, so he & his buddies worked him over really bad.. Nicole went to the hospital with Cody."

"I guess, then, the party's off?"

"Very much so. Sorry to disappoint."

Gossett left, and Archie whipped out his phone to contact Betty.
Later that night, back in Boston, Betty & Archie visited Cody at the hospital, but the lad couldn't talk. His throat had been crushed, and now he needs surgery.

"I told that double crossing jeff Grant to leave me alone, but he doesn't take no for an answer.", Nicole said, wiping the tears from her eyes. "He cheated on me at the end of last semester, but he claims he dumped the other woman. I doubt that."

"Is his mother here?", Betty asked.

"His parents left 10 minutes ago, but I can't leave Cody here all alone. They couldn't stay."

"Visiting hours end in another hour.", Archie said, looking at his watch. "I understand he has police protection."

"That won't stop Jeff and the Black Lizards."

"Don't be so sure about that.", Betty thought to herself.
In chapter 2, we'll see what she means.


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Jun 9, 2002
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Chapter 2:

As they were leaving the hospital, Betty & Archie caught sight of a news report on TV that said that Jeff Grant and two other Black Lizards had been captured in an unrelated incident at a suburban shopping mall. The three were brought to the central police station in Boston, where they were also charged with assault on Cody at the rathskellar earlier in the day.

"Changes your plans, doesn't it, Betts?", Archie asked as they returned to his car.

"It does.", Betty replied. "I was thinking maybe the Black Hood might scare a confession out of them, but now it's not necessary."

The next day at Northeastern, Xavier Lee Grant, Jeff's father, met with the Dean of Students. Rather than take his son's side, as most parents would do when bereft of the facts, the elder Grant essentially signed off on whatever discipline would be administered.

"Jeff only listens to himself.", Grant admitted. "I can't blame Nicole for leaving him after the way he treated her. Jeff thinks the world revolves around him, and he has to have the last word, regardless."

"Well, he won't be getting any more learning here, Mr. Grant. Due to what happened yesterday, and the ongoing harrassment of young Mr. Gossett since the season started, Jeff has been suspended for the rest of the semester."
Cody was released from the hospital on November 3, forced to wear a collar around his surgically repaired neck. Nicole was with him, reassuring him that everything would be okay. Two days later, Noel withdrew his son from school, dissatisfied that Jeff Grant had only been suspended for the rest of the semester, not expelled.

"The school's afraid to outright dump him because then he could go somewhere else and weasel his way onto a basketball team.", he said. "Jeff Grant was the 3rd leading scorer for the Huskies last season, but he has those pinheaded leeches hanging around him, selling him the idea that he's NBA-ready. Then, he and the Black Lizards go after my boy, just because Cody innocently tried to approach a sweet girl like Nicole."

"So where does Cody go from here?", Betty asked.

"He'll be home for the rest of the season, and we'll find someplace safe for him. He has to undergo some rehab therapy for his neck and throat so he can talk again. I only want what's best for my son, nothing special."

Four days later, Cody & his mother, Rebecca, returned to New Dimensions. Cody had lost his nerve as well as his voice, and thus couldn't turn his attention to Sabrina, who reached out to him telepathically. All she could see was Cody shaking his head as if to say, "no" to her psi-probes.

"He's totally scared.", Sabrina told Betty at closing time. "All of the progress he made socially before the start of the season has all been undone."

"And his father's not happy that Jeff Grant is still walking the streets. That could spell trouble."

"Oh, it will, Betty. Jeff's only got himself to blame for all of this, but I don't think he cares or knows."

"Then, maybe Mystyk & Black Hood should pay him a visit?"

"No. I think we'll wait for Jeff to make a move, then go after him."

Abruptly, Betty heard the police scanner in her car making some noise. She listened to the message, then popped right back out.

"I think Grant's made his move already. He's gone after Nicole!"
To be continued.....
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Jun 9, 2002
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Chapter 3:

Calvin Dennis had wasted little time calling the police as soon as he saw Jeff Grant's midnight black SUV pull up across the street from his house. Nicole was upstairs getting ready to go to the clubs. As he replaced the phone, Calvin called his daughter downstairs.

"It's not safe now.", he said solemnly, pointing to the window. "You may want to contact Della and tell her you'll have to take a rain check."

"Already on it, Dad.", Nicole replied as she pulled her phone out of her purse. A few minutes later, she settled down on the sofa and kicked off her shoes.

"Jeff just doesn't get it.", she said. "He's willfully ignoring the order of protection we had placed on him, and....."

"I haven't had the chance to tell you, but Judge Quincy turned down the order, and wouldn't issue it.", Calvin replied. "Don't know why, but the judge is making a big mistake."

Not far away, Mystyk & the Black Hood had the area staked out, now joined by Pureheart the Powerful.

"The police have already been contacted.", Mystyk said, referencing Calvin's phone call. "Two cruisers are on their way, but they may not be enough."

"They should be.", Pureheart replied. He shared what he knew about Judge Oliver Quincy's refusal to issue an order of protection against Grant.

"There's only one reason for that.", Black Hood replied icily. "Quincy is Grant's uncle. His son, O. J., is also part of the Black Lizards."

On cue, O. J. Quincy and Grant emerged from the SUV, but, seeing the police sirens, doubled back toward the vehicle. Pureheart & Mystyk intercepted them before they could leave. A psi-bolt from Mystyk turned the thugs' guns into dust. Without weapons, the Lizards surrendered to Chief Robert Bolling and his strike force.
Acting on an anonymous tip placed by Betty as the Black Hood, Bolling summoned Judge Quincy to his office the next morning.

"I came here to bail out my son & nephew, and you're telling me there's no bail, Robert? Are you out of your mind?", Quincy thundered.

"I was going to ask you the same thing, Oliver.", Bolling replied. "Jeff's been suspended from Northeastern, likely to be expelled after this, and O. J. could wind up sharing his fate."

"Jeff's very possessive.", Quincy conceded. "He says he told Nikki Dennis that he didn't want her seeing anyone else in case he broke up with Traci Sinclair, which he did. Nikki, being a little more mature, told him what he could do with those orders. If she believes Jeff lied about breaking up with Traci, I can't blame her. Jeff's got O. J. thinking the same way he does, but I honestly believe I can break those boys of such perverse notions."

"It hasn't worked, Oliver. You're being recused from the case at the request of the D. A.'s office, and that's final."
Three days later, Betty & Archie paid a visit to the Gossetts, as Archie was to tutor Cody. However........

"Grant must be out of jail.", Betty said, seeing the SUV. "Thought he was denied bail."

"He was.", Archie replied, referencing a newspaper article he'd read. "He's not only got his uncle, the judge, on his side, but someone else, too."

As the car pulled up a block from the Gossett home, Archie answered his cell phone. It was Reggie, calling from the Boston Globe office.

"Where are you guys?", Reggie asked. When told, he had a chilling message.

"If you could look inside the SUV, you'd see Grant has abducted two women, neither of whom is Nicole Dennis, but they are friends of hers, and somehow, Grant knew she'd be visiting the Gossetts."

"How did he get out of jail, Reg?", Archie asked.

"A trusty at the jail snuck him out. Another relative. Left a mannequin in Grant's cell."

"Betty's calling Chief Bolling now. We're heading home. I'll text Nicole as soon as I hang up. Later, Reg."

"Now what do we do?", Betty asked as she replaced her phone.

"Double back and change. Chief Bolling should be along soon."

Archie pulled out of the parking space, and started back for Betty's house. Abruptly, Betty received a psi-alert from Sabrina.

"No need for costumes, honey.", Betty told Archie. "Mystyk has back-up with her."

Sure enough, Mystyk arrived with Captain Hero, who quickly disarmed Grant and O. J. Quincy. The hostages were freed, and the two thugs were sent back to jail. The trusty, Roger Quincy, O. J.'s brother, was arrested for aiding & abetting an escape, and that cost him his job.
The two hostages, Della Cameron and Sarah Turner, testified against Grant and the Quincy brothers at trial a couple of weeks later. It was what Della shared that was of more concern.

"Jeff is mentally ill. I don't think even his uncle knows about that. If he did, he wouldn't have been so quick to deny the order of protection against Jeff.", she said.

"You lying-----!", Jeff protested before being cut off by security and restrained.

Judge Angela Averill had heard enough. The Quincys were sentenced to 2-4 years in state prison each. Jeff Grant, meanwhile, was sent to a psychiatric facility in Southern Massachusetts for treatment.

"Now it all becomes clear.", Archie said as he & Betty and Sabrina left the courthouse together. "Jeff was jealous that Nicole gave Cody more attention for his disability than she did Jeff for his."

"Nicole did mention that Jeff had shared that information with her on the proviso that she never tell anyone. Part of his controlling influence, I suppose.", Sabrina added. "He didn't want anyone thinking he had any sort of weakness. A macho mentality, if you will."

"That never works.", Archie replied. "'Bree, can you call Harvey? I'll pick up the tab for dinner for the four of us."

"Best offer I've heard all day."
In chapter 4, the couples face another issue closer to home involving Riverdale High.
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Jun 9, 2002
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Chapter 4:

It was now mid-December. The Archies reunited for their annual holiday show at Riverdale High, set for December 22. However, three days before the show, there was some bad news that put it at risk.

"I'm afraid the school board may cancel your concert on the 22nd, Jughead.", football coach Eldon Kleats told Jughead at Pop's Place after school. "Ms. Grundy and three other teachers are out with the flu, and several students were sent home today. They're talking about shutting the school down until the influenza passes."

"I've gotten over the flu myself, coach.", Jughead replied. "Got my flu shot two months ago, and I still got a minor case of the flu. If they have to cancel, I've no problem with it. We can reschedule the show."

The next day, Jughead had the day off from work, and showed up at the former Riverdale CYO around 4 pm for rehearsals. However, only Reggie had otherwise arrived.

"Veronica is still in Albany, and won't be home 'til tomorrow.", he said. "Betty's out with the flu. Sent home from work yesterday. She's quarantined at home, so Archie can only talk to her on the phone or via e-mail or Skype."

"Didn't she get a flu shot?", Jug asked. "I know Archie did."

"So did I.", came the reply. "Needed it when I took the job. Ron got hers in Albany. I thought Betty got hers, too, but she may be like you, getting a case despite it."

With rehearsal cancelled, the boys headed to Pop's. En route, they noticed a new message on Riverdale High's message board, indicating that, yes, the concert was cancelled. No make-up date had been set.

Entering the diner, Jughead told Pop Tate that he now had an opening on his schedule for Saturday.
Meanwhile, Archie had gotten a message on his police scanner reporting some suspicious activity at the high school. Changing to Pureheart, he flew to the school to investigate. Once there, he spotted three men rifling through Mr. Weatherbee's office. Pureheart was soon joined by Mystyk, who also answered the call.

"I don't know how they got in, but they won't be leaving the same way.", she said.

The pair teleported inside and confronted the intruders. However, before Pureheart could throw a punch, one of the men reached into his pocket and pulled out a wallet containing a badge.

"F. B. I.", the man said. "We've received information linking Waldo Weatherbee with some serious criminal activity."

Pureheart & Mystyk looked at each other, stunned.

"Why come here when no one's here?", Pureheart asked.

"National security.", the agent replied. "Weatherbee's been leading a secret double life."
Say it ain't so! Weatherbee? A criminal?


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Jun 9, 2002
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Chapter 5:

John Weathers had been an F. B. I. agent for six years, and a highly decorated one at that. However, there was something to him Mystyk didn't agree with, and her psi-scan verified her suspicions.

"He's lying.", she said mentally to Pureheart. "If we clear them out, and check the office ourselves, we'll find they planted evidence on the Bee."

"Can you tell us exactly what Weatherbee's mixed up in?", Pureheart asked aloud.

"I told you. It's a matter of national security, on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know.", Weathers said, his voice tensing with anger.

"Oh? It's a little unseemly for Federal agents to be skulking around like thieves in the night. That's not how it works."

A quick fight ensued before sirens brought the police into the fray. Weathers and the other two agents were taken into custody, and, thanks to Mystyk, Chief Bolling found the phony evidence in Weatherbee's desk. The next morning, he met with Pureheart & Mystyk on the roof of police headquarters.

"Your hunch was right, Mystyk.", he said. "They were planning on framing Weatherbee. Seems someone has a grudge against him. How far back it goes, I don't know."

Abruptly, Lt. Dennis Simpson joined them.

"You asked to be notified if we came up with anything in the database on Weathers.", he said. "Turns out, that isn't his real name."

"Are you serious?", Bolling asked. "Why would the Feds even employ a guy using an assumed name?"

"I can guess the answer.", Pureheart said. "Weathers may actually be a black sheep relative of Weatherbee himself."
Later that afternoon, at Andrews Hardware, Sabrina made a point of stopping by to see Archie before coming home from work. It was, after all, more business than pleasure, as long as customers weren't around.

"Ms. Grundy was at New Dimensions this morning.", she said. "She'd just recovered from the flu. Anyway, she does recall the Bee having a nephew that was in law enforcement, but he was drummed out of the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms ten years ago."

"What exactly did he do?", Archie asked.

"He wrongly accused an African-American teenager of selling drugs, then harassed the kid until his parents contacted 'Weathers'' superiors. It wasn't until that young man came to town to play basketball against Riverdale that the truth came out. Care to guess how?"

"The Bee turned his own nephew in. I recall he had guests for the holidays, and Newbury High was taking part in Riverdale's annual tournament. The Bee overheard his nephew talking to someone about 'taking care of a lingering problem' that night, and contacted Bolling. Weathers came back to get revenge on his uncle."

"I did a little online snooping on the F. B. I.'s site.", Sabrina continued. "Turns out Weathers was let go a year ago."
After Christmas, things quieted down, and Betty had recovered from the flu. With John Anthony Weatherbee, nee Weathers, out on bail, it was clear he wasn't done trying to destroy his uncle's reputation. Betty had stopped at the hardware store to pick up some tools for her father when she saw Archie waiting on a customer.

"Y'know somethin', man?", he asked. "It's been ten years since I was hassled by the Feds for something I didn't do, and now I'm finding out that nut job is back in town, causing more grief."

"So I've heard.", Archie replied as he rang up the customer's purchase. "Turns out the guy has a grudge against his own family, in addition to letting his inner bigot emerge at the wrong time."

"Then you know my story."

Bryant Riker was a star player at Newbury. On that fateful night ten years ago, he was heading home after practice when he was stopped by Weathers on suspicion of drug possession. Weathers' partner at the time, Abby Connors, apologized profusely once she realized they had the wrong man.

"I never forgot Agent Connors' kindness.", Riker said. "When I was in college, I found out she wasn't that much older than I was. Maybe three or four years. We've been dating for the last three years since she left the ATF. Weathers hated on her, too, prompting her to leave after Weathers fixed it so she wouldn't get a promotion."

"Sounds like you're close to getting married."

"I am. Just popped the question Christmas Eve."

Riker departed. Betty, then, went to the counter.

"You don't suppose that fake agent knows Riker's in town, do you?", she asked.

"I wouldn't put it past him.", Archie replied.
Riverdale High held its annual holiday basketball tournament on December 27 & 28. Newbury was taking part in the event for the first time in five years. Bryant Riker, now an assistant coach at Newbury, arrived around 1, before the junior varsity tournament, with his fiancee, Abby, in tow. Eight hours later, John Anthony Weatherbee stood on the roof of the high school with a rifle in his hand.

"First, I end you, Uncle Waldo.", he said to himself as he loaded the rifle. "Then, I'll settle up with Riker and that traitor."
To be continued.


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Jun 9, 2002
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Chapter 6:

The Riverdale-Newbury game was almost over. Newbury was up by three with thirty seconds left. John Weatherbee made his way down, attired from head to toe in black. He stood outside the door leading to the gym, and waited patiently for his opportunity.

Abruptly, Michelle Brandon, a school security monitor, spotted him, and walked up to where Waldo Weatherbee was sitting in the bleachers.

"We have to go, sir.", she said quietly. "We have a situation, and I don't think we need to panic the kids."

The buzzer sounded to end the game, with Newbury winning, 76-75. As the players met at the handshake line, Abby spotted her ex-partner, and directed the Newbury students in the bleachers in a different route to the parking lot.

"Single file, everyone! No need to panic!", she called.

On the Riverdale side, the students followed behind their principal and his guardian. At that moment, John Weatherbee made his move.

"Everyone freeze!", he called, firing off a warning shot in the air.

"Keep going, sir.", Michelle whispered. "He doesn't have a clear shot."

Black Hood had seen to that. The vigilante followed John inside, and tackled him, knocking his rifle to the floor. John Weatherbee kicked free, and went for his weapon, only to find it was now in the hands of Pureheart.

"In cards, it's never a good idea to overplay one's hand.", he said, "and tonight, you did just that."

Outside, Mystyk & Captain Hero were directing traffic to ensure everyone left the campus safely.

Campus security arrived, and arrested John Weatherbee. Waldo stood at the doorway, and watched as his nephew was removed from the building.

"Where did you go wrong?", he thought to himself.
Riverdale salvaged third place in the tournament, beating Clark Corners the next day, and started a new winning streak in the process. Meanwhile, John Weatherbee was extradited back to Virginia, where he was wanted in an unrelated case. Waldo was shaken, but by the time classes resumed on January 2, he was back to his old self, such that two days later, he & Geraldine Grundy had dinner at the Victory Garden with Betty and her family.

"I never realized I had a black sheep in my family. I always thought John was a good man.", he said.

"They say power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.", Betty said, reciting an old axiom she'd learned in Grundy's English class years earlier. "Maybe you didn't know your nephew as well as you thought.".

"No, I didn't, and you're right, Betty. He let the power that came with his job corrupt him."
Meanwhile, Mystyk & Pureheart found themselves alone after wrapping up another case, and morphed into Sabrina & Archie on the roof of Pop's Place.

"Here's where we part company.", Archie said. "Harvey will be waiting for you downstairs."

"No, he won't.", Sabrina said. "We just broke up."
Say what?


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Jun 9, 2002
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Chapter 7:

As they walked down the stairs from the roof to the rear entrance of Pop's Place, Sabrina shared her tale of woe with Archie.

"Harvey's father laid him off over the holidays, shut down the construction company soon after.", she said. "Kinkle Construction gets a lot of government contracts, and, well..."

"I can guess the rest.", Archie replied. "With parts of the government shut down, that affects the Kinkles, who probably can't afford to pay Harv's tuition for the rest of the season."

"Exactly, but that's not all. The same private firm that bought the Revere-Adams apartments purchased the building Harvey & I live in from Boston College, and they're ignoring the lease. They want us out by the end of the month!"

"So how did you & Harv break up?"

"We had a fight over housing. Since they want us gone, I moved back in with my aunts for the time being, and Harvey's with his folks. Problem is, he's too proud to accept any help, and is thinking about sitting out this semester."

"You can always move in with Betty & I at our place for the duration.", Archie offered.

"Oh, Archie, that's so sweet and generous of you. I'll have to think it over."

But as the pair entered the restaurant, Betty was waiting at her usual table, and motioned them over.

"Good news, 'Bree.", she said. "BC's sale of your building was voided because the buyer happens to be a crook who just got busted by the Feds. Harvey wants you to call him, says all is forgiven, and he's ready to move back into the love nest."

"When did this all happen?"

"In the last two hours. It's been on the news."

Bennett Lansing had been running a shell company, a front for some shady business dealings, and was forced to forfeit ownership & title of the Revere-Adams building as well. The Federal authorities arrested him on racketeering charges, among others.
Two days later, Harvey & Sabrina moved back into their home, with Harvey once more carrying his lady across the threshold.

"This time, nothing's making us move out.", he declared.

"You sure about that, honey?", Sabrina asked.

"Just landed a new job that'll pay the bills. We'll be close together on the weekends."


"Moose's parents bought your cousin's old building in downtown, and are converting it into a thrift shop. I've been asked to help spruce up the place, since Moose is out of town."

Sabrina glanced at the crucifix that stood on the bureau in Harvey's bedroom. His family's faith had seen them through this crisis, and she never once offered to help using her powers.
Two weeks later, Betty got a call upon returning home from work. Archie was shopping, so she took the call.

"Betty Cooper? This is Jessica Dupree. Our mutual boyfriend needs the Black Hood's help."
Uh-oh. Jessie knows Greg Hettinger passed the Hood to Betty, but what has happened to Greg?


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Jun 9, 2002
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Chapter 8:

The next morning, Archie happened to see Betty packing her suitcase for a road trip.

"Are you sure you don't need me going with you?", he asked.

"I'm sorry, honey, but I have to do this one without you. You're needed more at the hardware store than I am at New Dimensions. Debbie's given me three days off, so, if it takes that long, I'll be back Wednesday night.", Betty replied.

"At least let me take you to the airport."

It was about 2 pm local time when Betty arrived in Santa Fe. Greg, with his arm in a sling, greeted her with just a hug, and hustled her into his car. Jessie was driving. Along the way, Greg filled Betty in on what had happened.

"I should first tell you that I'd been hired by the Santa Fe PD about three months ago. They needed someone with experience, anyway, and despite my record, gave me a chance. I was closing in on a major drug bust when I was ambushed. Four men, all dressed like old time Western outlaws, caught my squad and I off guard. The officers with me were killed. As you can see, I was winged in the shoulder, and took a couple of shots to the ribs. To the public at large, I'm presumed to be dead as well, the better to try to locate these modern day outlaws."

"Any ID's?", Betty asked.

"Zero. They never said a word, so they did their homework. I was barely able to make out a license plate, which I turned over to DMV, before passing out."

"I had half a mind to find Greg's old Black Hood mask and go after them, but he gave the spare to you.", Jessie said icily. "I thought he was cheating on me with you when you were in New York a few months back."

Greg & Jessie's cabin was just outside the city limits. Rachel Cook, a neighbor, acted as a babysitter for their infant son, Dylan. Betty was introduced as a student of Greg's from the Northeast. After Rachel left, Greg continued his tale.

"What prompted Jessie to call you last night was the fact that we'd gotten messages in our voice mailbox asking for the Black Hood, as if these guys think I'm still the Hood.", he said. "I had to tell her I gave the spare mask away to you, to carry on the mantle of the Hood."
Bronson Quigley was in his office at the 7/11 Bar & Grill when his brother, Dooley, entered around midnight.

"They lied about Hettinger.", Dooley said. "He was spotted at the airport greeting some woman in her early 20's., and she left in his car. He wasn't driving, though."

"So, they want to make like Hettinger's a modern day Lone Ranger.", Bronson replied. "What about the Black Hood?"

"No sign."

"Then, we make our move at sunset tomorrow."
Using her laptop computer, Betty was able to access the SFPD's website, and found that they had uploaded footage from the officers' body cameras, including Greg's. She then ran a search on the Quigley brothers, and found that the bar was a front for a smuggling operation.

"They've got a large shipment of heroin, cocaine, meth, et al, due in tonight.", Greg said as he joined her. "My unit was getting close to shutting them down, but I've a feeling they had inside help."

"They did.", Betty replied. She played back the tape to reveal that Officer Lance Romero, a third year man on the force, was heard to say something about promises being kept before he was shot & killed.

"They eliminated Lance to remove any loose ends.", Greg reasoned. "I"ve a suspicion he wasn't the only one to flip."

"No, he wasn't. I didn't think of it at the time, but I had a feeling we were being watched at the airport yesterday."

Around sunset, Betty suited up, and, surprisingly, was joined by Jessie, wearing Greg's old mask.

"This is for Greg. For me, this is a one time thing.", she said.

The two Hoods rode off on Jessie's motorcycle, but didn't get very far before Dooley Quigley and his boys showed up. A biker chain knocked the two masked women off the bike.

"Hoooooooo-wee! Looks like it's party time!!", Dooley exclaimed.

"Don't be so sure of that!"

Mystyk suddenly appeared out of nowhere, evening the odds. The hooded sorceress disarmed Dooley, enabling Betty to recover.

"Stay down.", she whispered to Jessie. "I've got this."

Before long, the Quigley gang had been shut down, and bound for the cops. A short time later, Jessie unmasked.

"Looks like you had a back-up plan.", she said.

"I couldn't take any chances, so I contacted Mystyk earlier. Now, we have enough evidence on Bronson Quigley to shut him down."

"He's headed for the docks for the drug buy.", Mystyk said. "We'd better get moving."

A short time later, the SFPD, aided by Black Hood & Mystyk, captured Bronson Quigley and three lieutenants, along with a pair of dealers from England.
The next day, with Mystyk having already headed home, Betty packed her suitcase, and was ready to leave for the airport. Jessie was offering her a ride.

"I was wrong about you.", she said. "Turns out Greg knew what he was doing after all."

"Best of luck to you and Greg and the baby.", Betty said as she left the car and headed inside. "Be safe."

"We will."

It was 4 pm Eastern when Betty returned home. With Archie at work, Sabrina stopped by.

"Thanks for the assist, partner.", Betty said.

"No problem. Harvey was busy at his new job, and I won't see him 'til the weekend.", Sabrina replied. "Archie filled me in when I stopped at the hardware store Monday, and when you e-mailed, that was the invitation I needed."

"Let's just hope we don't have to take an impromptu road trip again too soon.", Betty said, chuckling.
End book 1. Book 2 is coming soon.


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