"Night of Naruto" Marathon

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Launching Jetstream, it's Night of Naruto!


7:00PM - 36 Clone vs. Clone: Mine are Better than Yours!

7:30PM - 37 Surviving the Cut! The Rookie Nine Together Again!

8:00PM - 38 Narrowing the Field: Sudden Death Ellimination

8:30PM - 39 Bushy Brow's Jealousy - Lions Barrage Unleashed!

9:00PM - 40 Kakashi and Orochimaru: Face-to-Face!

9:30PM - 41 Kunoichi Rumble: The Rivals Get Serious!

Naruto Uzumaki(Age: 12, Allegiance: Leaf): Our loudmouthed protagonist, Naruto has grown up completely alone because of the 9 tailed fox sealed inside him. His one desire is to become Hokage and recieve the acknowledgment of the other villagers. His special technique is Shadow Clone Jutsu(Kage Bunshin no jutsu).

Orochimaru(Age: 50, Allegiance: Sound): A deadly ninja who left the Village Hidden in the Leaves years ago. He resealed the Demon Fox in Naruto, and gave Sasuke a Cursed Seal. Orochimaru summons snakes, and has many strange features with his body, such as a snake like tongue, and the ability to extend his neck.

Gaara(Age: 12, Allegiance: Sand): A ninja from the Village Hidden in the Sand who showed up at the Village for the Chuunin Exams. Gaara, Temari, and Kankurou made it through the Second Exam in Record time, and Gaara finished with no dirt on him at all. Gaara is able to manipulate Sand. His signature technique is the Sand Burial.

Sasuke Uchiha(Age: 12, Allegiance: Leaf): Sasuke is a member of the Uchiha Clan which held the legendary Sharingan Eye. He is the last survivor after his elder brother Itachi massacred the clan. Sasuke is an avenger who seeks to gain revenge on him. His special technique is Fire Style, Fireball Jutsu(Katon, Goukakyu no jutsu), and he can use the Sharingan as well. Orochimaru gave Sasuke a Cursed Seal, which briefly overtook Sasuke, making him extremely malicious.

Itachi Uchiha(Age: 17, Allegiance: ???): Itachi killed off everyone in the Uchiha Clan except for his younger brother Sasuke, telling him "Foolish little brother, you can't kill me. Your hate's not strong enough." His current whereabouts are unknown, although Orochimaru seems to know him somehow.

Rock Lee(Age: 13, Allegiance: Leaf): Lee is a Leaf Ninja taking the Chuunin Exams. Lee aspires to surpass Neji, above everything else. He also works extremely hard, and focuses solely on taijutsu. Rock Lee has modeled himself after his sensei, Gai, and obediently follows all of his instructions. Lee's best technique is the "Lotus", which puts great strain on his muscles and can only be used when protecting someone special to him.

Neji Hyuuga(Age: 13, Allegiance: Leaf): One of Lee's teammates, Neji is the strongest genin in the Village Hidden in the leaves. He has a very arrogant and condescending attitude. He is interested in Sasuke, but the two quickly get off on bad terms. Neji is able to use the Byakugan.

Kabuto Yakushi(Age: 18, Allegiance: Leaf): At first glance, Kabuto appears to be a nice genin, and an elder one who has failed the exam many times. In truth, Kabuto is actually a spy for Orochimaru. The true levels of his skill are unknown.

Shikamaru Nara(Age: 12, Allegiance: Leaf): Shikamaru is one of the 9 Rookies who graduated from the Academy this year. He's extremely lazy and complainis about everything.

Kankurou(Age: 14, Allegiance: Sand): Kankurou is one of the Sand ninjas who showed up at Naruto's village to take the Chuunin Exam. He has a puppet called "The Crow". Kankurou is Gaara's older Brother, and Temari's younger brother. The three of them finished the second stage of the Chuunin exam with the best time ever.

Temari(Age: 15, Allegiance: Sand): Another of the many ninjas who arrived at the Village Hidden in the Leaves, she is Gaara and Kankurou's elder sister. The three of them cleared the Forest of Death in record breaking time.

Sakura Haruno(Age: 12, Allegiance: Leaf): Naruto and Sasuke's teammate. While she has book smarts, her field abilities are very low. She's rivals with her friend Ino Yamanaka, who had always been there for her. Sakura grew her hair out because she heard Sasuke liked girls with long hair, but she cut it during the heat of battle.

Kiba Inuzuka(Age: 12, Allegiance: Leaf): One of Naruto's classmates, Kiba has a really cocky attitude. He also is always with his dog, Akamaru. Akamaru has the ability to sense enemies chakra.

Choji Akimichi(Age: 12, Allegiance: Leaf): Choji is a rookie genin for this year. He has a large body and is constantly eating chips.

Hinata Hyuuga(Age: 12, Allegiance: Leaf): A genin who is extremely shy, Hinata gets especially quiet around Naruto, and is constantly blushing. Naruto has never been able to figure out why.

Ino Yamanaka(Age: 12, Allegiance: Leaf): Ino is Sakura's friend and rival. Like Sakura, she has a crush on Sasuke. She gets extremely competitive with Sakura. Despite that, when Sakura was about to be killed by Zaku, Ino stepped in to fight with all her heart. She's teammates with Shikamaru and Choji. Her special technique is the Mind Transfer Jutsu(Shintenshin no jutsu).

Shino Aburame(Age: 12, Allegiance: Leaf): Shino is a creepy and quiet genin. He has a special connection with bugs, as well.

Kakashi Hatake(Age: 26, Allegiance: Leaf): Almost all of his friends are dead. He places a heavy emphasis on teamwork, and believes those who abandon their friends are worse then scum. He is well known amongst both allies and enemies as the "Copy Ninja", and he has a Sharingan in his left eye, which he normally keeps concealed. Although he knows over 1000 ninjutsu, his greatest is his own personal jutsu, the Lightning Blade(Raikiri).

Gai: (Age: 26, Allegiance: Leaf): Gai is a jounin like Kakashi. He and Kakashi are rivals for all eternity, and Gai is currently leading their rivalry 50-49. Gai is very passionate, and has inspired such a passion in his student, Rock Lee. He also boasts extremely fast speed.

3rd Hokage(Age: 68, Allegiance: Leaf): The wise leader of the Village Hidden By Leaves, he is the strongest ninja in the whole village. He looks out for all of the villagers, and is revered by everone.

Tenten(Age: 13, Allegiance: Leaf): Tenten is the 3rd member of the team that includes Lee and Neji. She is an expert with using weapons, and the most level headed member of the group.

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I'm closing this thread, we already have Talkbacks for every one of these episodes.

If anyone is looking for any of those Talkbacks, they are all linked in the "Toonami Talkbacks and Schedules" thread and there is no rule against bumping old Talkbacks (assuming you aren't bumping them just to bump them).
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