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May 6, 2001
Tucson AZ
NickToons has started up and replaced Nick Too on my cable system. Judging from the schedule for today and tomorrow, so far it's only Nickelodeon stuff-no Terrytoons or any other older stuff. Angry Beavers, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, etc.,-all the usual suspects are there on the schedule. The programming guide and what is currently airing don't match up yet-that's a glitch my cable system has whenever a new channel comes on. But I've got Nicktoons.

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Jan 6, 2002
The Yagami
Can anyone tell me what the purpose of Nick TOO was? It just played whatever aired on Nickelodeon 3 hours later. It was basically the West Coast feed of Nickelodeon (Or East coast if you live in the west).

Well, if the channel plays all the old nicktoons, then I want it. I miss shows like Angry Beavers and Rocko's Modern Life.
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