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Oct 13, 2016
Nick's May 2018 Premieres. I am back after a month of emotional days. Thanks for understanding and as we look forward to the fifth month of 2018, The Nick premieres are...

The Thundermans
Tuesday, May 22nd at 7AM "Final Four Preview" (#800) (5 mins)
Friday, May 25th at...
...6PM - "Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderhome" (#428)
...6:30PM - "The Thundredth" (#429)
...7PM - "Looperheroes" (#422)
...7:30PM - "The Thunder Games" (#412 - #413) (1 hour Series Finale)
(Repeated Monday, May 28th from 6:30PM with Special Features and behind the scenes stuff)

Knight Squad
Friday, May 25th at 8:30PM - "Wish I May, Wish I Knight" (#115)

Henry Danger
Saturday, May 5th at 8PM - "Toddler Invasion" (simulcasting on TeenNick & NickToons) (#416)
Saturday, May 12th at 8PM - "Captain Man-kini" (simulcasting on TeenNick & NickToons) (#420)
Saturday, May 19th at 8PM - "Saturday Night Lies" (simulcasting on TeenNick & NickToons) (#414)

The Adventures of Kid Danger
Saturday, May 5th at 8:30PM - "Sushi Sitter; Cheer Beast" (simulcasting on TeenNick & NickToons) (#106)
Saturday, May 12th at 8:30PM - "Tiny Toddler; Magical Beefery Tour" (simulcasting on TeenNick & NickToons) (#107)
Saturday, May 19th at 8:30PM - "The Wahoo Punch Bro; Pink Rocket" (simulcasting on TeenNick & NickToons) (#108)

SpongeBob SquarePants
Monday, May 7th at 7PM - "Sanitation Insanity" (#223A)
Tuesday, May 8th at 7PM - "My Leg!" (#231A)
Wednesday, May 9th at 7PM - "Ink Lemonade" (#231B)
Thursday, May 10th at 7PM - "Mustard O' Mine" (#232A)

PAW Patrol
Tuesday, May 1st at 12PM - "Pups Save a Bookmobile; Pups Save Heady Humdinger" (#508)
Thursday, May 3rd at 12PM - "Pups Save the Butterflies; Pups Save an Underground Chicken" (#507)
Friday, May 25th at 12PM - "Sea Patrol: Pups Save Their Pirated Sea Patroller" (#509) (Special)

Monday, May 28th at 10AM - "Best Robo Rescues"

Blaze and the Monster Machines
Monday, May 28th at 12PM - "Robot Power" (#401)

Thomas & Friends
Monday, May 14th at 12PM - "Pouty James" (#114A)
Tuesday, May 15th at 12PM - "The Way She Does It" (#114B)
Wednesday, May 16th at 12PM - "Other Side of the Mountain" (#115A)
Thursday, May 17th at 12PM - "Who's Geoffrey?" (#115B)

Peppa Pig
Monday, May 7th at 9AM - "George's Wooly Hat; Canal Boat; Grandpa Pig's Greenhouse; Masks; Goldie the Fish" (#153)
Monday, May 14th at 9AM - "Sailing Boat; Molly Mole; Soft Play; The Market; Bedtime Story" (#154)
Monday, May 21st at 9AM - "Peppa Goes to Paris; Grandpa Pig's Pond; Once Upon a Time; Super Potato; Playgroup Star" (#156)

Top Wing
Friday, May 25th at 12:30PM - "Penny Rescues a Treasure; Penny Rocks the Road Wing" (#116)

Sunny Day
Monday, 14th May at 9:30AM- "The Royal Portrait" (#126)

Rusty Rivets
Tuesday, May 8th at 12PM - "Rusty and the Birthday Surprise; Rusty's Ninja Fish Rescue" (#210)
Thursday, May 10th at 12PM - "Rusty's Relaxing Recliner; Rusty and the Stinky Situation" (#209)

- Paw Patrol Special is Highlighted
- During Saturday Night's In May until May 19th, There is Nick's Trivia Prize Fest from 8PM

Movie Premieres
Happy Feet Two (2011) - Sunday, May 6th at 9AM

Movie Premieres:
Journey to the Center of Earth (2008) - Thursday, May 3rd at 8PM
Miss Congeniality (2000) - Tuesday, May 1st at 8PM
Evan Almighty (2007) - Wednesday, May 16th at 8PM
The Karate Kid (2010) - Sunday, May 27th at 8PM

Mr. Sheep and Sleepy Bear
Friday, May 4th - "F.L.A.M.S."
Friday, May 11th - "The Unicorn Room"
Friday, May 18th - "Paws: The Revenge"
Friday, May 25th - "The Last Dream"

Saturday, May 5th at 8AM - "The Lost Scepter" (#210)
Saturday, May 12th at 8AM - "Total Eclipse of the Golden Heart" (#211)
Saturday, May 19th at...
...8AM - "The Last Dragon" (#212)
...8:30AM - "Game of Phones" (#213)

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V
Saturday, May 5th at 9AM - "A Towering Achievement" (#317)
Saturday, May 12th at 9AM - "Grip of the Parasite" (#318)
Saturday, May 19th at 9AM - "Survival of the Fittest" (#319)

Nick Jr.
Regal Academy
Sunday, May 6th at 10AM - "Rainbow Magic" (#223)
Sunday, May 13th at 10AM - "The Snow Queen's Trap" (#224)
Sunday, May 20th at 10AM - "Rose in Wonderland" (#225)
Sunday, May 27th at 10AM - "The Snow Kingdom" (#226) (Season Finale)

Shimmer & Shine
Monday, May 7th at 7:30PM - "Nila Out of Water"
Tuesday, May 8th at 7:30PM - "I Dream of Zeta"
Wednesday, May 9th at 7:30PM - "Brave-ish"
Thursday, May 10th at 7:30PM - "Nazboo's Magic Kazoo"

Hey Duggee
Friday, May 18th 7PM - "The Wedding Badge" (#240)

Sunday, May 13th at 12PM - "Amazing Mom Awards; The Awesome Animal Games" (#117)

Nella the Princess Knight
Sunday, May 13th at 7PM - "Queen Mom's Day; Dragon Playdate Disaster" (#135)

Digby Dragon
Monday, May 21st at 8AM - "Uphill; Wings" (#110)
Tuesday, May 22nd at 8AM - "Stealing Color; Stick Pine" (#111)
Wednesday, May 23rd at 8AM - "The Great Race; Archie's Superbike" (#113)
Thursday, May 24th at 8AM - "Digby's Store; The Nut Barrel" (#114)
Friday, May 25th at 8AM - "Mungo's Flight School; Detective Digby" (#115)
Monday, May 28th at 8AM - "Mushrooming Mushrooms; Nuts About Magic" (#116)
Tuesday, May 29th at 8AM - "Home Sweet Home; Foggy Fracas" (#117)
Wednesday, May 30th at 8AM - "Dragon Magic; Nut Club" (#118)
Thursday, May 31st at 8AM - "Walking In A Sleepy Slumberland; Growing Pains" (#119)

Zack and Quack
Monday, May 7th at 9:18AM - "Pop Credible Shrinking Boy; Doctor Pop" (#210)

TV Land
Thursday, May 3rd at 10PM - "Sex, Drugs and Melissa McCarthy" (#207)
Thursday, May 10th at 10PM - "Tape Night" (#208)
Thursday, May 17th at 10PM - "Rob in the Hood" (#209)
Thursday, May 24th at 10PM - "Alone Star State" (#210)
Thursday, May 31st at 10PM - "Getting a Sign; Meeting Steven Spielberg" (Double Episode) (#211/212)
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Sep 9, 2013
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The Adventures of Kid Danger is airing at 8:30PM, you made a typo saying 8PM.

Nick@Nite is premiering the movie Journey to the Center of Earth (2008) on Thurs May 3 at 8PM
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Sep 9, 2013
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Sorry for double post,
@I Am Nickelodeon 1 also according to zap2it, Happy Feet Two (2011) is Nickelodeon premiere airing on Sat May 5 at 2PM.

I should also note that Saturday premieres are always simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick, like Henry Danger and The Adventures of Kid Danger


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Oct 23, 2015
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Apr 28, 2018
Hi All! Newbie mom here...

Is there any rhyme or reason for Henry Danger’s episodes?! It’s usually straight forward and shows follow its episode #’s, except for HD it seems!

My daughter was in Episode #413 “The Thumb Buddies”. I’ve read online that it’s the 11th episode. Any guesses on its air date? I see it isn’t tonight’s or next Saturday’s episode’s.

Thank you for any insight!


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Sep 9, 2013
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thefutoncritic STILL has NOT updated it...

According to today's promo there will be new SpongeBob starting Mon May 7 at 7PM weekdays that week. Uncertain about Loud House though...

Not sure if you want to add this, According to promo, Nick Trivia Prize Fest will continue to air but only Saturdays at 8PM starting Sat May 5


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