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Happy New Year 2018, new lineup and new changes and structure of lineup

Since I learned that Nick will have new refresh of lineup for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, for first time as a regular thing, it will be simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick, except Paradise Run and Nick's preschool shows. Nick's events in past history have already have simulcasted TeenNick and Nicktoons.

TheFutonCritic have completed January listings I believe, but brace yourself because Nick will always make last minute changes even thefutoncritic will be slow to update.

New midseason premiere or should I say new season of Mysticons gets moved to Nicktoons which comes to no surprise at all. Mysticons originally planned for 40 episodes, though it's obvious that Nick quietly split the episodes into two seasons.

It's been informed that Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V season 3 starts January! But possibly they have not yet finished rest of season 2 episodes for a reason. It will air in Nicktoons.

Thomas & Friends turns out it's not going to air on NickJr.. Wonder what the plans for Thomas & Friends in future, since PBS is losing rights by Jan 2018.

Lip Sync Battle Shorties first episode (#101) already available on Rusty Rivets season 2 is now available on

I'm hoping Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel really needed the date for when it will premiere..
EDIT: It will premiere Sat Jan 27 12PM

TeenNick Top 10 returns new season I guess.. starting with New Year special 2018. I think that once Paradise Run is done with episodes, then Hunter Street might air weekdays starting Jan 29

Only first episode this January of Paradise Run simulcast on TeenNick, but later episodes Paradise Run will air at 9PM on TeenNick.

NickJr Cleo and Cuquin series will debut on Jan 22 on Nick Jr channel.

The Adventures of Kid Danger

Monday January 15 7:30PM "Popcorn Monster; Game of Drones" (#101) (was merged from Henry Danger - Toon in for Danger for one hour and it's Sneak Peek, simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick)
Friday January 19 6:30PM "Popcorn Monster; Game of Drones" (#101) (series premiere) (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick)
Friday January 26 6:30PM "Clone Babies; Flying Spiders" (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#102)

Blaze and the Monster Machines

Monday January 15 1:00PM "Race for the Golden Treasure" (#317)
Tuesday January 23 12:00PM "Need for Blazing Speed" (#318)
Thursday January 25 12:00PM "Fast Friends" (#316)

Dude Perfect Show

Sunday January 7 7:00PM "Dog Show, Wrestling" (simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#213)
Sunday January 14 7:00PM "Fear of Heights, Sit Down Stand-Off" (simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#217)
Sunday January 21 7:00PM "Droning for the Future, Giant Pizza" (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#204)
Sunday January 28 7:00PM "Mom Perfect, Spelling Bee" (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#206)

Henry Danger
Monday January 15 7:00PM "Toon in For Danger" (#411) (simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick, it will merge to sneak peek first look of Adv of Kid Danger first episode, second encore without merge is Tues Jan 16 6:30PM)

Hunter Street
Monday January 29 7:00PM "The Package"; "The Arrest" (simulcasting TeenNick) (one hour merged season 2 premiere) (#201/#202)
Tuesday January 30 7:00PM "Max" (#203)
Wednesday January 31 7:00PM "Evie" (#204)

Lip Sync Battle Shorties

Friday January 12 7:30PM "Dinosaurs/Space/Fierce Goddess" (Series premiere) (#109)
Friday January 19 7:30PM "Carnival/Fun Fair/Ocean" (#110)
Friday January 26 7:30PM "Music Festival; Outer Space; Medieval Rocker" (#107) (simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick)

Loud House

Friday January 19 6:00PM "Roadie to Nowhere; A Fridge Too Far" (season 3 premiere) (simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#303)
Friday January 26 6:00PM "Selfie Improvement; No Place Like Homeschool" (simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#304)

compilation: Monday January 1 4:30PM-5:30PM "Loud Family Gets Loud" (this will air but only reduced to one hour)
Thursday January 4 4:30PM-6:00PM "Mission Loud" (aired but reduced to only 90 min version)
Sunday January 14 8:30AM-10:30AM "Laughing Out Loud"
Friday January 19 4:30PM-6:00PM "Lovin' the Louds"
Friday January 26 4:00PM-6:00PM "Rockin' Out Loud"

Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn

Saturday January 6 8:30PM "Dude, Where's My School" (season 4 premiere) (simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#401)
Saturday January 13 8:30PM "Wrestle-Mae-Nia" (simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#407)
Saturday January 20 8:30PM "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Beydawnce" (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#402)
Saturday January 27 8:30PM "It's a Hard Knocks Life" (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#403)

Paradise Run

Monday January 1 7:00PM "Shark Tooth Island Run" (TeenNick simulcast) (#304)
Tuesday January 2 7:00PM "Island in Paradise" (#308)
Wednesday January 3 7:00PM "Paradise Island Run" (#306)
Thursday January 4 7:00PM "Shark Tooth Surprise" (#305)
Friday January 5 7:00PM "Outrigger Run" (#307)
Monday January 8 7:00PM "Paradise on the Ropes" (#316)
Tuesday January 9 7:00PM "Paradise Raw-N" (#312)
Wednesday January 10 7:00PM "Punching in Paradise" (#313)
Thursday January 11 7:00PM "A Superstar Showdown" (#315)
Friday January 12 7:00PM "Rumble Run" (#314)
Tuesday January 16 7:00PM "Fresh Off the Run" (#325)
Tuesday January 16 7:30PM "Athletes in Paradise" (#330)
Wednesday January 17 7:00PM "Big Time Run" (#328)
Thursday January 18 7:00PM "Going for the Gold" (TeenNick premiere Tuesday January 16 9:30PM) (#329)
Friday January 19 7:00PM "A Modern Wimpy Fuller Run" (#327)
Monday January 22 7:00PM "Supersized Prizes in Paradise" (#301)
Tuesday January 23 7:00PM "A Prized Packed Run" (#326)
Wednesday January 24 7:00PM "Big Run, Big Prize" (#324)
Thursday January 25 7:00PM "A Supersized Run" (#302)
Friday January 26 7:00PM "High Octane Run" (season 3 finale) (#303)

Paw Patrol

Monday January 15 12:00PM "Sea Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis" (#426)
Tuesday January 30 12:00PM "Pups Save Francois the Penguin; Pups Save Daring Danny's Hippo" (#424)

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

Saturday January 27 12:00PM "Echoes of Evil" (season premiere) (#801)

Rusty Rivets

Tuesday January 9 12:00PM "Ruby's Comet Adventure; Rusty's Messy Mishap" (season 2 premiere) (#201)
Thursday January 11 12:00PM "Rusty's Mobile Rivet Lab" (#202)
Tuesday January 23 12:30PM "Rusty's Piggy Bank Heist; Rusty's Whale of a Problem" (#204)
Thursday January 25 12:30PM "Rusty's Monkey Business; Rusty's Snow Problem" (#203)

School of Rock

Sunday January 7 7:30PM "Kool Thing" (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#311)
Sunday January 14 7:30PM "Would I Lie to You?" (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#308)
Sunday January 21 7:30PM "Puppy Love" (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#306)
Sunday January 28 7:26PM "Love is a Battlefield" (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#312)

Shimmer and Shine
Tuesday January 30 12:30PM "Snow Time to Spare; Pet Games" (#314)

Sunny Day
Friday January 19 12:00PM "Sunny's Not-So-Simple Concert" (simulcasting NickJr) (#119)

The Thundermans

Saturday January 6 8:00PM "Z's All That" (simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#417)
Saturday January 13 8:00PM "Can't Hardly Date" (simulcasting Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#430)
Saturday January 20 8:00PM "Revenge of the Smith" (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#416)
Saturday January 27 8:00PM "Nowhere to Slide" (simulcasted Nicktoons and TeenNick) (#424)

Top Wing

Tuesday January 2 12:00PM "The Great Flash Wing Rescue; Turtle Train Rescue" (#107)
Thursday January 4 12:00PM "Chicks on the Loose; Rod's Dream of Flying" (#109)
Monday January 15 12:30PM "Penny's Deep Sea Dive; Rod's Big Jump" (#108)

Nickelodeon movies/specials:
Rango (2011)
Monday January 1 1:00PM-3:30PM on Nickelodeon

The Goldbergs currently at 6AM and 6:30AM weekdays and Sundays. So they only air first four seasons, the episodes they have skipped is "A Christmas Story" and some others I can't list which episodes did they skip during the run.

Two and a Half Men still continues to air 1:00AM and 1:32AM airing in order, though they skipped Merry Thanksgiving, and Hi Mr. Horned One, they even skipped holiday episodes with Ashton Kutcher which makes me wonder if Nick@Nite is only airing episodes with Charlie Sheen..
On late Sun Jan 21/early Mon Jan 22, Two and a Half Men marathon from 1AM-6AM are also N@N premieres, as well as joining 10PM hour every weekends started Sat Jan 20, and in addition to 1AM hour slots, are also N@N premieres


Saturday January 13 8:00AM "Three Mysticons and a Baby" (Season 2 premiere) (#201)
Saturday January 20 8:00AM "Star-Crossed Sisters" (#202)
Saturday January 27 8:00AM "Scream of the Banshee" (#203)

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V

Saturday January 13 9:00AM "A Warlike Welcome" (Season 3 premiere) (#301)
Saturday January 20 9:00AM "Realm of the Cipher Dragon" (#302)
Saturday January 27 9:00AM "Rush to Revenge" (#303)

Nicktoons movies:
Tuesday January 23/early Wednesday January 24 1:00AM Walking With Dinosaurs (2013) (Nicktoons premiere)

Cleo and Cuquin

Monday January 22 2:30PM "The Premiere" (#101) (series premiere)
Monday January 22 2:40PM "Ghostcatchers" (#102)
Monday January 22 2:50PM "Driving Pelusin" (#103)
Tuesday January 23 2:30PM "Hiccup Monsters" (#104)
Tuesday January 23 2:40PM "Double Plie" (#105)
Tuesday January 23 2:50PM "Elementary Dear Colitas" (#106)
Wednesday January 24 2:30PM "Magic Cleo" (#107)
Wednesday January 24 2:40PM "The Championship" (#108)
Wednesday January 24 2:50PM "The Flower" (#109)
Thursday January 25 2:30PM "Flying Tooth" (#110)
Thursday January 25 2:40PM "A Day at the Beach" (#111)
Thurs Jan 25 2:50PM "Meteor Shower" (#112)
Fri Jan 26 2:30PM "Power Up" (#113)
Fri Jan 26 2:40PM "Pijama's Party" (#114)
Fri Jan 26 2:50PM "Digging" (#115)
Mon Jan 29 2:30PM "My Little Big Band" (#116)
Tues Jan 30 2:30PM "Gym Challenge" (#117)
Wed Jan 31 2:30PM "Ghost Love" (#118)

Hey Duggee
Monday January 22 2:00PM "The Dancing Bug Badge" (#213)
Monday January 22 2:10PM "The Train Badge" (#214)
Monday January 22 2:20PM "The Pizza Badge" (#215)
Tuesday January 23 2:00PM "The Medicine Badge" (#216)
Tuesday January 23 2:10PM "The Making Friends Badge" (#218)
Tuesday January 23 2:20PM "The River Badge" (#219)
Wednesday January 24 2:00PM "The Yoga Badge" (#220)
Wednesday January 24 2:10PM "The Collecting Badge" (#221)
Wednesday January 24 2:20PM "The Theatre Badge" (#223)
Thursday January 25 2:00PM "The Memory Badge" (#224)
Thursday January 25 2:10PM "The Going Slow Badge" (#225)
Thursday January 25 2:20PM "The Obstacle Course Badge" (#226)
Friday January 26 2:00PM "The Space Badge" (#228)
Friday January 26 2:10PM "The Harvest Badge" (#229)
Friday January 26 2:20PM "The Color Badge"(#230)

Kuu Kuu Harajuku

Friday January 5 7:30PM "An Imaginary Friend in Need; Snowbound for Greatness" (#222)
Friday January 12 7:30PM "The Gnome Ultimatum; G Force (#223)
Friday January 19 7:30PM "Kuukuuball Run; Feline's Finest" (#224)
Friday January 26 7:30PM "Debut Album; Love's Lamentations" (#225)

Miffy's Adventures Big and Small
Saturday January 6 12:00PM "Miffy and the Goldfish" (#145)
Saturday January 6 12:10PM "Miffy's Ice Cream" (#146)
Saturday January 6 12:20PM "Snuffy the Sheepdog" (#148)
Saturday January 13 12:00PM "Miffy and the Missing Eggs" (#149)
Saturday January 13 12:10PM "Daddy the Plumber" (#150)
Saturday January 13 12:20PM "Melanie's School Trip" (#151)
Saturday January 20 12:00PM "Uncle Pilot Saves the Day" (#152)
Saturday January 20 12:10PM "Miffy's Car Wash (#153)
Saturday January 20 12:20PM "Miffy and the Play House" (#155)
Saturday January 27 12:00PM "Dan's Sleepover" (#156)
Saturday January 27 12:10PM "Miffy the Pirate" (#157)
Saturday January 27 12:20PM "Miffy and the Duckling" (#158)

Regal Academy
Sunday January 7 10:00AM "The Frog Villain" (#207)
Sunday January 14 10:00AM "Into the Enchanted Forest" (#208)
Sunday January 21 10:00AM "The Masquerade Ball" (#209)
Sunday January 28 10:00AM "The Shadow Warrior" (#210)

Paradise Run

Tuesday January 16 9:30PM "Going for the Gold" (Nickelodeon will air Thurs Jan 18 at 7PM) (#329)

TeenNick Top 10

Monday January 1 8:00PM-9:00PM "New Year's 2018 Special"
Monday January 22 8:00PM-8:30PM "Grammy Preview Special"

(airs on CMT every Thursdays at 9PM, so TVLand will air at 10PM)
Thursday January 4 10:00PM "New Strings" (season 6 premiere) (#601)
Thursday January 11 10:00PM "Second Chances" (#602)
Thursday January 18 10:00PM "Jump Then Fall" (#603)
Thursday January 25 10:00PM "That's My Story" (#604)

Tuesday January 2 10:00PM "Toxic Workplace" (#218)
Tuesday January 9 10:00PM "Don't Go Pranking My Heart" (#219)
Tuesday January 16 10:00PM "Labor Pains" (season 2 finale) (#220)

Note: If I miss anything, let me know and I will fix it
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I wonder if Bonnie and Clyde are wearing any socks
The full title for the new PAW Patrol episode is "Sea Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis".

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I hope that we get a date for Super Ninja Steel this week, my theory is that it will be Jan 27! We will just have to wait a few days to see if my theory is correct!
With all these simulcasted events this month, there should be a symbol used with a one-time above caption alongside reading
"(Simulcasting on Nicktoons, TeenNick and the Nick App where noted)" , so there's much less typing. haha

Anyway, looking forward to only Loud House
and Adventures of Kid Danger.

Toons Fan

I wonder if Bonnie and Clyde are wearing any socks
Thomas & Friends could still debut on the Nick Jr. channel next month as a last minute addition to the schedule.

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Thomas & Friends could still debut on the Nick Jr. channel next month as a last minute addition to the schedule.

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Knowing the show was recently added to Nick.Jr it would likely have more to come.

Toons Fan

I wonder if Bonnie and Clyde are wearing any socks
I'm going to assume it may return last week of January as theFutonCritic only listed first three weeks of January premieres..
It's because Nickelodeon only send out the first three weeks of January info out so far.

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I wonder if Bonnie and Clyde are wearing any socks
TeenNick Top 10 New Year's 2018 Special premieres on Monday, Jan. 1st at 8PM on TeenNick. Also, TeenNick will simulcast the new Paradise Run on the same date at 7PM.

@kanc This right here about Thomas & Friends coming to Nick Jr.

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I wonder if Bonnie and Clyde are wearing any socks
Hunter Street season 2 premieres on Monday, Jan 29th.


Also, more new Paradise Run on the week of Jan. 22nd.


Also, the new Kuu Kuu Harajuku on Friday, January 5th was moved to 7:30PM.

More Nickelodeon January premieres:


The new Mysticons and new TeenNick Top 10 in January:



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Rex Kamex

Not surprised Hunter Street premieres so late in the month. Considering they wrapped filming last week and they'll probably air the episodes over four weeks (like last season) and end in February, I'm glad the season's starting as early as it is.

Toons Fan

I wonder if Bonnie and Clyde are wearing any socks
@kanc Miffy's Adventures Big and Small has no of in the show's name.

@kanc It makes sense for the Friday, January 26th episode of Paradise Run to be the season 3 finale.

@kanc New Update: Lip Sync Battle Shorties isn't simulcasting on TeenNick and Nicktoons on Friday, January 12th.

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I wonder if Bonnie and Clyde are wearing any socks
@kanc Lip Sync Battle Shorties isn't simulcasting on TeenNick and Nicktoons on Friday, January 12th.

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Tommy Lawson

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I hope that we get a date for Super Ninja Steel this week, my theory is that it will be Jan 27! We will just have to wait a few days to see if my theory is correct!
It probably will be the 27th, but is the apathy from Nickelodeon for Power Rangers increasing? There has been a lack of promotion for Super Ninja Steel, for a show that likely debuts in less than a month.


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This month is really lacking SpongeBob (haven't had January premieres since 2013, which literally had one in New Years with Squid Defense as well as Plankton's pet), but I'm interested in seeing The Loud House's 3rd season and maybe the new Henry Danger (horrible flash animation aside).

Though, I am impressed that Nick manages to have every day this month a premieres (even if they're mostly from the same show premiering in a weekly format). Here's hoping the ratings for most of these shows (especially cartoons) do well.

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