Nickelodeon's Non-SpongeBob Movies Permanently Pulled from Theatrical Release Schedule

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Oct 2, 2014
Bedford, OH
This has probably been covered in separate threads, but it seems that even when it comes to family-friendly fare in theatres, Viacom STILL relies heavily on the Sponge to make big bucks, which is probably why other planned movies based on Nick properties have been permanently pulled from Paramount's release schedule.

Even Nick and More has stated that they may never hit the big screen, either
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May 11, 2007
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I heard about the Are You Afraid of the Dark? movie being pulled out. I think that the mini-series was supposed to help with promoting the movie. I'm not sure if we ever saw anything from that movie, but if it is completed, then they could possible air it on Netflix or as a special on one of their channels instead. The mini-series was pretty good, so I'd be interested in the movie too.

The Rugrats movie being pulled is more recent and a bit more surprising to be honest. While the CGI format didn't sound too appealing, it probably would have been a guaranteed way to make more money. Rugrats was a huge hit for Nickelodeon before Spongebob came along, the first two movies did quite well for themselves and there would be nostalgia for the franchise in general at this point. I don't know if they're scrapping the movie altogether, but I'd be kind of surprised if they didn't want to put Rugrats on the big screen.
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Oct 23, 2015
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Not too surprised, tbh, as Dora didn't perform as well as was hoped.

Edit - The movie will probably go to Netflix under the new deal.


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May 13, 2016
Oh, doggone it and no, I don't think it's unlikely we'll ever see films based on non-Spongebob IP hitting the big screen.

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Jul 29, 2017
The mentioned films were likely scrapped because they were announced under Cyma Zarghami's tenure at Nick.
I wonder if the films are going to Netflix.
Only the Loud House one. For the rest, I don't think so, because the Nickelodeon/Netflix only applies to animated content.


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Dec 3, 2017
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I'm not really disappointed about any of these, although it goes to show that Nick still doesn't want to take risks outside of SpongeBob, even with their bigger properties like Rugrats.

I still hope The Loud House movie makes it to Netflix.


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Jun 27, 2007
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Look. Let's not jump to conclusions here. Yes, they've been pulled, and yes, they haven't been rescheduled. That doesn't mean anything. If they were to say that production on them had been cancelled, that would be different. Until they say otherwise, I'm going to assume that thry are still in production. On this note:

"Netflix" this, "Netflix" that! Just because certain things didn't go as well as expected, that doesn't automatically mean that certain shows oe movies are going to go to any streaming service, let alone Netflix, but that isn't here or there right now.

We also need to remember that there's a difference between "relying" on a popular franchise, and using it as a crutch, which people have been accusing Nickelodeon of doing with SpongeBog for some time now. In any case, I say we wait for more official information, and not speculate one way or the other. Just saying.


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