"Nickelodeon returns to the classics" article

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Why are so many people being duped by this article? It’s not true – first of all. But come on people – the article itself is SO VERY obviously fake.

The supposed “quote” from Nickelodeon President Cyma Zarghami is the biggest example of how fake this is:
We have noticed a significant drop in ratings since our show from the late 1990’s. We have strayed from our cartoons and we believe that was our biggest mistake. We have contacted the producers from these shows and we were able to work out a deal to get them back to making new episodes.
In what world would any president of a company make a statement like that. Please tell me. First off, grammar problems. Second, Nick hasn’t “strayed from our cartoons” – they are the #1 producer of television animation in the United States.

Obviously, thread closed.

(Note: My frustration isn’t directed at you, AJanae. I’ve been asked this on Twitter multiple times today as well. I just dont get why so many people out there believe everything they read.)
Not open for further replies.


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