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Sep 23, 2001
It has been a hectic year at Nickelodeon. With the CGI movie Jimmy Neutron ready to premiere, and the various new blocks created to target select demographics, such as TEENick, Nickelodeon has been falling behind in the times, except for one major difference: The nicktoons.

The Nicktoon brand of animated series are both the best and worst parts of Nickelodeon, and like them or not, they're here to stay. Each Nicktoon has their own cult and that's why we've gathered together a list of popular Nicktoons and what we know about their future status:

Rugrats: Rugrats' new season will be.... something other than Rugrats. Klasky-Csupo is taking the overly-formulaic show and forging a new route. They're already animating 3 different "pilots", so to speak, the first of them being "All Growed Up", a pilot already aired on Nick about the toddlers as teenagers. There is another one focusing on Angelica and Suzie in preschool, with new characters that will spawn from there. And the final pilot will focus entirely on Suzie and her family. Nick and K-C have not decided which version of the show will be continued yet.

Invader Zim: Jhonen Vasquez's show about alien invaders (and the balogna inside us all) has already become a cult, despite season 1 still not finished being animated in Korea. The show has been picked up for a second season however, and is already in production, with the premiere to air in March or April at the very least, if not later.

Fairly Oddparents: Like Invader Zim, TFO has not finished airing the inital batch of 20 episodes yet, but Nickelodeon just announced this week that they have picked up another season of 20 episodes to add on top of that workload.

Spongebob Squarepants: Spongebob is, as Nick would like to call it, "on hiatus", although to most viewers at home, that translates to "cancelled". Nick themselves did not cancel Spongebob. Creator Steven Hillenburg ended it himself, being very burnt out on the whole process. Possibility for the show to come back is hopeful, but slim.

Hey Arnold: You may want to sit down for this one, kids. While the animated movie, "The Neighborhood", is still headed for theaters on June 21st, the show's future still lies uncertain. Craig Bartlett, creator of Hey Arnold, was approached by Nickelodeon to sign a two-year exclusivity contract, which was met with refusal, due to Craig now pitching a new show, "Party Wagon", to Cartoon Network. Nickelodeon took this as an excuse to drop Craig's second Hey Arnold movie, which would've been a tremendous fanservice movie, as it continues the story of Arnold's parents, and Arnold's search for them. Fans are urged to write letters to Nick about reconsidering their decision. Outside of the movie, there are 3 more episodes to make, and then that is it. Nick has not renewed Hey Arnold past that point, and the only thing that could change their minds is the movie's success, so be sure to tell your friends to check it out.

Catdog: Cancelled.

Wild Thornberrys: Though no news has surfaced about a 2002 season, the Wild Thornberries will be starring alongside the Rugrats in a collaborated movie that will debut sometime between 2002 and 2003, so the future of this show still remains bright.
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