Nickelodeon Magazine is coming back

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I am a DuMont production.
Sep 15, 2006
Salem, OR.
I used to have the first issue of Nick Magazine from 1993. I don't know where it went. I subscribed up until a little bit before SpongeBob came out. I remember going to the beach and deciding whether to see SpongeBob for the first time (I didn't have Nickelodeon at the time) or have breakfast at Burger King. BK beat out Nick. I don't know why they would reprint SpongeBob comics, SpongeBob has its own comic book (unless it ended and I don't know it.)


Sep 4, 2010
I had several issues of Nick Magazine but the best was the one special issue on Hey Arnold! which I really want to track down. Really wish back issues were archived somewhere.

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