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Micahel Cataldo

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Oct 24, 2015
Nickandmore has added episodes of Rocko's Modern Life today. I hope it adds more shows from Nicktoons and TeenNick soon.
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Erased Paper

Jan 17, 2005
the refuge
First time he came across a cartoon that almost all episodes don't have confirmed airdates of premieres. Even the premiere of the show is uncertain.
Actually, only a few episodes have discrepancies. The wildly out-of-order "premiere dates" listed for season 1 for many years was 100% incorrect, because an old fan site from the mid-90s listed the season 1 episodes in a random order. They didn't any season 1 airdates, but this didn't stop people from thinking it was the original order, and added their own "dates".

That site DID list original airdates for seasons 2/3/4. When the show was on iTunes/Amazon, most of them matched the listed premiere dates for those episodes.

With that being said, there was, apparently, a new episode shown as a special airing during the SNICK block at 8:30PM on September 24, 1994. It was announced on-air, but not in any TV listings!


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May 13, 2016
It has slowly been releasing episode lists.

I'm expecting Wild Thornberrys, Haunted Hathaways, Doug, Phineas and Ferb, and The Totally Spies to be added soon.
Like you, I'm expecting something to be added on this site soon, but it's Power Rangers.

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