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Micahel Cataldo

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Oct 24, 2015
Nickandmore has added episodes of Rocko's Modern Life today. I hope it adds more shows from Nicktoons and TeenNick soon.
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Erased Paper

Jan 17, 2005
the refuge
First time he came across a cartoon that almost all episodes don't have confirmed airdates of premieres. Even the premiere of the show is uncertain.
Actually, only a few episodes have discrepancies. The wildly out-of-order "premiere dates" listed for season 1 for many years was 100% incorrect, because an old fan site from the mid-90s listed the season 1 episodes in a random order. They didn't any season 1 airdates, but this didn't stop people from thinking it was the original order, and added their own "dates".

That site DID list original airdates for seasons 2/3/4. When the show was on iTunes/Amazon, most of them matched the listed premiere dates for those episodes.

With that being said, there was, apparently, a new episode shown as a special airing during the SNICK block at 8:30PM on September 24, 1994. It was announced on-air, but not in any TV listings!

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