Nick at Nite's 30th Anniversary Discussion

Steve Arino

Jul 6, 2015
Hello Out There From TV Land,

Steve Arino here, and I'm new to the Toonzone Forum.

That being said, I'm a big, life-long fan of Nick at Nite, and in honor of Nick at Nite's 30th Anniversary, since it won't celebrate the occasion itself, I thought I would start a discussion here of 30 years of Nick at Nite Programming, starting with Program Highlights and continuing all the way to Classic Nick at Nite Lineups.

For starters: the original Nick at Nite Lineup 30 years ago this week consisted of '50s sitcoms such as "The Donna Reed Show" along with old black-and-white films (branded as "The Nick at Nite Movie"), along with "Turkey Television" and the hit '50s adventure series "Route 66."

Weekends featured "National Geographic Explorer" along with the other above series.

By October 1995, Nick at Nite's Library Content grew to include Programming of more than 60 years worth of TV (as of this writing); simultaneously, then-current Nickelodeon President Rich Cronin announced a spin-off channel officially named Nick at Nite's TV Land.

Later shortened to TV Land, Nick at Nite's TV Land officially launched on April 29, 1996 with an exclusive all-night sneak peek only on Nick at Nite, featuring TV Land Retromercials mixed with Classic TV shows such as the Premiere Episodes of "Hill Street Blues," "St. Elsewhere" and "My Mother the Car," along with The Beatles' debut on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

The following Saturday, May 4, 1996, and continuing through July 6, 1996, every Saturday night for 10 weeks, from 10 P.M. to 12 A.M. ET/PT, Nick at Nite aired a rotating TV Land Sampler block every week, with many of TV Land's inaugural shows doing double regular duty on Nick at Nite every Saturday night, including "Cannon," "Hill Street Blues" & "St. Elsewhere" as well as Sitcoms such as "Petticoat Junction," "That Girl" & "The Addams Family." Also pulling double duty Saturday nights on Nick at Nite was "Green Acres."

And now, as promised, here are notable Classic Nick at Nite Lineups, ALL TIMES ET/PT

Unless otherwise noted, lineups and episode info courtesy of The Lowell Ledger.

I should also note that some episode descriptions and lineups appear courtesy of Nick at Nite's official website via Internet Archive at along with MySpleen

Saturday, May 11, 1996
10 P.M. The Addams Family
10:30 P.M. Mister Ed
11 P.M. St. Elsewhere: "Bypass"
12 A.M. I Love Lucy
12:30 A.M. The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
1:30 A.M. The Dick Van Dyke Show
2 A.M. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
2:30 A.M. Rhoda
3 A.M. The Bob Newhart Show
3:30 A.M. Taxi
4 A.M. I Love Lucy
4:30 A.M. The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
5:30 A.M. The Dick Van Dyke Show

Saturday, May 25, 1996
10 P.M. The Addams Family
10:30 P.M. Green Acres
11 P.M. Hill Street Blues: "Gatorbait"
12 A.M. I Love Lucy
12:30 A.M. The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
1:30 A.M. The Dick Van Dyke Show
2 A.M. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
2:30 A.M. Rhoda
3 A.M. The Bob Newhart Show
3:30 A.M. Taxi
4 A.M. I Love Lucy
4:30 A.M. The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
5:30 A.M. The Dick Van Dyke Show

Thursday, July 3, 1997
10 P.M. I Love Lucy: "Lucy's Italian Movie"
10:30 P.M. The Dick Van Dyke Show: "Coast to Coast Big Mouth"
11 P.M. St. Elsewhere: "Time Heals: Part One"
12 A.M. St. Elsewhere: "Time Heals: Part Two"

Here's a Complete Alphabetical List of Nick at Nite Programming since 1985.

1. 227
2. The Addams Family
3. The Adventures of Superman
4. ALF
5. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
6. All in the Family
7. All That
8. America's Funniest Home Videos
9. The Andy Griffith Show
10. The Andy Williams Show
11. The Ann Sothern Show
12. The Arsenio Hall Show
13. The Bad News Bears
14. Batman
15. Benson
16. The Betty White Show
17. The Beverly Hillbillies
18. Bewitched
19. BOB
20. The Bob Newhart Show
21. The Brady Brides
22. The Brady Bunch
23. The Brady Bunch Hour
24. The Brady Kids
25. The Bradys
26. Brooklyn Bridge
27. Cannon
28. Car 54 Where Are You?
29. The Carol Burnett Show
30. Charles in Charge
31. Cheers
32. Coach
33. The Cosby Show
34. The Danny Thomas Show
35. The Dean Martin Show
36. Dennis The Menace
37. Designing Women
38. Desilu Playhouse
39. The Dick Van Dyke Show
40. Diff'rent Strokes
41. A Different World
42. The Donna Reed Show
43. The Donny & Marie Show
44. Dragnet
45. The Ed Sullivan Show
46. Elektra Woman & Dyna Girl
47. Everybody Hates Chris
48. Everybody Loves Raymond
49. The Facts of Life
50. Family Face-Off: Hollywood
51. Family Ties
52. Fatherhood
53. Fernwood 2-Night
54. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
55. Friends
56. Full House
57. The George Lopez Show
58. Get Smart
59. Gilligan's Island
60. Green Acres
61. Growing Pains
62. Gunsmoke
63. H.R. Pufnstuf
64. Hangin' with Mr. Cooper
65. Happy Days
66. Head of the Class
67. Hi Honey, I'm Home
68. Hill Street Blues
69. Hogan's Heroes
70. Home Improvement
71. Honey West
72. The Honeymooners
73. I Dream of Jeannie
74. I Love Lucy
75. I Spy
76. Impastor
77. Instant Mom
78. The Jeffersons
79. The Jeff Foxworthy Show
80. The Jim Gaffigan Show
81. Kate & Allie
82. Kids Say the Darndest Things
83. Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp
84. Lassie
85. Laverne & Shirley
86. Leave It To Beaver
87. Lidsville
88. Life with Lucy
89. Love, American Style
90. The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
91. The Lucy Show
92. Mad About You
93. Malcolm in thee Middle
94. The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
95. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
96. Maude
97. Mister Ed
98. The Monkees
99. Moonlighting
100. NewsRadio
101. Night Court
102. The Odd Couple
103. The Partridge Family
104. The Patty Duke Show
105. Perfect Strangers
106. Phyllis
107. Rhoda
108. Roc
109. Room 222
110. Roseanne
111. Route 66
112. Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
113. SCTV Network
114. St. Elsewhere
115. Sanford & Son
116. Saturday Night Live
117. See Dad Run
118. Sigmund and the Sea Monsters
119. Silver Spoons
120. So Little Time
121. Square Pegs
122. Taxi
123. Teachers
124. WKRP in Cincinnati
125. The White Shadow
126. Who's the Boss
127. Wings
128. The Wonder Years
129. Yes, Dear
130. Younger

There you have it, 130 shows which have aired on Nick at Nite in the last 3 decades.

Many of these programs have been and/or are currently airing simulcast on TV Land including "Younger," "The Jim Gaffigan Show" & "Impastor" (the latter 2 of which starting next Wednesday will be simulcast on both TV Land and Nick at Nite).



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Sep 9, 2013
-"Drake and Josh" had one week airing nick at nite in late march 2013.
-"Victorious" had aired nick at nite in july and august 2012
-"Family Brainsurge" aired on nick at nite from july and august 2011.
-New episodes "Supah Ninjas" did air nick at nite in late march to mid april 2013 (Sat 10pm)
-One time only on Mon Jan 20, 2014 8pm half hour "Sam and Cat" had new episode.
-new episodes of "AwesomenessTV" had aired on nick at nite.
-"Nick News"
-"Hot in Cleveland" and "Soul Man" (2 TVLand originals) had previously simulcasted nick at nite for two weeks only in mid april 2015
-"Hollywood Heights" (one hour Nick at Nite original drama) aired on Nick at Nite mid Jun 2012 until mid Aug 2012 aired 40 episodes, then it moved to Teennick to finish 40 remaining episodes
-"Glenn Martin DDS", Nick at Nite animated original aired on Nick at Nite started Aug 2009 until Nov 2011 aired new episodes, and shown reruns until late June 2012
-Some movies or any specials like Kids Choice Awards, Kids Choice Sports did air on Nick at Nite, but I won't list those

"" = name of Nick at Nite or any TV program
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Sep 9, 2013
-Talia in the Kitchen (Nickelodeon series) will air 1 hour special at 8PM on Mon Jul 20 and Mon Jul 27, thus overlapping Nick at Nite times.

-Every Witch Way: Spellbound special (Nickelodeon series) has aired on Wed Nov 26 at 7PM-8:30PM, thus overlapping Nick at Nite times.


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Sep 9, 2013
-Started in Mon Aug 31 this year, Nickelodeon has brought back to 8PM hour (first time since 6 years though not counting on Nickelodeon specials/movies/events), but this time only from Sun to Wednesdays. With this change, Everybody Loves Raymond are no longer airing on Nick at Nite anymore.
-Thursdays 8PM hour still Nick at Nite that brought back in late December 2014 when See Dad Run and Instant Mom aren't in 8PM hour anymore, and replaced with Full House.


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