Nick Announces Real Pigeons Fight Crime Series & Movie


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Oct 23, 2015
London, UK
Nickelodeon has struck a multiplatform deal with James Corden and Ben Winston, and their production company Fulwell 73, to produce an animated movie and TV series, based on the recently released children’s book title, Real Pigeons Fight Crime. The movie and TV series are being developed to air on all Nickelodeon platforms.

Said Winston, “We are so delighted to be working with our great friends at Nickelodeon on this wonderful, charming and funny book, and can’t wait to help bring it to life for kids everywhere!”

Added Ramsey Naito, Executive Vice President, Nickelodeon Animation Production and Development, “Real Pigeons Fight Crime is about a secret squad of crime-fighting pigeons, with high stakes and true hilarity making it a perfect fit for our audience. By fusing the humor and expertise of this the incredible team at Fulwell 73 Productions, we are ready to show kids what pigeons really do--fight crime, solve mysteries, take down bad guys, and keep neighborhoods safe!”

Real Pigeons Fight Crime reveals the secret life of crime-busting pigeons who set out to keep a town safe. The deal underscores key elements of Nickelodeon’s content strategy, to build and expand the worlds of popular franchises and give audiences more of what they love.

The Real Pigeons Fight Crime TV series is executive produced by Corden and Winston, with Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood serving as consultants throughout development and production.


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Jan 5, 2014
So, it's essentially the Nickelodeon version of the upcoming Disney Junior show Chicken Squad? It's still pretty interesting.


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Jun 27, 2007
Newington, CT, USA
Oh, no they don't!

I've heard this song before, back when it was called Wonder Park, and guess how THAT turned out!

Namely, it claimed to be one thing, but ended up being something else entirely. It was supposed to be the main character's (forget her name) adventures in this amazing, magical theme park, but it's really just a glorified PSA about the importance of following your dreams and believing in yourself, no what... "happens" in your life, which is important, but that's not what viewers came for. Furthermore, the park itself was not only just one part of the movie, but I later found out online, that it's actually just a metaphor for the main character's fears; in this, her fears of losing her mother, whose final fate isn't revealed until the end of the movie, and because it hanged over the entire rest of the movie, it literally could have been either or, which is yet another problem with this movie. I tempted to say rhings like "bait and switch" or "clickbait", but yes, that actually wouldn't be fair, even to thos movie (necessarily...)

I mean, a movie AND a TV show? I'm sorry everyone, but at this point (and I'm going to say it), that's just gross overconfidence on their part. By announcing both a movie and a TV show, NICK has basically declared this new thing they have a success before production has even started either way, especially since we don't know if this new movie/show will end up turning out the same way Wonder Park did, and even if it doesn't, what's to say NICK won't try to throw this one under the rug, like they've done to some of their other shows?

(sigh) I'm sorry for the rant, everyone, but I'm just frustrated that NICK hasn't learned their lesson. In my opinion, they need to do one thing or the other FIRST before they even think of making the other thing. The bottom line is that, one way or the other, if (repeat: "if") this ends up being a failure, NICK is going to have a lot of egg (or should I say slime?) on their face. In any case, I intend to wait for a full synopsis online before I even think of seeing it, whichever one ends up being made first...


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