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The Penguin

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Dec 20, 2001
South Dakota
Here we are again, the New England Patriots are back and looking for Tom Brady's sixth Super Bowl ring. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles has returns to their first Super Bowl since 2004, when they to the Patriots. Having last won the NFL Championship in 1960, they are looking for their first Lombardi Trophy.

NBC has been on the air since 1 p.m. ET (after Road to the Super Bowl) with ESPN and NFL Network right along with them. Game Center

Super Bowl LII
Sunday, February 4, 2018

U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota

6:30 p.m. on NBC


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Oct 5, 2014
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Austin, Texas
This was a tough game, I was really shocked to see the fumble as I previously mentioned, anyways I'm glad the Eagles managed to do what they weren't able to do a decade ago against the Patriots this time around.


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Apr 12, 2012
Seymour TN
Eagles had a few factors:
1. They had the crowd twice than the Patriots at US BOA Stadium
2. They had a huge offense despite a backup QB who played like a star
3. Defense does win you the game
4. Patriots defense was weak.

langden alger

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Jul 12, 2001
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Seeing the Eagles fans doing dumb crap Like burning stuff in their city right now they don't deserve to win this Super Bowl.
Almost every city has idiots who get excited, get drunk and do stupid thing that make us look bad. Everyone else are mostly families and responsible, sensible people having fun and celebrating what the dedicated fans and the team deserved. The Eagles proved why they deserved to not only be there but to win. I give all due respect and credit to great teams like the Patriots who gave it they're all as usual and all other teams that have championships over us. And yeah, this may be our one and only time, but it's history for us to enjoy.

Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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Framingham, MA
Seeing the Eagles fans doing dumb crap Like burning stuff in their city right now they don't deserve to win this Super Bowl.
You think us Massholes are any better? Trust me as someone who lives here, people in Massachusetts are as ill-mannered as the most Southern redneck town with the worst reputation. As Peter Griffin noted about Bostonians, "How could a town with so many amazing colleges produce nothing but dopes"?

This is why I never take the "Massachusetts elitist" smear seriously. Our dirtbags tend to be even louder and more numerous (and more racist) than average.

Yes, we vote for Democrats. But as far as I'm concerned that is the only good thing about us. It also proves that stupidity and racism are not actually a partisan issue. Not at all.
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Jun 9, 2002
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For someone hailed as a genius, Belichump blundered big time by benching Malcolm Butler, who saved SB 49 for him three years ago, then gave one of his vague explanations, which of course led to a snarky response from Al Michaels about East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down, which was funny by itself.

My high school sweetheart lives in Massachusetts with her husband, who's a Patriots fan, while she grew up a Giants fan. I'll bet she was secretly rooting for the Eagles. My brother, who's a Patriot fan, acknowledged that the Eagles were better this time.

As for rowdy fans, you hear about this every year in virtually all of the major sports championship games, pro or college. What you do is at game time, you cut off beer sales at bars & markets to prevent the drunken lunacy after the game.

The Penguin

All Hail the King!
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Dec 20, 2001
South Dakota
Well, if the coloring pages the kids at my library did last week were an indication of the spread, they had the Patriots by 4.

Glad to see that we aren't debating the two Eagles touchdowns that garnered longer reviews. On the first one, the receiver was in the end zone with possession of the ball and that should be the end of the play (I swear it used to). And I had no doubt that Zach Ernst was a runner.

The black screen freaked me out at first and then I didn't know if it was just my market area (like a local commercial slot or something).

The Lombardi Trophy has such a hard time making to the platform it seems like it should just already be up there. It should be a nice piece of the ceremony, but it always turns out to be too much.

One of my best friends is an Eagles fan, so when I couldn't have this for myself (Vikings fan), I wanted this for him, but I'm disappointed that those who harassed Vikings fans in Philly (apparently including Case Keenum's family), vandalized their city, and stole and/or broke seats in U.S. Bank Stadium got it too.

Road to Gotham

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Sep 5, 2003
I didn't watch the game but did listen to it on NFL Radio.
Funny when Brady dropped the pass in the 1Q and then in the 2Q the Eagles tried a similar play near the end zone, connecting with Foles for a TD. :D

Wish the other teams in the AFC could get their act together and go to the Super Bowl.
The reason I didn't watch the game was because I just could stand to see Belicheck and Brady with their smug smirks playing in the big game once again.
Also no Steelers or Broncos in the SB, along with the Pats, all 3 teams can sit out for the next 20 years.

For week its be reports the Pats would lose both Patricia and McDaniels.
Patricia did leave for the Lions but McDaniels backed out of his deal the Colts.
I am beginning to wonder if Andrew Luck will ever play again and thats why McDaniels stayed put.


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