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Sep 24, 2003
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2020 will be uncharted territory for Pixar in that they’ll be giving us two movies within three months’ time. March will see the release of Onward, while June will bring with it Soul (about a dead musician, basically). But Onward is the one that has a new trailer today.
The previous trailer revealed the basic outline of the idea: it’s a world where magic once existed, but kinda faded and died out. In its wake, a population of elves, unicorns, cyclopseses and other mythical creatures live domesticated, ordinary lives. At the center of the film are two brothers who are going on….a quest. What for? The teaser never told that part.
But the new trailer does, and it’s quite a reveal. Their mother (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) tells them their dad, previously believed to be just an accountant, was actually a wizard…and he left behind his wand for the boys once they reached a certain age. There’s more…he also included a spell that will bring him back for one day. He either died before...
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