New Nicktoons TV schedule


Apr 28, 2002
London, UK
sorry if this has already been posted :)

a member at my Nickelodeon TV message board has posted a new schedule for the new Nick channel, Nicktoons TV :) they also think the other one was just for last week


6AM: Animaniacs (60 minutes)
7AM: Pinky & the Brain (60 minutes)
8AM: Ren & Stimpy (60 minutes)
9AM: Rugrats (60 minutes)
10AM: Doug (60 minutes)
11AM: Ren & Stimpy (60 minutes)
12 Noon: Rugrats (60 minutes)
1PM: Doug (60 minutes)
2PM: Real Monsters (60 minutes)
3PM: Rocko's Modern Life (60 minutes)
4PM: The Angry Beavers (60 minutes)
5PM: KaBlam!
5.30pm: Oh Yeah!
6PM: KaBlam!
6:30PM: Oh Yeah!
7PM: The Wild Thornberrys
7:30PM: CatDog
8PM: Hey Arnold!
8:30PM: Rocket Power
9PM: Rugrats
9:30PM: SpongeBob SquarePants
10PM: The Wild Thornberrys
10:30PM: CatDog
11PM: Hey Arnold!
11:30PM: Rocket Power
12 Midnight: Rugrats
12:30AM: SpongeBob SquarePants
1AM: Ren & Stimpy (60 minutes)
2AM: Rocko's Modern Life (60 minutes)
3AM: The Angry Beavers (60 minutes)
4AM: CatDog (60 minutes)
5AM: Real Monsters (60 minutes)

Saturdays & Sundays

6AM: Butt Ugly Martians
6:30AM: Real Monsters (60 minutes)
7:30AM: Invader ZIM
8AM: KaBlam!
8:30AM: Action League NOW!
9AM: Oh Yeah!
9:30AM: SATURDAY: The Fairly OddParents SUNDAY: ChalkZone
10AM: Pinky & the Brain (60 minutes)
11AM: Animaniacs (60 minutes)
12 Noon: Ren & Stimpy (60 minutes)
1PM: Rugrats (60 minutes)
2PM: Doug (60 minutes)
3PM: Rocko's Modern Life (60 minutes)
4PM: Real Monsters (60 minutes)
5PM: The Angry Beavers (60 minutes)
6PM: CatDog (60 minutes)
7PM: The Wild Thornberrys
7:30PM: The Fairly OddParents
8PM: SpongeBob SquarePants
8:30PM: Hey Arnold!
9PM: Rocket Power
9:30PM: Rugrats
10PM: As Told by Ginger
10:30PM: Pelswick
11PM: SpongeBob SquarePants
11:30PM: The Fairly OddParents
12 Midnight: Hey Arnold!
12:30AM: Rocket Power
1AM: Rugrats
1:30AM: As Told by Ginger
2AM: Ren & Stimpy (60 minutes)
3AM: Rocko's Modern Life (60 minutes)
4AM: The Angry Beavers (60 minutes)
5AM: CatDog (60 minutes)

I think all times are ET


Jan 4, 2002
You all know my opinion on Nick and any subsidiaries thereof, so I'll save you all the trouble of my idle banter and simply sing the Doom song remix.

*Doom de doom doom do doo Doom DooKILL*

I love the kill effect mixed in there.
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