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I do not know if this should go here or the Anime section, but it looks like Netflix is producing original ''anime'':

Some of this could be interesting, but I would be wary of the Super Crooks show because it's based on a comic book from Mark Millar. I used to like Mark Millar (I liked Superman Red Son and the first two volumes of the Ultimates), but man some of his later work is obnoxious. Wanted was a story where everyone was a monstrous psychopath and the Unfunnies was a work that seemed designed to make people mad (an animator finds out his cartoon creations are alive and decides to torture them for kicks). I think he tries so hard to be ''dark and edgy'' that he forgets to write a good story nowadays.

Also, the fact that Dragon Dogma will be all CGI sounds like a red flag.

Vampire in the Garden sounds like the best of the bunch.

I am not sure if this counts as anime or not, but that may be a semantics debate at this point.
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I know, I meant it is a red flag in terms of animation quality, there have been recent CGI anime series that were pretty bad, like that Berserk series from 2016.
Not every recent CGI anime series have been bad but I can understand why Japan hasn't adapted to CGI animation much when compared to their Western counterpart.
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Speaking of CGI anime I'm really looking forward to the Kengan Asura anime adaption.



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