NBC Talkback: VeggieTales "Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler" (Spoilers)

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Sep 22, 2005
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Larry the Cucumber is detective dynamo Sheerluck Holmes and Bob the Tomato his venerable sidekick Dr. Watson. Together their superlative powers of observation and forensic fortitude can solve any crime. But because Sheerluck takes all the credit for the pair's sleuthing savvy, the missing Golden Ruler -- the most valuable and prized treasure in all of Buckingham Palace -- may never be recovered.

11 AM (at least for us in DC)

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Due to NBC's Ryder Cup coverage next week, Qubo will be extended today and tommorow. So there will be two VeggieTales today.​

Note: May someone please make an NBC Talkback image and a VeggieTales image to match that NBC talkback image? That would help since we can use it on The Entertainment Board as well. Also, this time lets talk a litle bit more about the episode itself rather than getting off-topic.​


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