My Theory of why Cartoon Network is just getting.. “meh”


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Jun 5, 2020
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Here’s my thread about why Cartoon Network Live TV at this point, is just pretty boring.

1: The Launch of HBO Max
HBO Max is a new streaming service that has almost all WarnerMedia property programs and much more. Cartoon Network wants to play it safe with their premieres so that it can give the streaming service attention. And since some of the CN originals are moving to HBO Max exclusively. the network wants to play it safe and only air the shows that they want to bring attention to.

2: Cable Decline
Cartoon Network at first, used to be the huge #2 most watched kid channel back in the late 1990s until the mid 2010s. And since cable had a huge decline. It changed Cartoon Network so much that they just didn’t care of what they’re doing anymore. They just do what they want to do. (ex: their schedules) and give out random hiatuses.

3 (probably reasonable): The New President
Ever since a day has passed since Christina Miller stepped down as president of Cartoon Network/Boomerang. CN felt heavily mediocre. They just air the same promotions for a month before switching to a new one for a month. Except for Teen Titans Go! since it’s still CN’s #1 show. Plus intern presidents can’t do a lot of high actions to their networks. Plus, I think that might be the true answer. Networks without a president for a while cannot do high actions or majorly change the brand of it until a new president steps up and does it. So that’s probably why shows like Mao Mao & DC Super Hero Girls are such on long hiatuses until notice.

And we have to wait and see what the new president of Cartoon Network does to the channel. That’s the suspenseful and exciting part as well.

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Nov 13, 2020
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I feel ya. Cartoon Network used to be lit back in the day. Now, it's only "okay". I swear every time I completely enjoy a TV show from them and Nick it always ends up cancelled, and I just feel great about it. -_-
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