My Hero Academia Manga 198+" (Spoilers)

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Nov 1, 2013
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Chapter 198 AKA "The Battle of The Edgelords", you know while most people complain about the MC not getting the spotlight I for one enjoyed this chapter.Its really nice to see how compentent and likable Class B is and for that I kinda want them to win this round. Tokoyami and kid Mr Negative exchanging emo dialogue was the highlight of the chapter

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May 18, 2006
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I don't know if I'm going to do little reviews every week but hey today we got the 200th chapter of My Hero Academia which I do read and if there is a thread for this series might as well take advantage of it at least once.

I really am glad that we are getting a focus not just on Tokoyami in this exchange but of Yayozaru as well who hasn't really had much to do besides play support in the whole rescue Bakugo arc... like a couple of years ago so deserves another go around. Also like how it's Todoroki who teamed up with her against the teachers who knows 'yeah if Kendo really wanted to take her out she would of done an all out offensive from the start not try and cut her off to fight her alone." Also like actually seeing the full team's powers from the mushroom to Kendo's huge fist to yeah the guy whose power was to make sound effect kanji and people wondering how that would translate into other countries. I imagine just for us English viewers it would be the equivalent of the 1960's Batman cartoon sound effects popping up which would be fun to see actually used as an attack. So yeah decent. So glad we are getting focus on various characters in this group tourney even though yeah don't really care about anyone at all in Class B glad to see it's being used to highlight more of the Class A fighters who could use more focus. It is weird though for the big 200th chapter to be so short but I guess that's due to the manga-ka having to rush the work out because of the work conditions there which I heard can be rather problematic so I get that and still appreciate this for a 200th chapter.
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