Ms. Marvel Headlines New Disney+ Superhero Shows

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Sep 24, 2003
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This evening The Walt Disney Company held its annual D23 press conference, and a LOT was revealed, but the portion most relevant to the “Superhero” portion of this site’s name was the fact that Ms. Marvel was finally confirmed to be starring in something.
Kamala Khan, the world’s stretchiest, most malleable Muslim, has been one of the few success stories in Marvel Comics during the last decade. In an industry that favors predictability, getting comic book consumers to pay for anything that doesn’t have a decades-old superhero on the cover is difficult. Ms. Marvel has beaten the odds, however…her cheery personality and identifiable fangirl mannerisms have won a fanbase that supports her ongoing adventures.
Marvel is going to need more characters like Kamala if it hopes to fill the void left by Spider-Man (I’m still holding out hope Sony will have regrets). In fact...

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