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Todd Black

Apr 8, 2015
Earlier in the year at San Diego Comic-Con, Kevin Feige and Marvel unveiled a slew of new movies that are coming to theaters, but also, gave us clues as to what is coming to Disney+ that we didn’t already know about. Which included three new series which will debut fan-favorite heroes Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. But, since then, we haven’t heard anything about the series.
However, at CCXP19, Kevin Feige once again took to the stage and gave updates on the three properties. While he didn’t give casting updates or anything of the like, he did note that they would be done and shown on Disney+ before the end of 2020.

Kevin Feige reveals ‘Moon Knight,’ ‘Ms. Marvel,’ and ‘She Hulk’ will be ready for Disney+ ‘towards the end of next year’ #CCXP19
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Mao Mao has been on hiatus since October. There will be no new episodes airing in June in the U.S., despite those last 9 episodes of Season 1 (31-40) allegedly leaked by Aussie streaming service Stan back in April, and we've been telling ourselves NOT to spoil any of these episodes on social media until they are officially released.

Man, it's really hard to like your favorite show when it's stuck in a long hiatus...
Take this with a very huge grain of salt. While I was on Tomb Cartoon Monkey Skeleton, I found a comment which was saying which new CN originals will premiere this and next year.

Lisa Ortiz's mother passed away.

I found this interview that Pam Arciero (Grundgetta from Sesame Street) took part in. I mainly skipped to 1:35, where she mentioned how production on the show ground to a halt because of the pandemic. There was about 1 more week of material to tape. She says they could start again in October, but that could change.