"Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur" (Animated) News & Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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Sep 21, 2016
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Last time that I tried searching for any loose tidbits online about a month or more ago, all that I saw was this.

Titmouse Talks Animation - ComicsVerse

Animation is one thing that Marvel TV is especially tight-lipped until it's pretty close to being available to the public. We probably wouldn't even have heard as much as we did with that press statement already if Fishburne's production company wasn't involved. I don't believe that we're close to seeing this cartoon yet, assuming that it's currently in production, so I wouldn't expect to hear anything. My personal theory is that this show is possibly going to the streaming service, so it might be even longer before we get news.
Very likely to be true.


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Stephanie Sheh voicing Izzy Park the same way she does Sailor Moon has me considering the chance of Nazneen Contractor dubbing some "Sailor Moon" episodes I currently dont plan to buy.
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I can’t express my unpopular opinions without someone yelling or disagreeing at me why I’m a monster for thinking that way (liking adult animation, SpongeBob’s new episodes are inferior, etc.)