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May 1, 2001
Found this in this week's edition of a local weekly paper called NUVO, on their "new DVD releases" page:

Just in time for the holidays, Mickey Mouse is back, along with the largest collection of Disney characters in history with _Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed In At the House of Mouse_. A snowstorm leaves Mickey stranded with Donald Duck, Pooh, Piglet, Belle, Snow White, Ariel and many more famous Disney faces, where everybody sings and eats cookies and stuff. The new speical is presented in fullscreen format, with both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 soundtracks. The disc will also contain the premiere episode of the new Disney series _ House of Mouse_ and two extra Sing-Along Christmas Songs. Mickey and his friends will reach stores Nov. 6.


A much kinder review for the above than their one for the Poke-movies, which involved the use of at least one (mild) explitive in its very brief video release summary...

Also while I'm at it, would like to describe my feelings on the new UPN "Star Trek" show, "Enterprise". For those who don't know, it involves the adventures of the *original* crew of the first Enterprise, taking place 150 years before Kirk's time (and 150 years in our future), as they get used to all the well-loved "Trek" cliches (exploration, teleportation, etc.) for the first time. After the premiere and last week's actual first 1-hour episode, I feel it's better than "Voyager" was (though *that* wouldn't take much effort...), though still no TNG/DS9, and doesn't make me much interested in or excited by what I've seen so far. None of the characters leap out at me as being particularly interesting, with one exception: the Captain's pet beagle, Porthos. (Hey, at least Porthos isn't a hologram, per "Voyager"'s one interesting character :) One scene in the premiere episode involved the Vulcan science officer (a woman) and some human guy having to "decontaminate" themselves in some dimly-lit, shower stall-like chamber together, by rubbing some sort of alien lotion-like substance all over their bodies and partially undressing to do so. While "Trek" shows aren't above some occasional cheap bits of titillation, at least in the past it was at least *semi*-tastefully done, vs. this bit. And the parting shot at the end of the scene of the Vulcan....(shudder/"Salem-the-Cat" sobs). Though I note that the human male in question was decidedly well-toned and muscular---"equal opportunity" cheap titillation for men *and* women?? (Shrug) Either way, this aside, I doubt I'll become a regular viewer of this series, even if the bodily-contorting lizard people in the premiere were sort of cool...



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May 3, 2001
Oh, I think I will be a regular viewer of this series. In fact, I KNOW I will! I think this series has the potential to be as great as DS9 (my favorite Trek series ever!)

And I also love beagles, so I think the captain's choice of pet is A+.

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