Megas XLR Episode idea scripts. (PG)


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Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Here is another mini-rewrite for an episode.

The Junkman Returneth

*The episode starts in the Junkyard. Coop is wearing just his T-shirt and Jeans. He is laying down on a workout bench and is doing bench presses. He is bench pressing 250 pounds.*

Coop: ERRGGH! YAAGGH! UURRGGGHH!!! *Coop is also sweating.* Woo! *Coop puts the weights down and grabs a big glug next to him and drinks.* Ahhh. Jamie is next to Coop. Jamie has a bat in his hand. He picks up a rock and swings at it. The rock goes flying. Jamie then picks up a can and swings it. The can goes flying. Jamie then picks up a metal part and swings it. The part goes flying and hits Goat on the head. Goat drops the stuff he was carrying.*

Goat: Ouch! *Shakes his fist and mumbles at Jamie. Then picks up the parts he dropped*

Jamie: Hm. Wonder what he's all worked up about. *Coop gets up and stretches.*

Coop: Search me. *Moves his arms around* I think he's still trying to build his own robot. *Jamie laughs*

Jamie: Are you kidding? There is no way Goat is going to build a robot with parts like that. *Goat picks up a part and keeps walking.*

Coop: Hey! I built Megas with parts like that!

Jamie: He's not you.

Coop: True. Guess I just got a natural talent for it. *Walks up to a giant punching bag with a badly drawn picture of Gorrath and prepares to punch it.* Hold this Jamie. *Jamie does so. Coop grunts as he punches the bag.* You know. Maybe Goat could build a robot with parts with that junk planet.

Jamie: Didn't you blow that planet up?

Coop: Oh yeah. Forgot. You think that one dude survived?

Jamie: You mean the guy with the crazy eye? I doubt we'll run into him any time soon. *Coop does a powerful punch which throws the bag and Jamie onto the ground* WOAH! Easy Coop!

Coop: Sorry Jamie. Guess I don't know my own strength. *Goes to help Jamie up. It then pans up to the sky. The scene shifts to outer space. It pans over to a new junk planet. This one is silver in color. The new junk planet resembles cybertron in a way. An army of junk robots are marching. They stop and turn left. They salute to the Franken. The Franken is newly rebuilt. Fred is sleeping behind the Franken. Inside, is Varsin piloting the Franken. He nowever is a cyborg. The only part of him that is flesh is his crazy eye. His other eye is red. His crazy eye moves around as he looks at his army.*

Varsin: My loyal Junkbots! Today we have completed the first phase of my grand master plan! Heh heh heh heh. Not only were we able to rebuild our junk planet piece by piece, but with extra parts left over, I was able to create a new body for myself! Now we must move onto phase 2! I still have a score to settle and with your assistance we shall triumph! Heh heh heh heh. I'm sure you are all aware that awhile back, a human being and his robot destroyed our planet and nearly left us to die! Now it's our turn to repay the favor! With the enhancements I have made to our planet, I shall get my revenge! Not only will I destroy the Earther who did this to us, but his entire planet as well! Heh heh heh heh! Now my junkbots! Let us make our way to planet Earth so that we may destroy it! *The Franken pulls a giant lever. On the other side of the planet are gigantic engines. The thrusters activate and the planet starts to move. The planet itself is moving to Earth.*

*Title Theme plays*

The Junkman Returneth

*Back at the Junkyard, Goat is picking up parts to work on his robot. He walks to a giant part and looks at it. Then he picks it up.*

Goat: Hm. This should work. *The entire part breaks apart* Oh man! *Goat goes looking for more parts. Meanwhile, Coop is still working out. He is holding Jamie in the air and holds him in the air with ease. Coop is standing. Jamie is rather relaxed for what is happening to him.*

Jamie: So Coop. You think Goat has a chance of making his own robot?

Coop: I doubt it. But you gotta hand it to the guy. He ain't gonna give up. *Coop sees Goat in the distance* Yo Goat! Come on man! There ain't no way you are gonna build a robot! Give it up!

Goat: Oh yeah! Just you wait Coop! When my robot is ready he's gonna kick your butt! *Grabs a part and dusts it off* You'll see!

Coop: Let me just build you a robot! It won't take me that long!

Goat: I don't need your help! I can do it myself! *Goat walks off. Coop puts Jamie down gently. Jamie grabs his soda and drinks from it.*

Jamie: Hey. Wasn't Kiva supposed to meet us here? I thought we were supposed to go into outer space and look for more junk or something.

Coop: She got someone else to take her.

Jamie: Not that I'm complaining, but why didn't she have us do it. Aren't we like her only mode of transport?

Coop: She said she doesn't trust me enough to take her without me accidently destroying something.

Jamie: Knowing your track record, I wouldn't trust you either. *Coop stares at Jamie* So who did she bum a ride off of? Jenna & Rachael?

Coop: Nah She got my cousin Skippy to take her in his robot. *Jamie spews his drink*

Jamie: That little snot!? How did Kiva manage that!?


*Kiva is at Skippy's house. Skippy and Kiva are out on the front lawn.*

Skippy: So let me see if I got this straight. You want to go into outer space so you can find parts or something, but you don't trust Coop enough to have him take you. In turn, you want me to take you instead. *Kiva nods* Sure I'll take you. *Smug grin* But first, you gotta do some things for me! *Closes up on Kiva's face. She raises an eyebrow. The scene shifts to Skippy relaxing on a lawn chair. He is drinking a mega-slush. Kiva is mowing the lawn for him. She grunts as she trudges through the yard. She angerly looks at Skippy. Sweat runs down her face.* Once you're done with that, you can take out the garbage, clean up my room, then finish my homework. Then we'll go. *Kiva sighs and continues what she was doing.*

*Back to reality*

Jamie: Ouch. I would think Kiva's better off going with you.

Coop: Still. It's upsetting that she don't think I could take her without getting into some kind of trouble. I mean sure, maybe I blew up a few planets.

Jamie: A few? More like many. Heck. I'm surprised you haven't even destroyed Earth yet.

Coop: Oh come on! I can't be that bad. Can I?

Jamie: I bet Goat could pilot Megas better than you. *They both look at each other, then at Goat who is picking up parts.*

Coop/Jamie: Nah! *Goat puts the parts down and runs up to Coop and Jamie.*

Goat: Yo guys! I did it! I got all the parts I need to make Darlene!

Coop: Really? Heheh! This should be good. *They all go to the part of the dump where all the parts are laid out. It does the shing noise but the sound is warped as it shows some of the parts.*

Goat: As soon as I get this baby operational, I'll take you guys on in a sparring match! You think you can handle the junkyard fury!? *Goat punches the air as if he was fighting someone. Coop and Jamie look at each other.*

*Day Dream*

*Megas and Darlene are looking at each other. Megas walks up to Darlene and touches it gently. The entire robot falls apart. Goat is holding a stearing wheel as he falls down with the robot.*

*Back to reality. Coop and Jamie are still looking at each other and start to laugh.*

Coop: You have GOT to be kidding me. You think THAT is gonna beat Megas!? Hahahahah!

Goat: You won't be so arrogent once I mop the floor with you! Then Kiva will count on me to save the world! *Looks around* Say where is Kiva anyway? I wanted her to see this!

Jamie: She went planet exploring.

Goat: Without you guys? How?

Jamie: She got another ride.

Goat: She could of at least waited for me. Once I have Darlene up and running, we could of went together. We could of been something!


*Darlene is running in a giant field of flowers. Inside, Kiva is leaning on Goat. Goat is petting her hair. Goat winks at us.*

*Back to reality*

Coop: Goat. Even if you had a giant robot, Kiva would never date you. She thinks you're a total creep! Everyone thinks you're a total creep!

Goat: Oh yeah well what about you?

Coop: I already got a girlfriend!

Goat: Oh yeah.

Jamie: Don't feel too bad Goat. I don't have a girlfriend either. Well not yet anyways.

Goat: I'm not worried. *Puts his arm around Jamie's shoulder* You see Jamie! One day you and I will find true love. Sure it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, it may not even be three weeks from now! But out there. Somewhere. There are girls who want us. *A huge shadow looms over them all.* Woah. It shouldn't be getting this dark early.

Coop: Yeah it's only *Looks at his watch* 5:00 in the afternoon.

Jamie: *Looking at a giant planet block the sun* Uh don't supposed that giant rock blocking the sun has anything to do with it do you? *They look up and see the giant planet blocking the sun.*

Coop: Woah! When the heck did that get there!?

Goat: Just now I guess. Must be one of them solar eclipses. *A loud crash is heard. Coop, Jamie, and Goat turn around to see a junk robot stand up and tower over them.*

Jamie: I don't think a solar eclipse has one of those on board! *More junk robots drop down and surround the junkyard. Then in the middile, the Franken comes down. Varsin is laughing. Coop, Jamie, and Goat look up shocked to see him.*

Varsin: Finally! I have you right where I want you! Didn't think you'd see the last of me did you? Well now that I'm here there is nothing you can do to stop what's coming! Heh heh heh heh heh. *Coop just looks at Varsin like an idiot.*

Coop: Huh?

Varsin: You don't remember? You destroyed my planet! *Pause* You stole my robot's photonic stabilizer!

Coop: *Pause* Oh yeah! It's all coming back to me now. Who are you again? Varsin?

Varsin: That was years! Years of hard work collecting junk througout the universe! AND IN 5 MINUTES YOU CAME ALONG AND DESTROYED EVERYTHING! *Calms down* However thanks to my resourcefulness I was able to build a new junk planet! And as you can see, gave my own body an upgrade! *As he laughs his eye moves in several directions.* Now I'm going to make sure that you can never ruin my junk collection again! *Laughs more* Oh and also I'm going to blow up your planet and pillage the debris!

Coop: Oh no. I ain't letting some cyborg alien freak blow up MY planet.

Jamie: Why have him do it when you can do it yourself?

Coop: Shut up Jamie.

Varsin: Now if you would be so kind. Please hand over your robot and its time drive before I destroy the Earth. I don't want to end up destroying it in the process!

Coop: Look buddy. I'm sorry about destroying your planet! Really I am! But I ain't just gonna let you have Megas without a fight! *Coop, Jamie, and Goat get inside Megas.*

Varsin: Good. I was hoping you would say that. *The Franken points to Megas* Junkbots attack! *Varsin laughs some more as the Junkbots slowly walk towards Megas. However they are really really slow. Coop and Jamie look at each other, then at the robots. The robots slowly approach Megas.*

Goat: Are they supposed to be this slow? *The robots lumber towards Megas. Coop just looks at Jamie and at Goat. Coop shrugs. Megas starts to walk. Megas passes a robot, grabs it and rips its head off. Megas drops the head and keeps walking. Megas punches a robot down and rips out its arms. Megas drops the arms and keeps walking. Megas passes another robot, rips out its leg and bashes the robot with its own leg. Megas drops the leg and keeps walking. As Megas passes a robot, Megas beats the robot up and destroys it. Megas just then keeps walking. Megas eventually walks out of the junkyard and into the city. Varsin scratches his head*

Varsin: After him! Don't let him get away! *The robots slowly chase after Meags. Megas casually keeps walking.*

Jamie: Looks like they're still after us.

Coop: Eh! I'll only be a few minutes. *Megas continues to walk into the city while the robots give chase. However Megas is faster and disappears from view. The junk robots start scratching their heads. At the Speedymart, Coop is online to pay for food. Jamie and Goat are with him.* You guys take cards? *Back at the Junkyard, Varsin is tapping his foot and whistling while waiting for Megas. Eventually Megas returns. Inside, Coop is eating a philly cheesesteak and drinking a Mega-Slush. Jamie has a bag of chips and a big glug. Goat is eating some Jerky and drinking a soda as well. Megas passes another robot and gives it an elbow smash. Then Megas punches it and rips out wires. Megas then passes another robot and shoots a laser blast at it. Megas then goes to the last one and fires a fist at the junkbot.* Heh. That wasn't so bad.

Jamie: Nice.

Coop: *Via Varsin's monitor* That all you got Junkman? Come on! I know you can do better than that!

Varsin: Oh I have more in store. Perhaps I should of mentioned that my robots never die. They can rebuild themselves with new parts! Observe! *The junkbots slowly move and start rebuilding themselves. A robot that was cut in half, moves with his arms and goes to his legs. He connects his legs so he can move again. A robot goes to pick up its head and screws it back on. A robot helps another robot put its arms back in.* Now let's see if you can do it again and again! Heh heh heh heh heh! *Coop looks at Jamie and Goat. Then looks in front of him.*

Coop: *Shurgs* Ok. *Megas grabs 2 junkbots and makes them butt heads. Megas punches a robot and rips its head off. The robot tries to get his head back, but Megas plays keep away with it. The robot wanders about aimlessly trying to get his head back. A robot hits Megas from behind. Megas just turns around and pushes the robot down and steps on its head. Megas grabs a wrecking ball and wings it like a ball and chain. Megas tosses the ball and chain into a robot knocking its head off. The robot goes to pick up its head.*

Goat: Sweet! *Megas jumps to a giant pile of junk. Megas then grabs a huge pipe and a giant sattelite dish that sports a POP TV logo. Megas puts the dish on the ground and jumps on it. Megas slides down the junk pile.*

Coop: WAAAHHHH!!!! *As Megas slides down, it smacks the junkbots using the giant piple.*

Jamie: Coop! Hit that robot's head off! *Coop sticks out his tounge and concentrates. It shows the robot looking at Megas. As Megas passes by, it knocks the robot head off. The head goes flying. It goes into a window breaking it. Megas jumps into the air and kicks the dish sending it flying. It cuts a line of robots in half. Megas lands at the bottom of the junkpile and twirls the giant pipe it was carrying. A robot picks up another robot's head and throws it to the robot so he can put it back on. However Megas gets in the way and swings at the head. The head goes flying. Megas then runs around the junkyard like it was a baseball diamond. Megas slides on the ground and sends many junkbots in the air. Megas gets up and turns around.*

Coop: Man. I wish everyone we fought was this easy. *To Varsin who appears on the monitor* You'll be next Varsin if you don't take your giant planet and move it!

Varsin: Heh heh heh heh heh! I don't think you're quite done yourself yet! *Points to the junkbots rebuilding themselves. Now they are taking parts from Earth and putting it on them. A robot takes a damaged car and puts it on his head. He bashes his head a bit and the car lights go on. Another robot grabs an abandoned POP TV tower as well as the sattelite dish Megas was using. The robot uses them like a lance and shield. A robot with its top half gone walks around. He finds a giant mascot from one of those burger joints. He puts the top half of that on his body.*

Coop: *Sighs* You know what. This is sad. I mean REALLY. This is sad. In about 5 seconds I'm gonna blast them and they'll just fall apart. Watch. *Megas opens up to reveal many blasters. Megas shoots at the robots making them fall apart. Then Megas shoots at them again just to add insult to injury.* See. What did I tell you? 5 seconds. I don't think you really thought this whole "Revenge" thing through did ya? *Varsin points to the robots as they repair themselves again.*

Jamie: Coop.

Coop: Right. Time to end this. *Megas puts its arms together. The hands go inside Megas. Megas fires a super powerful blast incinerating the robots completely.*

Varsin: NO!

Coop: Hahahahah! Ok Junkman! Let's see your junkbots repair that!

Varsin: No matter! I still have plenty more where those came from! *More Junkbots decend onto the planet and surround Megas.* You might knock down 50 of my loyal solders, but 50 more will take their place! You can't possible defeat my army of junkbots! Heh heh heh heh heh! *Megas just does the same attack it did before destroying those robots completely.* All right then! How about taking on a hund- *Megas once again does the same attack at the robots that land on the planet.* Perhaps TWO hundr- *Megas once again does the attack destroying the robots. This however is shown off screen as Varsin is talking.* Five hundred? *Megas does the attack again destroying the robots. Again it just shows Varsin's face.*

Coop: Ok Varsin look. I realize you might not all be there, so I'm gonna be leinent. I'll give you two choices! You could either A: Take your giant rock and leave, or B: Keeping attacking and I'll just kick your butt all over Jersey. I really hope though that you go with the latter! *Varsin looks at Megas, then looks down on his monitor. It shows a bar filling up. When the bar is full it says "Planetary Boosters: FULLY RECHAGED". Varsin smiles*

Varsin: *His crazy eye moves alot* Hah hah hah hah hah! Oh you think you're so clever do you!?

Coop: Well I ain't the one that's getting his butt kicked!

Varsin: You fool! I've been toying with you this whole time! *Coop is surprised then gets angry*

Coop: Oh yeah! Well I've....been toying with you too!

Jamie: No you haven't.

Coop: Hey! If you can think of a more witty comeback, then I'd love to hear it!

Varsin: Why don't you take a look above you! *Coop, Jamie, and Goat look up to see the giant planet.* That up there is my newly rebuilt junk planet! A junktopia of sorts! I've been able to find many things to enhance my junk planet. Including a gigantic planetary engine! With it I'm going to CRASH MY PLANET INTO THE EARTH! And then there will be nothing left but junk for me to collect! The boosters are fully charged now and all I have to do is start the engine myself! My junkbots were just a destraction while the boosters recharged!

Coop: No way! I ain't gonna let you fly your planet into mine!

Varsin: You'll have to catch me first! *The Franken flies away* Hah hah hah hah hah!

Coop: Oh no you don't! *Megas flies after the Franken. Varsin presses a button. On the monitor are an army of junkbots.*

Varsin: After him! Don't let him reach the planet! *The Junkbots jump down from the planet and head for Megas. The robots pass Varsin and fall by Megas.*

Coop: Woah! *Megas dodges, more robots fall at Megas*

Jamie: It's raining robots! *Megas keeps dodging the robots as they fall. A loud sound is heard. A robot grabs Megas by the leg and is being carried by Megas.*

Coop: Hey! Get off my robot! *Megas shakes its leg causing the robot to fall. 4 to 5 robots land on Megas and hold on to it. Megas slows down* I said get off! *Megas spins around as it flies to shake the robots off.*

Goat: He's getting away!

Coop: Not for long! *Megas speeds up and keeps flying towards Varsin. More robots try to fall on Megas. The car headlights fire beams and blast the robots as they get close. On the monitor it shows Coop playing an asteroid game. Wherever the character goes, Megas goes. The asteroids resemble the falling robots.* Bew bew bew! *Megas continues to dodge the robots and shoot at them. 2 robots fall past Megas and grab Megas by the legs again. Coop looks down and grrs. Megas clicks its heels together causing the robots to smash into each other. Those robots let go and fall down to Earth. Coop keeps looking down. A crash is heard. Coop looks straight and gets worried.*

Jamie: aaaAAAAAaaaahh!!! *More robots land on Megas and hold it down. Soon Megas starts to fall back to Earth.*

Goat: We're falling dude! *Megas powers up and blasts the robots off of him. Varsin manages to make it to the junk planet and land on the surface.*

Varsin: Soon very soon! The Earth shall be nothing but rubble! Rubble which I shall create to build an even better junk collection! Heh heh heh heh heh! *Varsin uses the franken to pull some levers, press some buttons, and switch ports. The planentary boosters activate and the planet slowly moves towards Earth. Meanwhile, Megas has entered outer space. More junk robots land on Megas and try to weigh him down. Megas goes into overdrive and the heat from the thrusters melt the robots off of Megas. Goat looks up at the planet.*

Goat: Is it me or is that planet getting bigger?

Jamie: Not it's not! It's getting closer!

Coop: *Grrs* Don't worry! I won't let it reach Earth! *Megas heads for the Junk planet. The planet itself fires lasers at Megas*

Jamie: Look out! *Megas dodges the beams* Great now the planet's firing at us! *From the planet's surface, junkbots grab giant debris and toss it at Megas. Megas dodges the lasers and the giant debris. The Franken grabs a huge barrel at throws it at Megas. Megas gets hit and falls back down to Earth. Megas however recovers and keeps flying. More debris is thrown at Megas.* Uh Coop? *Coop activates the targeting system and locks on to the debris. Coop flips a switch and Megas opens up to reveal a ton of missiles. As Megas flies, it fires the missiles at all the debris blowing it up.*

Coop: Almost there guys! *Megas fires more missiles at the laser turrets firing at Megas. Megas then lands on the planet.*

Varsin: You're too late! My planet is already in motion! You can't stop it! You can however keep my junkbots occupied! *Points to Megas* Destroy it! *The Junkbots slowly stagger towards Megas. Coop, Jamie, and Goat are unphased.*

Coop: Man when is he gonna realize that these junkbots can't do a thing! *Megas flies into the air. Then Megas lands on the ground super hard creating a powerful shockwave. All the robots in the area fall apart. Varsin's crazy moves and spots Fred sleeping. The Franken turns around to Fred.*

Varsin: After them Fred! *Fred wakes up and digs into the ground. Megas looks around. Fred comes up from behind.*

Coop: Woah! *Megas jumps in the air to get away. However Fred bits Megas on the leg and starts tossing it around like a ragdoll*

Coop/Jamie/Goat: AAAAAAAHHHH!!! *Fred throws Megas onto the ground.*

Goat: Man! Now I know what a doggie chew toy feels like! *Megas gets back up*

Jamie: Coop forget him! The planet is gonna crash into Earth! *Coop looks at the monitor to show the progress*

Coop: I've got time! Just let me put Fred on his leash! *Megas fires a missile at Fred. Fred digs underground and the missile instead hits some junk in the distance. Coop looks for Fred. Fred comes up and bites one of Megas's legs again. Megas flies into the air carrying Fred with it. Fred lets go and falls to the ground.* All right! Finally a real fight! *Megas comes down with a powerful elbow. However Fred digs underground to avoid the attack. Megas gets up and looks around* Where did he go? *Fred emerges again.*

Jamie: Behind us! *Megas turns around and punches Fred. Fred goes flying. He gets up and grows at Megas. Megas does the bring it pose. However hands emerge from the ground and grab Megas. Out come Junkbots that were hiding underground.*

Coop: Hey what give!? *Fred wraps around Megas and squeezes*

Jamie: He's got us!

Coop: *Tries to break free* I can't get loose! He's got us too tight! *Beeping noises are heard.* This ain't a good time for Megas to malfunction! *Megas continues to try and unwrap Fred from itself but no luck. Fred tightens his hold.* Come on! Come on! *Megas starts to electrocute*

Jamie: Coop hurry!

Coop: I'm trying! *Megas then just shuts down. Jamie stares at Coop* Hey. I tried. *Fred unwraps himself from Megas. Megas falls down to the ground. Junkbots and the Franken surround Megas.*

Varsin: Heh heh heh heh! Excellent work Fred! *To the Junkbots* Take this robot to the lab. While we wait for my planet to crash into Earth! I get the liberty of taking its time drive! *The robots pick up and carry Megas*

Goat: Great this stinks! And I never got my second chance to build a new Darlene!

Jamie: Coop get us out of here! *Coop tries to use Megas but nothing works.*

Coop: I got nothing. The power is still on temporary shut down. Maybe Kiva would know something. *Goes to contact Kiva but Jamie stops him*

Jamie: No way! If she finds out what happened she'll never leave us alone again!

Coop: And if I don't then a giant planet of junk is gonna crash into Earth! *Coop presseses buttons. Jamie tries to stop him. They both struggle. Then Kiva appears on the monitor* Kiva!

Kiva: What's up guys?

Coop: Look I've got a pro *Jamie covers his mouth and talks*

Jamie: Nothing! Just seeing what you were up too!

Kiva: I was kinda busy at the moment. I'm still trying to find a way to fix the time drive when you called me. Is everything all right?

Jamie: Oh yeah! Everything's fine! Couldn't be better! Heh heh. *Coop muffles and stuff. Kiva sees this and raises an eyebrow*

Kiva: Yeah. Whatever. Look. Don't call me unless it's something really important.

Jamie: Will do! Good luck on the time drive thing!

Kiva: Thanks.

Skippy's voice: Are we done yet? I wanna go home!

Kiva *To Skippy* We'll be done soon! Quit whinning! *To Coop and Jamie* I have to go now. I'll talk to you when I get back to Earth! *Transmission ends. Coop bites Jamie on the hand.*

Jamie: Ouch!

Coop: Did ja da dude! Why did you do that!? Kiva could of helped us!?

Jamie: Is it worth getting "Triple Training!?" *Coop's eyes widen*

Coop: Oh yeah. You're right.

Goat: *Looks outside and sees some parts* Looks like it's time for old Goat to save the day again! *Goat opens up the car door and gets out*

Coop: Hey Goat! Come back!

Goat: Don't worry! I got a plan! *Runs away*

Jamie: Great. He runs off like a coward.

Coop: You'd do the same thing.

Jamie: I would. But right now I'm too scared too. *The robots throw Megas onto a giant conveyer belt. Wires trap Megas.*

Varsin: Once I get your time drive, then I can build the biggest collection of junk, the universe has ever seen! Then with the time drive, I can do it all again! *His eye moves like crazy* Heh heh heh heh heh!

Coop: Incase you forgot pal, my time drive is broken!

Varsin: So! I can fix anything!

Jamie: Uh yeah. I got a question. If you're gonna cut up Megas? Do we have to be inside it!?

Varsin: All part of the revenge plan! *Presses some buttons, plugs in some ports, and does other things. The conveyer belt starts to move forward. Out come saws and drills at the other side.* Don't worry. It will hurt for the first few seconds. Then you'll feel nothing at all! Heh heh heh heh heh!

Jamie: Great. So this is how it ends. We get cut open and our planet collides with his. I sure hope Goat does something soon. *A fist hits a saw changing its position. This frees Megas. However Megas can't move. Megas is headed for the giant drill at the end.*

Varsin: What!? *It shows a sillouete of a heroic mech. When it goes to normal, it shows a broken down Mech. It does the shing noise but with warped sound as it shows parts of the mech.*

Goat: Allow me to show you Darlene 2.0! Now with added features! *Varsin laughs. His eye moves like crazy.*

Varsin: You think that hunk of junk can stop me!? *Points at Goat's mech.* Junkbots! Attack! *The Junkbots slowly walk towards Darlene 2.0. However Goat's mech has spring legs that let it jump. It jumps towards Megas. The robots stagger towards Goat and Megas.*

Jamie: Nice plan!

Coop: Now if you can just help me energize Megas, we can escape before the giant drill gets us!

Goat: Leave that to me! *Darlene 2.0 holds 2 giant clamps and puts them on Megas. Goat sees a giant electric box* This will do nicely! *Goat puts the other clamps onto the box and flips the switch. Megas re-energizes. However, Darlene 2.0 was near the electric box and it electrocutes. Darlene 2.0 blows up.* Goat goes flying and lands on the hood of Megas. Goat gets in. He coughs out smoke.* Ugh. Remind me to never do that again!

Coop: Thanks Goat! *Megas gets up and rips out the giant drill. Megas stands proudly.*

Jamie: Uh guys? *Points to the Franken and the army of junkbots headed for Megas*

Coop: Ok you freakshow from deliverance! You come back to my planet, try to take my time drive....again! And now you want to smash your planet into mine!? Looks like I'm gonna take out the trash! *Megas flies towards the Franken. Megas punches the Franken, but it does nothing. The Franken just clobbers Megas with its huge arm. Megas falls down onto some barrels. Megas picks up a barrel and throws it at the Franken. Before it hits however, Megas fires a blast at the barrel. The barrel explodes. The Franken goes flying into a bunch of junk. Junkbots creep towards Megas.

Goat: Behind us! *Megas turns around and grabs a huge tower. Megas lifts it into the air and smashes it down onto the junkbots. Megas gets hit from behind by a barrel. The Franken is back up and walks towards Megas. Behind Megas is a view of Earth getting closer.*

Varsin: Fool! Fight me all you want! But it won't matter! Even as we speak my planet is speeding towards Earth! Better do something quick before it crashes! *His eye moves like crazy* Heh heh heh heh heh!

Jamie: Forget Varsin! We gotta stop his planet from crashing into Earth! *Coop looks on the monitor to see how close Varsin's planet is to Earth.*

Coop: Woah! *Megas gets hit by the Franken. Megas goes down and looks at the Franken*

Varsin: Don't leave just yet! I'm not done playing with you! Heh heh HAH HAH HAH!

Coop: *Coop grrs. Then pings. He gets an idea.* I got it! *Megas flies into the air.* If destroying planets is my specialty, then I guess I'll just have to do what I do best! *Megas spins really fast and flies into the Junk Planet.*

Varsin: What do you think you're doing!? *Megas spins through the planet and comes out on the other side. The planet goes critical. Explosions are seen everywhere. The Franken stumbles and falls.* No! *Via the monitor* What have you done!?

Coop: Game over Junkman! I just caused your planet to go kablooie! Looks like I win. *Jamie and Goat look at Earth which is dangerously close*

Jamie: Uh Coop. When this planet explodes....IT'S GONNA TAKE EARTH WITH IT!

Coop: Oh. I hadn't count on that. *Varsin appears on the monitor laughing*

Varsin: Not quite the turnout you wanted eh? No matter! I can rebuild my planet again! You on the other hand won't be able too!

Jamie: Coop do something quick! *Megas looks around and sees the giant boosters near it.*

Coop: I got it! *Megas flies over to the giant thrusters and starts to push. The planet slowly turns.*

Jamie: It's working! *The Franken shows up and smashes Megas away. Megas gets up and looks at the Franken*

Varsin: If I lose my planet, you lose yours too! *Megas and the Franken Grapple. The Franken picks up Megas and throws him. Megas fires a missile at the Franken and it stumbles back. Megas goes up to the Franken and pushes him down. Megas continues pushing the thruster to turn the entire planet. It veers off course and starts to fly away from Earth.*

Goat: You did it! *Explosions occur near Megas.*

Jamie: Yeah and we better get out of here before we go with it! *Megas flies away. Coop however looks back down on the planet.*

Varsin: No! I can't lose my junk planet a second time! *He breaks down and cries.* Why!? Why me!? *Coop grrs and turns around to fly back.*

Jamie: Coop! Are you crazy!? What are you doing!?

Coop: I gotta rescue him!

Jamie: Forget it! He tried to destroy us again!

Coop: Well he may be a big jerk! But he's still a person! Besides, I have my own reasons! *Varsin gets out of the Franken and runs. Megas flies down and grabs him. Megas is holding Varsin in its hands.*

Varsin: Let go of me!

Coop: Hey pal! Is this anyway to thank the guy saving your pathetic life!? *Megas flies out into outer space. The Junk Planet goes critical and explodes. Debris goes everywhere. Megas dodges some of the debris. Then in another part of Space, Gigas is flying about. Skippy is disgruntled. Kiva is upset.*

Skippy: Well that was a big waste of nothing! We didn't even get to fight anybody!

Kiva: Ugh. If you don't shut up. I'm going to- *Beeping is heard.* Skippy! Incoming asteroids! *Several giant junk clusters head for Gigas*

Skippy: Woah! *Gigas dodges some of the clusters. Gigas then fires at some to destroy them.* Wonder where those things came from! *Kiva has an annoyed look on her face*

Kiva: Coop....*Back on Earth, Coop, Jamie, and Goat are chilling out at Coop's house. They are outside. Coop is lifting weights. Jamie is playing a hand held game. And Goat is sitting down reading a chick magizine. In the sky, there is debris of the planet landing on Earth.*

Coop: All right. Just how we planned. Hopefully Kiva won't know a thing. *Jamie looks up in the sky.*

Jamie: Here she comes now. *Gigas lands Kiva gets out and crosses her arms. She looks at Coop. She is annoyed.*

Coop: Kiva. Welcome back! Did you find what you were looking for?

Kiva: No. But we almost got hit by the remains of a giant planet! You wouldn't know anything about this would you?

Coop: I don't know anything! *A giant part of the planet lands on a house nearby. Everyone looks at it, then Kiva looks at the guys.* Must be a meteor shower. *Kiva sighs*

Skippy: I can't believe you guys blew up a planet without me!

Kiva: Ugh! *To Skippy* Isn't it about time you went home Skippy!? *Skippy goes back into Gigas and flies away. To Coop* I can't even leave you alone without you cuasing uneccessary destruction. What did you do!? *Coop is about to answer but Kiva stops him* No forget it! I don't want to hear it. I had a rough day going on a wild goose chase! I'll deal with you later! *Kiva opens the door to go inside. She looks to see Varsin tied up in chains. He is also gagged. Kiva looks at Varsin, then at the guys.*

Coop/Jamie/Goat: He did it! *Kiva ungags him*

Varsin: You'll all pay for this! When I get out of here I'll build an even bigger junk planet! Then I'll destroy you all! DESTROY YOU ALL!!!! *Kiva regags him*

Kiva: Fair enough. *Goes inside.*

Jamie: Nice!

Coop: Told you it would of worked!

Jamie: So what now.

Goat: Hey you guys can help me work on Darline MK3! I can use some of the parts from those junkbots as spare parts. I'm telling you once Darline is finished she'll be the best robot ever. *He goes on and on. Coop and Jamie just laugh.*

Ending Credits: *Varsin is being forced to do community service and pick up the planet debris of his planet that hit Earth, meanwhile Kiva is drinking a soda*

The End


Coop: David Deluise
Jamie: Steven Jay Blum
Goat: Scott Reinecker
Cyborg Varsin: Rob Paulsen
Kiva: Wendee Lee
Skippy: Frankie Ryan Manrequez

Production Music Used

Hubba Smubba: Extreme Music X-Series
Hollow: Non-Stop Production Music
Viper Room Rumble: Universal Production Music
Double Bomb: Extreme Music X Series
Soft Winds: Universal Production Music
Hammer of the Witches (B): KPM Music
Freestyle Hombre* Extreme Music X-Series
Banjo Stomp* CPM Music (Formerly Carlin)
Uranium 236 - De Wolfe Music
Earth Invasion* Universal Production Music
High Plains - Non-Stop Production Music
Intrepid - Non-Stop Production Music
Larger Than Life - Universal Production Music
Berzerker - Extreme Music X Series
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
Ultimate Menace - Non-Stop Production Music
Galaxy Troopers - Universal Production Music
Appalachian Banjo Duel - CPM Music


Megas Fan
Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Hello. Here is a mini rewrite for the next episode. Ultrabot Zeo.

Ultrabot Zeo

*The episode starts in a futuristic city. The words "Year 41XX" flash across the screen. "The future" then flashes across the screen. It shows a giant city being destroyed. There is fire everywhere. People are running for their lives. Several bioloids march into the city and begin shooting innocent humans and bioloids. One of the bioloids is holding a laser cannon. It charges it up and fires it at another bioloid destroying it. A little girl is running from several bioloid solders. She trips and falls. The bioloids aim at the little girl. From out of nowhere they are shot at. The bioloids are destroyed. A bioloid who looks like Axl from the Mega Man X series appears and helps the girl up. The little girl smiles and he smiles back. The little girl then runs away. A huge flash occurs and the bioloid looks into the city. There are multiple explosions. Now there are giant mechanoids which resemble the Carnage Force 0 from "Mega Man Zero 4". One of the giant mechanoids shoot lasers into the city. A beam travels along the ground and up a building. This causes many explosions as the giant building blows up. Debris falls everywhere. Another mechanoid pulls its giant fist back and punches a building blowing it up. The bioloid who rescued the girl from before shoots at the giant mechanoid. However his attack does nothing. The giant mechanoid aims at the bioloid and fires its fist. A look of horror is on the bioloids face. Then it pans out to show an explosion. The bioloid is destroyed. As people run out of the city, there is a huge bioloid that is hovering over the outskirts of the city. He looks alot like Omega from "Mega Man Zero 3." He raises his giant sword into the air.*

Kappa: OOUUMM!!! *Puts his blade onto the ground. This causes the Earth to shake and open around him. Many humans and bioloids fall to their death. The Earth then closes around him. More humans and bioloids run away. However other bioloids shoot them down. It then pans away from the city to show a huge floating fortress. In one room, is a giant lab. An old man with a long pointy nose is watching the fight. He grins evily. Behind him is Uno, who is being held by energy bands.

Dr.Beal: *Voice actor is Richard Epcar* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes! That's it! Go forth my minions and destroy all that lies before you! Show no prejeduce and make every human and bioloid pay! With your help I will pave over the old world and create a new world from the rubble!

Uno: You'll never get away with this Dr.Beal! You might have me, but Ultrabot Z will stop you!

Dr.Beal: Fool! Don't you realize that it's impossible to defeat me! I have you here, and Ultrabot Z is no doubt being ripped apart by my robots! It was all too easy for me to take over Zeo Arcadia! The trusting fools just put all the control in my hands! Now I shall make them pay for my exlie of long ago! *He then goes up to Uno and puts his foot on his armor. Uno grrs angerly* Do you know what the best part is Uno? You and Ultrabot Z can't do a thing to me. Do you know why? Because I am a human and you are a bioloid! And you know the laws of robotics right!? A robot cannot harm a human being! Therefore you are powerless! *Cackles* Being a human sure has it's advantages doesn't it Uno!

Uno: Go die in a fire!

Dr.Beal: Is that all you can do? Spout insults at me? *Uno hocks and spits on Dr.Beal's lab coat. He looks annoyed and wipes the spit off.* How immature. But no matter. I am the world's supreme ruler! I'm sure Ultrabot Z is going to rescue you. When he does, I'll be wating for him! And if he doesn't show up, I get to have my way with you! Either way I win! *The monitor shows the city in flames.* Even as I speak, my army is destroying every city in the world. By the end of the week, the planet will be cold and barren! Then I will rise up and take control! Those who manage to survive will fear and bow before me! But fear not Uno. I have a special place for you in my new world order. Once I re-program you into my servant of course.

Uno: We will defeat you Dr.Beal! One way or another!

Dr.Beal: Oh? And how so? I have you here, and Ultrabot Z would dare not to harm me for he would be in direct violation of the laws of robotics! My victory is ensured! Now why don't you sit back, relax, and watch the destruction of the old world together! Hahahahahahahaha! *Back the city, many explosions occur. It pans away from the city to a giant cliff. Ultrabot Z is looking at the city. His armor is cracked and he looks very bad.*

Ultrabot Z: Uno. I'm sorry. I tried. Dr.Beal's army is too strong for me. Even when I destroy a bioloid or a mechanoid. More will come and destroy me. I can't fight anymore. And I can't do this alone. *Pings* But maybe I won't have to! *Ultrabot Z shoots something in front of him. It opens up a time portal.* I know what I must do. Don't worry Uno. I'll be there for you. Just hold on for a little longer! *Goes into the time portal. It closes behind him.*

*Title theme Plays*

Ultrabot Zeo

*Now it is the present. It pans to a beautiful tropical island. Megas is standing by the sandy shore. Water crashes onto the beach. There is a palm tree and a seagull lands on it. Jamie is laying down in a lawn chair. He is only wearing a bathing suit. He has sunglasses on too. He takes a sip of his Mega-slush and relaxes. Coop comes by with his own Mega-Slush. He is also only wearing a bathing suit. He sits next to Jamie in the other lawn chair. He takes a sip of his Mega-Slush.*

Coop: Ah. Isn't this great?

Jamie: Yeah. Just the two of us on our own private little island. You couldn't ask for a better day! *It's sunny outside.*

Coop: Yeah you said it! *Stretches* This new Coconut-Banana flavored Mega-Slush hits the spot! *Coop then gets up.* Well time to go back home!

Jamie: Why?

Coop: Kiva wants to start training at 8!

Jamie: Oh man. But I was just getting comfortable!

Coop: Sorry Jamie. But you know Kiva.

Jamie: Wait. Maybe we don't have to train.

Coop: What do you mean?

Jamie: I got an idea. *A close up on Jamie's face. Kiva then appears on the monitor*

Kiva: Coop! Where are you!? You were supposed to be here 5 minutes ago. What's taking you so long?

Jamie: Oh! Kiva!

Kiva: Jamie! Where's Coop?

Jamie: Uh. Coop can't come right now. He's not feeling good. *Jamie looks at Coop who is laying in the back seat. Jamie winks. Coop then winks. Coop then fakes coughing and hacking.*

Kiva: He sounds awful.

Jamie: Yeah. So, I'm gonna just take him to the doctor.

Kiva: In Megas? If Coop's sick, then I don't think he's capable of operating Megas.

Jamie: No worries. Coop's gonna walk me through it. I'll take him to the doctor!

Kiva: Maybe you should let me do it.

Jamie: No! You don't want to be here Kiva. Especially when Coop is sick. *Jamie looks at Coop again. Coop nods and pretends to throw up. Kiva is weirded out.* Oh man Coop! That reeks! Just how much stuff did you eat!? *Turns back to Kiva* Gotta go Kiva! See you later! *The transmission ends. Coop gets back up.*

Coop: So did she fall for it?

Jamie: *Smug grin* Hook line and sinker. *Coop gets back into the front seat*

Coop: Nice! *Coop and Jamie do the rock on pose thing*

Jamie: So now we've got the rest of the day to ourselves. I'll just tell Kiva that you're gonna rest at my place for a while, then we should be in the clear.

Coop: I hope. *Coop and Jamie knock their cups together and drink.*

Jamie: I don't think anything can ruin this perfect day. *A bright flash occurs.* Huh!? *Static appears as well as multiple flashes. A time portal opens up. Ultrabot Z falls through and lands. He is electrocuting badly.* Except for that. *They see Ultrabot Z is nearly destroyed* Hey Coop. Isn't that the robot dude from the future? Ultraguy J or something?

Coop: Woah. He looks pretty banged up. *Ultrabot Z is unconsious.*

Jamie: What should we do Coop?

Coop: Fix em up I guess.

Jamie: Uh how? It's a robot.

Coop: *Coop goes into Megas and brings out tools.* Hey! You're talking to the guy who made Megas what it is today! I'll patch this guy up on no time! *Coop starts fixing up Ultrabot Z. He uses a wrench, hammer, a blow torch, and other stuff. Also Coop and Jamie have their normal clothes on. After a montage of Coop working on Ultrabot Z, it shows Ultrabot Z is repaired.* All right! He should be good as new. *Ultrabot Z slowly wakes up.*

Ultrabot Z: Co...Coop. Is that you? *Ultrabot Z gets up.* My body. It's fully repaired! Did you do this?

Coop: Yeah. You looked worse for wear! So Jamie and I fixed you up.

Ultrabot Z: Thank you.

Jamie: So what brings you here?

Ultrabot Z: I need your help Coop. The future is in utter chaos. An evil scientist known as Dr.Beal has taken over Zeo Arcadia. He's destroying the world so he can make a new world in his own image. He captured Uno and has him held in his fortress. Many bioloids perished fighting Dr.Beal. But he's just too strong.

Jamie: So why didn't you just go and kick his butt?

Ultrabot Z: *Lowers his head in shame.* Unfortunatly he is a human. Bioloids are forbidden to harm a human being. No matter how much they deserve it.

Jamie: Sucks to be you then doesn't it.

Ultrabot Z: Coop. Please. Come with me into the future. Help me destroy Dr.Beal. Because you're a human, you can fight him without breaking the laws of robotics. I've given a special time drive which has been modified to allow both humans and bioloids to travel through.

Coop: Sure! Just let me contact Kiva, then we'll- *As Coop goes to contact Kiva, Jamie smakes his arm away.*

Jamie: No wait!

Coop: What's up Jamie?

Jamie: If Kiva finds out what we are doing, she'll try and take Megas back to the future! Not to mention she'll know we lied about you being sick!

Coop: Oh yeah. I forgot. But she has to come. No one else knows how to use the computer in the back.

Jamie: What about Ultradude...whatever he is? *Ultrabot Z is annoyed that Jamie can't get his name right.* He did turn into that awesome mini version of Megas.

Ultrabot Z: Well techinally since I have absorbed data on Megas, I know how everything works.

Jamie: Perfect! Then we don't need Kiva!

Coop: I know Kiva ain't gonna like this.

Jamie: I'd rather face a horde of killer death bots then one of Kiva's lectures anyday.

Coop: Well I got nothing else to do and it could be fun seeing what the future's like. I'm game! *Coop and Jamie get into Megas. Ultrabot Z gets in and sits in the back.* You might want to download Megas's data again. I added a few extra things since our last encounter.

Ultrabot Z: Acknowledged. *Puts his hand on the main computer and downloads the information into his databank.* I have updated by data bank on Megas. *Ultrabot Z gets out of the car and fires a blast which turns into a time portal.* I have set the time portal to the year 41XX. Be warned however. What you find in the future, you may not like.

Jamie: I'm sure it can't be all bad. *Ultrabot Z once again lowers his head in shame and nods yes.*

Coop: Let's go! *Megas walks into the portal. The portal closes. Back in the year 41XX, the portal opens up and Megas walks out. It shows an entire city ravaged. It's Jersey City in the future. Coop and Jamie are shocked to see this. There is destruction everywhere. There is a statue of Coop half buried in the ground. Next to it is a stone that says "Earth's Greatest Hero". There is also a destroyed POP TV building and other stuff.*

Jamie: Woah. I guess you weren't kidding. The future is pretty much a train wreck! *Megas leans on a building. The building falls apart. Megas looks at the building.*

Coop: What the heck happened!?

Ultrabot Z: All this senseless destruction is the work of Dr.Beal. He is a bitter human who was exiled years ago for his attempts on world domination. Now he has returned with an army of highly dangerous bioloids who do his bidding. All attempts to stop him thus far is in vein. And now my best friend Uno has been captured. Many of my comrades have died during these wars. But with you here, we have an edge! You can stop Dr.Beal and his madness! *Jamie looks up and sees a giant fortress overhead.*

Jamie: What's with the floating fortress?

Ultrabot Z: That's Zeo Arcadia. It was once a utopia for humans and bioloids. But now it's nothing more than a sadistic lab where Dr.Beal conducts his vile experiments. I can't even get close without being ripped apart by his minions.

Coop: Well now you got me! I say we go up there, blow the place up, and kick this Dr.Beal's butt! *Coop steps on the gas, the engine revs up.*

Ultrabot Z: No! The safety of humans and bioloids come first! We have to destroy Dr.Beal's army. *Using the computer in the back like Kiva would.* They were programmed to destroy everything. This includes innocent humans and bioloids. We have to rescue the survivors and destroy Dr.Beal's army. Once they are destroyed. We can take the fight to Beal himself. *Uses the computer again.* Dr.Beal's army is on the move! They're headed for Ultralopoilis!

Jamie: Can't we just go after Dr.Beal first? I mean he would be easier to beat than a bunch of giant robots.

Coop: But beating up giant robots are fun!

Ultrabot Z: And the safety of humans and bioloid are more important. We need to concentrate on Beal's army first.

Coop: Looks like you're outvoted Jamie. Let's get cracking! The sooner I smash these 2nd rate tin cans the sooner I can defeat this Beal guy and get back to my time and relax! *Megas flies into the air and heads for Ultralopolis. At Ultralopolis, many humans and bioloid are running from Beal's solders. As they continue to march into the city, a laser line blast hits the ground. The solders stop. Megas lands infront of them.* You guys wanna pick on someone? Well how about picking on me!? *The giant mechanoids look at each other, then at Megas. A giant mechanoid fires a fist at Megas. Megas gets hit and falls down. Megas gets back up.* Oh yeah!? Two can play at that game! *Megas fires its own fist at the giant mechanoid. However the fist misses and it instead hits a futuristic POP TV building. The building falls over. Ultrabot Z, Coop, and Jamie look at the building fall down.* Whoops. *Another fist hits Megas and Megas goes flying.*

Ultrabot Z: Coop are you all right!?

Coop: Yeah. I'm good. *Megas gets back up. The shoulder blades of Megas turn around and fire 4 small missiles at the mechanoid that hit Megas. They hit the mechanoid destroying it. The mechanoids look at their fallen comrade, then at Megas.* Any of you other chumps wanna throwdown? *The mechaniods all aim at Megas.* Oh boy. *A ton of missiles fly into the air and all head for Megas. Megas gets hit and there is a ton of smoke. When the smoke clears, Megas is standing proudly.* That the best you got? *Megas gets punched from behind and falls on its stomach. Megas gets up to find itself surrounded by giant mechanoids. It pans out 3 times and does the shing noise.*

Jamie: I don't think the odds are in our favor. *A different mechanoid that has spiked balls for hands tries to clobber Megas with it's spiked hand. However Megas ducks and punches the mechanoid in the stomach. Megas then picks up the giant mechanoid and throws it onto several other mechanoids destroying them. Megas moves its hands to signal a job well done. Coop is doing the same.*

Coop: Oh yeah! There ain't no one! Past, present, or future who can take down Megas!

Ultrabot Z: Incoming!

Coop: Huh? *A giant mechanoid fires at spiked ball at Megas. Megas gets hit and goes flying into a building. The building falls on Megas. Megas gets up and looks at all the robots.*

Jamie: The future begs to differ. *Ultrabot Z gets ou of the car*

Coop: Hey where are you going?

Ultrabot Z: Coop. Dr.Beal's mechanoids are programmed to attack me on sight! If I can divert their attention to me, you can fight them better! *Ultrabot Z jumps into the air. The techno music from "Ultra-Chicks" plays. The background flashes colors. Ultrabot Z transforms himself into a mini version of Megas. Ultrabot Z flies in the air and confronts the robots.* Yo chumps! *The mechanoids look at Ultrabot Z* You want me!? Well here I am! *Ultrabot Z does the bring it on pose. The mechanoids fire beams at shots at Ultrabot Z. Ultrabot Z flies away. Half of the bioloids pursue Ultrabot Z. The other half stay with Megas.*

Coop: Woah. *Megas looks around and sees many giant mechanoids. Coop and Jamie look at each other. Coop grins.* Smashy Smashy! *Megas punches a giant mechanoid in the face. Megas then kicks another mechanoid down. It does a triple split screen of the following. 1: Megas giving a pump handle slam to a mechanoid. 2: Megas stepping on the head of another mechanoid. 3: Megas slams part of a building onto another mechanoid. A mechanoid fires a spiked ball connected to a chain. Megas catches the spiked ball. Megas then lifts it into the air and throws it back at the mechanoid. It lands on the mechanoids head crushing it. Megas then grabs the chain and swings it like a morning star. Megas swings it into the head of another mechanoid destroying it. Megas then jumps into the air and gives several mechanoids the elbow.* REEAYYAAAHHH!!! *Megas comes down hard creating explosions. When Megas gets up he is carrying another mechanoid. He throws the mechanoid in a building. The building explodes. Megas turns around to see a giant mechanoid firing a fist. Megas opens up its chest and fires a giant missile. The missile blows up the fist. The giant mechanoid covers its eyes since the smoke and flashes make it hard to see. From the smoke, Megas's arm emerges and aims at the mechanoid. Megas has its hand open palmed. A bright light flashes from the hand of Megas. It fires a blast the mechanoid destroying it. Megas then grabs another mechanoid and flies into the air. Megas gives this mechanoid a piledriver. Megas gets up and stands proudly.* Hahahahahahahah! *Megas gets hit from behind.* Woah! *Megas falls down on the ground. Megas gets up and looks at the mechanoid that fired at it.* You want some too? Here! *Megas opens up to reveal many missiles. Coop presses a button and the missiles fire at the mechanoid. The mechanoid is destroyed.*

Jamie: Look out! *Another mechanoid fires a morning star at Megas. Coop sees this.*

Coop: Woah! *Coop turns the steering wheel and Megas dodges the morning star. The hand of Megas goes inside itself and out comes a giant chainsaw. Megas cuts the chain the morning star was connected to. Megas then stabs that mechanoid in the stomach and goes upward slashing the mechanoid.* Is that all you losers got!? *Megas gets hit by a fist.* Hey! *Megas turns around to see a mechanoid laughing at it.* You think that's funny? I dare you to try it again! *The mechanoid aims and fires a fist. Megas catches the fisty with both hands. Megas then flies into the air and comes back down onto the mechanoid with the fist.* WAAAAAH!!! *Megas dives into the mechanoid fist first. The mechanoid gets destroyed. Parts go everywhere.*

Jamie: Cool *Meanwhile, Ultrabot Z is flying in the air. He is being chased by a wave of bioloids. They fire their blasters at Ultabot Z. Ultrabot Z dodges the attacks. Another bioloid comes in with a giant rocket launcher. He kneels down and aims at Ultrabot Z. The launcher beeps and fires a rocket at Ultrabot Z. Ultrabot Z gets hit and goes down into an abandoned building. The bioloids slowly walk towards the building. Inside, Ultrabot Z is hurt and he slowly gets up to see bioloids aim at him. He looks worried. The bioloids fire into the building. There is alot of smoke. One of the bioloids signal to the others to hold their fire. They slowly walk up to the building. A shadow of Ultrabot Z is seen getting up. He walks out of the smoke unharmed. The bioloid tells the others to fire again. But Ultrabot Z aims at the bioloid. Like Megas, the hand goes inside Ultrabot Z. Ultrabot Z charges up and fires a powerful blast at the bioloids destroying them. Energy shots are fired from the sky. Ultrabot Z looks up to see 2 giant helicopter mechanoids firing at him. Ultrabot Z fires a shot at one of the mechanoids destroying it. The rotor blade from that mechanoid crashes into the other mechanoid destroying it as well.*

Ultrabot Z: Nice! *Meanwhile, Megas is surrounded my many giant mechanioids. Coop and Jamie look at each other, then at the mechanoids. They all look at Megas.*

Jamie: Man there's no end to these things! Coop do something crazy and use an attack to destroy them all. *Coop smiles*

Coop: Way ahead of you buddy! *Coop presses a button. Megas opens up and out come a ton of blasters and missiles. The computer looks for targets and lock onto the mechanoids. Coop puts a key into a slot and turns it. This raises up a small platform with a single button on it. Coop presses the button. Megas fires a ton of missiles and blasts at the giant mechanoid. The blasts are so bright, that the viewer sees nothing but white. When the flash dissapears, parts of mechanoids fall all over the place. The entire city and the mechanoids are destroyed. Megas is standing proudly.* Hahahahahah! Never saw it coming! *Ultrabot Z appears on the monitor.*

Ultrabot Z: Coop how are you handling?

Coop: *Looks at the destruction.* Well the good news is that Dr.Beal's army is destroyed. *Ultrabot Z looks at Coop annoyed.* But I kinda went overboard and destroyed the city. *Ultrabot Z facepalms*

Ultrabot Z: Luckily everyone got out safe. I'll be back as soon as I finish up here. *Meanwhile in Zeo Arcadia, Dr.Beal is on the giant computer checking out stuff.*

Dr.Beal: My army should of destroyed the next city by now. *The monitor shows his entire army destroyed.* What!? My army is destroyed? How!? *It goes to a screen showing Megas standing proudly.* Hm? Just what is that metal monstrosity? *Uno laughs*

Uno: That's my friend Coop. And his robot Megas. I suggest you surrender now cause once it gets a hold of you, you'll be begging me to put you away!

Dr.Beal: That robot can't do a thing to me! Or did you forget that a robot can't harm a human being!

Uno: Joke's on you Beal. Megas's isn't exactly a robot. It's a mech. And guess what the pilot is. A human being! That means you're fair game! *Dr.Beal gulps*

Dr.Beal: I-I'm not afraid. Even if my army is destroyed I still have my stronghold. Not to mention my greatest creation: Kappa! *Back down below, Kappa is hovering towards another city. He raises his blade into the air. He prepares to strike the blade into the ground. However Dr.Beal's voice speaks to Kappa.* Kappa! I have a new mission for you! Drop whatever you are doing and concentrate your attack on the blue robot behind you! *Kappa turns around and sees Megas in the distance.*

Kappa: Owum! *Kappa hovers towards Megas. At Megas, Ultrabot Z lands near the car. Coop opens the window to talk to Ultrabot Z.*

Ultrabot Z: Now that we destroyed Beal's army, it's time to take the fight to Beal himself! *A laser blast hits Ultrabot Z. Ultrabot Z falls off of Megas and crashes into the remains of a building.* Omf!

Coop: What the heck!? *Coop turns around to see Kappa hovering over them.*

Jamie: Aaaah!

Kappa: Owum! *Ultrabot Z gets up and sees Kappa.*

Ultrabot Z: Kappa! *Megas backs away a bit.*

Coop: You know this guy!?

Ultrabot Z: That's one of Dr.Beal's most powerful creations! If he's after us, that can only mean Dr.Beal is watching!

Coop: Heh! He doesn't look so tough. *Kappa fires a blast at Megas. Megas falls into a building. *Megas looks up at Kappa.*

Ultrabot Z: Coop! You take care of Kappa! I'm going to rescue Uno! *Ultrabot Z flies away. Megas gets up and stares down with Kappa.*

Kappa: Owum!

Jamie: Oh man. He's huge!

Coop: Don't worry. This guy will fall just like the others! *Megas punches Kappa in the chest. Kappa slowly falls down. However Kappa gets back up and fires his fists at Megas. Megas gets hit and falls back. Megas then jumps into the air and tries to pump handle slam Kappa.* WAAAAAAAHHH!!! *Kappa however puts his sword above him. Megas instead pump handle slams the sword. Because the sword is so strong, it doesn't break.* What! *Kappa then uses some special energy to push Megas back. Kinda like a psychic field.* Grrr... *Kappa uses his sword to slash Megas. Megas jumps out of the way.*

Kappa: Owum! *Kappa fires a blast at Megas. Megas flies out of the way. Megas puts its arms together and creates the cool energy sword. Megas comes down and tries to slash Kappa. Kappa just puts his sword in the air to counter Megas. Both Megas and Kappa blade clash for a bit.* Owum! *Kappa then fires a bight flash of light at Megas. Coop and Jamie can't see. Kappa then punches Megas. Into another building. Kappa slowly hovers over to Megas.* Owum! *Megas emerges from the rubble and tackles Kappa. Both Megas and Kappa go flying.*

Coop: WAAAAAAHHH!!!! *Both Megas and Kappa crash into a building. Megas gets up and starts to pummel Kappa. Kappa uses psychic energy to push Megas away. Kappa gets back up.*

Kappa: Owum! *Kappa raises his sword into the air and strikes the ground. The ground opens up and energy comes from the ground below. Megas gets swallowed up and falls down. However Kappa closes the ground leaving Megas trapped.*

Jamie: Not cool! Not cool! *Kappa hovers over to Megas and raises his sword into the air.* He's gonna impale us!

Coop: REYAAHH!! *Coop headbutts a button. The car lights fire a beam at Kappa. Kappa backs away as to not get hit. Megas then breaks the ground around him and gets up.* You think that was bad! Well try this on for size! *Coop presses a button labeled "This is gonna hurt...". The chest of Megas opens up to reveal the Ragnarok from "Mega Man Zero 4". It charges up energy and fires a huge beam at Kappa. Kappa gets carried with the Beam.*

Kappa: OOOWWWUMMM!!! *Kappa goes flying through the city. When the beam dissapates, there is a huge line residue where Megas fired the shot. Most of the city is smoking too. When the smoke clears it shows Kappa down.*

Jamie: Nice! *Kappa however slowly gets up.* Huh!? *Kappa's armor is cracked and he is also electrocuting.*

Kappa: Owum! *Kappa fires another blast at Megas.*

Coop/Jamie: AAAAHH!! *Megas falls down and gets back up. Kappa then aims in the air.*

Jamie: Now what is it doing!? *Kappa fires a huge blast in the air. It explodes and it rains down small blasts which home in on Megas.* Incoming Coop! *Megas dodges the blasts and flies in the air.* Dude he's too strong!

Coop: I ain't giving up yet! There ain't no one who can beat Megas! *Both Megas and Kappa charge at each other. Meanwhile, Ultrabot Z is flying towards Zeo Arcadia. Inside, Dr.Beal sees Ultrabot Z coming.*

Dr.Beal: Hahahahahaha! So Ultrabot Z thinks he can rescue you eh Uno? Well then. I guess I better give him a warm welcome! *The defense turrets all aim at Ultrabot Z. They fire at Ultrabot Z. Ultrabot Z gets O.O eyes and doges the attacks.*

Ultrabot Z: If Dr.Beal thinks that this is enough to stop me, then he has misjudged my power! *Like Megas, Ultrabot Z opens up and fires a bunch of missiles at the turrets. at various parts of Zeo Arcadia, it shows missiles in the sky and they hit part of the fortress creating explosions. Dr.Beal stumbles and falls.*

Dr.Beal: Woah! *He looks at the monitor and shakes his fist.* Cursed Bioloid!

Uno: It's not too late Dr.Beal! If you let me go and surrender, we'll turn you in peacefully!

Dr.Beal: Ha! Don't make me laugh! *He contacts bioloids that are in his fortress* Bioloids! Attack! *Bioloids start heading outside, they see Ultrabot Z and fire at him. Ultrabot Z fires shots at the bioloids destroying them. Ultrabot Z then lands. Several Bioloids gang up on him and hold him down. Ultrabot Z powers up and sends them all flying. Ultrabot Z punches a bioloid in the face, then fires a shot into another. We get a split screen of the following. 1: Ultrabot Z firing shots. 2: A bioloid getting shot in the chest. 3: Ultrabot Z throwing another bioloid over him. 4: Ultrabot Z snaps the neck of another bioloid. Several bioloids in ride armor appear. One of them tries to bash Ultrabot Z with an arm. However Ultrabot Z catches the arm before it can hit. Ultrabot Z grins evily. Then shoots a hole in the bioloids armor. The other armor hits Ultrabot Z from behind. Ultrabot Z turns around. The bioloid in ride armor does a dash punch attack. But Ultrabot Z grabs the mecha by the arm and throws it over him. Then Ultrabot Z fires metal blades which cut the arms off. Ultrabot Z then flies into the air and dives down onto the bioloid*

Ultrabot Z: WAAAAAHH!!! *Ultrabot Z flies through the armor and it explodes. More bioloids come and use blasters on Ultrabot Z. The shoulder things on Ultrabot Z turn around and fire shots back at the Bioloids destroying them. Back down below, Megas and Kappa grapple. Megas picks up Kappa and throws him down. Then Megas jumps into the air and gives Kappa a body dive.*

Coop: Waaaahhh!! *Megas hits Kappa. His armor cracks even further.*

Jamie: Finish him off! *Megas steals Kappa's sword. Megas holds it into the air. Then it stirkes Kappa with its own sword. Light shines through Kappa and Kappa explodes.* Man. Who knew the future could be so destructive? *They show the entire city destroyed.* So now what?

Coop: We go give the "good doctor" a house call! *Coop reves the engine. Megas flies into the air and heads for Zeo Arcadia. Meanwhile at Zeo Arcadia, Ultrabot Z fires missles out of his buster and destroys more bioloids. Then a bioloid with some kind of cannon aims at Ultrabot Z. It fires an electric blast which hits Ultrabot Z. He goes down. His body short circuits and none of his weapons work.*

Ultrabot Z: Crud! *The bioloids aim at Ultrabot Z. Then a huge shadow appears over the bioloids. The bioloids turn around and get O O eyes. Megas is standing over them. The bioloids aim at Megas and fire at Megas. Coop and Jamie just smile and look at each other. Then they look at the bioloids. The attacks do nothing on Megas. Megas slwoly bends down and finger flicks one of the bioloids. The bioloid goes flying into a tower, which topples and falls. The other bioloids look at Megas and retreat like cowards. Both Coop and Jamie laugh. Ultrabot Z manages to return to normal and he gets into Megas.*

Coop: You ok?

Ultrabot Z: I'm fine. Thanks. *Ultrabot Z gets into the back.* Dr.Beal is in that giant tower at the center of Zeo Arcdia! No doubt Uno is there too! Let's hurry!

Coop: Right. *To Jamie* I've got little surprise for the "good doctor!" Megas flies towards the center tower. Dr.Beal sees this and he is quite worried.*

Dr.Beal: No! This isn't happening!

Uno: Time to pay for all the suffering you caused! *A giant fist punches the monitor and hits Dr.Beal. It's Megas. Dr.Beal goes flying into the back of the lab. Stuff falls on him. The fist turns around and opens up. Ultrabot Z was inside the fist. He gets down and goes to free Uno. He shoots a device next to where Uno was being held. The energy bands dissapear and Uno gets down.* What kept you? *Smiles*

Ultrabot Z: Just had to pick up an old friend. *Coop and Jamie wave. Ultrabot Z and Uno get back in.*

Coop: Well that was easy. *Smiles at Jamie.* I guess behind all those robots the doctor is nothing more but a shriveled up man! Well we don't need to be here anymore. *Megas starts to fly away. But Dr.Beal appears on the monitor.*

Dr.Beal: Fool! Don't think you've finished me off yet! *A force shield appears around Zeo Arcadia. Then the entire place starts to fall apart.*

Jamie: aaaaAAAAAaaahh!!! *Everything in Zeo Arcadia is destroyed. Dr.Beal is in the middle. A split screen of Coop, Jamie, Ultrabot Z, and Uno are surprised. It shows Dr.Beal is an android.*

Dr.Beal: Now you shall bear witness to my ultimate power! *A huge flash occurs. The destroyed rubble floats in the air and surroundes Dr.Beal. It merges with his body and transforms him into a giant mechanoid. Dr.Beal looks like the final boss in "Mega Man Zero 4." The only thing that's left of Zeo Arcadia is the giant gravity platform.*

Jamie: Dude! That's the ugliest looking, whatever it is I ever saw!

Coop: I don't know what it is, but it's going down! *Megas powers up and flies into the air. Megas opens up and fires a barage of missiles at the center where Dr.Beal is. However Dr.Beal raises a giant shield which protects him.

Dr.Beal: Hahahahaha! Your attacks are useless! *Dr.Beal fires a ball of energy which traps Megas. The energy ball lifts Megas into the air and causes Megas to crash back down. Megas gets up and looks at Dr.Beal* I am all powerful! No aincent relic from the past could defeat me!

Coop: Oh yeah? Well have some of this! *Megas jumps in the air and creates the cool energy sword. Megas strikes Dr.Beal but the shield protects him. Dr.Beal let's out an energy pulse which sends Megas back. Then from the core, Dr.Beal fires a powerful laser which goes straight for Megas. Megas gets hit and goes for the ledge of the platform. The force shield prevents Megas from falling. Megas gets back up and looks at Dr.Beal. Megas flies towards Dr.Beal. Dr.Beal fires a green ball which turns into a giant energy web. It grabs Megas.* Hey!

Ultrabot Z: He's got us trapped!

Dr.Beal: It seems that I've caught an annoying little fly in my trap! *Dr.Beal charges up a powerful laser blast and fires at Megas. Megas manages to break free at the last second. The beam misses Megas. Megas puts its arms together. The hands go inside and Megas fires a powerful blast at Dr.Beal. However Dr.Beal is protected by his shield. Dr.Beal counters by firing missiles at Megas. Megas puts its arms in an X like position to buffer the attack. When the smoke clears, Megas is electrocuting.*

Jamie: Coop we have to do something before that thing kills us!!! *Dr.Beal fires a spike missile from the bottom of his body and it tries to hit Megas. Megas jumps out of the way then it returns to Dr.Beal. Then Dr.Beal Fires another beam at Megas and it hits Megas dead on. Megas goes flying and hits the force shiled. Megas falls on its stomach.* Next time, try something that works.

Ultrabot Z: *Using the computer.* Energy output at 10%. If Megas gets hit again it will be destroyed! We need more power!

Coop: *Coop grrs.* Man what else can I do!?

Jamie: Hey wait a minute! Didn't Megas merge with those two guys!? *Pointing to Ultrabot Z and Uno.*

Uno: That's right! We can give you more power Coop! It should be enough to defeat Dr.Beal! *Ultrabot Z and Uno get out of the car and jump into the air. They transform into Live metals. Megas grabs both and transforms into Megas Omega.*

Dr.Beal: What!? How did you do that!?

Coop: Listen up you Cool-Aid wearing Future destryoing freakshow! You make me miss quality beach time, you destory my future even further than the Glort already have, and you kidnap my friends!
Now I'm gonna show you just how the future rumbles with the past in the present! *Dr.Beal fires a blast of energy. It hits Megas Omega. It just pushes Megas Omega back a bit. When the blast dissapears, Megas Omega is still standing. The mech sparkles.* Impossible! *Megas takes the Uno arm and rips the shield out from Dr.Beal's giant form.* My protective Shield!

Coop: And now it's your turn! *Using the Ultrabot Z arm, Megas Omega charges up a powerful shot and fires at Dr.Beal.*

Dr.Beal: No! NOOOOO!!! *Dr.Beal gets hit. His entire form explodes. His head rolls along the ground and lands by Megas Omega. Megas Omega crushes his head. Megas Omega flashes. Ultrabot Z, Megas, and Uno return to normal.*

Uno: We did it. We finally stopped Dr.Beal.

Ultrabot Z: Now we can finally rebuild our world. *It shows most of the cities destroyed.* Yeah. This might take awhile.

Coop: I have a better idea. While you send us back home, you guys go a bit forward in time and make sure this never happens again. *Both Ultrabot Z and Uno look at Coop.*

Uno: That's not a bad idea. You go send them home. I'll go fix this. *Uno opens a time portal and uses it and goes in. Then Ultrabot Z activates his and it opens up.*

Ultrabot Z: Well you guys better get going. *We see Megas walk up to the portal.* Thanks for all your help Coop!

Coop: No problem! You guys take care and rock on! *Megas walks into the portal Megas returns to the present time. Megas lands near Coop's house.*

Jamie: So. You think Kiva ever found out what happened?

Coop: I hope not. *Kiva ahems.* Coop and Jamie turn around to see Kiva upset. She's tapping her foot and has her arms crossed. She is angry.*

Kiva: Care to explain where you've been?

Coop: Kiva! Good news! Just got over my cold.

Kiva: Don't insult my intellegence. I know what you did.

Jamie: I'm guessing you're mad aren't you?

Kiva: You like to me about being sick, ditched training to go relax, then went into the future without me, thereby preventing the only chance I had to return to my time and save the future from the Glorft! Oh yeah. I'm mad. *Kiva smiles* But it's understandable.

Coop: Huh!?

Kiva: I'm not surprised that you wouldn't of told me. Afterall if I did get the chance, I would take Megas back with me. But I've been thinking. Coop. I want you to know that when I go back to the future, you have to come with me. You're the only one who knows how to pilot Megas. Together we can defeat the Glorft for good. I'm dissapointed that you didn't tell me, but I can forgive you. Oh. Word of advice. If you want to pretend to be sick, don't throw up. You never throw up. Ever!

Coop: Oh yeah. Heheh.

Kiva: Well seeing as you guys were busy, I'll give you the rest of the day off. But tomorrow there is going to be triple training! And there will be no breaks! I suggest you get a good night's rest. Cause tomorrow at 6AM will be out in space! *Kiva goes back inside.*

Coop: Oh man. Triple Training? This stinks! *Sigh* But then again it was worth it!

Jamie: So now what?

Coop: Well. Now that we don't got to train, I say we go back to the Beach for some quality beach time! *Thunder and lightning. It rains hard.* Oh we could just go back inside and play video games!

Jamie: I'm all down for that! *Coop and Jamie do the pose thingy. Then they walk inside the house to play.*

End Credits: *Megas is out in space doing training. Coop and Jamie are tired. They look at Kiva. Kiva points to more asteroids. Coop and Jamie sigh. Megas goes back to training.*



Voice actors:
Coop: David Deluise
Jamie/Bioloid #1/Jaxel: Steven Jay Blum
Ultrabot Z/Bioloid #2: Cam Clarke
Uno/Kappa: Joshua Seth
Dr.Beal: Richard Epcar
Kiva/Girl: Wendee Lee

Production Music Used

Life Flight - Non-Stop Production Music
Towards The Edge - De Wolfe Music
Ska Rats* Extreme Music X-Series
The Conqueror - Non-Stop Production Music
High Plains - Non-Stop Production Music
Final Verdict - Extreme Music Directors Cuts
Blood Shot - Extreme Music X Series
National Mission - Megatrax The Scene
The Search - Non-Stop Production Music
Orchestral Horror - Non-Stop Production Music
Ro-Sham-Bo - Extreme Music X Series
Intrepid - Non-Stop Production Music
Into The Flames - Megatrax The Scene
Midnight Rodeo - Universal Production Music
Triumphant Reunion* - Non-Stop Production Music
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music
Blue Danube Waltz - CPM Music (Carlin)


Megas Fan
Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Merry Christmas everyone. Here is the next rewrite. This one is a major overhaul. Since it's too large I created a PDF for it. The episode is called Violent Valentines Day. Here are the notes of the episode.

Voice Actors:

Jenna/Woman: Jennifer Hale
Racheal: Danielle Harris
Kiva/Nexia: Wendee Lee
Coop/Alien #4: David Deluise
Jamie/Space Bigfoot#1/Beast #1: Steven Jay Blum
Goat/Alien 3#: Scott Reinecker
Man/Alien 2#/Space Bigfoot #2: Kevin Micheal Richardson
Robot #1/Alien #1/Beast #2: Fred Testiacore
Florxin/Tolbit/Robot #2: Wally Wingart
Beast #3/Robot #3: Dee Bradly Baker

Production Music Used

You Know It Makes Sense: Bruton Production Music
Invaders From Space*: Universal Production Music
Frenzy: KPM Music
Double Bomb: Extreme Music X-Series
Teenage Villian: KPM Music
Collision Course: Non-Stop Production Music
Gangsters: Amphonic Music
Ska Rats: Extreme Music X-Series
Breaths And Whispers: Universal Production Music
Can't Hide: Non-Stop Production Music
Prey*: Non-Stop Production Music
Cecil Percussion: Non-Stop Music
Hot Konga: Extreme Music X Series
Force of Darkness: Dewolfe Music
Orchestral Horror: Non-Stop Production Music
Bloodshot: Extreme Music X Series
Intrepid: Non-Stop Production Music
Relentless Power: De Wolfe Music
Air Check: Extreme Music X-Series
Short Hair: Universal Production Music
Viper Room Rumble: Universal Production Music
Menuet 1: Selected Sounds Music


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Apr 6, 2005
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Here is the next episode. Jamie and the Beanstalk. This one is a major overhaul rewrite which I just worked on this week.

Jamie And the Beanstalk

*The episode begins at Coop's house. In the basement, it shows Jamie is laying down on the couch. He is reading a chick magazine. Coop is sitting on the floor, playing what appears to be a fighting game. His character beats up another character.*

Coop: Ooo yeah. Take that. Nice try. Gotcha. *As he talks, he is pressing buttons and stuff. Atari sounds are heard. Suddenly, the phone rings. Coop pauses the game and picks up the phone.* Hello? Oh! Hi Mom! Everything's fine here! Jamie and I got everything under control! *As Coop speaks, Jamie sits up. He puts his magazine away. He then walks over to Coop and sits in the recliner next to him.* You and Mrs. Haley enjoying the resort spa? Nice! My chores? *It shows Coop grab a piece of paper from his pocket. He opens it up to show a list of chores.* Oh yeah! We took care of em! *It zooms in on Coop*


1: On the list it says "Get Groceries". It shows Megas in the parking lot of the market. Coop and Jamie look around and are worried. There is a huge crowd at the market. The scene shifts to the inside of the market. Coop and Jamie head to the snack aisle. They look and see all the good snacks are gone. As it shows empty shelves, a warped shing noise is made. The only snacks left are organic health food snacks. Coop and Jamie, go to another aisle for meat. There is not much there. There are, however beyond meat-by products. Coop and Jamie look at each other. Then they both smile. The scene shifts back to Coop's basement. He takes his market list, folds it nicely, and inserts it into a slot of the Food replicator he has in his basement. After a few seconds, the food replicator produces all of the groceries Coop asked for. There are eggs, milk, beef jerky, frozen burgers, frozen hot dogs, etc. Coop and Jamie do the rock on pose thingy together.

2: The next thing on the list says "Install Mrs. Haley's awning." As Coop lowers the paper, it shows parts & tools laid on Jenna's driveway. Coop looks at it. He then turns to look for Jamie. It shows Jamie walking away. Coop looks annoyed. It then shows Coop working on the awning in a small montage. He is shown screwing something in with a screwdriver. He wipes his forehead. A finger touches his shoulder. He looks up and behind him. It shows Jenna with a towel and a tall Mega-slush that has two straws. Coop smiles, gets up and uses the towel to wipe his face. He then takes a sip from the Mega-slush. Coop then grabs a remote control and presses a button. This activates the awning and creates a shade. It then shows Coop and Jenna sitting on a large porch swing, which is strong enough to support both of them. Jenna leans her head on Coop's shoulder. Coop kisses her head, then starts petting her head. They both take a sip of the Mega-Slush they are sharing together.

3: On the list of chores, it says "Mow the Lawn". Coop gets a lawnmower out from the garage. He goes to start it up. He has some difficulty, then when he tries to start it up, the lawnmower breaks apart. Coop is surprised. He looks at the grass, which is comically tall. Coop then thinks. He looks over at Megas and smiles. It then shows Coop and Jamie in the car. Coop presses a button. Megas puts its arms together and creates the cool energy sword thingy. It then shows the lawn as well as part of the road. An orange slash is seen. After a second, it shows the grass being sliced. A few seconds later, it shows a car that was parked near Coop's lawn get sliced in half. The top half slides down and falls onto the street. It then shows the chest of Megas open up to reveal a gigantic fan. The fan starts spinning and blows the grass off of Coop's lawn. It shows the next-door neighbor working on his lawn. The wind blows. All the grass is blown onto his lawn. He looks at Megas and shakes his fist at it.*

*Back to reality*

Coop: Yep! All the chores are done! *A small pause. Coop's smile goes away* Other side? What other side? *Coop turns the paper over to reveal another chore for Coop to do. It says "Take care of the garden".* Oh. That other side. *It shows Coop poke his head out from the basement and looks at the garden in his back yard. It shows a mostly empty field along with some rotten vegetables.* Uh yeah. We'll take care of the garden too. When will you be back home? Sunday huh? Yeah mom. I'll talk to you later. Love you! Tell Mrs. Haley I said hi also! Gotta go! *Coop hangs up* Jamie! We forgot to take care of my mom's garden!

Jamie: Don't you mean "You forgot to take care of your mom’s garden".

Coop: Bah you know what I mean! We gotta fix it or my mom's gonna ground me! Ugh. I hate doing the garden.


*It shows Coop standing in the garden field. Jamie is standing to the outside of the garden. It shows Coop with a garden hoe. He starts smashing everything in sight. It then shows Jamie put on a poncho. He grabs an umbrella from hammer space and activates it. It then shows gunk and stuff splatter all over Jamie.*

*Back to reality*

Jamie: Yeah. I hate tending your garden too. *As he talks, he takes off his hat and rubs his hand through his hair* I always get pumpkin seeds in my hair.

Coop: Yeah, but it's gotta get done.

Jamie: How about we don't do it and you just tell your mom that we did to it? I'm sure your mom won't know anything.

Coop: Oh ho! You know my mom. That garden is basically her life! She'll know if we left the garden unattended! This one time, my mom went to visit my uncle for a few days. When she came back, she grounded me for a whole week!

Jamie: Ouch! I remember that. That was when the Primal Rage concert was in Jersey. You were the only one who missed it.

Coop: Well, I guess we might as well get this over with. *It shows Coop and Jamie get up and head out of the basement.*

*The scene shifts to the backyard. Outside, there are some sports equipment, a garden with rotten vegetables, and a small shed. The sound of a dog barking is heard in the background. It shows Coop and Jamie looking at the garden.*

Jamie: Uh yeah dude. You're totally screwed. *Jamie sniffs* Ugh! What is that reek! *Jamie acts like he's gonna throw up.*

Coop: Ok! No sweat! All we gotta do is plant some new stuff and make it grow! There should be some seeds in the shed! *Jamie goes to the shed and looks for seed packets. He grabs a packet of beans. Jamie comes out of the shed with the packet*

Jamie: This was all I could find. *Coop takes the beans and looks at them*

Coop: Well, it's better than nothing, I guess. *It shows Coop planting the seeds for the beans in the garden*

Jamie: Uh Coop. I don't mean to get your hopes up, but you do know that it takes like months for plants to grow to full size. *A small pause occurs*
Coop: Jenna's got some plant grow we can use!

Jamie: Even that's not gonna do much good.

Coop: Come on Jamie! We gotta do something!

Jamie: Like what? It's not like you could use Megas to help us. *A small pause occurs. Coop and Jamie then look at each other*

Coop/Jamie: Megas!

*Title Theme Plays*

Jamie and the Beanstalk

*The scene is still at the garden. It now shows Kiva is with them.*

Kiva: You did what!? *It shows Coop next to Megas*

Coop: I put about 50 gallons of plant grow inside Megas. I'm gonna use it to grew a new garden for my mom. Cause I didn't take care of the old one. *Kiva shakes her head and facepalms*

Kiva: I can't believe this! This is probably the most irresponsible think you have ever done!

Coop: I know! That's why I'm trying to make it right!

Kiva: I'm not talking about the garden! I'm talking about Megas! You just put an unknown foreign substance inside of Megas!

Coop: What's your point?

Kiva: You don't know what kind of adverse reaction it could have with Megas's systems! Possibly causing irreversible damage. *A small pause. Everyone looks at Megas*

Jamie: Well Megas seems to be doing fine. *Kiva runs an analysis on Megas. She detects no glaring issues*

Kiva: It looks like whatever you did, didn't have any ill effects. *To Coop* Coop. Promise me you won't do anything like this again!

Coop: All right all right! Calm down Kiva. I promise.

Jamie: Hey Coop. Maybe we'll end up growing super giant plants or something. We could even end world hunger. Just think of the fame and fortune we would get. *Zooms in on Jamie*


*Jamie is standing on a stage at an auditorium. He is wearing his white tuxedo and his hat.*

Announcer: *Voice actor is Steven Jay Blum* And to you! Mr. James Mahoney! We are proud to present to you, the Nobel Peace Prize for Agriculture! *A hot chick hands him a medal. He takes it and smiles* But that's not all! You'll also get, this really cool car! *The curtain behind him goes up. It shows a hot chick reveal a new car. It's the same chick we see briefly in "The Fat & The Furious."* And 1 million dollars! *Another chick pulls on a rope. Money rains down from the stage burying Jamie. He comes out from the pile of money. 4 hot chicks also come out and giggle. They cuddle up to Jamie. Jamie winks at us*

*Back to reality*

Jamie: Nice. *It then shows everyone look at the garden again*

Coop: Well, I guess I better get started. *The scene shifts to Megas standing next to the garden. It shows Coop, Jamie, and Kiva in the car*

Kiva: Coop. I don't think you should go through with this. You have no idea what kind of reaction the plant grow will have when it came into contact with Megas's fusion core.

Coop: Chill out! I mean, what's the worst that could happen!? *It zooms in on Kiva*


*The scene shifts to Jersey City. It shows giant vines strike a building. The building collapses. A giant pumpkin monster is seen roaring. It smashes its vines into another building and destroys it. It then shows an eggplant monster wrap a building up using its vines and rip it off of its foundation. It slams the building onto the ground causing it to break apart. A corn monster is shown firing blasts at several buildings destroying them. It pans out showing Jersey City under attack by giant vegetable monsters. It also shows Megas in the city. Kiva and Jamie, angerly look at Coop. Coop just chuckles weakly.

*Back to reality. Coop looks mortified. He then shakes his head.*

Coop: Nah! That would never happen!

Kiva: I still think this won't solve anything for you Coop.

Coop: We're gonna find out in a few seconds! *Coop presses a button. Megas's arms aim at the garden. The hands go inside. It then shows Megas firing a wad of green liquid onto the garden. The garden is now basically drowning in plant grow.* Oh man! It ain't working!

Kiva: Well duh! It's not supposed to take affect right away! *Coop thinks for a bit.*

Coop: Maybe it needs more plant grow. *Kiva facepalms.*

*It then shows Megas aim at the garden again. Coop presses a button. The arms turn into gatling guns. Instead of energy blasts, it fires off wads of plant grow onto the garden. Then it shows Megas aim its fingers at the garden. The fingers open up. The fingers fight off streams of plant grow. The chest of Megas opens up. Out comes a giant hose. Megas grabs the hose with its hands. It then uses the hose to douse the garden in even more plant grow. Megas then comically acts like one of those lawn sprinklers that spin around. It fires even more plant grow on the garden. Jamie and Kiva look annoyed. Coop looks upset*

Coop: Man, it still ain't working!

Kiva: Well, that was a dumb waste of time.

Jamie: Not to mention you basically drowned your mom’s garden with plant stuff. Oh well. I guess I'll see you in a few years once your ungrounded. *A small pause*

Coop: Oh wait! The instructions state that it usually takes 12 hours to work! So maybe we check then!

Jamie: Probably. *Small pause* So now what.

Kiva: Well, seeing as we are already inside of Megas, we should begin our training lesson for today. *Coop and Jamie look at Kiva*

Coop: What? But Jamie and I spent all day doing stuff for my mom!

Kiva: Coop, you need to train and- *Both Coop and Jamie look at Kiva with puppy dog eyes* Ugh! Fine! You can take the rest of the day off. But we're training tomorrow! You got that!?

Coop: Uh sure! *Coop and Jamie do the rock on pose together. They get out of the car. Kiva smiles, and joins them.*

*The scene shifts to Coop's bedroom. He is sleeping on a bed. It shows the room has the same stuff on the floor from the episode "Breakout". Coop is seen tossing and turning. He mumbles in his sleep*

Coop: Hmm. Oh yeah. So good. *Snoring sounds are heard.*

*The scene shifts to the outside of Coop's house. In the middle of the garden, it shows a tiny sprout forming. The sprout grows into a vine. It starts growing at a very fast rate. As the vine grows, the base of the vine gets thicker and thicker. It grows up high into the sky. It passes some clouds and keeps growing. It then shows an airplane flying. It sports the POP TV logo. Inside, it shows everyone partying and dancing.*

POP TV Announcer: *Voice actor is Kevin Michaeal Richardson* Welcome aboard the POP TV party plane! Where pop music lives forever! *Outside, it shows the beanstalk impaling the plane as it keeps growing. Inside the plane, it shows everyone panicking and screaming. The beanstalk continues to grow higher and higher. It passes some more clouds. The beanstalk eventually stops growing.*

*The next day, it shows Jamie and Kiva looking up at the giant beanstalk. They are awestruck.*

Coop: Hey guys. Jenna wants me to help her open up her pool, so I'm gonna head over to *As Coop talks, he looks at what Jamie and Kiva are looking at* *It pans out showing the giant beanstalk*

Jamie: Dude. Your mom is so gonna kill you.

Coop: What the heck is this!?

Kiva: *Uses her portable computer thing on her wrist* This appears to be some kind of giant beanstalk.

Coop: How the heck did this happen!?

Kiva: It would appear that the molecular structure of the plant grow must have been sub-atomically enriched when it came into contact with Megas's fusion core. *Coop and Jamie look at Kiva dumbfounded. Kiva sighs* You enhanced the power of the plant grow!

Coop: Oh. *A small pause occurs*

Kiva: Well, the good news is that you didn't create any giant mutant vegetable monsters.

Coop: This is bad! If my mom comes home and sees her entire garden destroyed by this giant beanstalk, I'm gonna be grounded forever! We gotta get rid of this thing!

Kiva: Just have Megas cut it down and- *Jamie cuts Kiva off*

Jamie: No wait! *Small pause* Don't you guys see it!? It's just like the story! Jack & The Beanstalk! *Kiva looks at Jamie*

Kiva: Jack and the Beanstalk? *Coop and Jamie look at Kiva*

Jamie: You've never heard of Jack & The Beanstalk? *Kiva shakes her head no*

Coop: Didn't your mom or Dad ever tell you bedtime stories when you were a little girl?

Kiva: My parents were killed before I was even born! *A small pause*

Jamie: How is that even possible?

Kiva: In the future, they- *Kiva stops* No. Forget it. You wouldn't understand anyway. Forget I ever said anything. *Coop and Jamie look at each other, then at Kiva*

Coop: Ok then!

Kiva: So, is one of you going to tell me what Jack & The Beanstalk is about? *Coop and Jamie look at each other.*

Jamie: Ok. So, the story basically goes like this. *Zooms in on Jamie*


*As Jamie talks, the following occurs. It shows Kiva, who is Jack's mother, hand Jamie, who is Jack, a cow to trade for food. Jamie comes up to Goat, who is dressed like a used car salesman. He trades the cow for some beans. Jamie smiles. Back home, it shows Kiva upset. She is holding the beans. Jamie looks upset. Kiva throws the beans out of the window. It shows the beans grow into a giant beanstalk. The next day, it shows Jamie look up at the beanstalk. He climbs it. He gets onto a path that is high up in the clouds. It leads to a giant castle. He goes into the castle and looks around. He sees a woman who looks like Serena from "MTV Downtown" She looks like a Zither. There is also a bunch of bags of cash, jewels, gold, and a golden goose. Jamie smiles. He goes to grab the zither & the goose. However, a shadow looms over Jamie. He looks up. He sees Coop, who is the giant. Coop looks angry. Jamie looks terrified. It shows Jamie running away from the giant, while holding both the Zither chick, and the goose. It shows Jamie back down on the ground. He helps the Zither/Harp girl down from the beanstalk. He looks up to see Coop climbing down the beanstalk. He grabs a chainsaw and revs it up. He uses it on the Beanstalk. The Beanstalk then falls over. Coop falls down from the sky. Jamie looks up. He moves out of the way. A huge crash is heard. The screen shakes. Coop is down and out cold. It then shows Jamie, dressed in a tuxedo, riding in a limo. He is with the harp girl. His limo is also filled with money as it drives away.*

Jamie: It's about some kid named Jack whose family was dirt poor. His mother asked him to trade their cow for some food or something. He comes across this really sleazy guy that trades his cow for some magic beans. His mother wasn't exactly too happy about that and threw them out of the house. That night, the beans grew into a giant beanstalk. So, the next day, Jack climbed the beanstalk and found this huge castle in the sky. There he found some chick who was like a harp or something. He also found a trove of gold, jewels, and cash. He took whatever he could grab, but before he could escape, he was spotted by the huge giant. Fearing for his life, he fled with whatever he could grab. He managed to make it back down to the ground, but the giant was still after him. So, he cut the beanstalk down causing the giant to fall to his death. Afterwards, Jack made a ton of money thanks to the harp girl and the golden goose.

*Back to reality*

Jamie: And Jack lived happily ever after.

Kiva: And what does that have to do with anything?

Jamie: *Rubbing his hands devilishly. He smiles as he looks up* I say we climb this thing. And at the top is gonna be a hot harp chick and gold. I'm gonna be rich.

Kiva: Is that all you ever think about?

Jamie: Yeah? So? *Coop laughs*

Coop: Come on Jamie. That's just a fairy tale! That stuff ain't true! And even if it was, you'd be terrified of the giant!

Jamie: No, I wouldn't. *Looks at Megas* Because we got our own giant killer.

Kiva: *Smiles* Well, I suppose we can humor Jamie and have Megas climb up this thing. I doubt we'll find anything up there anyway.

*It shows Coop, Jamie, and Kiva inside the car. They buckle their seat belts*

Coop: Guess I better get started. *Megas starts grabbing onto the sides of the beanstalk. Because the beanstalk is so thick, Megas is able to climb it. It shows a small montage of Megas climbing up on the beanstalk. After a while, it shows Megas high in the sky.* Man, just how high does this thing go!?

Kiva: *Using her computer* At least another 5 miles.

Coop: Really? Man, this is taking forever!

Kiva: Well perhaps if you stopped asking question every 5 seconds, then maybe you would make it to the top before night fall. *Kiva looks at Jamie. He is using a pair of binoculars.* What are you doing Jamie?

Jamie: Just looking at stuff. *Jamie looks at something he likes* Yo Coop! Check this out! *He gives Coop the binoculars. It shows Racheal in a purple 2-piece bikini. She also has sunglasses on. She is in her backyard next to her pool. She is getting a tan.* Racheal's getting a tan. Sweet! *She turns over, showing her back.* Pretty hot right? *Coop looks at something else and smiles*

Coop: Nice!

Jamie: I know. Ain't Racheal hot?

Coop: Huh? I ain't talking about Racheal!

Jamie: What are you looking at? *Jamie takes the binoculars back from Coop. He sees what Coop was seeing. He gags, then goes to throw up out of the window.* Oh man. I really wish I could have gone my whole life without having to see that. Ugh. *Coop takes the binoculars back.*

Coop: Huh? What's so gross about Jenna sunbathing naked? *Smiles*

Kiva: Would you two knock it off!? I don't want to be here all day climbing this beanstalk! Let's get to the top, so we can come back down and start our training!

Jamie: Hey Coop. Why the heck are we climbing this thing anyway? Wouldn't it be quicker if we just flew to the top?

Coop: Oh yeah! *Coop presses a button. This causes Megas to let go. Megas is shown falling down. He passes through some clouds. A few seconds later, it shows Megas flying back up through the clouds. Megas spins around as it flies. It passes through several layer of clouds. It then shows the top of the beanstalk, which has something impaled on top. Megas passes through the top of the beanstalk, then lands down. Megas is somehow standing on clouds.* Should of done that in the first place. *It shows Megas tap its foot on the ground. Everyone seems surprised they can stand.* Yo Kiva! How exactly are we standing anyways!? *Kiva inputs stuff on her computer thing.*

Kiva: It looks like this area is being stabilized by some kind of anti-gravity unit.

Jamie: So, like a magic platform thing?

Kiva: *Sighs* Yes Jamie. A magic platform thing.

Coop: Oh. *Jamie looks and sees something*

Jamie: Uh guys? *Jamie points to something. It shows both Coop and Kiva look.*

Coop: Woah. *It shows a giant castle, similar to the ones in medieval times*

Kiva: Where did that come from?

Jamie: Ha! I told you! Whenever there's a giant beanstalk that reaches the sky, there's always gonna be a giant castle. *A small pause. Kiva raises an eyebrow.* What!? It's true! *Megas turns around to see the top of the beanstalk. Kiva uses her computer thing. She notices that a device has been impaled by the beanstalk.*

Kiva: Actually Jamie, this castle has been here for centuries. It looks like it was being hidden by what appears to be a large-scale cloaking device. Probably used to hide something big.

Jamie: I'd call a giant castle pretty big.

Kiva: It would seem that the force and speed of the Beanstalk, must have impaled the device upon impact. That's probably why we didn't detect this place until now.

Jamie: Imagine that Coop. All this time you had neighbors living above you.

Coop: Yeah. *A small pause* So, what do we do now?

Kiva: I guess we could go inside and take a look. But be careful, we don't know if there is anyone dwelling in there.

Jamie: Oh yeah. I can almost taste that fortune. And hopefully the harp chick will go on a date with me. *Jamie rubs his hands devilishly. Kiva sighs*

Kiva: Let's go Coop. We better help Jamie fulfill his desires before he drools all over the control panel. *She notices Coop is also rubbing his hands devilishly* Coop! You too?

Coop: Huh? No! *Continues rubbing his hands* I'm just thinking that a giant castle has got to have giant people in it! And giant people need to eat! So, I'm guessing there's gonna be a giant kitchen with giant food in it! Man. I hope they got giant Philly cheesesteaks in there. *Kiva shakes her head.*

*The scene shifts to the entrance of the castle. It is dark inside. Megas slowly opens the door. The door creaks, making a loud sound. The gang cringe as the door makes noise.*

Kiva: Coop. I said to be careful! We don't want to draw attention to us in case someone is here!

Coop: Hey! It ain't my fault the door creaks! *Megas starts walking around. Coop puts on the car lights. As they walk around, it shows old furniture. On the walls, there are weapons like old swords, and shields. There is also giant tables and chairs that looked like it was made during the Middle Ages.* Doesn't look like there is much here beside some old junk. *Kiva uses her computer*

Kiva: Judging by the density of the wood and the designs of the decor, I'd estimate that this castle has been here for over 800 years. It would seem that whoever lived here, wanted to keep to themselves. If they're still here, we can only hope they aren't volatile.

*Megas keeps walking. They pass a doorway. Megas takes a peek inside. It is a giant-sized bedroom with a bed and stuff.*

Jamie: Well, someone's definitely has been here.

Coop: How can you tell?

Jamie: Well for one thing, the bed's been made. *Notices the torches alight on the wall* And I'm also pretty sure those torches didn't light themselves.

Kiva: Good observation. *Megas continues to walk some more. Eventually, a 2nd set of footsteps are heard.*

Jamie: Check out the echo in this place. It even echoes Megas's footsteps.

Kiva: I don't think that's an echo. *Megas comes to a stop. The 2nd set of footsteps are heard. Kiva runs a scan on her computer and detects something. A red blip appears.* Guys! I'm picking up an energy reading! Something is coming this way!

Jamie: Quick! Hide!

Coop: Hide where!?

Jamie: *Pointing to a giant table* Under there! *Megas goes to the table and hides under it. It tucks itself in. Suddenly, a giant robot that is black/purple in color appears. He has spikes on his shoulders, and evil yellow looking eyes. His appears resembles the evil energy robot from "Mega Man 8". As he speaks, his eyes light up*

Giganktu: *Voice actor is Peter Cullen* Fe! Fi! Fo! Fot! I smell the oil of another robot! Be it modern or obsolete! I'll grind its steel for the scrap heap! *The robot walks away from where Megas is. Megas slowly comes out of the table*

Jamie: Oh yeah. That guy seems real friendly.

Coop: Who the heck was that!?

Kiva: I'm guessing he's the one who lives here. *To Jamie.* That must be the giant from your story Jamie. *Kiva runs an analysis on the robot.* Fortunately for us, his detection systems are primitive.

Jamie: What does that mean. *Kiva sighs*

Kiva: He has to rely on sight, smell, and sound in order to find us.

Coop: Oh.

Kiva: Anyway, we should probably leave. It's clearly obvious from his speech that he doesn't take too kindly to visitors. *The sound of harp music is faintly heard in the background. This gets Jamie's attention*

Jamie: Hey. You guys hear that!? *He leans in and puts a hand to his ear. The harp music gets slightly louder.*

Kiva: That sounds like, someone playing a harp.

Jamie: *Smiles* Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. Hello harp girl! *Coop and Kiva look at each other, then at Jamie.*

Coop: I guess I should follow that giant robot dude.

Kiva: Just remember to keep quiet and out of sight and we should be fine. *Megas goes to follow Giganktu. As Megas walks, it acts very quiet. It shows Giganktu walk down a hallway and turn left. Megas follows behind. It then shows Giganktu walk down a spiral staircase. Megas follows. As it walks down another hallway, Giganktu stops.*

Giganktu: Hm!? *Giganktu turns around. He sees nothing. From another angle, it shows Megas above him. Megas is holding onto the walls, clinging to the top of the ceiling. Inside the car, it shows Coop, Jamie, and Kiva worried.* Hmph. *Giganktu keeps walking. Coop and Jamie breathe a sigh of relief. Megas slowly comes down from the ceiling and continues following Giganktu. Giganktu goes into a large room at the end of the hallway. Megas creeps behind. Megas does not enter the room, but it takes a peek. Inside the room, is a massive dining table with chairs. There are tons of food on the table. Coop notices this and licks his lips*

Coop: Oh yeah. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. Did ja da dude! Look at this spread! Roast turkey with garlic stuffing. Honey glazed ham, and Ooo! An entire roast pig! *Sniffs* Stuffed with cheese.*

Kiva: Coop. Keep your voice down! We don't want to get his attention on us! *Kiva looks around and notices a young woman and a goose at the end of the table* Who is that? *Coop and Jamie look to see the young woman as well. Her appearance resembles Irma from "WITCH". It also shows a goose next to her.*

Jamie: Whoever she is, she's kinda cute. *Coop squints his eyes*

Coop: Hey! I think I know that chick! That's Melody Johnson! She went to band camp with us! *Small pause* Last time we saw her, she was a chubby girl with braces and glasses!

Jamie: Not anymore apparently. *To Coop* Didn't they say she went missing a few days ago?

Coop: Yeah. Guess now we know where she went.

Kiva: She must be the harp girl from the story. She is playing the harp.

Jamie: It was supposed to be a girl that IS a harp. But who cares. *Notices the goose* Check it out! It's the goose that can lay golden eggs! *Rubs his hands* Oh yeah! Looks like Jamie just hit the jackpot!

Coop: Hey wait a sec! *Squints his eyes again at the goose* I recognize that goose! It's Goosie! The mascot of the Jersey City Goose Eggs!

Jamie: Wait what!? That's just a normal goose!? *Upset* Oh man. Oh well. At least we still got Melody. Maybe once we rescue her, she'll want to go out on a date me or something.

Coop: But what about Goosie?

Jamie: Dude, it's just a goose. The high school can just get another one.

Coop: No way! That goose was around when we went to high school! We gotta rescue Goosie too!

Jamie: Whatever.

Coop: Good. *Megas aims an arm at Gigantku, who is sitting at the table.* The hand goes inside. Megas charges up energy. Coop goes to press a button, but Kiva stops him*

Kiva: Coop, I told you we don't want to bring attention to ourselves! *Coop looks upset. Megas stops charging and returns to normal*

Coop: So, what do you expect me to do Kiva? This chump's got our friend and high school mascot!

Kiva: *To Jamie* How did Jack defeat the giant again?

Jamie: Well, in the story, the harp girl played music for the giant. It caused the giant to fall asleep. So, Jack was able to rescue both the harp chick and the goose. It gave Jack some time before the giant woke up and chased him.

Kiva: I'm not so sure that's going to work. Any other ideas? *A small pause. Coop gets an idea*

Coop: I got it! *Coop gets something from under his seat. It's a set of CDs, a pair of headphones, a microphone, and other recording equipment*

Kiva: What's all that?

Coop: This is Jenna's ASMR Kit!

Jamie: Wait. *To Coop* Dude, you're actually into that kind of stuff?

Coop: Hey. Don't knock it till you try it!

Kiva: How is that going to help us?

Coop: It's supposed to apparently affect your brain and make you feel really sleepy. *Kiva goes through the CD's. She pulls out one for harp music.*

Kiva: This could work. We can use the Jammer to amplify the frequency of the music, then adjust the wavelength to induce sleepiness. *To Coop* Get this set up, then on my signal, play the music.

Coop: Got it! *Coop takes the CD, and starts setting up.*

Kiva: If this works, then Jamie and I will go rescue your friend Melody. *Coop looks at Kiva.* And Goosie too. *Coop smiles*

Jamie: Why do I have to go too!?

Kiva: Because, we're going to need someone as bait incase the giant wakes up. *Jamie grumbles at this.*

*The scene shifts to the dining room. It shows Giganktu eating a turkey leg. He then grabs a huge goblet and drinks from it. He wipes his mouth clean, then lets out a sigh of contentment.*

Giganktu: Such a wonderful meal. But I feel this would go so much better if we had some music. *To Melody* You! Earther Girl! You shall play me a tune from your musical instrument!

Melody: *Voice actress is Nicole Sullivan* Uh yeah. Look. I've been up here for about 3 days now. I'm sure my parents must be worried sick about me. So, if you don't mind, I'd like to go home now and- *Giganktu slams his fist on the table. Melody yells*

Giganktu: You WILL play for me now, or I shall crush you! *Giganktu looks over to the goose* And you! Why must you lay normal eggs! I demand golden eggs in order to make my specialty golden omelets!

Melody: Uh, that's not a special goose. She's just a normal goose.

Giganktu: She'll become part of my next meal if she doesn't! *Goosie tries to lay another egg. However, it is yet another normal egg.* Once again you lay a normal egg!? My patience with you has worn out! *He goes to grab Goosie*

Melody: Wait! Calm down! Let me play some music for you. Then later Goosie can try again!

Giganktu: Hmph. Very well. But I had better like it. *Melody starts playing harp music. Giganktu smiles and appears to like it.*

*Back at Megas, it Kiva and Jamie watching Melody play the harp. Coop finishes setting up the jammer.*

Coop: We're all set Kiva!

Kiva: Ok. Activate the Jammer now. *Coop does so. Megas opens up to reveal the jammer. As this happens, Coop, Jamie, and Kiva put ear plugs on as to not be affected themselves. Coop presses play on the music player. This causes the Jammer to play soothing harp music. It echoes throughout the castle. Melody stops playing the harp and looks around. She appears to be confused.*

Giganktu: Ahh. Such a beautiful song. *Yawns* I think...I'll take a small nap...then...I'll...*Giganktu starts to snore. It then shows Melody yawning. She and Goosie start to fall asleep as well.*

*Back at Megas. Coop turns off the Jammer. Megas returns to normal.*

Coop: Hah! Imagine that! It actually worked!

Kiva: Ok. Let's go Jamie. *Jamie and Kiva unbuckle their seatbelts. Megas quietly walks over to the dining table and has its hand place Kiva and Jamie on top. As they start to head towards Melody, Coop's stomach growls. This worries both Jamie and Kiva. It's loud enough to wake Giganktu up.*

Giganktu: Ugh? Wha!? *Giganktu falls back asleep* Ergh. Ugh.

Kiva: *Appearing on the monitor* Coop. Keep your stomach under control!

Coop: Hey! I haven't eaten! *Looks at the spread of food.* You guys go rescue Melody and Goosie! I'm getting me some lunch! It shows Coop unbuckle his seat belt. He gets out of the car.*

*Back at the table, it shows Kiva and Jamie make their way to Melody. Melody is still asleep.*

Jamie: Psst! Psst! Melody! *Melody starts to wake up.*

Melody: Huh? Wha? What's going on? *She sees both Jamie and Kiva. She looks at Jamie* Jamie? Is that you? What are you doing here?

Kiva: Trying to get you out of here. *She looks at Kiva. Then she gets up and runs over to Jamie. She gives Jamie a hug. Jamie is shocked at first, but smiles*

Melody: Oh, thank you so much I was worried no one would ever find me! *She lets go of Jamie.* I was just practicing my harp, when all of a sudden, this giant robot guy grabs me and locked me up in here! I've been up here for 3 days playing music for him. He's crazy! *Looks at Goosie* Oh. He also took Goosie. For some reason he thinks she can lay golden eggs.

Kiva: Well don't worry. You're safe now. *Jamie goes and puts his arm over Melody's shoulder.*

Jamie: So. You wanna go see a movie afterwards? *The sound of a loud belch is heard. Kiva, Jamie, and Melody are worried. It shows a close up of Coop's mouth. He let out a huge burp. The burp echoes thorough the castle. It shows Coop, next to a partially eaten turkey. Kiva, Jamie, and Melody look over to Giganktu. He wakes up. He looks around. He notices Jamie and Kiva there.*

Giganktu: What the!? *Zooms in on Kiva and Jamie* Intruders! *He gets up from his chair* Foul vermin! How dare you steal what belongs to me! I will crush you! *Giganktu goes to smash his fist where they are. Jamie screams like a little girl. Kiva pushes Jamie and Melody out of the way. Kiva gets out of the way as well. Giganktu slams his fist on the table. The screen shakes as this happens. Kiva gets up and looks over to Jamie and Melody.*

Kiva: Get to Megas! I'll distract him! *Jamie and Melody get up and run away. Jamie is also carrying Goosie. Goosie honks and pecks at Jamie as they run*.

Jamie: Ow! Hey! Ouch! Ugh. Stupid Coop and his goose! *They head towards Megas. Kiva goes over to Giganktu and waves her arms at him.*

Giganktu: Stand still! *Giganktu tries to swipe Kiva with his arm. Kiva does some flips to dodge the attacks. Giganktu's eyes light up. He fires a small beam from his eyes. It chases after Kiva. Kiva runs away. She hides behind some food. The food is seen melting from the heat of the laser. Kiva runs to some more food.*

*Back at Megas, it shows Coop is already back in the car. He is seen licking his fingers. Jamie and Melody get into the car as well. Jamie looks at Coop angerly.*

Coop: Hey guys! What'd I miss!?

Jamie: The next time you wanna burp? HOLD IT IN! *Melody looks at Coop*

Melody: Is that...Harold? What's going on!? *Looks around* Where did you guys find this robot?

Coop: Long story! Don't wanna bore you with the details!

Jamie: Coop! Kiva's in trouble!

Coop: Got it! *To Melody* You might wanna buckle up. It can get pretty crazy here. *Melody does so. It shows Coop pull the 8-ball back. Then he steps on the gas. This causes the thrusters to activate. Megas flies across the table*

*Back at where Giganktu is. It shows him have Kiva in his grasp. He is squeezing Kiva*

Kiva: Errgh! Ughh!

Giganktu: Now I will crush your bones into a fine powder! *He looks up and notices Megas* Huh? What the!?

Coop: WAAAAAAHHH!! *Megas punches Giganktu hard. He goes flying and lands on the ground. His head hits something. He is down. It then shows Megas put his hand down. Kiva runs up to the hand. Megas places Kiva onto the top platform. She gets into the car.*

Kiva: Thanks.

Coop: No problem. *Giganktu slowly gets up. He holds his head.*

Giganktu: Erugh. *He looks at Megas, and points at it* You! How dare you intrude upon my home and take what is mine!

Coop: Hey pal! For your information, Goosie belongs to the Jersey City Goose Eggs! Get your own! *Giganktu looks at the wall. He sees a sword and shield. He grabs them and strikes a pose*

Giganktu: I'd rather have your head instead! Have at thee! *Giganktu tries to slash megas. Megas dodges the attack. Then Megas punches Giganktu in the chest* Ergh! Megas then picks up Giganktu and throws him onto the table crushing it. Giganktu gets up. As he does, Megas puts his arms together and creates the cool energy sword. Megas also creates a cool energy shield that it holds with his right hand. Megas strikes a cool pose*

Coop: En Garde chump! *Both Megas and Giganktu clash their blades. Whenever Megas strikes, Giganktu uses his shield to block the sword strikes. Megas uses its shield to block Giganktu's attacks. Both appear to be evenly matched.*

Melody: So, does stuff like this happen to you guys all the time?

Jamie: Pretty much. It's fun to watch Coop beat the snot out of some giant robot or alien. *Melody looks at Coop's stomach*

Melody: Looks like Coop's put on even more weight.

Coop: *Pats his gut* Oh yeah! *Megas and Giganktu fight their way out of the Dining room. They make their way up the spiral staircase as they clash swords. Inside the car, it shows the screen shaking. Goosie is upset and gets in Kiva's way.

Kiva: Ergh! Can someone keep this goose under control!? *Melody grabs the Goose and tries to keep it calm. However, it pecks her*

Melody: Ow! Cut it out Goosie! *It then jumps into the front and gets in Jamie's face.*

Jamie: Ugh! Dude! What the heck! *Jamie throws the goose back into the back seat.* You just had to rescue the goose didn't you. *Coop stays focused on the fight.*

*Both Megas and Giganktu are fighting using their swords. It is an even stalemate. They are fighting in another hallway. They make their way to a larger room. Giganktu fires beams from his eyes at Megas. Megas uses its energy shield to absorb the attack*

Coop: That the best you got? How about this! *The shoulder blades of Megas turn around. They fire 4 missiles at Giganktu. Giganktu parries the missiles with his shield*

Giganktu: Graahh! *The missiles explode upon hitting the shield. Coop looks at the explosions. Then at Giganktu.* I must admit you are quite skilled. I consider you a worthy opponent! But those who intrude upon my domain must be dealt with! *They continue to clash blades. They exit the large room and fight through another hallway. It shows both Megas and Giganktu blade struggler. It shows Coop grring as he presses buttons on controller. Both Megas and Giganktu separate. Giganktru tries to stab Megas. However, Megas gets out of the way. Megas then kicks Giganktu. Giganktu stumbles but regains his balance. Megas goes to punch Giganktu. Giganktu puts up his shield to block the punch. Giganktu then elbows Megas. Megas stumbles a bit. Megas turns to face Giganktu. They clash blades some more. Eventually, they make their way to a window at the end of a hallway. Megas fires another missile from its shoulder blades. Giganktu blocks the attack with his shield.* That trick won't work a 2nd time! Huhwah!? *It shows Megas run up to Giganktu and tackle him. They both go flying out of the window. They are now outside. They both land on the clouds below. Megas then starts pummeling Giganktu. Giganktu fires a blast from its eyes hitting Megas. Megas foes flying into the air and lands on its back. Both Megas and Giganktu get up and face each other.*

Melody: Woah.

Jamie: Pretty cool huh?

Melody: Yeah.

Giganktu: *To Megas* It has been eons since I dueled against someone who could match me in combat! For this, I shall allow you to leave here peacefully! All I ask in return is that you relinquish the Female Earther and the Goose you took from me!

Coop: No way!

Giganktu: Then you shall perish! *Giganktu runs up to Megas and bashes it with the hilt of his sword. Giganktu tries to strike Megas again. Megas puts up its energy shield to block the attack. Both struggle against each other. It shows Coop gritting his teeth as he mashes buttons. They once again separate. Both Megas and Giganktu look at each other. Then they both run towards each other.* GRAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Coop: WAAAAAAHH!!! *Megas attempts to strike Giganktu again. However, Giganktu ducks. He then manages to stab Megas in the chest with his blade. It does a triple screen of this happening. It then does a 4-way split screen of Coop, Jamie, Kiva, and Melody looking shocked.* It shows Megas is electrocuting.* Ok. That's not good, is it? *Giganktu kicks Megas down.*

Kiva: Megas took heavy damage! If that blade was just a bit more to the right, it could have ruptured Megas's core. *Megas slowly gets up. Megas grabs the sword and pulls it out of its body. Megas then throws the sword away.*

Giganktu: Impressive! You still stand. You won't be standing after this! *Gigantku opens up his mouth area. He charges up a powerful beam. He fires a blast at Megas*

Jamie: Look out!

Coop: Huowahh! *Megas flies into the air and dodges the attack.* Whew! *Giganktu fires beams from his mouth and eyes at Megas. Megas flies around and dodges the attack.*

Giganktu: Get down here and face me coward! *Coop is surprised*

Coop: I don't get it! Why he ain't coming up after us? *Kiva scans Giganktu*

Kiva: It seems that Giganktu doesn't have the ability to fly.

Jamie: So, then as long as we stay up in the air, then he can't do much to us? *Kiva nods. Coop and Jamie look at each other. They start to laugh. Kiva, Melody, and the Goose then look at each other, then at Coop and Jamie.*

Coop: Fi Fi Fo Fump! I spy with my eye a robot chump! Be he grounded or in the air! *As Coop talks, Giganktu looks at Megas. His eyes glow. He lets out a strange energy frequency* I'll smash him up and *Megas starts to descend* Huh? *Megas tries to gain more altitude but can't* Hey! What is this!? Megas lands on the ground, then goes into a kneeling position. Megas can barely move* I can't move! What gives! *Kiva runs a scan*

Kiva: He's increased the power of the gravitational unit! We're sitting ducks. *Giganktu slowly walks up to Megas*

Jamie: Don't just stand their Coop! Get up!

Coop: I can't! *Giganktu kicks Megas. This sends Megas on its back. Megas struggles to get up. However, the power of the gravitational force is too much for Megas. Giganktu starts stomping on Megas multiple times. The gang cringes as the screen shakes. It shows that Giganktu is used to the gravity change and can move with no problem. He kicks Megas. This causes Megas to bounce along the clouds. Megas then lands on its stomach. Megas slowly manages to get up and stand. Megas tries to throw a punch, but due to the gravitational pull, it moves slowly. Gigantku just stands there and starts pummeling Megas. The gang cringe more as the screen shakes.*

Melody: Why isn't Coop fighting back!

Kiva: He can't! As long as the gravitational pull is like this, Megas's mobility is impaired! We need to short out the gravitational field! *Megas gets punched. It falls on its back. Megas lifts its head up. It sees Giganktu, with his sword pointed at it*

Giganktu: I will offer you one more chance! Surrender the girl and the goose and I will let you leave!

Coop: No way! They're both going home where they belong! *As Melody hears this, she smiles*

Giganktu: Then your lives are forfeit! *Giganktu gets closer to Megas*

Jamie: Hurry Coop! Do something! *Coop looks at the controls. He tries to think of something. However, Goosie jumps onto the front and honks. She starts pressing buttons with her beak.*

Coop: Da hey! Cut that out! *This causes Megas to open up its chest. It fires out a canister into the air. It then falls down right next to Megas. Giganktu looks at it, then at Megas.*

Jamie: Next time, try something that works. *As Giganktu goes to strike, the canister explodes. It splashes plant grow over the clouds. It also hits the control unit for the gravitational field. This causes it to short out. Explosions are seen.*

Giganktu: What in the!? *He steps around to avoid the explosions. It then shows Megas standing up.*

Coop: What happened!?

Kiva: The liquid from the plant grow must have shorted out the control unit for the gravity stabilizer! We can move again!

Coop: Nice. *Both Megas and Giganktu face each other*

Giganktu: You are going to pay for that intruder!

Coop: Ok you goose-stealing, obsolete hunk of scrap metal! You take residence above my house without paying no rent, then you kidnap my friend and high school mascot, and now you wanna grand Megas into a pulp!? Well, I got news for you pal! Your goose is cooked! *It zooms out. The sound of a car coming to a halt is heard. Goosie angerly pecks Coop* Ow! *To Goosie* I didn't mean it like that Goosie! *Goosie honks.*

*Coop steps on the gas. Megas runs over to Giganktu. Megas tackles him down. Megas starts punching Giganktu. Gigantku throws Megas off of him. Megas gets up and fires fist at Giganktu. Giganktu blocks it with his shield. A new hand comes out of Megas. Megas then grabs Giganktu and throws him away. Megas then kicks Giganktu while he's down. Gigantku gets up and opens his mouth. He fires a beam at Megas. It hits. The force of the blast pushes Megas off of the cloud platform. Megas falls down.*

Melody: We're falling!

Kiva: Coop! Stabilize the engines! *Coop steps on the gas. The engines manage to stabilize. Megas then lands safely back on the ground. Megas is by Coop's house again. The beanstalk is next to Megas.*

Coop: Everyone all right!? *Everyone nods*

Jamie: *Looking up at the Beanstalk. He points* We're not out of the woods yet! *It shows Giganktu at the top of the beanstalk. He starts to climb down.*

Giganktu: I will take back what belongs to me!

Coop: *Grrs* So this chump wants some more huh!? Well, I'm ready for him! *Megas prepares to fly back up, but Jamie stops him*

Jamie: No wait! Cut the beanstalk down!

Coop: What!? Why!?

Kiva: Jamie's right! If Gigantku's unable to fly, then there is no way he can survive a fall from that altitude! *Coop looks up at Giganktu*

Coop: Got it! *Coop presses a button. One of the hands go inside of Megas. Out comes a chainsaw. It makes the shing noise as Megas strikes a pose. On the dashboard, there is a pulley. Coop pulls it to get the chainsaw started.*

Jamie: Coop! Hurry! *It shows Giganktu climb down more. Coop manages to get the chainsaw started.*

Coop: All right! *Megas uses the chainsaw to cut the beanstalk. Megas then pushes the beanstalk. It starts to topple over*

Giganktu: Wha!? No!

Coop: Timber! *It shows the Beanstalk falling. It crushes several houses as it makes its way down.*

*The scene shifts to Racheal's backyard. She is still getting a tan. A shadow blocks her view. She gets up, and takes off her sunglasses. She sees the beanstalk in her path as it falls. She gasps. She gets out of the way as the beanstalk falls. Stuff gets splattered on her.*

Racheal: Ugh! Uh! Eww!

*It shows Giganktu falling down. He lands a few inches short of Little Tommy. It shows him take a sip of his soda*

Little Tommy: Coooool. *Megas moves its hands to signal a job well done*

Kiva: That should take care of Giganktu.

Coop: Yeah. And Melody and Goosie are safe! *Melody smiles at Coop*

Jamie: Uh yeah. Since we destroyed that gravity stabilizer thingy, what's keeping that giant castle up? *Everyone looks up into the air. It shows the castle falling down. Kiva looks upset. The giant castle crashes onto Jersey City. The screen shakes. When the smoke clears, it shows Jersey City is destroyed. Jamie then looks at Melody.*

Jamie: So, Melody, you wanna go see a movie?

Melody: Uh, look. I just wanna go home so my parents don't freak out. So, I'm just gonna go now. *She gets out of the car.*

Jamie: Hey wait! Why don't you give me a call! *He gives Melody a piece of paper* Here's my number! *She reluctantly takes the paper.*

Melody: Yeah. Thanks. Look, I really gotta go now. *She walks away. Then she turns around and smiles* Thanks for saving me! *She leaves*

Jamie: Heh. So, you'll think she'll call? *Jamie's cellphone rings. He picks it up* That was quick! *Small pause* Oh, it's you Jenna. Yeah. Coop's here. *He gives his phone to Coop* It's for you.

Coop: Hey babe! What's up? *Small pause* Oh right your pool! Sorry about that Jenna. I had a bit of an emergency at home. My Mom’s Garden was ruined so I had to- *Coop is cut off* Wait? You were here before? When? So, what happened to my mother's garden? *Another small pause* You did? But my mom told me to take care of her garden! *Another small pause* So then my mom just wanted me to- *Coop is cut off again.* Oh. Whoohoo!!! Yeah! I feel so much better now! *Jamie and Kiva look at each other, then at Coop* You're awesome sweetheart! Yeah, I'm coming over right now! Love you too sweetheart! *Coop hangs up the phone*

Jamie: Coop...?

Coop: Hahah! So yeah! It turns out that Jenna was over my house before. She had come by to get all the vegetables. She left the rotten ones behind, so my mom just wanted me to get rid of those.

Jamie: So, you're saying that everything we all went through was for nothing!?

Kiva: Well, I wouldn't call it nothing. We did rescue a young girl and a goose.

Jamie: Oh yeah. Some happy ending this turned out to be. Can we get rid of this goose now!? She's driving me crazy! *It shows Goosie honking and pecking Jamie.* Ow! Stop it! *Coop and Kiva look at each other. They start laughing. It pans out showing all of Jersey City crushed by a giant castle.*

End credits.

*It shows Jersey City High School. It shows cheerleaders dancing and people on the bleachers. It shows Coop, Jamie, and Kiva walking past the football stadium/track as they walk back to Megas. It shows Goosie is resting in her nest. She however, opens up one eye and looks at Jamie. As they walk, a shadow appears over Jamie. He looks up to see Goosie. Jamie looks terrified. On the jumbotron, it shows lights that signify a target. It then shows that Jamie got egged on by Goosie. Everyone on the bleachers laugh. It also shows Coop and Kiva laughing. Jamie is disgruntled.*

The end.


Voice Actors

Coop: David Deluise
Jamie/Announcer: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva: Wendee Lee
Giganktu: Peter Cullen
Melody: Nicole Sullivan

Production Music Used
Night Racer - Universal Production Music
Ska'd 4 Live - Extreme Music X Series
Salute the Heroes - Universal Production Music
Late Night - Megatrax Music
Revolt - De Wolfe Music
Lullaby - CPM Music
Panther (B) - KPM Music
Spin Spin Spin - Universal Production Music
Sonata No 5 B-Major Allergo Assai - Selected Sounds
Psychomanix - Extreme Music Directors Cut
Midnight Rodeo - Universal Production Music
Sister Monique - Burton Music
The Dark (A) - KPM Music
Requiem - Non-Stop Production Music
Theme For Harp - CPM Music
Skinned Alive* - Non-Stop Production Music
Intrepid - Non-Stop Production Music
Orchestral Horror - Non-Stop Production Music
Clashing Swords - Non-Stop Production Music
They're Here - Non-Stop Production Music
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music
College Fight Song - Universal Production Music


Megas Fan
Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Hello everyone, Here is a mini-rewrite for The Last Jamie On Earth. Not much has changed on this one.

The Last Jamie on Earth.

*The episode starts in the alternate dimension. Everything is pretty much destroyed. Everyone is dead except for Alternate Jamie. It starts to rain heavily. Alternate Jamie is seen walking through a destroyed and empty city. It shows a destroyed POP TV building. There are also tombstones everywhere. One tombstone says "Goat". Another one says "Tiny". There are 2 tombstones next to each other. One says "Racheal". The other says "Micheal." Alternate Jamie comes up to the 2 graves and looks at them. He lowers his head and sheds a tear.*


*They are at an air station. Alternate Jamie is with Alternate Racheal. She looks like herself, but older and with a short ponytail. She is carrying an infant. This is Micheal. He doesn't talk but he makes baby noises.*

A.Racheal: Jamie. You can't stay here alone.

A.Jamie: I have to. I'm the only one left that can operate a mech. I have to stay back and fight the C-X100. I can give you and the other survivors time to leave this dimension.

A.Racheal: I'm not leaving without you! *The baby wants Jamie to hold him.* What about our son!? *Jamie takes the baby and holds him. The baby snuggles up to A Jamie.* He needs you!

A Jamie: No! It's too dangerous here! You have to leave! *The baby cries. Jamie comforts him. Racheal starts to cry.* I'm sorry I snapped at you. It's just that so many people have already died. Goat, Tiny, Jenna. They all died because of Coop. I don't want you to die either. *A Jamie puts his hand on her cheek.* This is our final chance to ensure the safety our universe. *A.Jamie gives A.Racheal the baby back. She holds it.* Racheal. *Jamie starts to cry* I promise you, that once this is over, everything will be all right. We can start over in a new dimension.

A Racheal: All right. * A.Jamie and A.Racheal kiss.* I love you.

A Jamie: I love you too. Now go. The C-X100 could be here at any minute. *Alternate Racheal walks away. The baby waves goodbye to Alternate Jamie. Jamie smiles and waves back. Jamie gets into his mech. They get onto the shuttle. The shuttle starts to take off. Jamie looks up at the shuttle leaving. Suddenly a laser blast hits the shuttle and it explodes. The blast hits Jamie's mech and he goes flying into a building. A.Jamie gets up. Everyone onboard is dead. Jamie is distraught.* No! NOOOOOOO! *Through the smoke a human-sized figure appears. It has evil cold eyes. It's a female woman with blonde hair, a sadistic grin, and a red jumpsuit.* You! Haven't you done enough already!?

C-X100: *Voice actor is Michelle Ruff* You are foolish to think that you could stop me Jamie Mahoney. I was created to be the most advanced weapon in the universe. I have already completed my objective of destroying any chance of survival of the human race. *A.Jamie grrs at this.* Now once I destroy you, this entire universe will be barren. Devoid of any life whatsoever. *Laughs* How does it feel Jamie! How does it feel to be the very last living being in this entire universe! *Cackles*

A Jamie: You! You monster! *A Jamie's mech fires a machine gun blast at the C-X100. The shots just deflect off her. She lets out a sadistic cackle and walks towards A Jamie's mech.* RAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! *A Jamie then fires a powerful laser blast at the C-X100. She gets hit by the blast. There are holes in her body. Her body regenerates. She grins evily showing her teeth.* What does it take to destroy you!? *A Jamie's mech charges towards the C-X100. A Jamie tries to bash her with the gun arm. However she blocks the attack with her arm. A Jamie is surprised.* Ergh! No way. *The C-X100 then grabs his mech and throws it over her. A Jamie's mech gets up and fires more shots into the C-X100. The C-X100 transforms her left arm into a particle cannon and aims at A Jamie's mech. She fires it at A Jamie. A Jamie dodges the attack. However she appears above A Jamie's mech and stomps on it sending it down to the ground. A Jamie's mech gets up. Loud banging sounds are heard. A Jamie looks up. The top part of his mech starts to come down on him. The C-X100 is on top of the mech punching it. A Jamie's mech flies into the air and crashes into a building. A Jamie's mech gets up. The C-X100 is no longer on his mech. However a laser blast hits his mech blasting it into the rubble of a building. His mech short circuits. A Jamie gets out of his mech. He looks at the C-X100 approaching him slowly.* Errrrgh!!

C-X100: And now I shall destroy the sole survivor of this universe! *The C-X100 lets out another sadistic laugh. A Jamie grabs a special gun from the cockpit of his mech.*

A Jamie: No! Coop might have taken the lives of everyone else, but I'm not going to let him take me! *A.Jamie aims at the C-X100*

C-X100: Your weapon is incapible of destroying me.

A Jamie: Heh. Who said anything about destroying you? *Jamie fires at the C-X100. She ducks and dodges the attack. However a dimensional portal opens up behind her. It sucks her in. She tries to resist but the portal is too strong.* I'm going to send you away! *The C-X100 gets sucked into the portal. The portal then shuts off.*

*Back to reality. Alternate Jamie sighs and drops a rose by their graves. He then looks up with tears in his eyes*

A Jamie: Racheal. I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise. I failed to save you. I failed to save anyone. And now because of it, I'm the only one left. But the threat of the C-X100 is not over. I couldn't destroy it, but I sent it away. It will only continue the cycle of destruction all over again. *Looks at his dimensional bazooka.* I have to stop it. I might of failed to save this reality. But I will make sure that what happens here, never happens again. *He takes out a cube from his pocket.* Racheal. Because of you, I have a chance to do just that. I won't let what happened here happen anywhere else! *Jamie fires his gun again. Another portal opens up. He jumps into it. The portal shuts down.*

*Title theme plays*

I am Jamie: Hear me Roar.

*Now we are in the normal dimension. At the Jersey City Junkyard, Kiva is working on Megas. Coop is working out by bench pressing. Jamie is leaning on Megas playing a handheld game. Atari noises are made as Jamie plays. As Kiva works on Megas, the flap thing shuts on her and hits her hand.*

Kiva: Ugh! *She looks down at Coop and Jamie.* Guys! GUYS!! Megas isn't going to repair itself! I need help! Coop! Get up here and help me!

Coop: *As he bench presses.* ERGGGH! Come on Kiva! URGGGGH! I'm kinda in the middle of working out here! REEGGGH!

Kiva: Well stop working out and help me! This is your robot afterall Coop!

Coop: What about Jamie!? He's doing nothing! URRGGGHH!

Jamie: Hey!

Kiva: Well. As long as you are doing some type of training, I'll let you continue. Jamie! Get up here now!

Jamie: No way! Have Coop!

Kiva: He's actually doing something constructive! Now let's go Jamie!

Jamie: *Mocking* Let's go Jamie! *Jamie mumbles.* Thanks alot Coop! *Jamie climbs up onto Megas. Jamie joins Kiva.* So what exactly do I got to do?

Kiva: I need you to hold this flap up while I check the internal systems. I need to check if any damage was incurred during our last fight. *She checks Megas using her scanner thing.*

Jamie: How long should this take?

Kiva: A few hours.

Jamie: What!? I'm not standing here for 3 hours holding this up! It's heavy!

Kiva: Just do it Jamie. Once this is over we can go home! *Jamie sighs. Kiva continues to check Megas.*

Coop: Ouch! *This startles Kiva and Jamie. Jamie lets go. The flap hits Kiva on the head.*

Kiva: Oww! Jamie! I told you to keep it open! *Coop is standing up and he's moving his arms. He touches his arm and winces in pain.*

Jamie: Yo dude! You ok?

Coop: I think I might of pulled a muscle!

Jamie: Let me come down and help you out! *Jamie procceeds to leave. Kiva stops him.*

Kiva: Jamie! I need you here!

Jamie: *Jamie grabs a pipe. He places it inbetween the flap, and the bottom of the openning.* There problem solved. *Jamie climbs down Megas and checks on Coop. Kiva sighs and goes back to work. Coop puts his vest back on and he drinks a big glug.*

Coop: Ahhh. Man that hit the spot! *Coop moves his arm around.*

Jamie: You all right man?

Coop: I think I'll be ok. I probably just strained my muscle. *Jamie looks at the weight Coop was lifting. Jamie whistles.*

Jamie: Man Coop. Don't you think 450 pounds is too much?

Coop: I guess I was just trying to push myself. I can do 400 no problem. *Looks at Jamie.* You know Jamie. You could use a little muscle too.

Jamie: I can't even lift up 20 pounds with one hand.

Coop: I know. That's why you need to work out so you can be like me!

Jamie: Yeah. A 360 pound slob. *Coop stares at Jamie.*

Coop: I'm just saying. Hey maybe if you work out hard enough, you might end up like that other version of Jamie I met.

Jamie: What is he like?

Coop: Well. He's everything you're not.

Jamie: Alot good that does for me. *A noise is heard.*

Kiva: Oww! Jamie! Get back up here! *Jamie mumbles. He goes up onto Megas and puts it back in.* Ugh! *Kiva goes back to work. Jamie climbs back down.*

Jamie: So Coop. You think I'll ever get to see him? *A bright flash occurs.* Woah!

Coop: What the heck!? *Static appears. Then a dimensional portal opens up. Out walks Alternate Jamie. He collapses and falls.* Hey! Alternate Jamie! *Coop goes to help him up.*

Jamie: Well. That answers my question. *Coop helps A Jamie up.*

A Jamie: Heh. Nice to see you too Coop. *Kiva comes down from Megas*

Kiva: Guys! I'm picking up a dimensional anomally and- *She looks at Alternate Jamie.* Is that Jamie!?

Coop: This is the Jamie from the alternate dimesnion!

Jamie: Woah! I look awesome! So this is what I'm gonna be when I grow up? Sweet! Racheal is gonna love this.

Coop: Jamie. He's from an alternate dimension. DIMENSION. He ain't from the future! And that means you ain't gonna look like him!

Jamie: Hey! It could happen. *Crosses his arms* Well it could! *Coop helps A Jamie to the workout bench so he can sit down. Then he gets something for A Jamie to drink. He takes it and drinks it.*

A Jamie: Ahh. Thanks Coop.

Coop: Man you look bad. What happened to you?

A Jamie: What hasn't happened to me? *Notices Jamie.* So this is what I look like in this dimension? Kinda scrawny if you ask me.

Jamie: Hey! I ain't scrawny! I'm just muscularly challanged.

Coop: So what's been going on? No wait! Don't tell me that the evil me is back! I just already fought him again!

A Jamie: Heh. I actually wish it was. No Coop. This is something worse. Far worse. I came here for help. I need you to help me destroy one of his "toys". It completely ravaged Earth in my dimesnion. And I fear that it might do the same thing here. I sent it here so you could destroy it. But you'll need my help.

Kiva: What exactly is "it"? *An explosion occurs in the distance. *A Jamie looks sad.*

A Jamie: Oh no. *A small figure leaps into the air and lands by them at the junkyard. It's the C-X100. Her hair is flowing in the wind.*

Coop: Who is this!? *The C-X100 slowly walks towards them.*

Jamie: Woah. Check her out! I wonder if she wants to see a movie or something. *A redish tint appears. It looks at both Jamie, and Alternate Jamie. The words "Target Found: JAMIE MAHONEY" appear on both of them. The C-X100 aims at our Jamie. Her arm turns into a long sword. She thrusts back.* Uh. *She charges at Jamie.*

A Jamie: Get down! *A Jamie tackles Jamie. The C-X100 misses Jamie. Both Jamie and A Jamie look at the C-X100.*

Jamie: What the heck is she!? *Both Jamie and A Jamie get up. The C-X100 runs at both of them.* aaaaaAAAAAaaaa!!!

C-X100: Raaahh! *A Jamie pushes Jamie out of the way. A Jamie gets cut in the arm. There is a cut on his arm. He looks at it. Then he looks at the C-X100. She snickers evily, and runs at A Jamie with her sword arm. She lunges at A Jamie and tries to slash him. He dodges and fights back. She tries to decapitate A Jamie but he ducks. Then she jumps into the air and tries to impale A Jamie in the face. He side steps and runs away.* Ha ha ha ha ha!!! *The C-X100 gives chase*

A Jamie: You guys get to Megas! I'll destract her! *A Jamie runs away. But the C-X100 lands in front of him.* What!? *She walks up to A Jamie. He backs up into a pile of junk. He looks behind him, then infront of him. Her sword arms turns into a giant metal claw. Her arm also gets longer. She has a sadistic grin on her face. She tries to impale A Jamie in the face. However he moves out of the way. Her hand is stuck inside the pile of junk.*

C-X100: ERRAAAGH! REAAAGGH!! *She tries to get her hand free. A Jamie runs away. She gets out and runs after A Jamie. A Jamie hides behind a pile of junk. He notices a lead pipe on the ground. He gets it and looks at the C-X100 coming his way. He comes out of hiding and smacks her in the head with the lead pipe. A metal clink is heard. Her head is turned as if she was hit. However she turns her head back to A Jamie.* Hehehahahah!! *A Jamie is surprised. She then grabs A Jamie by the neck with one hand and chokes him. Then she tosses him to the ground. A Jamie gets up. The C-X100 grabs the barbell Coop was using and holds it over her. She runs over to A Jamie and tries to strike him.* RAAAAGGH!!! *A Jamie moves out of the way. Meanwhile, Coop, Jamie, and Kiva fasten their seatbelts.*

Kiva: We have to stop that thing before it hurts Jamie!

Jamie: What are you talking about. I'm right here.

Kiva: I mean the other Jamie!

Coop: Right! Not a moment to lose! *Coop steps on the gas. Megas flies in the air. Meanwhile, the C-X100 uses the weight she is carrying to bash A Jamie with it. She swings it like a bat. Jamie ducks. He then kicks her in the back. This of course does nothing. She then turns around and tries to hit him in the stomach. He backs away. He runs away some more. She then throws the giant barbell as if it was nothing. It hurtles towards A Jamie. It hits A Jamie in the legs.*

A Jamie: ERgh! *A Jamie trips and falls down. He turns around to see the C-X100 over him. She takes the giant barbell and drops it on his chest. This pins him.* Ugh! Erggh! Rgghh! *The C-X100 cackles evily*

C-X100: You are helpless! Now I shall destroy you! *Her hand turns into a giant metal claw. And she rises it in above her.* Good bye! *The C-X100 strikes at Jamie. However a clang is heard. A Jamie closes his eyes in fear. When he opens them, he sees that Megas has blocked the attack. Megas then swipes the C-X100 away. The C-X100 goes flying into a pile of junk. Megas removes the barbell and picks A Jamie up. A Jamie gets into Megas and sits next to Kiva.*

A Jamie: Thanks.

Coop: Don't mention it. *Looks at the C-X100* So whose the chick?

A Jamie: She's an android.

Coop: An android eh? This should be easy. I mean come on! It's Megas versus some robochick from another dimension. This is a no contest! *The C-X100 gets up. She looks to see Megas who is towering over her.* Hey lady! What's your deal trying to hurt my alternate dimension's best friend!? You better cut it out or I'm gonna have to hurt you!

C-X100: I am the C-X100. I have been created with the soul purpose of eradicating all life. I will start by destroying you and your weak robot!

Coop: Weak!? Hahah. You're bringing nothing to the fight and you call me weak!? Oh I'm gonna enjoy this! *A redish tint appears. It scans Megas. The words "Target: Mecha Earth Guard Attack System" appear. Then the words "Power: 1,000,000,000rp" and "Speed: 1,500,000,000rp" appear. Lastly, the words "Threat to C-Model Type X: ABYSMAL" appear with the word Abysmal flashing."

C-X100: You're mech is nothing compared to my incredible power. You have 0% chance of survival. No matter what happens, you shall die!

Coop: Oh yeah!? Well you just keep talking with that big mouth of yours! I'm gonna shut you up!

Kiva: *Scans the C-X100* Coop wait! Her power is off the charts! I've never detected a reading like this before! She's more than just an android! Don't underestimate her!

Coop: Chill out! I got this! *Megas cracks its knuckles. Then Megas bends down and points to the C-X100* Listen pal. You better leave or I'm gonna pound you!

C-X100: Surrender? To you!? *She laughs maniaclly* Don't make me laugh! *Coop gets angry*

Coop: All right! You asked for it! But don't say I didn't warn you! *Megas gets up and goes to punch the C-X100*

A Jamie: Coop don't! *Megas punches the C-X100. However she grabs the giant fist blocking the attack.*

Coop: Wha!? *The C-X100 punches the fist. It has enough force to send Megas flying into the air. Megas lands on a junk pile flattening it. Megas gets back up.* What the heck happened!?

Jamie: You got upstaged by an android chick! *Jamie laughs. Megas gets back up and looks at the C-X100*

Coop: So you wanna play rough do ya? Fine by me! *Megas opens up to reveal many blasters.*

A Jamie: Coop! This isn't going to work!

Coop: What!?

A Jamie: It doesn't matter what you do to her! She's survive it!

Coop: Guess I'll just have to find out then huh! *Megas fires a huge barrage of blasts at the C-X100. She gets hit alot and backs up. Her body is filled with holes. She gets hit so much that the area around her is smoking. Megas stops firing at the C-X100.* Hahahaha! Now let's see her get up from that! *When the smoke clears, we see the C-X100 standing. There is a huge hole in her left eye. Her right eye is red. She looks at her body to see the damage that was done to her.* No way! There ain't no way she could survive that!

Jamie: Apparently she did. *The C-X100's body repairs itself.*

Kiva: *Scans* Coop, her body is composed of regenitive metallic alloy. She can repair herself indefinatly!

C-X100: *Cackles* You cannot win! I am far superior to your robot! I cannot simply be destroyed in such a weak and trival matter!

Coop: Trival! *Megas puts its arms together. The hands go inside.* How is this for trivial! *Megas charges up and prepares to fire.*

A Jamie: Coop! That's enough! It's not going to work!

Coop: Yes it will! Now shield your eyes! This might get a little bright! *Megas fires a huge blast at the C-X100. A huge flash occurs. Coop, Jamie, A Jamie, and Kiva are wearing sunglasses.* Wooo! Now that's a bright light! *When the light returns to normal, there is nothing but a smoldering pile of rubble and smoke.* All right! See! I told you I could take her down. *Kiva does a scan*

Kiva: Her energy signal is still active! You didn't stop her Coop! *Her body slowly gets up. She now looks like a metal skeleton from the Terminator Series. She looks at her body, then at Megas.*

Jamie: Woah. *The android starts to go into convuljoions. It shakes violently. Her body gains more liquid metal. Then it slowly transforms back into the C-X100. It looks at Megas.*

C-X100: Pathetic! Now I shall show you why I am the ultimate weapon! *The C-X100 runs up to Megas and leaps in the air. Coop and Jamie look on terrified. The C-X100 kicks Megas in the top part of the chest. Megas goes reeling back. The C-X100 goes down to the foot of Megas and uses her strength to push Megas down. Megas lands on it's back. Coop sees the C-X100 leap into the air. Both of her arms turn into particle cannons. They charge up and fire a blast at Megas.*

Coop: Woah! *Megas gets out of the way. Megas gets up and looks at the C-X100 who is standing on a pile of junk.* What the heck is she made out of!?

A Jamie: She's made from the strongest materials in the universe. She was created by you.

Coop: Me!? Oh wait. You mean the evil me! *A Jamie nods.* Heh. I should of known!

C-X100: I'm going to take extreme pleasure in destroying the human race a 2nd time! It is what my creator would want!

Coop: Oh yeah!? Well your creator is a hampster and he smells of elderberries! *Megas fires a wave of missiles at the C-X100. She jumps on the missiles as if they were stepping stones to get to Megas. Coop looks on in disbelief. She grabs one of the shoulder blades of Megas. She takes Megas down. Then the C-X100 picks up Megas and chucks him into the city. People run for their lives. Megas lands in the road destroying a few buildings. Megas gets back up. The C-X100 is leaping from building to building to get to Megas. She sees Megas and she leaps into the air. Her feet have rocket boosters on them. She speeds up and flies into Megas.* Woah! *Megas and the C-X100 go flying. The scene shifts to an office building where people are working. From the window it goes Megas and the C-X100 flying by. Outside, the C-X100 pushes Megas into a building. The building falls on Megas.* Everyone all right?

A Jamie: For now we are.

Kiva: Look out! *The C-X100 has a giant POP TV metal transmission tower and throws it at Megas. Megas catches it. However the C-X100 tries to push the tower into Megas. Megas struggles to keep it from impaling Megas.*

Coop: Cut it out! *Megas throws the tower away. The C-X100 drops down and trips Megas. Megas lands on it's stomach this time. The C-X100 bends Megas's leg to the point of breaking. Megas is also electrocuting.* Hey!

Jamie: Get her off! GET HER OFF! *A missile is fired from the foot of Megas. It hits the C-X100. She goes flying into a building. It falls on her. Megas gets back up.*

Coop: Now what!?

A Jamie: We retreat for now!

Coop: But that thing!

Kiva: He's right Coop. We aren't at full strength. We need to retreat and get to a place where she can't cause anymore damage to the city. *The C-X100 gets up. Her body is nearly split in half. She repairs herself and looks at Megas.*

Coop: Man she's a freak!

A Jamie: Let's go Coop! We don't have much time!

Coop: Right! *Megas flies though the city. The C-X100 jumps into the air and flies after Megas.*

Jamie: She's following us!

Coop: Not for long! *Megas turns around and fires blasts at the C-X100. The C-X100 just takes the hits and keeps going. Coop grrs. Megas turns around and flies away. The C-X100's arms transform into giant laser cannons and fire at Megas.* Woah! *Megas dodges the blasts. Both Megas and the C-X100 fly. The C-X100 keeps firing at Megas. Megas keeps dodging. The C-X100 then speeds up and gets closer to Megas.*

Kiva: She's gaining on us! *The C-X100 keeps chasing Megas. Coop looks behind him to see the C-X100 gain on him.*

Jamie: Coop! Airplane! *Coop turns around to see the Airplane coming for him. Inside the two pilots look on in fear.*

Coop: Woah! *Megas flies over the airplane. Coop, and the two pilots wipe their forehead. However the pilots get worried again as the C-X100 heads for the plane. The plane crashes into the C-X100.* Hahah! All right! We lost her! *Jamie looks behind him.*

Jamie: Spoke too soon Coop! *The C-X100 is now after them again. She's on top of the plane. She put her hands into the plane. She's controlling the plane now. The two pilots get out and parachute to safety. She transforms into liquid metal and merges with the plane. The plane transforms into an F-15 fighter jet. It fires heat seeking missiles at Megas.* Coop can't Megas go faster!? That thing is gonna kill us! *The missles close in. Megas tries to shake them off. The misslies keep coming.*

Kiva: Coop, they're locked onto to our heat! We need to a stronger heat source to divert them!

Coop: Heat source huh? I got just the thing! *Megas turns around. Megas aims an arm at the C-X100. The hand goes inside. Megas fires a flaming 8-ball at the C-X100. The 8-ball goes between the missiles. The missiles slow down and turn around. The flaming 8-ball hits the C-X100, followed by the missiles. It's enough to send her crashing into a bunch of buildings. The buildings topple over her. When the smoke clears, a metal hand is seen.* So, is she!?

A Jamie: Not a chance. She's going into recover mode! We have to get out of here and make repairs on Megas!

Coop: But I don't like hiding!

Kiva: We technically don't have a choice Coop. Let's go. *Megas powers up and flies away from Jersey. Now they are on an private island where no one is. It's also night time. Kiva is making repairs on Megas. A Jamie is bandaging himself up on his arm. Jamie is just relaxing. Coop is also helping Kiva.* It's gonna be awhile before Megas fully recovers. But if I keep working, it should be done in a couple of hours.

Coop: Man! I should be going after her! Not hiding from it!

Kiva: Coop. Megas isn't strong enough to take her down! It's obvious your evil counterpart created her to be stronger than Megas!

Coop: Don't worry. Sooner or later she's going down! Then you can return home with your friends Jamie! *A Jamie looks down sadly.*

A Jamie: I'm afraid that's not possible.

Coop: Why not!?

A Jamie: *Turns to Coop* Because. Everything. Everyone. In my universe is dead. *Coop is surprised.*

Coop/Jamie: What!?

A Jamie: I'm the only survivor from my dimension.

Kiva: How!? What happened!?

A Jamie: I don't even know where to begin. But it all started after we defeated Coop in our dimesnion.


*The following occurs in the flashback. Evil Coop and Evil Kiva get stuck inbetween dimesnions. Glorft mechs start rebuilding the world. An army of zaku mechs start firing upon the city and destroying stuff. Glorft mechs fight back. A glorft mech punches a zaku mech down. Then a glorft mech fires at a Zaku mech destroying it. A zaku mech aims at a glorft mech, then shifts its aim to some innocent children and fires upon them. Off-screen, they are murdered. At Evil Coop's fortress, there are small droids working on stuff. They are building small humanoid androids. A assembly droid puts an energy cube into a big android with sunglasses. The android wakes up. The city then is in flames. There are multiple androids attacking the city. An andoid with springs on its feet attacks the city. It smashes and crushes buildings by kicking them. A glorft mech fights with it. However it kicks the mech. It crashes into a building. 3 other mechs shoot at it destroying it. Another android with sunglasses appears and shoots lasers into buildings destroying them. A little girl and her baby brother fall and trip. The android aims at them and fires. A glorft mech gets in the way and protects them. The Glorft mech then swings at the android. The android gets knocked into a building. He gets up and fires lasers from its eyes into the mech. The android then grabs part of a building and slams it onto the mech. Another mech comes from behind and grabs the android. The mech crushes its body. Yet another android whose hair is in dreadlocks uses its hair as spider legs. It crawls along the ground. It takes its hair and smashes it into buildings. Some of the androids hair aims at stuff and fires blasts at them. Glorft mechs fire upon the android. The android uses its hair to shield itself. It also fires upon the mechs. A few mechs are destroyed. A Jamie in his mech, runs up to the android and bashes it. It's hair is still protecting him. Then part of the hair grabs A Jamie's mech and throws it. A small device is thrown at the android. It explodes and shorts out the android. At Evil Coop's old fortress, a bunch of Glorft mechs appear and storm the area. Zaku Mechs defend the area. A Jamie's mech bashes a few. More glorft mechs bash stuff. A Zaku mech ensnares a mech with metal wires. Glorft mechs try to reach the mech to free it. However Zaku mechs fire upon them. A Jamie's mech comes and breaks the wires off. Meanwhile in Evil Coop's fortress, there is a room with a monitor. On the screen is a timer that counts up. The screen says "Time of Coop inactivity: 364:23:59:50". It counts all the way up to "365:00:00:00". Then the screen flashes. A capsule in the room opens up. Steam comes out of the capsule. Through the steam, evil red eyes are shown. Back outside, the Glorft mechs are fighting with Zaku mechs. A huge explosion occurs. All of the mechs are destroyed except for Alternate Jamie's. He looks on in terror as a small female android looks at his mech. It then shows various images of the C-X100 murdering and killing people. Racheal, who is a scientist gives Jamie a device. He looks at it. Racheal and her son get onto the shuttle and it flies away. Unfortunatly, the C-X100 fires a blast at the shuttle completely destroying it along with everyone inside. A Jamie looks on in terror.*

A Jamie: Coop's demise should of ended the war. But it was only the beginning. Coop's drones continued to attack us even in his absence. They became more agressive, ruthless, violent. They even went out of their way to hurt innocent bystanders in order to flush us out. We soon discovered that Coop set his fortress to create an endless wave of drones to destroy us should something happen to him. If he couldn't win, than neither could we. We'd fight countless wars against Coop's robots. But Coop's evil went even further. Soon his fortress began creating androids with the same power of our mechs. They too were programmed only for destruction. We fought the androids at every turn, the casualties were too great. Hundreds, even throusands would die everyday due to he fighting. The only way for us to truely win this war, was to destroy every last evidence of Coop's twisted mind. I lead a final assult on his fortress. It was heavily guarded. We fought them all to the bitter end. There was no retreating. Either we won, or die. Unfortunatly, Coop had another surprise in store. He secretly worked on another android. A weapon so powerful, it could destroy an entire universe. It was programmed to activate in one year of Coop's dissapearance. And unfortunatly for us, it was zero hour. Upon activation, it destroyed Coop's fortress, and everyone near it. By some curel twist of fate, I was the only survivor. When reading the data I found on the C-X100, I learned it's horrible nature. It was built to destroy all life in the universe. It went on a horrible murderous rampage. No weapon could stop it, and no one was safe. In our last effort to save our universe, we took all remining survivors and had them come to your dimension. But it was all in vain. The C-X100 destroyed the last survivors.

*Back to reality*

A Jamie: And now it's up to me, to make sure it never happens again. *He takes out a cube* Using this. *Shows it to Coop.* It's the only thing that could completely obliterate her.

Coop: Why didn't you use it before!? You could of destroyed her!

A Jamie: I tried too. But she destroyed my mech. That's why I brought her here. Megas is compatible with the device. Once I put it into the fusion core, it should be enough to overload her systems. *A Jamie sighs* If I was only fast enough. I could of saved them. I lost everything. My friends, family, *He lowers his head and his voice breaks down.* My wife and child.

Jamie: Wait a minute! In an alternate dimension, I'm married? And I have a son!? Sweet!

A Jamie: Not anymore. They were both murdered by the C-X100. I'll never forgive myself for letting her kill Racheal! *He starts to cry.*

Jamie: Wait! You mean me!? And Racheal!? But she hates me and...Dude!

A Jamie: When Kiva left with you, I was distraught. My best friend Racheal however was there for me. When you turned evil, we became the top generals to fight against you. While I lead the army, she was the head scientist. She was a brillant mind. After your defeat, we got married. We even had a son. It was the happiest time of my life. But then it all came crashing down. *Looks at Coop.* And it's all your fault.

Coop: Me!?

A Jamie: If you had never created that monstrosity, then the human race might be saved. Now they're all gone. *Grabs Coop by the shirt.* Don't you get it!? EVERYONE IS DEAD! I'M THE ONLY ONE LEFT!

Coop: Woah! Easy! Calm down! Calm down!

A Jamie: *Let's go.* I'm sorry. It just boggles my mind how you could have turned completely evil, destroy everything, and cause the end to the nearly all life in the universe.*

Coop: Yeah I know. I hate myself too. *To A Jamie* What about Jenna? *A Jamie looks at Coop, then lowers his head.*

A Jamie: I don't think you want to know.

Coop: I kinda know already. Is it true? Did I really? *A Jamie sadly nods.* Dang. So! What did your dimension's Jenna look like!?

A Jamie: If it's any indication of what you look like and what our coop looks like, then no doubt our Jenna is 200 pounds lighter than your Jenna.

Coop: Ohh....*All of a sudden we hear explosions and stuff and we see Megas looks in the distance to see Jersey City getting destroyed.* Oh no!

Kiva: *Scans* It's the C-X100! It's recovered!

Jamie: Yeah and it's back to normal too!

Kiva: It's trying to destroy the city to get our attention!

Coop: I've got to stop her! *Coop steps on the gas and revs up the engine.*

A Jamie: No! Megas isn't ready to fight yet! We have to stay here!

Coop: No way! I'm tired of running from this crazy psychotic andoid chick! First she kills Jamie's alternate reality wife, then she destroys Jamie's dimension! Everyone might be gone in your reality, but I'm not gonna let it happen here! I'm ending this now! *Megas flies into the air and heads for Jersey City. At Jersey City, the C-X100 is destroying stuff. People run away in terror. Little Tommy is watching as he sees the C-X100 lift up a car. She then throws it into another car.*

Little Tommy: Cooolll.... *He drinks his soda. *The C-X100 then lifts up a building and attempts to throw it.*

Coop: Put the bulding down chump! *The C-X100 turns around and looks at Megas.*

C-X100: If you insist! *The C-X100 throws the building at Megas. Megas goes down.*

Coop: Hey! You did that on purpose! *Megas gets back up.*

C-X100: I knew you'd come once I started destroying the city. Now I shall destroy the city along with you in it! Then I'll destroy everyone in this entire universe! *Laughs sadistically*

A Jamie: Stall her for now! I'm going to put this into the fusion core! *A Jamie opens the hatch and goes down in Megas. Back outside, the C-X100 dives into Megas. Megas goes back. A Jamie falls down from the ladder. He grabs on by a hand. He regains his footing and keeps climbing down. A Jamie goes down and walks through Megas. Megas shakes about and A Jamie gets thrown around inside. Back outside, Megas goes crashing into buildings. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva look at the C-X100. She grabs Megas by the leg and smashes Megas into a building. A Jamie is walking on a bridge. He trips and falls. He however grabs onto the ledge and hoists himself back up. Back outside, Megas lands on it's back. The C-X100 jumps on Megas. A Jamie falls on the bridge.* Man Coop! By stalling I didn't mean let her beat you!

Coop: Hey she won't let up!

Jamie: Look out! *A blast is fired at Megas. Megas jumps out of the way. The C-X100 grabs Megas by the back engines and throws it into a building. The C-X100 then lands on the chest of Megas and grabs one of the fingers. She pulls up with enough force to rip out the arm. It does a triple screen of Megas getting its arm pulled off. The socket is electrocuting.* Dude! She ripped your robots arm off! RIGHT OFF! *Megas gets up. It only has one arm. Megas points at the C-X100 with it's only arm*

Coop: You're gonna pay for that! *The C-X100 smacks Megas with its other arm. This causes A Jamie to trip and fall. He drops the cube.*

A Jamie: No! *He manages to grab it in time before it falls down a hole.* Come on Coop! Just a little bit more! *The C-X100 smacks Megas with its own arm again. Then she throws the arm at Megas. It slaps Megas in the face area.*

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: Aahhhh!! *She turns both arms into particle cannons and aim at Megas. She charges up and fires a full power blast at Megas. Megas goes flying into multiple buildings. A Jamie stumbles inside. He however manages to get into the fusion core. He throws the device in. Back outside. Megas falls down on some buildings. The C-X100 is standing on Megas. She lets out a sadistic grin as she aims at the car.*

Kiva: Coop we can't do anymore. We have to evacuate.

Jamie: Yeah! Let's get out of here!

Coop: Not yet! The other Jamie is still inside! *Megas tries to get up but can't.*

C-X100: *Cackles* And now with your destruction, I'll destroy the human race all over again! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! *Her arm turns into a giant mallet. She raises her arm into the air and comes down onto the car.* RAAAAAGGGGHHHH! *However Megas takes its other arm and blocks the attack.* What!?

Coop: Huh? *On the monitor it shows energy readout at 100%*

Kiva: We're back to full power! *A Jamie opens the hatch and comes up. He is back in the back seat.*

Jamie: What happened!?

A Jamie: I put the energy accellerator into the fusion core! Now Coop! Give her everything you got! *Megas smacks the C-X100 off of her. Megas gets up. The chest of Megas opens up. Out comes the entire fusion core.* Now! Overload her!

Coop: Right! *Coop presses a button. The core fires an electic charge into the C-X100. She screams in pain. The liquid metal melts from her body turning her into an android skeleton. Her body shorts out and starts to break down. Her entire body disintergates. She let's out a blood curdling scream before she dissapears completely.* Megas looks around to see if she's still there.* Is she?

Kiva: *Smiles* Her energy signal is gone. You did it Coop! You destroyed her!

Coop: Haha! All right! Rock on! *Coop and Jamie do the rock on pose. Then Coop and Alternate Jamie do the rock on pose. Now back at the junkyard. Kiva works on the arm of Megas.*

Kiva: Well we should be able to fix the arm in a few hours. Luckily that was the only thing damaged.

A Jamie: Thank you Coop. If it wasn't for your help, then the C-X100 would still be active, going around countless dimesnions destroying everyone and everything.

Coop: No problem! So what are you gonna do now? Wanna come have lunch with us?

A Jamie: I don't know what I'm going to do. It's pointless for me to go back home. My dimension is nothing but an empty universe. I have nothing back there.

Coop: Then stay here with us!

Jamie: Yeah! You could live with me! *Kiva comes down to join them.*

A Jamie: I can't. I don't have anything here either. But the plane of existance has an infinite number of realities. Each with their own Coop, Jamie, and Kiva. The possibilities of what happened in my universe could happen again in another universe. *Takes his dimensional bazooka.* That's why I decided to travel to every alternate reality, and ensure that what happened in my reality, never happens again. I couldn't save my Racheal. But if I can save the billions of Racheals I meet, then at least my life will still have purpose. *A Jamie goes to leave. Coop stops him*

Coop: You don't got to do this alone pal! Let me come! I'll use Megas and-

Kiva: Coop! We still have our own problems! You can't just go into countless dimensions fighting who knows what!

A Jamie: Kiva's right. Last I recall, you haven't defeated the Glorft yet. This is something I need to do on my own. *A Jamie takes his portal gun and opens another dimensional portal.* Perhaps another day we'll see each other again. But for now, farewell my friends. *A Jamie enters the portal. The portal closes.*

Kiva: So that's Jamie in an alternate dimension. I feel so sorry for him.

Coop: Yeah I know. He lost everyone he cared about.

Kiva: I guess all we can do is wish him luck.

Coop: *Stomach growls* Hey I'm hungry! Let's go get some- *They see Jamie doing push ups.* Uh what are you doing?

Jamie: If I start working out now, maybe in a few years I'll be brave and strong like that other Jamie or even you. *Both Coop and Kiva look at each other and start to laugh*

Coop: Yeah right! Like that will ever happen.

Kiva: Come one Jamie. We like you the way you are.

Jamie: Just wait in a few years and then I'll marry Racheal! *Jamie continues to do push-ups and Coop and Kiva look on.*

End Credits: Jamie continues to do push ups.

The End


Coop: David Deluise
Jamie/A Jamie: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva/Micheal: Wendee Lee
C-X100: Michelle Ruff
A.Racheal: Daniel Harris

Production Music Used

Through the Rubble* - Megatrax The Scene
Mallecaous Mallficirum - KPM Music
Consuming Fire - Non-Stop Production Music
Requiem - Non-Stop Production Music
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music
Orchestral Horror - Non-Stop Production Music
Ro-Sham-Bo - Extreme Music X Series
Epic Movie Adventures 2 - De Wolfe Music
Air Check - Extreme Music X Series
Uranium 236 - De Wolfe Music
Night of the Plague - PKM Music
Lost Soul* Non-Stop Production Music
Legions of Doom - Non-Stop Production Music
Wrath of Bob - Non-Stop Production Music
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
Ultimate Menace - Non-Stop Production Music


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