Megas XLR Episode idea scripts. (PG)


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Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Hey everyone, it's been a REALLY REALLY long time.

No I'm not dead, just moved to other pastures, but I am back. I wrote up a few new episodes (and went back and rewrote a bunch of old ones because they were really garbage) Since this is my topic I started, I should be able to revive it right? RIGHT!?

But I digress. Here is a rewrite for the Great Mega-Slush Robbery

The Great Mega-Slush robbery.

*The episode starts on a frozen planet similar to the ones the cryohoks lived on. There are small purple skinned aliens that resemble the Kraho in Ben 10 Omniverse. They all look up in the sky to see a giant green war ship over them. They talk amongst themselves. Suddenly a bay door opens up from the underside of the ship. Out come 4 giant towers which impale themselves to the ground. Later a laser beam is fired from the ship and they see the beam traveling from one beacon to another. The aliens get angry and hold out spears. They go to one of the beacons and try to impale it but their spears are weak. Soon a few aliens riding giant bear like aliens come by. The bear aliens roar and begin to push one of the towers. The tower starts to lean over. From the ship Cerulean solders come down and enter tank mode. They head to one of the towers and begin firing upon the aliens. The aliens scatter away. Some go towards the robots and throw their spears at them, but they bounce off. This causes them to transform into their robot mode. It does a triple screen of the robots transforming. They begin attacking the aliens. One tries to ram a robot but it smacks the bear alien away with an arm. As the Ceruleans and these purple skinned aliens fight, the beam reaches the third beacon and heads to the fourth. The purple skinned aliens try to take out the last beacon, but then another robot comes down. It transforms into its robot mode. It's Dralig. He lets out a sinister grin, then aims at the aliens blasting them away. Dralig then turns to see the 4th beacon get hit. The chunk of land begins to get extracted from the planet. The purple aliens retreat and get off the area of land being lifted. They look up to see their village being extracted from the planet. They all look sad. The area of land is put into the ship. The ship then takes off. Inside, Dralig heads to his chair where he sits and smiles at another successful extraction. Another door opens and a robot enters and salutes him*

Dralig: Status report.

Advisor: *Voice actor is Corey Burton* We were able to successfully extract another chunk of ice. The water it should provide our coolant systems should last us a few most. *

Dralig: We would not be in this situation if it were not for that accursed guardian. We were fortunate enough to survive our last encounter, rebuild our ship and soon, we will find a new planet to call our home. Now, should our paths ever cross again, I will personally see to it that he pays dearly. *To his advisor* Locate the next planet with ice reserves and head there. *As he works the giant computer, another robot enters and talks to the advisor. The advisor nods*

Advisor: Sir! About....the guardian. We have intel that might interest you.

Dralig: Have you now?

Advisor: Yes. We have discovered his location of origin! *He works the computer. It shows the planet Earth. * He resides here on the planet Earth!

Dralig: *Looks and strokes his chin* Hmm....not much ice. Would probably last us at least 3 deca-cycles. I suppose it will do.

Advisor: That's not all. We discovered something else! *He works the computer again. It zooms in on Earth and shows Jersey City. It shows Coop on Megas drinking a Mega-Slush. A green square targets the slush and analyzes it*

Dralig: What is that?

Advisor: It appears to be some kind of super-coolant! We were able to acquire a sample from one of our scouting drones! After analyzing it we discovered that even a small drop can keep our coolant systems working for eons!

Dralig: Is that so? *Smiles* How fitting it is that this super coolant resides on the same planet that the guardian hails from. I think it's time to repay the favor. Set a course for Earth! Soon we will no longer need to hunt for ice. We will have all the ice we need.

Advisor: At once my liege. *He works the computer. the giant ship then turns and heads towards Earth*

Dralig: An eye for an eye guardian. An eye for an eye.

*Title screen plays*

The Great Mega-Slush robbery.

*The scene is now Jersey City. A robot that looks like Blitzwing from Transformers Animated goes flying into a bunch of buildings. He looks up to see Megas stand before him. Coop is cracking his knuckles which causes Megas to do the same. Coop has a smug grin. The robot gets up and fires at Megas. However, the attack misses Megas. Coop and Jamie look at each other and grin. Megas then punches the robot in the face hard. It falls down. Megas then steps on the robot crushing it. Megas moves its hands to signal a job well done. Both Coop and Jamie laugh. *

Coop: Oh man! Did you see the way I handled that guy!?

Jamie: Yeah! He couldn't even touch you!

Coop: I'm telling you guys. This whole saving the world thing is getting easier and easier! *Coop and Jamie do the rock on pose thingy. *

Kiva: Well as successful as you were, would it kill you to at least try to keep the city in one piece? *It pans out showing the city destroyed. Sound of an engine vrooming is heard*

Coop: Sorry Kiva. Force of habit.

Jamie: Hey Coop. Know what would make this victory even sweeter? If we had a nice.

Coop: Uhhahahaha

Jamie: Tall *Coop tongue is hanging out*

Coop: Hahahah!

Jamie: Frosty!


Jamie: Mega-Slush!

Coop: Daaah!! *He drools on the console*

Kiva: Coop watch out! You'll short circuit the control panel!

Coop: I hear they got the new bubble gum flavor down at the Speedy Mart by corner drive!

Jamie: No kidding? I've been wanting to try that flavor out forever. I hear they put actual gum in the drink.

Coop: Well. I know where we're going next! *Megas walks over the other way to the Speedy Mart. Along it way it smashes cars and stuff. People get out of their cars and shake their fists at Megas. At the Speedy Mart, Coop is upset. * What!? What do you mean you're out of Mega-Slush!?

Clerk: *Voice is Greg Eagles* Sorry Coop. The machines are out of order. They've been overworked for the past 3 days.

Coop: What!?

Clerk: Man, it's been over 90 degrees for 3 days! I've had lines out the door! I'm sorry Coop but it's out of commission until it gets fixed. The repairman should be coming later this afternoon around 5. *Coop looks at the watch. It's 2:30 PM*

Jamie: I guess we could try uncle Tony's. But it's on the other side of the city.

Coop: Oooh! Good Idea. *As they walk out it shows a tv with the news on. *

Newscaster: *Voice actor is Kevin Michael Richardson* And in other news, strange seismic activity has been occurring near the edges of Jersey City. While seismologists are puzzled at this recent development, there have been unconfirmed reports of a strange pillar of light moving near the vicinity of the seismic activity along with what appears to be 4 strange towers. *Outside, the gang are by one of the legs of Megas. *

Coop: All right! Next stop! Uncle Tony's!

Kiva: You do realize that this is pointless, correct? *Small pause*

Coop: What do you mean?

Kiva: You installed a food replicator in Megas! You could get a mega-slush anytime you wanted!

Coop: *Smiles* Oh yeah. Forgot about that. *Coop goes up to the leg and presses a button* Megas-Slush: 49 ounces! Flavor: Bubble gum! Make it 2 of em! *The compartment on Magas’s leg produces 2 Mega-Slushies, the liquid is yellow in color. He gives one to Jamie, they smack their cups together and proceed to drink. * Ahhh! *A sound of a kid crying is heard. Coop looks to see 2 kids sitting on the sidewalk. One is Little Tommy. He looks upset. A blond-haired boy is with him and he is crying. 2 Slushie's then dangle in front of the kids. They look up. * Here you go kids! On the house! *They stand up and grab the slushies. They both drink and smile*

Little Tommy: Cooooool.

Kid: *Voice actor is Wendee Lee* Thank you mister! *They walk away happily. Coop smiles*

Jamie: Dude, why are you giving Mega-Slushies away!? You should have made them pay for it!

Coop: Come on Jamie. That ain't cool.

Jamie: It's 90 degrees outside, the only Mega-slush place in the area is out of order, and you have an 80-foot robot that can create any food item with a push of a button! I say we take full advantage of this.

Kiva: Jamie. Megas isn't to be used in some money-making scheme!

Jamie: It's not a scheme. Just think of it as a legitimate business opportunity! *Kiva raises an eyebrow. The scene then shifts to Coop's house. There is a line of people by a table. Megas is next to them standing proudly. Jamie is sitting at a table. He is wearing sunglasses and next to him is a metal box. There is a sign that reads "Mega-Slush: $10.99. A man in a business suit is up next and he reads the sign. *

Phil: *Voice actor is Jeff Bennett* 11 dollars for a slushie!? That's highway robbery! I could get a slushie at half the price at Uncle Tony's!

Jamie: You could do that, but then you'll have to drive all the way across the city spending time and money, not to mention gas since it's a pretty long drive. Or you could just pay right here for a nice tall slushie right now. *As Jamie talks, it shows a beam cutting through the city in the background. No one seems to notice it yet. *

Phil: I guess you're right. What flavors you got?

Jamie: You name it, we make it!

Phil: Fine. Give me a Banana Pina Colada! *Pays Jamie*

Jamie: You got it! One Banana Pina Colada Mega-Slush coming up! *Coop hears this and has Megas create the slush as requested. Kiva just facepalms and shakes her head. Coop gives the slushie to the man and he drinks. He smiles*

Phil: Hmm....not bad! *He walks away. Jamie counts the money he has and puts it in the box. The box is stuffed with cash*

Jamie: Man. I love the free market. *Goat is next up to order*

Goat: 11 bucks for a slushie? What kind of racket are you running man? Don't I get like a friend discount or something?

Jamie: Sorry Goat. It wouldn't be fair for the other paying customers. 11 bucks.

Goat: Geez! *Pays Jamie. Coop then comes with a green slushie. Goat drinks it and walks away. Jamie counts the money and puts in the box. *

Jamie: Another satisfied customer! *Jamie looks at Coop and Kiva and does the rock on pose while pointing to the box of cash. Coop smiles while Kiva sighs, meanwhile on the Pulaski Skyway, it shows several cars driving into Jersey City. They are at a pay toll. As they stop, a beam cuts across the skyway destroying the toll booth. People yell and complain how they can't pay now. Above, it shows Dralig's ship as he watches on a map the beam's path. His advisor comes in*

Advisor: Sir. The cutter laser has should be reaching the 3rd within the hour! It should only take several more for the area to be completely extracted!

Dralig: And the guardian?

Advisor: No sign of him at the moment!

Dralig: Good. Best not to get his attention yet. We'll deal with him in due time. But first we should extract this area. Then we should have all the coolant we need. *It shows the beam cutting through the ocean and heading to the next portion of the city. Back at the gang. It shows Coop giving a purple slushie to a woman wearing blue and yellow (She's cameo'd in various things including battle royale & Terminate Her). She walks away. Jamie counts the money and stuffs it into the box*

Jamie: Pleasure doing business with you! *To Coop* Dude. We've already made over 1,000 dollars!

Coop: Nice!

Jamie: I knew this was a good idea. I figure we could split the profits 50/50 between us.

Coop: What about Kiva?

Jamie: *Looks at Kiva who has taken out her portable scanner and is scanning the area* What about her? She didn't do anything. So, she gets jack squat. So. What are you gonna do with your share of the money?


*The music "Tippsy Trippsy" plays. It shows Coop driving up with gold plated rims. The sound of a car horn is heard. It then shows Goat and Tiny look at the car*

Goat: Nice tires man!

Tiny: Looking good Coop!

Coop: Hahah! *Drives off*

*Back to reality. Kiva walks up to them*

Kiva: If you two are done using Megas as your personal meal ticket, we need to go and check something out. I'm picking up strange seismic activity nearby. It doesn't appear to be a natural occurrence either.

Jamie: What's that supposed to mean?

Kiva: I'm not sure but whatever it is, it’s moving in a straight line, then changing direction. This could be the Glorft up to something.

Jamie: Can it wait? I've got customers! *It shows a line of people with their wallets holding money to pay for a slushie*

Kiva: You can stay here if you want. We don't need you to come along.

Jamie: But I kinda need Megas since it has the food replicator on it, and I don't want to haul the one in Coop's basement up here either.

Coop: Come on Jamie. I'm sure they probably fixed the Mega-Slush machine at the Speedy Mart by now anyway.

Jamie: Yeah. I guess you're right. *Jamie puts up a sign that says "Closed". The patrons groan. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are now in the car on top of Megas. *

Kiva: It seems whatever the tremor is, it’s moving in another direction. It also appears to be concentrated in a small area. As if someone or something is controlling it.

Jamie: Well, let's find out what it is so we can smash it and I can get back to making money. *Megas flies away and heads for the seismic area. *

Coop: So, any ideas what we're supposed to be looking for?

Kiva: I'm not sure. Just be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. *Jamie looks and points to a giant laser traveling along the ground by them*

Jamie: I'd say that giant laser cutting through the ground is out of the ordinary. *They see the giant laser near them cutting the ground up. *

Coop: Hey....wait a minute! Something about this seems familiar. *Small pause*

Kiva: The Ceruleans!

Coop: You mean them ice stealing chumps are here!? I thought we destroyed them when I blew up their planet.

Kiva: Apparently, they survived. But why are they trying to extract Jersey City? There isn't any ice here for them to use.

Jamie: Maybe they found out that Coop lives here and wanted revenge.

Coop: Wouldn't be the first time that's happened.

Kiva: Even if that were the case, there is still no point as there is barely any ice in Jersey City. Anyway, we better put a stop to this. There's an extraction beacon up ahead!

Coop: Right! *Megas flies towards the extraction beacon. Aboard the ship, a red dot blinks*

Advisor: Sir! The guardian is approaching the 3rd beacon!

Dralig: Hm. So much for being discreet. I guess we should give him a warm welcome. Have all available units engage! We are going to extract this area and there is nothing that the guardian can do to stop us! *The ship bay doors open and out come multiple solders in their tank form. They transform into robot mode and fly towards Megas. In Megas. Multiple blips show up on the monitor*

Kiva: They've been expecting us! Coop be careful!

Coop: Don't worry. I got this! *The robots fire upon Megas. Megas dodges. Megas goes up to one of the robots and knees it in the stomach. Then turn the robot around and rips the robots arms off. Megas then throws its remains at another robot. They fire more shots at Megas. Megas fires its fist at a bunch destroying them all. * Hahah! *Some Ceruleans that were already on the ground transform into tank mode and aim at Megas. They fire rounds at Megas. Megas gets hit. * Woah!

Jamie: Ahhh! *Coop looks at the Ceruleans on the ground. Megas comes down and lands. Megas grabs one of the tanks by their gun turret and swings it into another. Both explode. The remaining ceruleans transform into robots and fire upon Megas. Megas opens up and fires missiles at the robots destroying them. Meanwhile the laser beam continues to travel through the city. It destroys a POP TV billboard and is edging closer to the beacon. *

Kiva: Coop! We don't have time to deal with them! The beam is going to hit the beacon soon! *Coop looks at the beacon. He goes to it and grabs the homing portion off the tower* Coop? You do remember that it homes in on its location, right? You need to get rid of it and fast!

Coop: Just a sec! *Megas flies around the area. As he flies, he passes several Cerulean solders. The look up and see the beam. *

Solder: *Voice actor is Dorian Harewood* Uh oh. *The beam incinerates the solders as it passes by them. Back on the ship, it shows the red blip moving erratically. *

Advisor: Sir! The guardian has the homing beacon!

Dralig: So... he’s going to try and destroy my ship again, is he? Not this time. I've come prepared for this very situation. *To his advisor* Switch the laser cutter's control to manual! Head to the final beacon.

Advisor: Understood your lordship! *The advisor works the controls. As Megas flies away from the beam, it starts to veer off to the right. Jamie turns around and looks at the beam*

Jamie: Uh...why is the beam going that way? Shouldn't it be following us? *Kiva uses her scanner computer thing*

Kiva: Dralig must have changed the controls to manual! He's controlling the beam directly! *On the monitor it shows a pink dot headed to a red dot. * It's going straight for the final beacon! Once it hits, he can fully extract Jersey City!

Coop: Ain't no one extracting nothing! I'm gonna take this fight directly to him! *Megas throws the beacon it was holding away. It hits a downed robot making both explode. Megas starts to fly up towards the ship. On board, the advisor sees this and tries to aim the beam at Megas. * Woah! *Megas dodges the beam and continues to make its way towards the Cerulean ship. Meanwhile, back aboard the ship, the advisor is trying to hit Megas with the cutter beam*

Dralig: No! *The Advisor looks at Dralig* Do not veer off course! Just continue to the final beacon!

Advisor: And what about the guardian!?

Dralig: How much of that coolant sample do we have?

Advisor: Only the one. Why? *Dralig gets up from his chair*

Dralig: Keep the guardian occupied for now. I will deal with him shortly. *He walks out of the control room. Meanwhile Megas continues to make its way to the flagship. The bay doors open again and more solders come down to fight Megas*

Jamie: Here come more! *They fire upon Megas who just dodges the attack and fire back firing blasts from its wrists. Some robots explode. A few manage to grab Megas and tackle it making it fall down. Coop presses some buttons, and Megas grabs one of the robots and throws it off of it. Megas then takes the other robot and fires a point-blank blast from its chest. Megas continues to make its way up. The advisor sees this*

Advisor. *To several robots* Shut the bay doors! Quickly! The guardian must not get in! *2 robots press a button. One flips a lever, as Megas flies it sees the bay doors shutting. *

Coop: *Smug grin* Come on! Do these chumps honestly think shutting the doors is gonna stop Megas!? Well, they got another thing coming! *Megas speeds up and manages to squeeze inside the flagship before it can fully shut. * Knock knock! *Multiple solders run to engage Megas*

Solder 2: *Voice actor is Dorian Harewood* Our orders are clear! We must defend the laser cutter at all costs! We must destroy the guardian! *The other robots ready their weapons. Megas punches a robot. It hits the wall. Other robots fire on Megas. Megas ducks behind some equipment. Coop presses a button. One of the hands go inside Megas, it then comes out holding a grenade like device. Megas then chucks it at the robots. They look at it. A whirring sound is heard, followed by an explosion. More robots go flying into walls. Megas gets back up and runs into the fray. It punches a robot. Then gives another one an uppercut. Then grabs a robot and gives it a suplex into another robot. A robot tries to punch Megas but it blocks the attack. Megas then punches its head clear off. Megas then flies into the air as the robots fire upon Megas but Megas fires a machine gun blast at the robots and a few get destroyed. A robot aims its blaster at Megas and fires some missiles, but Megas dodges them. Megas then comes and grabs one of the robots and throws them into more robots destroying them. Then some of the other robots run towards Megas and try to take down Megas but Coop press a button and Megas rips off the arms of one robot and smacks him down into a bunch of other robots. *

Coop: Man. I could do this all day! *More robots fire upon Megas but Megas comes down and starts running into the fray and begins punching and bashing mechs. Megas rips off the head of a robot and then Megas fires a laser blast at more robots destroying them. then a robot hits Megas. *

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: Woah! *Megas turns around to see the robot who shot him. However, another grabs Megas from behind. The robot who shot Megas before aims and charges up again. He fires another blast at Megas, but Megas does a backflip, freeing itself from the robot holding it. Instead, the blast hits the robot that was holding Megas putting a huge hole in it. *

Kiva: *Using her scanner* Coop, we don't have a lot of time. Quit wasting time fighting these robots and get to the controls of the laser cutter!

Coop: Right. I'll wrap this up! *Megas creates the cool energy sword and slashes down several more robots destroying them. The remaining solders look at Megas* Any of you other chumps want a piece of this!? *One of the robots looks to its right. A light is beeping from its chest. He presses it. *

Solder 3: *Voice actor is Jeff Bennet* Understood. *To the rest of the solders* New orders! We are to pull back and begin preparations for the extraction! *The remaining solders retreat. The gang just looks at them. *

Coop: Yeah! You chumps better run!

Kiva: I don't think they're retreating....

Jamie: Then why are they running away?

Dralig: Because...I plan to deal with you personally. *The gang looks up ahead. We see parts of a robot that is now silver in color. It first shows the robot's arm. Then it shows the robot's chest area. Then it shows the top of the robot itself. As it does this it makes the shing noise. It pans out to reveal that it is Dralig, now with a new armor as well as a silver paint job. * We meet again guardian.

Coop: You!

Dralig: Surprised to see me Guardian?

Jamie: Is it me, do does this guy look different from before. Wasn't he green?

Coop: *To Dralig* Hey yo! Nice paint job! Too bad I'm gonna smash you up!

Dralig: Oh, I'm afraid you won't be "smashing" up anything.

Kiva: Why are you here!? There isn't enough ice here in Jersey for you to use!

Dralig: Oh, but that is where you are wrong.

Kiva: What!? How!?

Dralig: Why not face me and find out. *He does the bring it on pose with a smug grin. Megas revs up the engines. Both get into fighting stance. It does a split screen of Megas and Dralig. Both start to run at each other. Megas goes to punch Dralig. The music stops. The screen shows that Megas had punched Dralig, but he does not move. He grabs Megas’s arm and moves it away from him. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are surprised. * Hm... didn’t feel a thing. *Dralig throws Megas by its arm and Megas hits a wall. Megas gets up we see Coop with an angry look on his face. Megas runs up to Dralig and delivers a jump roundhouse kick. It his Dralig clear in his face, but once again he does not budge. Coop is surprised, then he grrs. Megas jumps away from Dralig. Megas then opens up and fires machine gun blasts at Dralig. He just walks towards Megas unabated*

Jamie: Dude it's not working! *Megas then fires a huge missile at Dralig. A huge explosion occurs. When the smoke clears it shows Dralig unharmed. He dusts off his chest area, then looks at Megas. *

Coop: No way.... *Dralig runs up to Megas and gives Megas an uppercut. The gang yell. Then it shows Dralig grabbing Megas by the car part and pushes Megas down. *The screen shakes and the gang cringe. Megas gets up, only to get hit by Dralig's gun. Megas goes into a wall. Megas slowly gets up again. *

Dralig: As you can see guardian, you are way out of your league. *Kiva scans*

Kiva: He's right! Dralig's energy readings are off the charts! I'm not sure how but he's much stronger since our last encounter!

Coop: No way! I ain't gonna lose to some ice stealing chump! *Megas gets into a fighting pose. Dralig aims his cannon at Megas. He fires a powerful blast. It hits Megas dead on. The gang scream and beeping sounds are heard. Megas hits the wall yet again. When Megas gets up it is electrocuting. *

Dralig: I am far more powerful than ever before. And it's all thanks to you guardian.

Jamie: Man! What is he talking about!?

Coop: How should I know!

Dralig: Because of you, I was able to discover that your miserable planet holds an incredible super coolant. One that not only keeps our systems regulated indefinitely, but enhances our powers as well.

Coop: Super coolant? Just what the heck is he talking abo-*Coop comes to a realization. To Kiva* don't think he means. *Kiva scans Dralig's systems. She discovers that he put a Mega-Slush into his fusion core*

Kiva: He does. Apparently, a Mega-Slush acts a power enhancer and energy coolant for the Ceruleans! That must be why he was extracting Jersey City! For the Mega-Slush!

Dralig: Correct. And once your precious "Jersey City" is completely extracted, I'll have enough to power up my entire army. *

Coop: Not if I got anything to say about it! *Megas aims at Dralig. The hands go inside. Megas charges up energy. Coop presses 3 buttons in a row. Megas fires a powerful energy blast at Dralig. Dralig just keeps walking towards Megas. On the monitor it flashes "DANGER: OVERHEAT"*

Kiva: Coop! Stop! You're going to overheat Megas! *Coop just increases the power. However, Dralig continues to come to Megas. Coop puts the blast on full power. The beam gets bigger, but Dralig keeps pushing forward. * Coop enough! Megas can't take anymore! *Soon Megas stops and shuts down. Megas goes on its knees*

Coop: That ain't good. *Dralig kicks Megas down*

Dralig: And now to finish you off. *He aims his blaster at Megas. His advisor contacts him*

Advisor: Your excellency! The area is ready for extraction!

Dralig: Good. Begin the extraction! *His advisor pushes a button. From the bay doors a gravity generator appears. It activates and begins to pull Jersey City from its foundation. Back on Earth people are looking up wondering what is happening. People scream and run in fear. At the junkyard, it shows Goat looking up with his Mega-Slush. *

Goat: Man, what the heck is going on! *Jersey City starts to lift up from the ground and fly towards the sky. The 4 towers activate and create a protective barrier and the city heads up into space. From the ship, 4 tethers come down and connect to the towers acting as a harness to the giant city. Jersey City eventually leaves the atmosphere and is in space. People are looking up clamoring what's going on. * Oh man. What did Coop do this time!? *Meanwhile back on the ship*

Advisor: The extraction is complete!

Dralig: Excellent. Send a team down to recover more of this coolant. Then begin preparations for full planetary invasion. But first, we have some worthless trash to take care of. *Dralig walks away. 2 robots grab Megas by the arms and drag Megas following Dralig. *

Jamie: Coop! Do something!

Coop: *Tries to start up Megas, but nothing happens* No good! Megas is shot!

Kiva: Megas needs to cool off before we can do anything right now!

Jamie: Well, it better do it quick! *Dralig goes into another room with Megas being dragged in to. There is another set of bay doors. *

Dralig: Well Coop. Did you honestly think would best me a second time? *It shows 2 robots bring up a supply crate and in it are many 49. oz Mega Slushies in Tri-Chamber cups. A small device grabs a slush and flies up to a robot. The robot opens up its core system. The slush flies into the core. The robot then shuts its chest. The robot's armor changes from Green to silver. It does this with multiple robots. As this happens Dralig speaks* Even as I speak, my army is being super-charged by this new coolant. It's hard to imagine how something so small could be so powerful. And yet you people mindlessly consume it as if it was nothing. And once my entire army is super-charged, we can begin the next phase of our plan. You see, we originally came to your planet with the intention of blowing it up as you had mine.

Jamie: *To Coop and Kiva* Told you he came here for revenge.

Dralig: But once I learned of just how powerful this "Mega-Slush" as you call it is, I had other plans in mind. I'm going to take over your entire planet and use it as our new base of operations. And I'll use you Earthers as slave labor to create more of this "Mega-Slush" for us so we can increase our power even further.

Coop: No way! I ain't gonna be NO slave to anyone!

Dralig: No, you won't. Because I'm going to dispose of you right now. Keeping you alive would be a liability so before I Invade your planet, I'm going to get rid of you once and for all.

Advisor: Sir! We've approached the singularity!

Dralig: Open the bay doors! *He does so. The gang look to see a giant black hole by the ship. *

Jamie: Oh man! *2 robots bring Megas to the edge of the doors and let him go. Megas still can't do anything. Dralig walks up to Megas and kicks it out of the bay doors. Megas goes hurtling towards the black hole. *

Advisor: Shall we return to Earth your lordship!?

Dralig: No. I want to see their deaths with my own eyes. *Megas continues to head toward the Black hole in space. *

Jamie: Coop hurry up and get us out of here! *Coop tries to work the engines but to no avail. It just sputters*

Coop: No good! Megas is still overheated!

Kiva: Unfortunately, by the time Megas can start up again, we'll be pulled into the black hole!!

Jamie: And even if we manage to escape, Dralig will just probably shoot us down! Isn't there anything we can do? *Zooms in on Coop*


*At Jersey City High School, it shows a sign that says "Book Report Due Tomorrow” Coop and Jamie have not started the book report yet. Coop has an idea. He goes to the Speedy Mart and gets 2 extra-large cups. Then fills them with all the flavors of Mega-Slush they have. Then shakes them up really good. Coop and Jamie drink and their pupils dilate. It shows a montage of them reading, writing, and working on the book report all throughout the night. The next day they are at their desks fast asleep. The large teacher from "Battle Royale" is shown handing out papers. While she looks disgruntled at Coop and Jamie asleep, she gives them their grade for the book report, which was an A+*

*Back to reality*

Coop: I know a way!

Jamie/Kiva: How?

Coop: First! I'm gonna need a slushie!

Kiva: *As Coop presses buttons and stuff this wires the Food replicator to produce food directly to the car* Coop! Now isn't the time for you to get yourself a drink!

Coop: Ohhohoho! This ain't for me! *Coop grabs a Mic* Give me a 72-ounce Megas-Slush! *Close up of Coop's eyes and the top of his nose* All 53 flavors! *A giant rainbow glowing Mega-Slush is produced for Coop. He grabs it with 2 hands. *

Jamie: Coop what are you going to do with that?

Kiva: Coop you can't just put a Mega Slush into Megas's fusion core! You don't know what kind of effect it could have!

Coop: Hey. If it worked for the ice stealing losers then I figure it's worth a shot! *Coop presses a button with his elbow. His seat goes down into Megas. Meanwhile back on the ship Dralig continues to watch with anticipation of Magas’s demise. He has a smug grin on his face. Megas continues to head towards the singularity.*

Jamie: Man, whatever Coop is doing he'd better do it quick! *Jamie looks at the black hole getting closer. * Ahhh! *Coop comes back from inside Megas*. Finally! What took you!?

Coop: All right! Let's hope this works! *Coop turns the keys. Megas still continues to sputter. Coop keeps turning the key* Come on.... Come on. *The engines rev up and the thrusters activate* Yes! *Coop steps on the gas and tries to break free from the gravitational pull of the black hole, but the pull is too strong for Megas*

Jamie: It's not working! *Coop steps on the gas harder and the boosters increase in power, but still to no avail*

Coop: Come on! COME ON! *Megas slowly falls toward the Black Hole; it then sucks Megas in.*

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: AHHHHHHHHH!!!! *Megas gets sucked into the void. The black hole then closes trapping Megas in the void. Back on the ship. Dralig watches from the bay door opening. *

Dralig: Farewell Coop. You were a worthy adversary. *Turns around*. Emphasis on "WERE” *Walks away. The bay doors shut. Dralig walks back to the control room* Set a course back to Earth. *Smug grin* It’s time we made ourselves at home. *His advisor works the controls. The ship turns around with Jersey City in tow. They back to Earth. *

*Back at the area where the black hole was, a flash occurs. Then another. Followed by several more flashes. Suddenly another void opens up. Megas comes out of the void. It then closes. Inside we see Coop, Jamie, and Kiva breathing heavily and sweating. *

Coop: Ok. Let's hope that we never. Ever. EVER! Have to do that again!

Kiva: I'm just surprised that we were able to even escape at all! *Scans Megas on the monitor it shows 4 rows of text with a rainbow-colored bar next to each line of text. It says in the following order: POWER, SPEED, SMASHING, BLASTING* Coop whatever you put into Magas’s core must have hyper charged all of its systems!

Coop: Nice!

Jamie: So now what?

Coop: Now we go get my town back! *Megas flies towards Earth. Back at Dralig's ship. It shows Jersey City again and people are just looking up at the sky and see Earth. People talk about what's going on. *

Goat: *To some guy* So....are we supposed to just float endlessly in space? *The man shrugs. Goat drinks his Mega-Slush. Meanwhile aboard Dralig's ship. We see him sitting on his chair while it shows the Earth coming into view. His advisor, now silver in color along with the rest of the Ceruleans goes up to Dralig and salutes*

Advisor: You're lordship. Everyone has been administered the super coolant upgrade and we've received another batch of coolant from the extraction point. Just give the order and we can begin the invasion.

Dralig: Excellent. Once we've established ourselves on Earth, we can then expand our power even further and-*The area shakes and Dralig is seen cringing. Crashing noises are heard as the screen shakes. Some robots stumble and fall. They quickly get up* What’s happening!?

Advisor: *Runs to the controls. He enters stuff in.* We’re under attack!! *More shaking occurs and crashing sounds are heard. Dralig gets up and shoves his advisor out of the way*

Dralig: Out of the way! *Dralig works the controls and shows a visual of Megas flying towards them while firing blasts. Dralig gets O.O eyes. * Impossible!

Coop: WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! *Megas fires more blasts at the ship. *

Kiva: Easy Coop! They still have Jersey City with them!

Coop: Oh. Right. Forgot. *Dralig appears on the monitor*

Dralig: You!

Coop: *Appearing on his monitor* Yeah me!

Dralig: I saw you go through the void! How could you possibly manage to escape!?

Coop: It wasn't easy!

Dralig: Hm. No matter. Even though you managed to escape the singularity, we still have the upper hand. All of my men have been enhanced thanks to the Super-Coolant *As he says this it pans to the right showing robot solders in silver* There is nothing you can do to stop us.

Coop: Look here buddy! I didn't just travel across the universe, fight off a bunch of you transforming freaks, AND narrowly escape with my life from a black hole just so I can go home empty-handed! I'm TAKING BACK MY TOWN, AND I'M TAKING BACK THE MEGA-SLUSH THAT YOU STOLE FROM ME! And there ain't nothing you can do to stop me!

Jamie: Uh Coop. *It zooms out, showing Dralig's ship. The sound of an engine vrooming is heard* He’s got an entire army on you. He's stopping you right now.

Coop: We'll see! *The docking bay doors open up and out come many robots to face against Megas. As they fly towards Megas, they fire their blasters at Megas. As Megas gets hit, the screen shakes and we see the gang cringing. The shaking stops* Kiva damage report!

Kiva: *Scans* Actually....there is none. Our defensive capabilities have increased at least 53-fold, thanks to your putting a Mega-Slush into Magas’s core systems.

Jamie: So, wait...we're like invincible?

Kiva: For lack of a better term? Yes.

Coop: *Close up on Coop's face* Nice! *Megas grabs a robot and punches it in the face destroying it. Megas then fires a laser at another one destroying it too. More robots fly near Megas and fire their blasters Megas just takes the shots as if they were nothing. Megas grabs one robot and rips off its arms then smashes it away with one of the arms. Another robot tries to punch Megas, but it blocks the punch. Megas then punches the robot away. * Hahah! *Megas then goes to another robot and grabs it by its legs and spins around. It then throws the robot towards the protective dome where Jersey City is. In the city, people look up to see a robot hit the barrier wall, then slide down slowly. As this happens the sound of a window wiper is heard as well as the music stops. The sound of a small crash is then heard. Back up in space, the music continues. A bunch of robots lined up next to each other activate their thrusters and fly towards Megas. Coop has a smug grin on his face. Megas then aims downward and the hands go inside. Megas then fires out what appears to be bombs that stay in place. They are lined up the same way the robots headed to Megas. Then Megas puts its arms together to seemingly create the cool energy sword, however Coop subverts this and instead creates an energy hockey stick*

Jamie: Did you just create a hockey stick out of raw energy? Nice! *Megas goes to the first bomb on the left and uses the energy hockey stick to slap shot the bomb into the robot. It hits a robot and it explodes. Megas continues to do this as the robots get hit from left to right and explode. Inside the ship, Dralig grrs. More robots get hit by the bombs that Megas hits with the energy hockey stick* GOAL! *Another robot explodes* GOAL! *Another robot gets hit and explodes* HAT TRICK! *Back at Jersey City, it shows people looking up at Megas fighting the Ceruleans, they are cheer for Megas. Goat and Tiny are among them rooting for Coop. Back up above, Megas fires the last bomb into a robot blowing it up. Organ music plays* And the crowd goes wild! *Coop and Jamie do the rock on pose thing. *

Dralig: No. This is not possible! *Megas pulls back and punches another robot. Then using the energy hockey stick. Slapshots a robots head off. This causes the hockey stick to dissipate. Megas then opens up and fires a bunch of missiles at robots and they explode. Back in Jersey City, it shows the explosions and everyone continues cheering. Back up above. Megas is seen moving its hands to signal a job well done. Coop does this as well. Dralig appears on the monitor* How were you able to take out my men so quickly and flawlessly!?

Coop: You ain't the only bot around here to use a Mega-Slush as a power upgrade! Oh, and thanks for the idea! Worked out better than expected!

Dralig: You may be strong enough take on me and my men, but no one is strong enough to withstand a blast at point blank range. *He presses a button and aims the laser cutter right at Megas. He turns up the lever to full power. It charges up. *

Jamie: Coop? *Dralig presses a button and the laser fires*

Coop: Uh oh. *The beam completely envelops Megas*

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: AAAAAHHHHHH!!! *The screen gets brighter and brighter and shakes. Megas completely disappears within the beam. Dralig is heard laughing as the beam dissipates. *

Dralig: Hahahahahah. Hahahahahah! *He looks. It zooms in on his face. The sound of a car coming to a screeching halt is heard* What!? *It pans over to outside to show Megas completely unharmed. Parts of Megas sparkle. Coop and Jamie are laughing, while Kiva does nothing. *

Coop: That the best you really got!?

Dralig: Graah! *Presses a button again, the beam fires once again. Megas flies through the beam and heads towards the cannon itself. Dralig grrs as Megas continues to fly through the beam. Eventually Megas makes it to the cannon itself. Megas then rips the cannon off of the ship. This causes the controls to short circuit, then explode. This makes Dralig stumble and fall* No! *Dralig gets back up*

Advisor: Sir! The laser cannon has been ripped off of the ship! *Coop appears on the monitor*

Coop: Ok chumps! We're coming in! *Megas flies through an opening from the laser cutter cannon. Robots come to fight Megas again. The robots fire at Megas, but the attacks do nothing. Megas goes to a robot and punches it in the face then rips off its arms, then using the arms it beams up another robot hitting its head off. Then it throws the arms into another robot destroying it. Then Megas fires a wave of missiles at another robot but the robot shoots the missiles down with its canon. Coop and Jamie look at each other, then at the robot. Megas just punches the robot and it hits a wall making it explode. Megas fights its away out of the room where the laser canon is stored and makes its way into the hall. Kiva uses her computer*

Kiva: Coop! There's a storage unit with more Mega-Slush up ahead! If we can get it back, then Dralig won't be able to power himself up any further!

Coop: I'm on it! *Megas runs through the hall punching and bashing robots in his way. They try to fire at it but Megas is just too fast. Back in the control room they see a blue dot headed for a room*

Advisor: The guardian is making his way to the storage unit! If he gets his hands on the super coolant containers, he'll be unstoppable!

Dralig: Not if I have anything to say about it. *Dralig gets up and makes his way to the storage area. Since he is closer, he will get there first. A robot fires at Megas, but Megas grabs its head and pushes it in. Megas then punches another robot down. Megas fires a missile into another robot and it blows up. Several robots see Megas. They shut the door leading to the storage area so Megas can't get in. Megas just fires upon the robots with energy blasts and they go down as Megas passes them. Megas then punches the door and it breaks down. Megas walks inside*

Kiva: Ok. Now we just need to find where the slush containers are and take it back with us.

Jamie: Yeah....and what about Jersey City? We have to bring that back as well.

Kiva: We'll have to use Dralig's ship to put Jersey City back in place.

Jamie: Yeah. Good luck with that.

Dralig: I'd know you'd come here. *As he speaks the gang turn their heads to face Dralig. It then zooms over to Dralig* You have become quite the annoying pest guardian. *

Coop: Hey! I ain't the one who’s trying to steal my town! Now gimmie back Jersey City or else!

Dralig: Sorry, but it's mine now. And in case you have forgotten, the last time we fought I decimated you throughout my ship. Even with your super coolant upgrade, you're still no match for me.

Coop: Why not fight me and find out! *Megas does the bring it on pose. Dralig makes an angry face. Both Megas and Dralig face each other. It does a split screen of them both facing one another. They both run at each other. Megas punches Dralig in the face. Then Dralig punches Megas in the car part. Then they grapple. Dralig manages to pick up Megas and throw him away. He falls onto some equipment. Megas gets back up. It shows Coop with an angry look on this face. Coop then presses buttons on a controller. Atari sounds are heard. Megas fires shots at Dralig. He gets hit and goes flying into the wall. Dralig gets back up. Both Megas and Dralig run at each other. Megas grabs Dralig and knees him in the stomach. Then Megas gives Dralig a DDT. Megas flexes a pose. Dralig gets up and grabs Megas by the car part and pushes him down. It then shows various still screens. 1: Megas giving Dralig an uppercut. 2: Dralig punching Megas. 3: Megas giving Megas a suplex. 4: Dralig blasting Megas with his arm cannon. After that, Megas aims its fist at Dralig and fires it. Dralig gets hit and goes crashing into the wall. Megas stands proudly, then gets hit by another blast from Dralig's cannon. Megas falls down. Both Megas and Dralig get back up and face each other. * I hope you're ready for more because I've got mo-*The sounds of shutting down are heard. Coop looks at the monitor* Huh!? *The rainbow bars return to normal power levels*

Kiva: Magas’s energy levels are back to normal.

Jamie: That can't be good. *Dralig shoots Megas causing Megas to flying into the wall. Megas is electrocuting*

Dralig: *Laughs* Such a shame. It seems you couldn't hold on to that power of yours. *Coop looks angry. He looks to his right and sees the Mega-Slush containers. Dralig sees this as well. Megas gets up and goes for the slush. But Dralig punches Megas away. Megas hits some equipment. * Oh no you don't. I'm not going to let you power up again. *Smiles* You know. I just thought of something, if a small amount made me this powerful, just imagine with an entire storage container can do! *Dralig rips open the top of the container revealing millions of tiny goblets of Mega-Slushies. *

Coop: Don't you dare! *Dralig laughs and he picks up the storage container. His chest opens up revealing his Matrix Accelerator. He dumps the entire supply into it. It then closes. Kiva scans*

Kiva: His energy levels are increasing exponentially! He's too powerful for us to stop!

Jamie: Oh man! *Dralig punches Megas. Then grabs Megas by one of the legs and slams him throughout the storage area. Megas then slowly gets up and fires a blast at Dralig. It does nothing to him. Dralig then fires a blast at Megas. This causes Megas to go flying out of the storage area and into the hallway. Megas tries to get up but can barely move. Dralig then goes over to Megas and picks him up. He tries to rip Megas in half by pulling the arms. Megas is electrocuting*

Dralig: Incredible! Who could have guessed that a simple Earther confectionary beverage could generate so much power!? *It shows Coop, Jamie, and Kiva cringing as Megas gets pulled apart as he talks* With this power, I will bring all of Earth to its knees! *Back inside the car the monitor flashes: DANGER. Beeping sounds are heard It goes back to Dralig talking* But why stop there? I can make the entire universe grovel at my feet! No....the universe is much too small. I can rule all of time and space with this power! I am unstoppable! *It shows Coop, Jamie, and Kiva yelling here* I am invincible! *Back to Dralig talking again* I AM-*Before he can finish, a flash occurs. Dralig drops Megas and goes into pain. He clenches his head* AAAAHH!!! What's happening to me! It hurts! *He goes down on his knees and is holding his head* Make it stop! *He gets back up and yells in pain. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva look at each other, then at Dralig*

Jamie: Dude. What just happened?

Kiva: It' he has a massive headache. *Coop laughs. Jamie, and Kiva look at Coop*

Coop: I know exactly what this is! You can't just consume that much Mega-Slush that fast! You'll get brain freeze! *Megas gets back up. Megas cracks its knuckles. It runs up to Dralig and gives him a super punch. Dralig goes flying into the wall. Megas then grabs him and throws him away. Dralig slowly gets back up. Kiva scans*

Kiva: His power levels returned to normal.

Coop: Nice. And now to finish this! Megas gives Dralig a thumbs down gesture, then runs up to him. * WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! *Megas punches Dralig. He goes flying into the wall. He gets up slowly, but falls to one knee. He is also electrocuting*

Dralig: C-Curse you guardian.

Coop: Now. If you don't mind, I'll be taking back my town please. *Dralig musters up enough strength to get up, but he is still electrocuting*

Dralig: You...won't be.... taking anything! *He slams his fist on a button that is near him. This causes klaxons to go off*


Coop: No!

Dralig: If I go down, I'm taking you and your city with me! *Kiva scans*

Kiva: Coop! We've only got 60 seconds before this entire place blows up! It will take all of Jersey City with it!

Jamie: Oh man!

Coop: *Pause* I got this! *Megas grabs some left over Mega-Slush goblets, and opens up its matrix accelerator. It throws them in. Megas closes its chest. Kiva scans the monitor. It shows the power levels going up again*

Kiva: Our power levels are rising again!

Coop: Nice!


Jamie: We only have 30 seconds left! Hurry! *Outside it shows a blast is fired from the ship. Megas flies out of the hole it created and sees Jersey City still tethered to the ship below it. Megas then aims at the 4 tethers and fires 4 energy blades at it. This releases the city from the ship allowing it to float in space. Megas then flies and grabs all of the tethers and starts to fly towards Earth. On the monitor it counts down to from 10. *

Kiva: 10 seconds! *Megas flies faster carrying Jersey City with it. * 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! *It shows Dralig's ship explode with multiple explosions. As Megas flies away it shows blasts behind them. *

Jamie: Man, that was too close for comfort.

Kiva: We've made it. And it looks like Jersey City is still in one piece.

Coop: Well. I wasn't able to save the extra Mega-Slush, but at least I was able to save Jersey City!

Kiva: Surprisingly. Now we just need to put it back where it belongs. *It shows Megas flying towards Earth. Back on Earth. It shows Jersey City slowly descending back to its proper location. Megas moves its hands to signal a job well done. The gang are now outside of Megas and back by Coop's house. *

Coop: Well, that wasn't so tough! *The gang look to their left* Hmmm....did I always live this close by the beach? *It zooms out showing Jersey City is the wrong way*

Kiva: Coop! You put Jersey City back the wrong way! *Back to the gang. Jamie looks around and smiles*

Jamie: I see it as an improvement. Plus, this could be a new business opportunity. *Smug grin. It shows Jamie back at the table with a sign for Mega-Slushies. Customers line up to get a slushie*

Kiva: You're unbelievable.

Jamie: Hey. You're just jealous you didn't come up with it first! *Coop comes by with a slushie and gives it to a customer. It pans out showing a huge line of customers*

End Credits: Ator and a female Cryhock are on line ordering a slush. Jamie raises an eyebrow and they pay Jamie. They get 2 White colored Mega-Slushes and they smack their cups together and drink.

The end.


Voice actors

Coop: David Deluise
Jamie/Customer: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva/Kid: Wendee Lee
Goat: Scot Reinecker
Dralig/Phil/Solder 3: Jeff Glen Bennet
Advisor/Customer #2/System: Corey Burton
Clerk/Customer #3: Greg Eagles
Newscaster/Customer #3/Tiny: Kevin Michael Richardson
Solder 1/Solder 2/Customer #4: Dorian Harewood

Production Music heard

The Prey: Amphonic Music
Towards the Edge: De Wolfe Music
Harsh LIfe: Westar Music
Sao La De Bahia: Universal Production Music
Doin The Dog: Xtreme Music X Series
Tippsy Trippsy: Universal Production Music
Gangsters: Amphonic Music
The Hunt: Sonoton Music
Lose My Hi: Extrememusic X Series
Cecil Percussion: Non-Stop Producer Series
They're Here: Non-Stop Producer Series
High Plains: Non-Stop Producer Series
Sucker 10: Extreme Music X Series
Countdown to Conflict: Megatrax The Scene
The Grinder: Selected Sounds
Ultimate Glory*: Non-Stop Production Music
Relentless Power: DeWolfe Music
Bloodshot: Extreme Music X Series
Life Flight: Non-Stop Production Music
Short Hair: Universal Production Music
Viper Room Rumble: Universal Production Music
Aboriginal Forest: CPM Music (Formerly Carlin)


Megas Fan
Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Here is a mini re-write of House of 1000 Coopses. One of my earlier episodes. It's mostly the same, but I wanted to amplify just how evil, the other Coop is by having him kill Coop's alternate reality girlfriend (If anyone here knows me, Jenna and Racheal are my OC characters so you read my earlier episodes you'll get an idea of who they are.)

House of 1000 Coopses

*The episode starts in the lurp dimension. The area is dark and sinister looking. It is also raining. Lightning strikes. It pans over to a giant fortress. In the outer area, Zaku mechs are patrolling the area. Lurps are being used as slaves. A bunch of lurps pull on rope. This raises a giant ring. A couple of lurps carry materials to the dimensional gate. One of the lurps get tired and falls. Another lurp goes to help him up. A Zaku mech comes by and aims at the fallen lurp. Both lurps look on in terror. The mech shoots a blast at the lurp off screen. The lurp that was helping the other lurp is still alive. The mech however aims at him. The lurp gulps and picks up the stuff he was carrying and keeps walking. It then pans to the upper area. Inside is a labratory. There is a long hallway. Evil Kiva walks through this hallway. On the walls are giant tubes. Inside are clones of Evil Coop in suspended animation. Evil Kiva walks up to a computer screen. The screen flashes with the words "NANOCLONING PROCESS 100% COMPLETE" Evil Kiva presses a button. The liquid drains from the tubes. The Evil Coops fall to the ground, then stand up. They look at Evil Kiva. They all have cold serious stares. They then salute to Evil Kiva. She salutes back. At the top of the fortress, Evil Coop is looking out a window. He snickers to himself at the turmoil he caused. He looks as the lurps are being used as slaves. Evil Kiva walks behind him.*

Evil Coop: Kiva! Status report!

Evil Kiva: Construction of the dimensional gate has completed, the combat drones have all been heavily modified with regenerative nanites, and I just awakened the latest batch of your clones. We have all we need to leave this pocket dimension. Whenever you're ready, just give the order.

Evil Coop: Excellent! *Lightning strikes* If they thought they saw the last of me, then they are gravely mistaken.

Evil Kiva: I take it you plan to return to our dimension and lay waste to the remaining rebel forces?

Evil Coop: That will come in due time. I still have some unfinished business to take care of.

Evil Kiva: You plan to return to that other dimension and destroy that other Coop we encountered aren't you!

Evil Coop: Precisely. *Evil Coop seethes with rage* My revenge will be slow and painful. I will make every inch of his fat misshapen body, feel excruciating pain. Then when I am done, I will destroy him and his entire universe. *Turns around to face Evil Kiva* Kiva! We leave now! Have all of my drones prepare for combat!* Evil Kiva walks out to the balcony and puts her arm up to signal the mechs. The mechs march in a single file. Inside the lab, the Evil Coops run to their mechs and get in them. The mechs march up to the dimensional portal. Evil Coop and Evil Kiva get into their mechs and head for the portal as well. The dimensional Portal activates.* ADVANCE!! *The mechs march into the portal Then Evil Kiva's mech enters. When Evil Coop enters, the portal closes behind them.*

Title Theme plays.

House of 1000 Coopses.

*Outside of Coop's house, it is a dark and stormy night. It is raining very heavy. There is also thunder and lightning. Inside Coop's basement, Coop has a platter of food on the table. Coop is eating a cheeseburger. Jamie and Kiva are sitting down as well.*

Jamie: Oh man Coop! This wrestlfest is gonna be awesome!

Coop: I know! Esepcially the main event! The Mangler vs Crazy Eddie in a Steel Cage, Barbed Wire, Flaming Ring Match!

Jamie: Oh man. That sounds painful.

Coop: Painful, but entertaining!

Jamie: You said it man. *Does the rock on pose with Jamie.*

Kiva: I still don't see how this sport is so entertaining. It's nothing more than men in tights fighting. *Both Coop and Jamie look at Kiva.*

Coop: Are you kidding me!? It's only the greatest sport there is! It's grown men beating the snot out of each other! *They see a guy give another guy a suplex.*

Kiva: It doesn't look so real to me. Infact I even say it's choreogrpahed.

Jamie: Choreowhat?

Kiva: It's fake. It's all done for a show. You can't possibly think that any of this is real. *Both Coop and Jamie angerly stare at Kiva.* Ugh. Forget it. You guys just watch your show, then afterwards we'll go out for some combat training.

Coop: Oh come on Kiva!

Kiva: We had an agreement! I'd let you watch your show, then after we train.

Coop: All right. Fine.

Jamie: Coop! The main event is starting!

Coop: Nice! *On the television it shows the steel cage being lowered. Everyone is cheering. Meanwhile outside, a dimensional portal opens up. Out come the Zaku mechs. They are all black and have the same paintjob as Evil Coop's mech. Then come Evil Coop and Evil Kiva's mech. They look around.*

Evil Coop: Kiva! Relay dimensional coordinates!

Evil Kiva: *Scans* The dimensional coordinates inputted match the same exact destination we traveled the previous time. We are in the correct dimension of the other Coop.

Evil Coop: Perfect.

Evil Kiva: Permission to destroy this pathetic excuse of a city?

Evil Coop: No. I want his attention.

Evil Kiva: Understood. *Points to a Zaku mech* You! Go find this dimension's Coop!

Evil Coop clone: *Voice actor is David Deluise* As you command. *The Zaku mech walks away from the others. Back inside Coop's house, the guys are watching the wrestlers enter the ring. One guy cheers. The other one looks disgruntled. Coop and Jamie are smiling. Kiva just rolls her eyes and puffs her hair up. Back outside, lightning strikes. We see a mech's foot land. It's the Zaku mech. Inside is a fake evil Coop who presses buttons. It does a scan of various houses. It does a thermal scan of Coop's house. On the screen it says "Target Acquired"* Target acquired! *The zaku mech walks to the house. As it does, it passes some cable wires. The wires break. Back inside the guys are watching the match about to begin. However the television goes staticy. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are surprised*

Coop: Dude! What the heck happened!?

Jamie: I don't know! Fix it! Fix it! *Coop tries to fix it but nothing works*

Coop: It's not working!

Jamie: Did you forget to pay the cable bill again!?

Coop: No! I paid it last week! *A rumbling sound is heard. The house shakes.*

Jamie: Now what!? *The entire house is lifted off it's foundation. They look up to see a giant Zaku mech looking at them. It targets Coop. The eye's retina shrinks down upon spotting Coop. Lightning strikes again. The Zaku mech opens up. Out comes the clone of Evil Coop. He drops down to the guys. He laughs evily. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are surprised.*

Coop: No! It can't be! *Kiva and Jamie look at Coop, then at the clone of Evil Coop.*

Evil Coop clone: Hello Coop. Did you miss me?

Jamie: *To Coop* Why does he look like you? Only skinnier?

Coop: But but how!? I got rid of you!

Evil Coop clone: Did you honestly think you could trap me in between dimensions and that I'd go away? *Laughs* As long as I breathe you shall never be rid of me! And now that I'm back in your dimension, I'll destroy you and everything you care about! And this time, the Glorft won't be here to help you! *Laughs more. Kiva looks at Coop confused.*

Coop: I'll explain it to you later!

Kiva: I don't know what you're trying to pull but I won't let you hurt anyone! *Kiva gets into a fighting stance. Kiva runs up to Evil Coop and attempts to punch him. He however grabs her hand. He then starts to crush her hand. She yells in pain. She is kneeling before Evil Coop.*

Evil Coop Clone: That's right! Kneel before me Kiva!

Kiva: Erggh! Raggh! *Evil Coop then twists her arm. Then he picks her up and throws her onto the grass outside since the house is lifted off its foundation. Coop gets angry at Evil Coop and punches him hard in the face. He goes flying. He then goes to help Kiva up.*

Coop: Kiva! You all right?

Kiva: I'm ok. *Holds her arm in pain.* Thanks.

Jamie: Nice Hook.

Coop: *To the Evil Coop clone* You made a big mistake hurting my friend! Now I'm gonna- *Evil Coop gets back up. He staggers a bit and he puts his head down. Then he lifts it up and grins evily. His left eye has a huge hole in it from Coop punching him. His right eye is bright red. Evil Coop's face regenerates back to normal. Evil Coop then starts laughing.* Woah! Since when the heck could I do that!?

Evil Coop clone: *Laughs more* Listen up and listen well. If you want to protect this pathetic dimension, then meet me in the middle of Jersey City! I suggest you show up or else I will destroy this city, you, and everyone you hold dear! *The Fake Evil Coop jumps back into his mech. The mech activates. The mech tosses Coop's house destroying it completely. The Zaku mech then walks off.*

Coop: Dude! My mom's gonna kill me when she finds out the house is destroyed!

Jamie: Forget your house! There's some evil version of you running around causing destruction that you could be causing right now!

Coop: I don't understand! He ain't supposed to come back!

Kiva: Whether he was or not, doesn't change the fact that he's here! We have to stop him before he destroys everything!

Coop: Right! *The guys go into the car. The car backs up into the garage. Megas emerges from the garage destroying it. Meanwhile in the middle of the city, Tons of Zaku mechs are surrounding Jersey City High School. In the middle is Evil Coop and Evil Kiva's mech. They look at the city. The Zaku mech that was sent by Evil Kiva returns and joins the ranks. Evil Kiva sees this and informs Evil Coop.*

Evil Kiva: The messenger has returned. He has acquired the attention of this dimension's Coop.

Evil Coop: Excellent! *He looks around the city.* Destroying this city will be just like old times.


*Jersey City is ravaged. The city is in flames. Zaku Mechs walk about destroying everything in the city. A Zaku mech steps on a car and crushes it. Zaku mechs shoot at people and they run away. A Zaku mech smashes a building destroying it completely. Evil Coop's mech is standing proudly looking at the destruction.

Evil Coop: Hahahahahahah! *A mech lands behind his mech.* Huh? *Evil Coop's mech turns around. He sees a black colored Glorft mech shaking its fists. Inside, is a skinny version of Jenna. She is angry and she's holding back tears. She grits her teeth. Evil Coop snickers. His mech does the bring it on pose. Alternate Jenna reves up the engines. The mech flies towards Evil Coop's mech.*

A Jenna: WAAAHHHHH!! *As she yells, she cries. A Jenna's mech attempts to punch Coop's mech. His mech however blocks the punch. Alternate Jenna gasps. Evil Coop snickers. His mech then tosses the black Glorft mech into a bulding. The building collaspes on Jenna's mech. Jenna's mech gets up from the wreckage. Jenna breathes heavily through her teeth. Her mech then fires a blast at Evil Coop's mech. His mech gets hit. Evil Coop's mech goes flying into a building. His mech gets back up. Evil Coop grrs angerly. His anger turns into fear as he sees Jenna's mech charge up energy. A greenish tint appears on the screen. Target rectiles surround Evil Coop's mech. Alternate Jenna looks away and cries as she is about to fire. Steel wires however ensare the arms of the black Glorft mech.* What!? *Jenna's mech looks to see Evil Kiva's mech. Evil Kiva pulls on a lever and grins evily. An electrical surge travels through and shocks Jenna's mech. A Jenna screams. Evil Kiva puts more voltage into the attack. A Jenna screams even more. Evil Kiva stops her attack. A Jenna's robot kneels down and falls. Her mech looks up to see Evil Coop's mech. The mech produces a blade. Inside Evil Coop lets out another sadistic grin. His mech prepares to stab Jenna's robot. A Jenna looks up in horror. Evil Coop's mech stabs Jenna's mech. It pans out, showing her robot exploding. The head of the Glorft mech bounces towards Evil Coop's robot. He steps on the head crushing it.*


*Back to reality. Evil Coop let's out a slight snicker. Megas decends among a bunch of Zaku Mechs. It pans out 3 times showing all the mechs.* Looks like I got your attention. *Megas turns to Evil Coop's mech.*

Coop: I don't know how the heck you got unstuck between dimensions, but I'm gonna put you right back in a body bag! *Megas opens up and aims at Evil Coop's mech.*

Evil Kiva: What's wrong? No welcome back? How rude. *Evil Kiva grins evily*

Kiva: *Looks at Coop* Is that supposed to be me? *Coop nods. Kiva then speaks to Evil Coop* Why are you doing this!?

Evil Coop: All I wanted to do was come into your dimension and destroy everything. But then you had to go and ruin my plans by trapping me between dimensions! But now I'm back with a much stronger army. Each robot piloted by a clone of yours truly. *As he speaks this part, it does a split screen showing 2 Evil Coops. Then it splits again showing 8. And then another split screen showing 64 Evil Coops. They all speak with a hive mind.* All carrying my memories, my ambitions, and most of all my hate!

Evil Kiva: Programmed specifically for the destruction of you and your world.

Jamie: Great. As if one Coop was bad enough.

Evil Kiva: I see that this dimension's Jamie is a sniveling coward!

Jamie: Hey!

Evil Kiva: *Notices Kiva.* And that I'm a hopeless dreamer who thinks she can the future! *Laughs* How pathetic!

Kiva: How could you betray your mission objective!? You were supposed to be humanity's last hope!

Evil Kiva: Hah! You still think there's hope? Open you eyes! We lost the war a long time ago. But unlike you, I saw that there is a brighter side to everything. *A close up of her cyborg eye is shown* With no future left to save, I could do whatever I wanted! My entire life had been nothing but an endless struggle. But now I'm going to make everyone else feel my pain, by causing as much destruction as possible!

Jamie: Woah. *To Kiva* Hard to believe that this Kiva is actually worse than you.. *Evil Kiva's mech fires at Megas. Megas steps back to avoid the shot.*

Evil Kiva: Consider that a warning!

Evil Coop: Kiva!

Evil Kiva: Sir! *Salutes.*

Evil Coop: Don't worry. You'll get your chance to destroy them soon enough. Though I'm surprised he's still alive. I guess it's cause he's using MY robot!

Coop: Hey! You should of never had abandoned Megas!

Evil Coop: You're right. I should have just destroyed it! *Evil Coop laughs again.*

Coop: Where the heck did you go wrong?

Evil Coop: You mean where did I go right!? Look at you! Nothing but a pathetic blob of idiocy! And yet, *Angerly* You're the only one who managed to best me! But not this time. Not anymore. With my new army, I am unstoppable. Observe! *Evil Coop's mech looks at a Zaku Mech. He punches it down, then shoots at it. The mech is destroyed. However the nanites activate and repair the mech. The mech gets back up and stands in rank. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva look on in shock.* My robots are made from special nanites! They can repair themselves indefinitely! That's something Megas can't do. *Evil Coop laughs more*

Jamie: You did install a modification like that to Megas didn't you Coop? *Coop shakes his head no.* We're dead.

Evil Coop: You've merely delayed your destruction by sending me between dimensions. But now your time is up. *Evil Coop aims at Megas. Target reticles surround Megas. Coop looks worried. Evil Coop then lets up and laughs* Tell you what! I'm feeling generous. Seeing as you have no shot at victory, I'm going to tell you how to destroy my army.

Coop: Huh!? Why would you tell me that?

Kiva: Careful! It could be a trap.

Evil Coop: The nanites operate at a single control source! *Bangs his chestplate* My armor plate. Crack it, and it should short out the program and destroy the nanites. But it won't matter, you won't even get near me.

Coop: We'll see about that! *Megas flies into the air and flies right for Evil Coop's mech. Evil Coop gets a surprised look on his face. As Megas is about to strike, Evil Kiva's mech punches Megas sending him into a building that's next to the school. Megas gets up and looks at Evil Kiva.*

Evil Kiva: You cannot win! Don't even try! *Coop grrs.*

Evil Coop: I'm through wasting my time with you. Die! *His mech puts its arm into the air. The Zaku mechs aim at Megas.*

Jamie: Please tell me you have a plan.

Coop: Nope.

Jamie: Great. *The mechs are still aiming at Megas. Evil Coop's mech lowers his arm. The mechs fire upon Megas. Megas gets pelted with gunfire.*

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: AAAAAAHHHH!!!! *Megas is getting hit hard. Megas is shaking. The gang cringes as Megas continues to get hit. Megas slowly gets up and aims at a robot. Megas fires its fist at the robot. The robots stop firing and look at the robot that got hit. There is a hole in the mech. The mech repairs itself. The Evil Coop clone inside, looks at Megas. Then all of the mechs then look at Megas.*

Coop: Ok. That didn't work. *The mechs continue firing upon Megas. We also hear warning beeps and such. Megas gets hit so much that smoke is completely covering him. Evil Coop's mech signals them to hold their fire. The mechs stop firing. Evil Coop laughs more.*

Evil Coop: That was much easier than I thought. *When the smoke clears, Megas is gone. Evil Coop gets a surprised look on his face. There is a giant hole where Megas once was.* Kiva!

Evil Kiva: *Uses her computer.* The vital signs of this dimension's coop are active! He's still alive!

Evil Coop: Find him! I want his head delivered to me! *Evil Kiva scans.*

Evil Kiva: He's below you!

Evil Coop: What!? *Evil Coop gets surprised. It does a triple screen of Megas emerging from the ground behind Evil Coop's mech. Evil Coop looks scared. Megas punches Evil Coop's mech in the head. Evil Coop's mech goes flying and hits the goal post of the football field. Several Zaku mechs surround Evil Coop's mech and help him up. They then surround his mech to protect him.*

Coop: Hahah! How you like that chump!?

Evil Coop: Very clever. But I won't allow that to happen again! *Points at Megas* DESTROY HIM! *Multiple mechs run up to Megas. Coop cracks his knuckles which causes Megas to do the same. A Zaku mech attempts to punch Megas. However Megas ducks and punches the mech in the chest. Then he picks up the robot and swings him hitting several other mechs. Multiple mechs aim at Megas and fire. Megas runs after them dodging the bullets. Megas grabs one of the robots and impales him on the flagpole of the high school. More robots fire upon Megas. Coop activates the Nitros. Megas goes super fast and runs up to the robots. Megas grabs a mech and pushes it into another mech. Then Megas jumps into the air. Megas's chest opens up and fires a powerful blast at more mechs destroying them. As Megas comes down, Megas does a diving headbutt onto another mech knocking it down. Then Megas steps on the robot destroying it. Megas then grabs one of the goal posts from the football field and hold it in the air. Megas runs with the goalpost. A mech gets pinned to the ground with the goal post. Megas then kicks the head off. A robot hits Megas in the back. Megas turns around and shoots a missile at the robot destroying it. Another mech sneaks up from behind and tries to hit Megas. Megas however turns around and grabs the robot. Megas holds the robot in the air. Megas throws the robot at the school. Inside the school, there are students taking a calculus exam. The robot falls into the classroom.*

Teens: YAY! *Megas stands proudly. Megas turns around to see that all the mechs that were destroyed are fully repaired. The music warps and Coop looks surprised.*

Jamie: Didn't we just destroy them all? *Evil Coop laughs even more. Megas turns around to see him laugh.*

Evil Coop: You must even have fat in your ears! I already told you! My army is indestructible. Any attempt to destroy but even a single drone will end in vain. *Coop turns to Kiva, Kiva scans the drones*

Kiva: He's right. As long as the control source continues to supply the replicative nanites with energy, then any damage we do to his army will be null and void as they'll be able repair themselves indefinitely. It seems the only way to stop Coop's army for good is to destroy the control circuit. That should cause the nanites to go unstable and explode. But destroying it will be easier said than done with Coop's army defending him and it on all angles.

Jamie: Not to mention that hideous, ugly, cyborg-freakish version of you Kiva.

Kiva: *To Jamie.* Well yes, there's that too.

Coop: Hmm. Maybe I can get Jenna to help us. *Evil Coop hears this and laughs again. Coop and the others look at his mech.* What are you laughin' at now hyena boy!?

Evil Coop: Oh go ahead! Call her! Then I'll get to destroy her all over again! *Coop is distraught to hear this.*

Coop: What!? You mean in your dimension she's- *Evil Coop cuts him off*

Evil Coop: Dead? *Snickers* I didn't just kill her. I broke her both physically and mentally. She couldn't accept what I did, so she tried to destroy me. However she could not bring herself to finish me off. So all I had to do was the rest.

Coop: No! I-I wouldn't! I mean you wouldn't!

Evil Coop: I did. And I reveled every second of it! *Coop grrs angrly and revs up the engines.*

Kiva: No Coop! He's goading you to attack! He'll just counter with his army!

Coop: How could you!? I knew you were a big jerk, but I didn't think you could be that evil!

Evil Coop: The best part was when she begged for mercy. Especially the way she cried her heart out as I slowly made my way towards her. I can still remember the look of sheer horror on her face as I made the final blow. *Evil Coop laughs sadistically. This causes Coop to activate Megas. Megas flies into the air.*


Evil Coop: Shoot him! Don't let him get to me! *The Zaku mechs aim at Megas. They fire upon Megas. Coop flips some switches. Then he takes a joystick. He moves it which also moves Megas in that direction. Megas aims at mechs and shoots them as Megas passes them by. Megas gets closer and closer. Evil Coop gets scared. Coop adjusts the speed of Megas and goes super fast.*

Coop: WAAAAAAH!!! *As he is about to hit Evil Coop's mech, Megas get shot by a blast. Megas goes flying into the bleachers of the school. Megas gets up and turns around. Coop sees that Evil Kiva shot Megas. Her mech's arm is smoking.*

Evil Kiva: I already told you! You cannot win!

Jamie: Man. I don't know what's worse. Fighting 1000 Coop's or 2 Kiva's. *Looks at Kiva.* No offense Kiva.

Evil Coop: You've survived long enough! *To his army of drones* Obliterate him! *The mechs aim at Megas. Coop gulps. The mechs charge up energy and are about to fire. Jamie puts his hat down for he is scared. As they are about to fire, Evil Kiva's mech gets in the way. Evil Coop is surprised at this.* Hold your fire! *The mechs stop charging and lower their guns.* Kiva! What is the meaning of this!?

Evil Kiva: Forgive me. *Turns and kneels before Evil Coop's mech.* Allow me to be the one who destroys this inferior clone.

Evil Coop: Hm. Very well. *He signals to the other mechs to back off. They circle the area.* I could use some entertainment. Kiva. I leave him to you. Do what you want with him.

Evil Kiva: *Evil grin* It will be my pleasure. *Evil Kiva's mech looks at Megas. The two mechs stare down.* You cannot defeat me with such an inferior piece of junk! I will slowly cripple your robot until it cannot fight no more. Then I shall destroy it along with you and your friends. *Megas gets into a fighting stance.*

Kiva: Coop. Be very careful. If that's truly me you're fighting then no doubt she'll know everything about Megas.

Coop: Heh! Not with the way I tweak it! All right then. Time to shut this loudmouth chump up! *Both Evil Kiva and Megas grapple. Megas knees Evil Kiva's mech in the gut. Evil Kiva retaliates with an elbow smash to the upper chest. Megas then grabs Evil Kiva's mech and gives it a backbreaker. Evil Kiva's mech gets up. Evil Kiva presses a button. Evil Kiva's mech fires 2 wires which ensnare the arms of Megas. Coop looks at Kiva, then at Evil Kiva's mech. Megas throws Evil Kiva's mech into the air via the wires. Evil Kiva's mech lands on the ground. Megas then starts pounding on Evil Kiva's mech hard. Coop grunts angerly as he does this.* ERGH! ERGH! ERGH! ERGH!

Kiva: You enjoyed that a bit too much. *Smug grin.*

Coop: Well, you tend to get on my nerves. *Evil Kiva activates the thrusters and flies away from Megas. Evil Kiva's mech stands up. Blades extract from the forearms of Evil Kiva's mech. They go up to the hands of her mech. Evil Kiva's mech fires its forearms. Megas gets hit by both forearms. Evil Kiva's mech flies up to Megas and connects the forearms with the rest of the mech. Still pressed into Megas, Evil Kiva's mech lifts up Megas and throws it away. Megas gets back up. There are 8 small holes in Megas. Megas is also starting to electrocute. Coop grrs angerly.*

Evil Kiva: How pathetic! I will end this now! *Evil Kiva's mech reaches behind itself and grabs the two blade things from the back of the mech. They look like boomerangs when the mech holds them. Evil Kiva's mech throws the boomerangs at Megas. As they spin around, they decend a bit to the ground, cross over each other, then rise back up. The two boomerangs go past Megas. Both of the shoulder things on top of Megas get cut off. Coop looks at both of them, then looks at Evil Kiva's mech. The mech catches both boomerangs. Evil Kiva's mech runs up to Megas.* Rraagh! *Evil Kiva's mech throws the boomerangs again. Coop looks at them. Megas aims at the boomerangs and fires a blast at them. One of them gets destroyed. The other is still headed for Megas. Megas manages to catch the other boomerang. Evil Kiva is not impressed. She presses buttons and Evil Kiva's mech fires upon Megas. Megas runs up to Evil Kiva and jumps in the air.*

Coop: WAAAAAA!!!!! *Megas attempts to slash Evil Kiva's mech with the other boomerang. However Evil Kiva's mech sidesteps and grabs Megas by the arm. Evil Kiva's mech twists Megas arm behind its back.*

Evil Kiva: Give up! I have you right where I want you! *Evil Kiva's mech then throws Megas away. Megas gets back up. However Evil Kiva's mech knocks it down with another kick. Then it aims at Megas.* And now to end this! *Evil Kiva's mech puts its hands in the formation of doing a kamehameha wave. Evil Kiva's mech gathers energy then fires it at Megas. Megas puts its arms out. The hands go inside Megas. Megas fires a powerful blast of energy at the beam. The two blasts struggle. First Megas gets the advantage, then Evil Kiva. Eventually, Evil Kiva's blast gets real close to Megas.* Your struggle is useless! An inferior primitive like yourself is undeserving of a robot! I will see to it that you and your robot are destroyed! *Evil Coop is pleased and entertained at what is going on. The beams continue to struggle. Coop looks at Kiva.*

Kiva: Don't listen to her Coop! You've proven yourself that you're more than capable of having Megas! She's only trying to discourage you! Finish her off! *The blast that Evil Kiva fired is about to touch with Megas.*

Evil Kiva: *Laughing* In a matter of seconds, you will be vaporized! It's over! I won!

Jamie: Coop do something! *Coop then turns a dial. The dial has the following settings: "Normal" "More than Normal" "Full Power" "More than Full Power" "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Coop sets it to "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Megas's blast manages to push Evil Kiva's back. Then Megas's blast actually hits Evil Kiva's mech. Her mech goes flying and lands on the ground. Megas goes up to Evil Kiva's mech, and grabs it by the head. Megas then punches a hole in the mech and rips out wires. Evil Kiva screams. Then Megas tosses the mech at Evil Coop's mech. Evil Coop is surprised.*

Evil Coop: No! Kiva! *He looks at the mech, then looks at Megas.* You're going to pay for that!

Coop: Hey! She's the one who fought with me!

Evil Coop: I will personally see to it that you die! *His mech aims at Megas. However he backs down and his mechs enter instead.* Destroy him!

Coop: What's the matter? You afraid to take me on yourself!?

Evil Coop: Why should I destroy you when I could have my army do it for me. This way my victory is ensured.

Coop: Bawk! Bawk bawk bawk! Bawk bawk bawk! Chicken! *Coop acts like a chicken and taunts Evil Coop. Evil Coop gets angry*

Evil Coop: OBLITERATE THEM NOW!!! *The mechs once again engage Megas. Multiple mechs run up to Megas. Megas grabs a mech and throws it away. Then Megas punches a mech and kicks it down. Megas opens up and fires a machine gun blast at more mechs. Megas then punches the head of a Zaku mech off. A mech shoots Megas from behind. Megas turns around to see the mech. Megas grabs the mech and throws it into a bunch of other mechs. However the mechs that Megas destroyed get back up and repair themselves again. They all fire upon Megas with their guns. Megas is electrocuting and taking heavy damage. Then Evil Coop's mech walks up to Megas and knocks it down. As Megas gets back up, a bunch of mechs grab Megas and hold him in place. Megas trudges through but can't get anywhere.*

Jamie: Do something Coop!

Coop: I can't get free! *Evil Coop's mech slowly walks up to Megas. Coop looks at Evil Coop's mech.*

Evil Coop: *Laughs* Are you done trying to fight a battle you can't win? This is it Coop. Endgame. Checkmate. *Evil Coop's mech produces a blade.* Now I'm going to destroy you. *Evil Coop's mech pulls the blade back as to strike. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva look worried. However Evil Coop eases up and backs away*

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: Huh?/What?/Hmm? *Evil Coop lets out a small laugh*

Evil Coop: Oh I don't want you to die just yet! I have something else in mind! *His mech turns around and points to 2 Zaku mechs* You two! Go find me this dimension's Jenna. Bring her to me! *As he speaks his next part, it shows a close up of his mouth* Alive! *The two Zaku mechs fly away.*

Coop: What!? No! You do anything to her and I'll-

Evil Coop: *Laughs more* Why should I destroy you now, when I could make you suffer more. When I killed Jenna in my dimension, it felt great. Now I'll get to relive the experience all over again. But this time, I'll slowly torture her. I'll make her suffer painfully. I'll make her BEG me to kill her! And you'll be here to watch powerless as I destroy her infront of your eyes! *The two Zaku mechs continue to fly towards Jenna's house. Meanwhile, Megas struggles to break free from the mechs holding it down. Megas starts to electrocute as well. Beeping sounds are heard.*

Kiva: Coop! Stop! You're putting too much pressure on Megas!

Coop: No! I ain't gonna let this chump kill my girlfriend! *Megas continues to slowly get up. The two robots land near Jenna's house and slowly make their way towards the house. Megas keeps struggling to get up.*

Evil Coop: Why do you even try? You know you can't do anything to stop me. I've already won.

Coop: You think you've won chump!? Then you don't know nothing about me! *Megas starts to slowly get up. Evil Coop gets worried.*

Kiva: Coop stop! You're going to overload Megas! *Megas continues to get up and trudge towards Evil Coop's robot. Megas also throws over several mechs.*

Coop: You think you can hide behind a bunch of cheap fakes!? I don't need no army to beat you! *Megas tosses off more mechs. Mechs try to jump back on but Megas shoots them using its chest since it's arms are still being held by mechs. Megas then swivels around and tosses the robots off of him. Megas just slowly walks towards Evil Coop's mech.*

Jamie: Get him Coop!

Evil Coop: Stop him! Stop him now! *Mechs get into the way and fire at Megas. Megas is pelted with gunfire. Megas puts up an arm to defend itself as it keeps coming. Evil Coop grrs. Megas gets hit so much he's covered with smoke. After a bit Megas walks through the smoke unharmed. Evil Coop looks scared*

Coop: That's the best you chumps got!? *Mechs fly towards Megas. Megas grabs a mech and tosses it aside. Megas then picks up another mech and throws it away. Megas shoots a robot blowing it up. It then regenerates and tries again. Megas just grabs the robot and swings it into a robot. Evil Coop's mech backs up. Evil Coop looks terrified.* You ain't nothing but a coward. I'm the real deal. The one and original Coop! *Megas runs up to Evil Coop's mech and grabs it. Megas gives it a bearhug. Evil Coop's robots aim at Megas. However Megas turns around to put Evil Coop's mech in the line of fire. The robots fire anway damaging Evil Coop's mech. Evil Coop yells. An electrical surge zaps Evil Coop's armor plate, causing it to crack*

Evil Coop: What!? *The mechs that were at Jenna's house explode. The mechs around the area also explode. It rains grey goo all over the place.* No! My army! *Megas throws Evil Coop's mech away. Evil Coop's mech gets up to look at his army destroyed.*

Kiva: Coop! You did it! *Scans* That surge must of shorted out the control unit for the nanites!

Jamie: Nice! *Does the rock on pose thing with Coop. Megas then shakes off the gray junk.*

Coop: Guess I'm gonna have to give Megas a wash later huh. *Megas turns around and looks at Evil Coop's mech.*

Evil Coop: Grrrrr! *Both Coop and Evil Coop stare down.*

Coop: Listen up you skinny, scrawny, POOR excuse of a clone! You kill my alternate dimension's girlfriend, come back after I stick you in between dimensions, try and beat me up with a bunch of cheap knockoffs, and worse of all, made me miss Wrestlefest live! Now you're gonna find out just which Coop is the best Coop! *Both Megas and Evil Coop's mech run at each other. Megas goes to punch Evil Coop's mech. However he blocks the attack, lifts Megas up and throws him away. Megas gets up and jumps into the air.* RAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Megas lands on Evil Coops mech. Megas then gives Evil Coop's mech a back suplex. They go crashing into the school's stadium. Both Megas and Evil Coop's mech get up. Evil Coop fires a blast at Megas. Megas gets hit and falls backwards. Megas gets back up. Kiva and Jamie look at Coop who just shrugs. He turns to look at Evil Coop's mech. Inside Evil Coop laughs.*

Evil Coop: Looks like I'm the best Coop.

Coop: Not by a longshot you ain't! *Evil Coop's mech and Megas run up to each other. Megas punches Evil Coop's mech several times. Evil Coop kicks Megas down. Evil Coop attempts to stab Megas with the blade. Megas blocks the attack and gets up. Megas then picks up Evil Coop's mech and throws it away. Evil Coop's mech gets up and fires a powerful laser blast which creates a line in the dirt. Megas dodged the blast and flies towards Evil Coop. They both grapple. Evil Coop tries to shoot Megas at point blank range. However Megas ducks and the shot misses. It instead hits part of the bleachers which had some POP TV advertisng. Megas then grabs Evil Coop's robot and throws it away. Evil Coop's mech gets back up.* You want some more? *The music changes to something dramatic. Evil Coop laughs*

Evil Coop: As much as I'd love to stay and destroy you, I have other matters to attend to. But before I go, I have one final surprise just for you. *Evil Coop presses a button. A huge dimensional portal opens up. A gigantic nuclear warhead comes flying out from it. It's 3 times bigger than Megas. Megas turns around to look at it flying past them*

Jamie: What the heck is it!? *Kiva scans*

Kiva: It's a 500 terraton warhead! It has enough power to destroy the planet! *Scans its course On the monitor it shows Coop's house. Target rectiles appear around it* It's headed right for your house!

Coop: No! *Evil Coop laughs more*

Evil Coop: Looks like I get to kill your girlfriend, and everyone on the planet afterall. Too bad I can't stay to see Earth get blown to bits. *Evil Coop opens up another dimensional portal and backs up into it. He laughs maniacally as he leaves.*

Jamie: Coop stop that thing before we all die!

Kiva: No! Even if we destroy it, it's still too close! It will destroy everything!

Coop: Ho much time we got!?

Kiva: Only 30 seconds! *Megas flies into the air and speeds past the giant warhead. It lands at Coop's house. Megas looks up at the giant warhead headed right for it.*

Coop: Any ideas!?

Kiva: It's too big for us to change it's trajectory, and it's too close for us to destroy! *Sadly* I don't think there is anything we can do.

Jamie: Oh man. *Coop gets an idea*

Coop: I got it! *Coop grabs the giant gold controller he used in "Rearview Mirror Mirror" He starts pressing buttons*

Kiva: What are you doing!?

Coop: Well. If I can't destroy it, *Coop continues to press buttons. It shows the buttons being pressed on the monitor. It then shows the warhead getting closer to Megas*

Kiva: 10 seconds! 9, 8, 7, 6, *As she counts, Coop presses more buttons. The warhead gets dangerously close.* 5,4,3,2,1, *As the warhead is about to hit, another giant dimensional portal opens up just millimeters from Megas. The warhead goes right through it. The huge portal then closes. Kiva and Jamie look around to see the bomb is nowhere in sight*

Coop: Then I'll just have to send it somewhere else!

Jamie: Wow. That was too close.

Coop: Yeah no kidding! Kiva! Any idea where that evil me went to?

Kiva: He escaped through a dimensional rift!

Coop: Well I'm going after him!

Jamie: We could do that. *Looks at his watch* Or we could go inside and watch the encore to Wrestlefest.

Coop: Oh! Good idea! Let's get out of here! *The guys unbuckle and get out. Back at Coop's basement, the guys are watching the fights* Hahah!

Jamie: Yeah!

Coop: All right! Now that was a good wrestlefest!

Jamie: Too bad it was just the encore and not the live event.

Kiva: Instead of watching wrestling, shouldn't we be concerned about that alternate version of you Coop? He's still out there and who knows what he could be planning.

Coop: I'll worry about him later. He ain't got nothing now that I beat him.

Kiva: Incidentally, where exactly did you send that giant warhead?

Coop: I don't know.

Kiva: *Worried* Do you realize you just sent a planet-destroying bomb into another dimension? Who knows what race or civlization you just destroyed!

Jamie: Eh. It's there problem now. *To Coop* So Coop. About me and Kiva dating? Did that actually happen?

Coop: I guess.

Kiva: How could I be such a jerk like that? I guess things just happen differently in other dimensions.

Coop: Yeah. I still can't believe I could kill my girlfriend. At least she's safe in my dimension.

Jamie: What was I like Coop? I bet I'm something cool like a cyborg ninja or an action hero.

Coop: Actually, you were like an action hero. You even had scars on your face.

Jamie: Nice! Was I a good guy?

Coop: Yeah. But you were also a jerk. You even tried to kill me. But it's understandible with me turning evil and junk. *Coop turns the TV off* Well. I guess we better get training. *Coop looks out the window to see it's still raining. More thunder is heard.

Kiva: Well. Since you did just fight your evil alternate reality counterpart, I think I'll let training slide for today.

Coop: Really? Nice! *Coop turns the TV back on and watches more TV. It pans out showing the house gone and them in the basement.*

Ending Credits: *Evil Coop returns to the Lurp Dimension. He looks ahead to see a giant portal is in front of him. He raises an eyebrow. From the giant portal the huge warhead comes out right at him. He gets terrified. In space, a huge explosion is seen.*

The End


Coop/Evil Coop: David Deluise
Jamie: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva/Evil Kiva: Wendee Lee

Production Music Used

Epic Movie Adventures 2 - Dewolfe Music
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music
Harsh Life - Westar Music
Consuming Fire - Non-Stop Production Music
Requiem - Non-Stop Production Music
Into The Flames* - Mega Trax The Scene Series
High Plains - Non-Stop Production Music
Ultimate Menace - Non-Stop Production Music
Coma Dose - Extreme Music X Series
Orchestral Horror - Non-Stop Production Music
Cornered - Non-Stop Production Music
Ro-Sham-Bo - Extreme Music X Series
Clashing Swords - Non-Stop Production Music
Air Check - Extreme Music X Series
Psychomanix - Extreme Music Director Cuts


Megas Fan
Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Here is a rewrite of Lurp Before You Leap (Originally Attack of the Lurps)

Lurp Before You Leap

*The episode starts on the planet of the giant monsters who drink tea. It pans showing a beautiful landscape. It stops panning at a big building with marble towers. A monster goes crashing through it. The music changes as well. He gets up and rubs his head. He looks down to see a tiny lurp who is angry. It roars at the monster. The monster gets up and growls back. It then tries to swipe the little Lurp. The lurp however grabs its arm and stops the attack. The monster is surprised. The lurp then throws the giant monster over. The monster lands on the ground. The monster gets up again. The lurp from before jumps on its back and throws a rope around the horn of the monster and pulls back. The monster is powerless to do anything. Another monster runs away from a couple of lurps. Two lurps jump into the air and grab the monster by the horn. The monster shakes them off. The lurps however take him down. Another lurps puts a restrain on the monster. It pans further away showing multiple monsters being used as slaves. A lurp whips a monster who is forced to carry stuff. The monster winces in pain. A bunch of monsters pull some rope. This raises up the side of a giant mushroom like building. Another monster is surrounded by lurps. The lurps growl at the monster. The monster strikes at the lurps. Some lurps go flying. Another lurp goes flying into a marble tower. The tower falls on the lurp. The lurp gets back up. The lurp roars at the monster again. Then it breathes in. It breathes out shooting flowers at the monster. The flowers latch onto the monster and glow. The monster is losing its energy. The monster shakes off the flowers. The flowers return to the lurp. The lurp then glows. The lurp then jumps into the air and headbutts the giant monster knocking it down. He then jumps on the monster's stomach, roars, and pounds its own chest. It pans away to a giant mushroom house. Inside is a small lurp with a scruffy beard and a scar over its right eye. He looks out of a window and laughs sadistically. A female lurp then enters the room.*

Lurpette: *Voice actress is Lucille Bliss.* Sir!

Papa Lurp: *Voice actor is Richard Steven Horvitz* What do you have to report!?

Lurpette: We've recieved incoming reports from your liutenants that they have sucessfully lurped the inhabitants on this planet. They are now being used to lurp our new village.

Papa Lurp: Excellent! Soon this entire planet will be lurped! Then once we finish here we'll go forth and lurp the other planets on this galaxy! Hahahahahah! *Back outside, there is a grey monster. He looks on and sheds a tear. He then takes his arm and presses a button. A portal opens up behind him. He enters it and the portal closes. Back inside, a lurp whispers to Lurpette.*

Lurpette: Sir! I've recived another report that one of the inhabitants of this planet has lurped through a portal and dissapeared! Should we send a few solders to lurp him back?

Papa Lurp: That will not be neccessary! We have more than enough slaves as it is! Just have the slaves lurp faster to make up for the missing slave! Then to lurp more ships for us to travel to other planets!

Lurpette: As you command! *Lurpette turns around and walks away.*

Papa Lurp: This is only the beginning! Soon the entire universe shall fall under my control! No one will be able to resist the lurp! *Papa Lurp laughs again. His laughs echo throughout the area*

*Title Theme plays*

Lurp Before You Leap

*We are at Jersey City Junkyard. Coop is working on the foot of Megas. He is putting in some kind of modifcation. There is now an open compartment that looks like the interior of a microwave. Jamie is sitting on a pile of junk just realxing. Kiva is standing next to Megas. Goat is getting a tan. Kiva walks over to Coop. Jamie gets up and follows.*

Jamie: So this is what you've been working on all day?

Coop: Yep!

Jamie: What does it do?

Coop: You remember the gift Jenna got me for my birthday!? Well I was able to copy the data on how it works! I made a backup copy on a disc. Then I installed it into Megas.

Kiva/Jamie: So?

Coop: So!? Check it out! *Coop presses a few buttons near the open compartment of Megas.* Give me a Mega-Slush! Perferably Stratasfuric Strawberry Slime! *It does as it was told. Coop grabs the slush and drinks it.* Ahhh!

Kiva: Well that's good, but I don't see how this is supposed to help you in combat against the Glorft.

Coop: It will help lots! Just think. We're in space, millions of miles from Earth. I get hungry? I just get something to eat here! I've also wired it so it could bring the food to the car! Now I won't go hungry when we're out in space!

Jamie: Yeah. We also don't have to hear you complain about being hungry either. *Coop stares at Jamie. Then his stomach growls. Coop rubs his stomach*

Coop: Well. Guess it's time for lunch! You guys want anything?

Kiva: I'm fine.

Jamie: Unless you got that thing rigged to create goth cheerleaders, then I don't want anything either.

Coop: Ok. Megas. Philly Cheesesteak. Nice and juicy. Extra onions. *Megas does as it is told. However when it produces this, the area shakes. A loud crash is also heard. The force sends Goat into the air and onto the ground.* Woah!

Jamie: Looks like you still got some kinks to work out.

Kiva: That didn't come from Megas. *Looks near a huge pile of junk* It sounded like it came from behind that junk pile. *Coop, Jamie, and Kiva climb up the junk pile. When they get to the top, they see the giant monster on the other side. It slowly gets up.*

Monster: Oh. My head.

Jamie: Hey. Isn't that the *points* monster guy who was hanging out with that totally rad alien bounty babe? *Looks around* Is she here too? *The monster gets up and looks at Coop*

Monster: Oh thank goodness I have found you Coop. I am in need of your assistance.

Coop: What's wrong big guy?

Monster: Our planet has come under attack. We were invaded by a ruthless, powerful, alien force. Not even we were able to fight back. I barely escaped with my life. I came here to ask for your help.

Jamie: They must of been pretty big if they could take you guys down. *The monster looks away and rubs his neck*

Monster: Well. Not exactly. They are quite small. Even smaller than you. Have you ever heard of a race known as the Lurp? *Coops eyes widen*

Coop: Lurps!? *The monster nods*

Jamie: So, Lurps. *The monster nods again. Coop and Jamie look at the monster, then at each other. Both of them start to laugh. The monster looks confused.*

Coop: Oh man! This is, this is. Too funny. Seriously though Lurps!?

Jamie: Imagine these guys getting beat up by a bunch of tiny snot-nosed orange elves! *Coop and Jamie laugh more.*

Monster: You know of them!? *Coop and Jamie stop laughing* You've must of dealt with this menace once before!


*The scene shifts to Coop's house He is sitting down playing video games. He is playing Love Those Lurps 7. On the TV, Gerkek the planet killer is smashing Lurps as they walk up to him.*

Lurp: I lurp you!

Gerkek: Grrah! *Smashes the lurp away. As he smashes lurps he also rants.* I've had it with his stupid prision! If I ever get out of here, I will make you all suffer! I'll kill your planet, then bring it back to life, just so I can kill it again and again! Just you wait! I'll get out one of these days then you'll pay! *As Gerkek rants, Coop laughs.*

*Back to reality*

Coop: Uh sure! Lots of times!

Monster: *Smiles* Then we can still be saved!

Coop: Yeah! This will be a cinch!

Kiva: Coop, before you go rushing in, maybe you should consider that whatever these lurps are, could be alot stronger than how you think they are.

Jamie: Oh come on Kiva! Lurps don't even have a mean bone in their tiny little bodies!

Monster: Unfortunatly, these lurps do. They are also quite powerful dispite their small size. A single lurp was able to take out an entire group of us in under an hour. But since you've dealt with them before, this should be no trouble for you.

Coop: Uh sure! No trouble at all! I mean this should take a few minutes to eliminate a bunch of lurps. I mean how bad could they be!?

Monster: Thank you so much for your help Coop. Let's hurry! *The monster takes his arm and presses a button. A portal opens up infront of them. Both the monster and Megas walk into it. They come out on the other side. The planet looks like a mess. A bunch of big monsters are being forced to turn a giant wheel. Lurps are whipping the monsters. One of the monsters cries as he gets whipped. Other monsters are putting up walls for a giant fortress.* Oh no. It's worse than I thought.

Coop: Woah. You weren't kidding.

Kiva: It still doesn't make since how something so small could be so powerful. But then again we should always expect the unexpected.

Coop: This don't make sense! Lurps are supposed to be friendly! They would never hurt others!

Monster: Perhaps these lurps are not the same ones you had battled in the past. They have incredible power. Not only that but apparently they can sap the energy from other lifeforms. They take advantage of this ability and use it against us, rendering us weak and fatigued.

Jamie: Did you guys even try to fight them off!?

Monster: Yes. At first we managed to hold them off. But then they started sapping our energy. We grew weak. Eventually we were overpowered by them. Perhpas you might fare better against them than us. Please. I ask of you. Free us from their tyranny.

Coop: Sure thing. Let me handle this. I'll beat this pint sized punks with ease! *As Megas and the monster talk, a lurp spots them and jumps over to them.*

Hefty Lurp: *Voice actor is Frank Welker.* Hey! The two of you! Get back to work! We didn't command you to take a break! *Coop looks at the lurp, then at the monster.*

Coop: So this is it right? That's what you've been attacked by right? *The monster nods.* All right! *Cracks his knuckles.* This will only take a second! *Megas lifts its foot in the air.*

Hefty Lurp: Hey! I told you to lurp back to- *Megas steps on the Lurp with hard force.*

Coop: Hahahahahah! See nothing too it! All you gotta do is- *A rumbling sound is heard, Megas slowly lifts its foot up.* Huh!? *Megas goes flying into the air and lands on a building. Hefty Lurp threw Megas off of him.*

Hefty Lurp: Watch where you're lurping you klutz! Now get back to work or else! *Megas slowly gets back up.*

Coop: Ok. Someone PLEASE tell me that did NOT just happen!

Jamie: I think it did. *Megas walks up to the tiny Lurp and points at it.*

Coop: Hey pal! Just who do you think you are, enslaving my friends like that!?

Hefty Lurp: You wanna fight!? *Puts up his dukes* Put up your dukes! I'll lurp you quick! Come on! I'll lurp you with one arm tied behind my back!

Coop: Ok. Let's try this again. *Megas puts its foot into the air. Then comes down fast onto Hefty Lurp. We don't hear a smash sound. Coop looks to see Hefty Lurp grabbing Megas by the foot.* No way! *Hefty Lurp lifts Megas into the air and smashes him onto the ground multiple times. Then Hefty Lurp tosses Megas into a marble tower. Megas goes flying into the marble tower and it falls on Megas.*

Kiva: If it didn't work the first time, it's not going to work again. *Uses the computer to scan the lurp.* Coop! Don't let it's size fool you! It's alot stronger than you give it credit for!

Jamie: LOOK OUT! *A giant marble tower flies at Megas. Megas gets hit.*

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: WOAH!!! *Megas goes flying into a mushroom building. But it doesn't collapse since it is sturdy enough. Megas gets back up and looks at the lurp.*

Hefty Lurp: Come on you wimp! Are we gonna lurp or what!? *Coop gets angry.*

Kiva: Coop stay calm! You need to think rationally right now!

Coop: Oh that's it! I'm gonna squish him good! *Megas stomps the ground in place, trying to crush Hefty Lurp. However Hefty Lurp continously dodges the attacks. It is as if Megas was dancing like a fool. Megas then stands still and opens up. Megas fires a machine gun blast at Hefty Lurp. The lurp continues to dodge the attacks. Megas opens up its chest and fires a laser beam. Hefty Lurp jumps over it and lands on the cannon of the laser. He then grabs the top of the cannon and flips it up. This sends Megas into the air. Megas lands on the ground on its back. Hefty Lurp then jumps onto Megas. The force of the attack pushes Megas into the ground. Hefty Lurp jumps again and tries to jump on Megas. This time Megas grabs Hefty Lurp in his hand. Megas gets up.* Gotcha! *Megas's hand slowly opens.* Wha!? *Hefty Lurp manages to open Megas's hand up. Then Hefty Lurp grabs Megas by a finger and throws it over. Megas lands on the ground this time on its stomach. Hefty Lurp then goes to the foot of Megas and pushes it make it bend. The pressure is too much and Megas starts to electrocute around the leg area.*

Kiva: Coop! The leg is taking on too much pressure! *A component opens up on the foot. It fires a missile right at Hefty Lurp. Hefty Lurp goes flying into a building. Hefty Lurp then gets up and jumps back to where Megas is. Hefty Lurp does a diving attack and hits Megas. Megas falls back again. Megas gets up and smashes the ground. This creates an Earthquake. Hefty Lurp stumbles and falls down. Megas then fires a missile at Hefty Lurp. Hefty Lurp catches it but the missile still tries to go into him. Somehow Hefty Lurp lifts the missile up and throws it right back at Megas. Megas gets hit and goes flying. Hefty lurp roars and pounds his chest.*

Coop: This ain't supposed to happen! I'm bigger than him!

Kiva: I told you Coop! Don't underestimate it!

Jamie: Incoming! *Hefty Lurp is in the air. It does a flip kick to Megas. Megas stumbles but regains balance. Hefty Lurp then starts to bounce around. He hits Megas at different directions. Megas keeps getting hit.*

Kiva: He's too fast to track! *Megas keeps getting hit at random spots on its body. Then Hefty Lurp hits Megas right in the chest knocking it down again. Hefty Lurp stands on Megas.*

Jamie: Hard to believe we're getting our butts kicked by something that's three apples tall.

Kiva: Remember what I said about not underestimating them? *Megas gets back up. Coop is pissed off.*

Coop: Oh that's it! I'm gonna squeeze that little chump into pulp! *Coop grrs*

Hefty Lurp: Back for more eh? I'll give you a lurping you'll never forget!

Coop: Oh I got your lurp right here! *Megas opens up and multiple cannons appear out of Megas. They fire everywhere. Many buildings are destroyed in the attack. Some giant monsters get out of the way of the attack. The area is a warzone. After awhile, Megas stops firing. Hefty Lurp is still ok. He put his arms up in an X like position to buffer the attack.* What!? Their ain't no way he could survive that! *Hefty Lurp breathes in, then breathes out. He spits flowers at Megas This confuses Coop, Jamie, and Kiva. The flowers latch onto Megas.*

Coop: Ok? What was that?

Jamie: Was something supposed to happen?

Coop: Besides my robot smelling nice now! Hey thanks! I needed a new air freshener! *On the computer it shows Megas losing energy.*

Kiva: Coop! Megas is losing energy! Those flowers must be sapping the energy supply! Shake them off! *Megas flies into the air. Megas then spins around super fast. The flowers come off of Megas. They land near Hefty Lurp. They go into his body. His body glows.* They must be how they got so strong! Coop we can't let him do that again! If he takes anymore energy from Megas, then he may become too powerful to stop!

Jamie: He's already too powerful to stop!

Coop: Not yet he's not! I've been saving this for a special occasion! *Coop presses a button. Megas flies into the air. Megas goes out of the planet's atmosphere and heads into space. Megas is in space and stops. Megas turns around. We get a greenish tint. It shows the planet, then it shows an area of the planet, the it shows Hefty Lurp. Targeting rectiles appear and surround Hefty Lurp. The words "Lock On Target" start to flash.* Hold on tight guys! This is gonna be a little rough! *Megas dives back down. It's upper body starts to spin super fast. Hefty Lurp looks up. He sees a small light shine in the air. Then it gets closer. It's Megas.* WAAAAAHHHH!!!! *Hefty Lurp jumps into the air and catches Megas before it can hit the ground. Both Megas and Hefty Lurp land on the ground, but Hefty Lurp is able to hold Megas before he hits the actual ground. Hefty Lurp is struggling to keep Megas from striking the ground. The ground below him deepens. Meanwhile inside the Lurp Mothership, Papa Lurp is watching on a monitor.*

Papa Lurp: Hm. Lurpette!

Lurpette: Sir!

Papa Lurp: What is this giant robot doing here!? Why is he lurping my strongest liutenant!?

Lurpette: He appears to be with the one who escaped from us before. Should we engage him?

Papa Lurp: Have the others assist Hefty Lurp! This act of defiance could only lead to a rebelleon!

Lurpette: Understood! *Lurpette Salutes and walks away. Back at the fight, Hefty Lurp is still struggling to keep Megas from hitting the ground. Megas inches closer and closer. Inside the car, we hear beeping sounds.*

Kiva: Coop! Megas is overloading! It can't take this much! Stop the attack!

Coop: No way! I almost got him! *Coop turns a dial and the boosters to Megas activate. Megas gets slightly closer to the ground. Hefty Lurp now has both arms holding Megas. Megas still inches closer and closer. Coop grrs, then puts his foot on the gas. Megas gets very close to the ground. He's millimeters from touching.* Amost there, come on! Just a little more! *Megas gets even closer. Megas eventually hits the ground. This creates a powerful explosion which can be seen from space. The entire area is now destroyed. Megas is standing proudly. Hefty Lurp is down and knocked out. He is however still alive.* Woah. Even that and he's still alive!

Kiva: But he's knocked out cold! That should give us some time to recover! *3 blips appear* Oh no! Coop more of those things are on the way! *A lurp strikes Megas from the left. Then another lurp hits Megas from above. Another Lurp with glasses stands on Megas. Megas tries to smash it off. The lurp leaves. This causes Megas to hit itself, knocking it down. Megas gets up to see the 3 lurps infront of him.*

Grouchy Lurp: Voice actor is Micheal Bell: I hate giant robots!

Jokey Lurp: *Voice actor is June Foray* Hee hee ya ya ha ha ha! This is gonna be fun! Let's play some more!

Brainy Lurp: *Voice actor is Barry Gordon* You might as well lurp up now. You don't have a chance against us. I've calculated your changes of victory. Right now they are aproxxamitly at .00001%.

Coop: That so!? Well how about this! *Grabs Brainy Lurp and punches him as he did to the Regis Mark V in "All I wanted was a slushie." Then Megas throws Brainy Lurp like a baseball. He goes crashing into a mushroom house. Megas then opens up. It fires various laser blasts into the mushroom house. Briany Lurp is knocked out.* Odds are for chumps!

Jamie: Nice!

Kiva: Incoming! *The 2 lurps strike Megas knocking it back, Megas tries again to swat them away but they dodge and continue to hit Megas, they then jump in the air and both make a diving tackle at Megas but Megas fires eye beams at them and hit them, they go down, then get back up. Megas counters by firing 2 missles for each lurp. They both catch them with one hand causing the missles to diffuse*

Jamie: Woah. *One of the lurps goes to the ground. He grabs the ground and lifts it up. The ground under Megas is lifted up and Megas falls down. Jokey Lurp goes to the car part.*

Jokey Lurp: Hey! I got a surprise for you! *Hands Coop a present. Coop takes the present and looks at it.*

Coop: Hey thanks!

Kiva: Coop! Be careful! It could be a trap! *Coop and Jamie look at each other and wink. Coop pretends to open the present. He acts as if he can't.*

Coop: Ergh! ERGGH!

Kiva: Coop! Don't open that present!

Coop: I can't! It's stuck on tight! *Keeps pulling. Coop keeps struggling to open it up. Jokey Lurp gets a disgruntled look on his face.* Why can't I open this!?

Jamie: Pull harder! *Coop and Jamie both work to open the gift. Kiva facepalms. Jokey Lurp taps his foot.*

Kiva: Coop. You should be more than capible of openning that box. Just what are you trying to do? *Coop continues to fake not being able to open the box. Jokey Lurp gets angry.*

Jokey Lurp: Give me that! *Grumbles as he opens it up with no problem.* See! That wasn't so- *We hear beeping. It gets faster, then flatlines.* Oh no. *The box explodes. The force is so powerful, it blasts Jokey Lurp into a bunch of marble towers The towers fall on him. Megas gets sent back a bit and falls on the ground. Megas then gets up*

Kiva: Coop! I told you it was a trap! *Both Coop and Jamie are laughing.* Wait! You knew!?

Coop: Of course!

Jamie: We watched this show when we were little! *Jokey Lurp slowly gets up from the wreckage.*

Jokey Lurp: That's not very funny! *Jokey Lurp groans then passes out. Coop and Jamie laugh some more. Megas gets struck from behind.*

Grouchy Lurp: I hate losing my comrades!

Coop: You'll be losing alot more than that when I'm through with you! *Megas fires an energy blast at Grouchy Lurp. Grouchy Lurp sidesteps then pushes Megas down. Grouchy Lurp jumps at the car part of Megas. Megas however fires a fist before he can get close. The fist hits Grouchy Lurp and he goes flying with the fist. Megas slowly gets back up and looks around.* All right! That takes care of them! *Jamie notices the fist coming back.*

Jamie: Uh Coop? *They all see the fist. It hits Megas. Megas goes flying into a tower. Some of the monsters get out of the way. *Megas gets up.* Man! I could use some help right now! Why don't those big guys help us?

Kiva: *Scans them.* They can't! They had too much energy taken from them. Right now we're the only ones that could stop these lurps. *Grouchy Lurp kicks Megas knocking it down.*

Coop: Hey! I wasn't ready yet! *Megas gets back up.* Ok. I think this guy needs a taste of the double deuce! *Megas jumps into the air. So does Grouchy Lurp. Megas does a double pump handle to Grouchy Lurp.*

Grouchy Lurp: Wha!? *Grouchy Lurp gets hit and goes back down. Megas lands, its uper body spins, and Megas does a pose. Meanwhile back at the lurp ship.*

Papa Lurp: How can this blue robot be able to handle my solders lurp by lurp! I appears I will have to lurp with this myself. Lurpette! Monitor the slaves! I'll be back!

Lurpette: Sir! *Salutes. Back at the fight, Megas grabs Grouchy Lurp and tosses him into a statue of Papa Lurp. The monsters cheer and go "Yay!" Grouchy Lurp then spews flowers at Megas.*

Kiva: Coop destroy the flowers!

Coop: Right! *Megas's hands go inside and out come 2 flamethrowers. They incinerate the flowers with fire. Megas tries to crush Grouchy Lurp by grabbing him. But Grouchy Lurp manages to break free. Both Megas and Grouchy Lurp stare down at each other. Then they both go in for another attack.*

Papa Lurp: Grouchy! Stand down! *Papa Lurp appears.*

Grouchy: I hate standing down! *Steps aside*

Papa Lurp: Allow me to lurp this one personally!

Coop: Hey! I'm guessing you're the one in charge right!?

Papa Lurp: That's correct! Who do you think you are lurping my army!?

Coop: Lurping your army? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Kiva! This thing got a translater?

Kiva: Why have you enslaved these creatures!? They have done nothing to you!

Papa Lurp: You know nothing! It is those with power who can lurp others! Those without power must be lurped! We are invincable! We are unstoppable! We are- *Before he can finish, Megas finger flicks him into a bunch of marble towers. He lands in a fountian.* Ow.

Jamie: That sure shut him up.

Kiva: Coop! Incoming!! *Papa Lurp comes back and hits Megas knocking him down.*

Papa Lurp: Do not lurp me when I'm speaking!

Coop: Did ja da what!? What is it with saying lurp every sentence! Can't I just face a normal villian this season!?

Jamie: Apparently not...

Papa Lurp: Here is your final warning!!! Give up now giant being! You cannot defeat the lurp! We will lurp you and then lurp your planet! All will be lurped and the Lurps will lurp, the universe! *Long pause*

Coop: I have no idea what you just said!

Papa Lurp: *Sigh* Give up now, you can't defeat us, we will destroy you then take over your planet, all we be defeated and we will rule the universe.

Coop: Oh. Well you annoying little midget freaks enslave a bunch of my friends, toss Megas around like a ragdoll, and make me look like a fool!

Jamie: Like that's hard to do. *Coop stares at Jamie*

Papa Lurp: Enough! Let's do this! *Papa Lurp jumps into the air and kicks Megas in the chest. Megas falls down to the ground. Papa Lurp then grabs Megas by the finger and throws it over. Then, holding the same finger, he spins around. Papa Lurp tosses Megas into a marble structure and it topples on Megas. Megas gets back up.* Lurp up now or else!

Coop: No way! *Papa Lurp and Megas fight. Megas fires beams from the headlights of the car. Papa Lurp jumps up into the air. He spits flowers at Megas. Megas opens up and reveals a giant fan. He blows the flowers back. However they land on the monsters and sap their energy. The flowers go back to Papa Lurp and make him stronger.* Uh oh. *Papa Lurp jumps at Megas and hits him in the chest. It creates a big dent in the armor. Papa Lurp then pushes Megas down. Papa Lurp goes to the car part, punches the window and grabs Coop by the shirt.*

Papa Lurp: Foolish weakling! You can never lurp me! *As he speaks the other lurps get up and stand by Papa Lurp. First Grouchy, then Hefty, then Brainy, and lastly Jokey.* We are the most powerful beings in existance! We have lurped many planets, galaxies, systems. All have lurped under our power! You shall do the same! *Coop presses a button and the car fires at the 5 lurps. They jump out of the way and land on the ground. Megas gets back up.*

Coop: Dude! That thing broke my window! Oh that's it!

Kiva: Coop! Don't bother! Everything we've tried doesn't even phase them! Even if we manage to knock them out, they still get back up. I don't think conventional weapons can beat these guys.

Coop: Hm....*Gasp*


*Coop and Jamie are toddlers. They are watching an episode of the Lurps. On the television is a guy who looks like Gargemel. He takes a plate of choclate and puts it on the floor.*

Bragdomel: *Voice actor is Micheal Bell* Yes! Those lurps can't resist the taste of sweet choclate! Once eaten it will put them to sleep! Then I shall be able to turn them into silver!

*Back to reality*

Coop: That's it! I know how to beat these chumps!

Kiva: How?

Coop: Watch! *To Megas* Megas! Produce me some chocolate! *The Food replicator activates but instead it teleports the choclate right to Coop. He gets a bunch of candy bars and stuff.*

Jamie: Uh Coop. I don't think it's a good time for a snack.

Coop: Sure it is! Just watch! *Coop opens the car door and gets out.* Hey lurps! Look what I got! *The lurps see the choclate and start to drool.* You want this!? I bet you do! *Coop throws it to the ground. The Lurps go over to the candy and eat it. Coop is amazed at how fast they eat. Then the Lurps are now asleep.*

Kiva: They're sleeping. Coop what did you do?

Coop: Don't you ever watch the show? If you feed a lurp chocolate, they fall asleep! *Coop presses several buttons on Megas. One of the arms open up to reveal some type of blaster. It's the same blaster seen in "Test Drive" when Megas digitizes a house. He fires the laser at the lurps turning them into digital data. Coop moves his hands to signal a job well done.* Well that takes care of those chumps!

Jamie: Nice. *The monsters cheer for Coop.*

Coop: *To Kiva* Told you my food replicator would be useful in combat. *Kiva puffs her hair up. The scene shifts to the monsters now rebuilding from the wreckage.*

Monster: Thank you so much Coop. It will be some time before we get back to normal strength. All we can do now is just recover. And, unfortunatly, rebuild our cities from the battle.

Kiva: Why am I not surprised. *Rolls her eyes at Coop.*

Coop: Hey! I can fix this!

Monster: Don't worry about it Coop. We'll rebuild it ourselves. We don't want to trouble you anymore than we already have. Plus, we were thinking of remodeling anyway.

Coop: You sure!? I mean I can really help!

Kiva: Maybe we should go before you cause anymore damage. Besides, we need to get rid of those lurps.

Coop: Oh I've got just the thing for them. But first, when I get home I'm gonna have a huge bowl of choclate ice cream!

Monster: Thank you again for your help Coop. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask.

Coop: Sure thing! *Stomach growls* We better get going guys. I'm starving. *Megas leaves. Some more towers and such topple and fall to the ground. The monsters look at the damage and the grey one facepalms.*

Monster: This is going to take awhile. *It pans out showing the destroyed area.*

*End Credits* Coop is in his basement playing Love those Lurps 7 again. Jamie and Kiva watch him play. The evil lurps from before are now part of the game. Gerkek the Planet Killer rolls his eyes and sighs as he starts to smash lurps again. However this time, the lurps block his attack. Gerkek gets O.O eyes. The lurps then knock him down and jump on him. They roar at him. He looks up afraid. Coop and Jamie laugh. Kiva facepalms.

The End


Coop: David Deluise
Jamie/Lurp #2/Beast #2: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva: Wendee Lee
Papa Lurp/Lurp #1: Richard Horvitz
Beast #1: Dee Bradly Baker
Lurpette: Lucille Bliss
Jokey Lurp: June Foray
Grouchy Lurp/Bradomel: Micheal Bell
Hefty Lurp/Beast #3/Lurp #3: Frank Welker
Brainy Lurp: Barry Gordon
Gerkek: Beau Billingsea

Production Music Used

Sister Monique - Burton Music
Psychomanix - Extreme Music Directors Cut
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music
Greensleeves - Dewolfe Music (I think)
Gangsters - Amphonic Soundstage
Losing My Hi - Extreme Music X Series
Midnight Rodeo - Universal Production Music
High Plains - Non-Stop Production Music
Racing Heart - Non-Stop Production Music
Hot Konga - Extreme Music X Series
Revolt - De Wolfe Music
Video Tronics - Universal Production Music
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
VERY FUNNY - CPM Music Carlin
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Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Just a note:

Episode order change. (I'm gonna be posting more later throughout the week

Season 3:

1: Love At First Fight
2: Ultrabot Z
3: Fat-Tastic Voyage (Formally Honey, I shrunk the Megas)
4: Grill Power
5: Tag Team
6: Friends, Romans, Megas (Formally Gladiator)
7: How the Glorft Stole Christmas
8: Back To The Present
9: Lurp Before You Leap
10: The Good, The Bad, And The Megas
11: Once Upon A Time In New Mexico
12: Adventures In Skippysitting (Formally Ultra-Return)
13: House of 1000 Coopses

Season 4

1: Megas Gear Solid
2: Gigas XLR
3: Terrorfirmer
4: Collect Her (Formally, The Collector)
5: Attack of the 80ft Jamie
6: The Junkman Returneth
7: Ultrabot Zeo
8: Violent Valentines Day
9: Jamie & The Beanstalk (Formally Megas & The Beanstalk)
10: The Great Mega-Slush Robbery
11: The Last Jamie On Earth (Originally Much Ado About Alternate Jamie)
12: Food Fight
13: Legion Of Evil

Season 5

1: Racheal Loves Brodie
2: Kids Stuff
3: Grudge Match
5: Enemy Of The Universe
6: The GodMegas
7: Rock N Rule
8: The Omega Megas
9: Land Of The Rising Fat
10: History Of The World (By Coop)
11: Megas Kombat (Formally Metal Kombat)
12: Glorfts & Broods Part 1
13: Glorfts & Broods Part 2

Season 6

1: Channel Surfing
2: The Dukes Of Megas
3: Space Ape Escape
4: Twisted Megas
5: The Cockpit
6: Lifestyles of the Fat & Gluttonous
7: Roughin' It
8: Anniversary Anarchy
9: Ultrabot Z: Powered Up
10: Harold & Jamie Go To Burger Barn
11: Memory Blank
12: When Kivo Comes Calling
13: R.E.G.I.S.C.O.O.P

Season 7 (Final Season)

1: The Callout
2: Enter The Megas
3: Joyride
4: Of Ice & Megas (Formally Flora & Ice)
5: Sister Sister (Formally Gorrath's Ark)
6: Rosh-O-Megas
7: Buggin' The System Again (Formally System Error)
8: Battle Of The Bands
9: Deathmatch
10: Project: Diablos
11: Fat To The Future Part 1
12: Fat To the Future Part 2
13: Fat To The Future Part 3
14: Fat To The Future Part 4
15: Fat To The Future Part 5 (Final episode)

You can read some of these here in the earlier pages, but I'll be posting rewrites and the new episode later in the week.


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Here is a re-write for Love At First Fight. This introduces my OC characters, Jenna & Racheal.

Love at First Fight.

*The episode starts in Jersey City and Megas on line at the Taco bar. There is also a car in front of it and 2 cars behind it. Inside the car, Coop is licking his lips and rubbing his hands in a satisfying way.*

Coop: It's taco tuesday and everything's half price! I'm so hungry! *The car in front drives away and Megas walks up to the intercom*

Intercom: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker* Can I take your order?

Coop: Uh yeah....Give me 200 hard tacos, 200 soft tacos, 100 taco pizzas and 50 nacho supremes!

Intercom: That will be $543.83 please. *Coop pays the man and gets the receit through the car and has the tacos in Megas's hand*

Man: *Looking at the giant robot and counts the money, then sees Megas walk away from the window* Man they don't pay me enough for this. *We are now in the middle of the city and Megas is just standing there.*

Jamie: Man Coop, don't you think you went a little overboard on the food there?

Coop: Not really. This is just an appitizer. I'm gonna need more than this when we watch the monster truck show. You think Kiva likes tacos?

Jamie: Probably not. Anyways Coop you better make sure they got the order right, they always for some reason get the order wrong.

Coop: Ok let me just read the reciept here. *Coop mumbles at the long list of food he got and Jamie looks out the window. He notices something and goes "Huh!?" We now see what appears to be part of a robot. The robot starts to walk towards Megas.*

Jamie: Uh Coop.

Coop: Hold up a second Jamie. Let me check this. *Continues reading the list. Meanwhile the other robot continues to walk towards Megas and more parts of the mech are shown.*

Jamie: Coop I think you really better look at this!

Coop: I'm almost finished Jamie! *Coop is still reading the list. The robot get close and it has the number 6 on it. The robot reels his fist back as if it was going to punch Megas.*


Coop: Huh? Woah! *The other robot punches Megas it does a triple screen where we see a fist punch Megas hard in the upper chest area.*

Coop/Jamie: WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! *Megas goes flying backwards. Beeping noises are heard. Megas breaks through various buildings. Then Megas falls onto the ground and travels through a street. Megas comes to a stop at a big building. When it is all said and done there is alot of destruction in a city block. As the smoke clears we see Megas down and parts of it are smoking. Megas slowly gets up.*

Coop: Jamie!? What the heck happened!?

Jamie: You got sucker punched.

Coop: How come you didn't warn me!

Jamie: I tried. *Megas turns around to see who attacked it.*

Coop: All right pal! You had better hope you didn't mess up my paintjob or I'm gonna- *Coop sees what attacked him and gasps.* No way!

*Title theme plays*

Love at First Fight.

* The screen pans up showing us the robot. As it pans up it shows a screen of the number 6. As it pans up more it shows another screen of the flaming paintjob. It then pans out and shows us that the robot that attacked Megas is another Megas. This Megas is red with a neon blue flaming paint job. It has a 3 ball and an eyeball.

Jamie: Coop! That robot looks just like Megas!

Coop: That bot is Megas! A different Megas! *The robot which I will call Megas 2 runs up to Megas and tries to punch Megas.*

Jamie: Look out! *Megas ducks the punch*

Coop: Hey! *Megas grabs Megas 2 by the arm and throws it over Megas. Megas 2 flips in the air and lands on its feet. It turns around to face Megas.*

Jamie: All right Coop. What did you do this time?

Coop: I didn't do nothing! *Small pause* At least I don't think I did. Did I? *A small pause*

Jamie: So any idea whose piloting that thing? *Coop looks at the monitor on the screen it displays the words "Communication systems malfunction. Audio and visual disabled".*

Coop: No good. That punch to Megas must of done something to communications.

Jamie: In other words, you have no idea.

Coop: Well I don't know who or what is piloting that robot. No one gets the drop on me or Megas! Just let me get my tacos in here and I'll teach this chump a- *Looks at Megas's hand. The tacos are missing.* Dude! My tacos! Where the heck did they go!? Jamie you see them? *Jaime points to Megas 2*

Jamie: Uh. He's got them. *Megas 2 throws the tacos into the air, then catches them.*

Coop: Noo! *Coop grabs a wire and plugs it into a port. Coop then flips a switch. The words "Secondary communication systems: ACTIVATED". The word "ACTIVATED" flashes. Coop them grabs a megaphone from hammerspace and yells into it.* Hey! Just what's the big idea stealing my tacos! *As Coop yells, it creates a loud feedback. Jamie cringes and covers his ears.*

Jamie: Coop! Lower that thing!

Coop: Sorry Jamie. I'm still trying to tweak it. *As Coop speaks, small feedback is heard.* It's bad enough you come into my town and beat me up for no good reason, but now you gotta steal my food as well! I'm gonna give you the count of 3 to give me back my tacos or I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich to go along with them! 1! 2! thr-

Voice: *Voice actress is Jennifer Hale* Sorry, but they're mine now! *Coop and Jamie look at each other and are surprised.*

Jamie: Dude! The pilots a chick! *Smiles* Wonder if she's hot.

Voice: Now how about you get out of MY town before I kick your butt all over Jersey City! Taco Theif!

Coop: Taco Theif? TACO THEIF!? Hey! I paid for those tacos! *Coop rolls down the window and sticks his arm out showing a reciept* I got the reciept right here! *Megas 2 fires a small beam which hits the reciept. It burns it away. Coop also gets slightly singed* Deeyyaaa! What did you do that for!?

Voice: That's for stealing my design. Chump!

Coop: Your design! I came up with this! You stop copying me!

Voice: This city ain't big enough for two of us! So I suggest you leave or I'll stomp your robot into dust!

Jamie: Guess she's calling you out Coop.

Coop: Ok look. I really ain't looking for a fight. How about you just give me back my tacos. And we can all walk away.

Voice: How about you kiss my big fat a-*Coop cuts her off*

Coop: Don't make me take them back from you!

Voice: I dare you to try it!

Coop: Oh that's it! You're goin down! *Coop revs up the engine and flips some switches. The thrusters activate*

Jamie: Wait. You're gonna fight some chick over food?

Coop: I just spent a month's allowance on a snack! Then this cheap imitation comes along and takes them! Now it's time for me and this fake to throwdown! *Megas and Megas 2 stare at each other. Megas runs up to Megas 2 and attempts to punch it in the upper chest. Megas 2 however grabs Megas by the hand and blocks the attack. Coop looks surprised. Megas 2 uses its other hand to hit Megas. Megas hits a building and goes down. The building doesn't collapse. Megas gets back up and runs over to Megas 2. Both robots grapple. Megas throws Megas 2 over it. It lands on its back. Megas 2 quickly gets up and fires a missile at Megas. Megas gets hit in the back and falls on its stomach. Megas 2 puts its foot on the back of Megas. Megas grabs Megas 2 by the leg and tosses Megas 2 away. Both Megas and Megas 2 get back up. Both robots fly at each other and grapple again. Megas tries to push Megas 2 into a building. However Megas 2 opens up its chest and fires a beam at Megas. Megas backs off from Megas 2. Through the smoke, a fist appears and hits Megas. Megas gets knocked into a couple of small buildings and goes down. Jamie laughs.*

Jamie: You're getting your butt kicked by a girl! *Jamie laughs some more. Megas quickly gets back up and faces Megas 2.*

Voice: You ain't looking so hot! How about you give up and make it easier on yourself!

Coop: Oh! I'm just getting started! Megas runs at Megas 2 with its fist held back. Megas tries to punch Megas 2 again. However Megas 2 grabs Megas and throws Megas over it. Megas lands on the ground. Still holding Megas, Megas 2 spins Megas around and throws Megas into a building. Megas however regains itself and kicks off the building. Megas now flies towards Megas 2. Megas grabs Megas 2. Megas and Megas 2 fly into a building. It topples over them. Megas stands up and aims its arms at Megas 2. Components from Megas open up to reveal blasters. Megas fires a machine gun barrage at Megas 2. The headlights of the car of Megas 2 fires a blast at Megas. Megas gets hit and flies into the air, then lands on the ground. As Megas gets up, Megas 2 jumps into the air. Megas 2 then lands. The force of its landing creates a shockwave* Woah! *Megas falls on its butt. As the shockwave hits Megas, Coop and Jamie cringe in pain.*

Jamie: AaaaAAAAAaaaahhh! Megas fires a fist at Megas 2. It hits, causing Megas 2 to go down. Megas gets back up. A new hand comes out of Megas. Megas does the bring it on pose. Megas 2 fires a harpoon at Megas. Megas catches it and pulls in Megas 2. Megas clobbers Megas 2. Megas grabs Megas 2 and throws it into the air. Megas 2 lands on its back. Megas jumps into the air and gives Megas 2 an elbow. Megas 2 quickly dodges the attack. Megas gets up to see Megas 2 with its hands inside itself. Megas 2 charges up energy.* Uh Coop?

Coop: Right! *Megas does the same thing. Both Megas and Megas 2 fire the same exact blast at each other. The beams hit and struggle with each other. Megas 2's beam gets closer to Megas.*

Jamie: Do something Coop! *Coop turns a dial, which increases the strength of Megas's beam. It overcomes Megas 2's beam. Megas 2 gets hit hard.*

Voice: Eergh! *Megas 2 hits a building and goes down.*

Coop: Ha! How you like that!? *Megas 2 slowly gets back up.* So! You gonna give me back my food!? *Megas 2 aims at Megas. The hands go inside. Megas 2 fires metal blades. Megas dodges the blades by bending backwards. When Megas gets back up, Megas 2 flies at Megas.* Uh oh. *Megas 2 grabs Megas and flies into the air.* Hey! Let go of my robot! *Megas 2 drops Megas into a POP TV building. The building collapses and implodes*

Voice: That's the best you got!? *Megas gets back up.*

Coop: Normally, I ain't the kinda guy that would fight a girl. But to be honest, I never met a woman who could match me blow for blow! So let's see you handle this! *We see Megas put its hands together and create the cool energy sword. Megas 2 does the same. Its sword is neon blue in color. Coop gets O.O eyes then grrs and runs at Megas 2.* WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Voice: WAAAAHHHHHH!!!! *Both Megas and Megas 2 clash blades. Everytime they strike their swords both hit at the same time making it a stalemate. Then both Megas and Megas 2 blade struggle. We see Coop grr again then they both seperate.*

Jamie: Dude! She's countering your every move!

Coop: Oh yeah? Well let's see her counter this!!! *Fires a barrage of missles at Megas 2 who dodges the attacks and they hit the Taco bar.*

Coop/Voice: NO! THE TACO BAR! *To each other* LOOK WHAT YOU DID!

Coop: What I did!? You moved out of the way! I was aiming for you!

Voice: Your aim is horrible! You couldn't hit me even if I was in front of you!

Coop: All right you food stealing, cheap knock-off imitation! First you smash my robot! Then you steal my dinner! Then you destroy my favorite taco resturant! *It shifts over to Jamie. The sound of a car coming to a halt is heard*

Jamie: did. *Shifts back to Coop. Coop stares at Jamie.*

Coop: And now! You're making me hungrier than I already am! Oh. It's on now! Megas increases the length of the energy sword.*

Voice: Bring it! *Megas 2 increases the length of its sword as well. They sword clash some more. Megas then punches Megas 2 in the chest. Megas 2 responds by grabbing Megas and twisting its arm. Megas shoves Megas 2 away. Megas gives Megas 2 a suplex. Megas then stomps on Megas 2 a bit. Megas 2 grabs Megas by the leg and hoists it off. Both Megas and Megas 2 get up and look at each other. Both robots fly at each other. They hit each other at the same time. Both Megas and Megas 2 go down. They both get up and look at each other again.* Heh. I'll be honest! You're pretty good!

Coop: Yeah! You ain't too bad yourself!

Voice: Thanks. But I still ain't gonna let you destroy the city!

Coop: I ain't trying to destroy nothing. I just want my food back!

Voice: *Points to the city.* Then explain that! *Megas turns around. It pans from left to right showing the city block in ruins. Part of a destroyed building falls down and crashes.*

Coop: Whoops.

Jamie: Yeah Coop. Explain that.

Coop: *To the pilot of the other Megas.* Uh....this ain't my fault. I mean this always happens!

Jamie: *Steals the megaphone from Coop.* Yeah! Everytime Coop fights he ends up destroying the city by accident! *Coop takes the megaphone back from Jamie*

Coop: Jamie! You're not exactly helping the situation!

Voice: Coop? Jamie? *Both Coop and Jamie look at Megas 2*

Other Female Voice: *Voice actress is Danielle Harris* Hey give me that I wanna talk.

Voice: No I own the robot you can't speak. *The 2 voices start to fight over the mic. Coop and Jamie stop and look at each other then at the mech. We hear 2 girls arguing at this point it's hard to make out what they are saying. For this I have listed what each girl is saying. Also I've added annotations where something else is occuring indicated by a #).*

What the pilot is saying at this time: You don't know how to operate that, give it to me. Stop it! Cut it out. I'm warning you! Don't make me sit on you! 1) Stop it right now! I'm not selfish you just don't know how to operate a robot such as this! You don't know how to pilot it. You aren't the one who built this thing from scrap now don't touch my controls! I said stop it! I swear I'm not in the mood! You realize that I'm bigger than you 2) and a heck of a lot stronger than you!! I said give it back!!

What the co-pilot says at this time: Let me say something! I think I know who is inside that robot. Why do you have to be so stubborn!? You wouldn't dare! 1) Now give me the megaphone! Why do you have to be so selfish!? I found it in the first place! If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have this robot! Yeah cause you altered the controls to suit you! I don't play as much video games! Let me talk! I don't care! I wanna talk! 2) Well the fact that you eat so much and are fat gives you that advantage doesn't it! I want to talk! Let......Me.....TAAAAAAAALLLLKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) *Coop goes to press a button labeled "Blast the fake robot." but Jamie stops him.*

Jamie: No wait! Let's see where this goes. *The 2 voices continue to fight. Jamie and Coop look at each other then at the mech again. Coop starts tapping his fingers and yawns. The two girls are still fighting over the mic.*

2)Jamie: Well this is boring.

Coop: Can I finish this now?

Jamie: Yeah. Go ahead. *Coop presses a button. Megas aims at Megas 2 and opens up. It prepares to fire a bunch of weapons, but before it can fire, one of the girls speak*

Other female voice: Jamie? Jamie Mahoney!? Is that you? *Coop and Jamie look at each other, then at Megas 2.*

Coop: Jamie! She just said your name!

Voice: Harold? Harold Cooplowski?

Jamie: Dude. Whoever is inside *Points at Megas 2* that robot knows who we are.

Coop: Those voices sound familar too. *Megas returns to normal. Both Coop and Jamie get out of the car. The passenger side of the other car opens up. Out comes a skinny girl with blond hair and sunglasses. She has pinkish lips and a stripped T-shirt. She also wears jean shorts and has sandals on her feet. She is drinking a soda. She takes off her sunglasses showing her eyes which are hazel in color. The girl takes a sip of her soda.*

Jamie: Woah. *Smiles* Nice.

Coop: Hey. I recognize that chick! Ain't that Racheal? She's the one you used to ask out in school!

Jamie: Yeah. *Smiles* I know she couldn't resist my charm.

Coop: Charm!? Last time I checked she hated your guts!

Jamie: Shut up dude. *The driver side door opens up* Hey Coop. Someone else is getting out of the car! *A pair of legs get out from the car. We then get a view of the other woman. She is big and fat like Coop. She is wearing a green T-shirt and has blue jeans on. She is wearing sneakers. We then get a side view of her face which is obstructed by long fluffy red hair. Her hair is done in a ponytail. She flicks her hair around and opens her eyes. She has blue eyes and she's very pretty.*

Coop: Is that...*Smiles* Jenna!? *Coop gets down from Megas and is now ground level. Jenna runs over to Coop and jumps into his arms. They both laugh happily. Meanwhile Rachael walks over to them and passes Jamie who is leaning against one of Megas's feet acting suave*

Jamie: I knew you'd couldn't resist me.

Racheal: Hmph! *Racheal Slaps Jamie in the face. Jamie rubs his cheek.*

Jamie: Ow! What was that for!?

Coop: Woah! I can't believe it's you! You look.....*smiles* nice! *Jenna hugs Coop again.*

Jenna: Oh Coop I missed you so much! It's really great to see you! *Coop's stomach growls. Jenna lets go of Coop and looks at the bag of food in her hand. She hands it over to Coop.* Sorry for stealing your food earlier.

Coop: Nah! Don't sweat it! Hey! How about you and Racheal have dinner with us! I've got plenty!

Jenna: We'd love to! *The scene shifts to the front of the Taco bar, which is now magically fixed. Inside, Coop, Jamie, Jenna, and Racheal are sitting at a bar like area eating food. Both Coop and Jenna have tons of food by them.*

Coop: So Jen!? How was everything up in Maine?

Jenna: Oh it was great! I had a blast at college! But I'm glad to be back home in Jersey City. I missed my friends, my family. You guys! *Racheal sighs*

Racheal: If you want my opinion, I liked it better up in Maine. *Looks at Jamie who is admiring her.* Ugh! *Jenna stuffs her face with food.*

Coop: Glad to see your appitite hasn't changed!

Jenna: *Smiles* Yeah. I guess I put on a few extra pounds. But I think it looks good on me.

Coop: *Smiles* I think it does too. *Eats more food.*

Jamie: So yeah. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that there is another Megas here in Jersey? *Jenna and Racheal look at each other, then at Jamie*

Jenna: Megas? Is that its name?

Coop: Yeah. It's supposed to stand for something, but I'm not sure what it was. I just think the name Megas sounds cool!

Jamie: So how did you girls come across your robot?

Jenna: It's kind of a funny story actually.


*Jenna and Racheal are in a junkyard in New York City. Jenna is digging through stuff. Racheal is looking at a magazine that has guys on it.*

Racheal: Jenna. Who do you think is hotter? Frank or Dean. Personally I think Dean's got a cute bod. But Frank's hair looks good.

Jenna: What does this have to do with fixing my car? I could use some help.

Racheal: Me. Dig through junk? You're kidding right? *Jenna stares at Racheal* But I could break a nail! And I just had them polished.

Jenna: Just get me an exhaust pipe. there is probably one in that pile of junk behind you. *Racheal looks behind her to see a huge pile of junk. She looks up.*

Racheal: That's alot of junk. *Looks down to see an exhaust pipe at the bottom of the pile* Nice! *Racheal bends down to pull it out. However it is stuck* Oh great! Did it have to be lodged in there? *She pulls harder and gets it out* Ugh! *Racheal falls on her ass. She gets back up* Well that wasn't so bad. *Looks at her hand* And I didn't even break a nail. *Rumbling sounds are heard.* Hm? *She sees small pieces of junk roll past her.* What the? *She turns around to see the entire pile avalanche toward her* AAAAAAAhhhhhh!!! *She runs out of the way. Jenna hears the noise and sees what's going on. Both Jenna and Racheal look at the remains of the pile.* Jenna. Do you see what I see?

Jenna: Woah. *They both see a giant robot. The robot is red and black in color. The legs say M 02 on it.* Where do you think it came from?

Racheal: I don't know. *Grins evily and looks at Jenna* You thinking what I'm thinking?

Jenna: Oh yeah. Something tells me this summer is gonna be alot of fun!

*Back to reality*

Racheal: So after we found it, Jenna and I worked on it together. *Jenna stares at Racheal. She looks at Jenna.* Well mostly Jenna.

Jamie: I thought Kiva only sent one robot back in time.

Jenna: Kiva? Who is she?

Jamie: Some chick from the future who came with the robot. Unfortunatly we can't send her back. Say. You girls don't have some bossy chick telling you what to do do you? *Jenna and Racheal shake their heads.*

Jenna: No.

Racheal: Not really.

Jamie: Yeah. That's just what we need. 2 Kivas. Could you imagine that Coop?


*Coop and Jamie are in Megas. Behind them are 2 Kivas. They both nag on Coop.*

Kiva 1: Coop! You need to be more careful!

Kiva 2: Watch where you are going Coop! You nearly took out a city block!

Kiva 1: Why don't you ever just listen to me!? *Coop and Jamie cringe and cover their ears.*

Kiva 2: You never train! All you do is eat and play video games!

Kiva 1: At this rate the Glorft will take over Earth!

Kiva 2: Are you even paying attention to me!?

Coop: Gaah! I can't take it anymore! *Coop presses a button. A buzzing sound is heard. The scene shifts to outer space. It shows Earth. Earth blows up.*

*Back to reality. Coop has a terrified look on his face.*

Jamie: So Racheal. It's been a long time since we've seen each other.

Racheal: Not long enough...*Jamie reaches over and puts his arm around her.*

Jamie: So? How about you and I go see a movie or something? *Racheal moves Jamie's hand away.*

Racheal: Don't touch me. And what makes you think I want to see a movie with you? You've been asking me out and everytime I tell you no. So what makes you think this will be any different?

Jamie: *Puts his arm around her again.* I'll make it worth your while. *Racheal grabs Jamie's hand and squeezes hard.* Hey! What!? Ow!

Racheal: You have 2 seconds to let go of me before I beat you to a pulp! You got that!? *Jamie lets go* Good. Now don't touch me again. *Jamie sighs*

Jamie: Man.

Coop: Heh. Guess Racheal still doesn't like Jamie huh.

Jenna: Can you blame her? No offense, but I remember that Jamie can be kind of a creep.

Coop: None taken. Honestly I can't help but feel sorry for him. I mean all he ever wanted was to just get with a chick. Infact, this one time, he was so desperate, he pretended to be me so he score with some space chicks!

Jenna: Wait, really!? *Laughs* That's crazy!

Coop: Oh wait it gets better! They have him fight this giant alien monster and he ends up nearly killing himself, all so he could get some digits! And then there was other time, he borrowed my car so he could get with another girl, and then he had to get my car back on top of my robot so I could fight some slimy chump! *Both Coop and Jenna laugh*

Jenna: Oh...haha...oh. Oh Coop. I've missed you so much.

Coop: Huh?

Jenna: Sorry. I was just thinking about how you'd always make me laugh. You always did tell good stories.

Coop: Uh...Thanks. *Coop and Jenna look down. Notices that Coop is holding Jenna's hand.* Oh. Sorry. *He pulls away, but she latches on. Coop and Jenna look up at each other. Coop smiles* You know. I really missed you too. *Coop and Jenna stare at each other lovingly. They both close their eyes and kiss. Jamie is surprised. Rachael is smiling.*

Rachael: Yeah! Rock on guys! *Does the rock on pose thingy. Jenna and Coop continue to kiss, then seperate.*

Coop: Wow! *Small pause* That was awesome.

Jenna: *Giggles* I've been waiting 4 years to do that.

Coop: Nice! *Coop and Jenna put their heads together in a romantic way. *All of a sudden, a beeping sound is heard.* Huh? *Coop goes into his pocket and brings out a holographer. An image of Kiva's head appears.*

Kiva: Coop! Coop! Can you hear me!?

Coop: What's up Kiva!?

Racheal: That's the chick from the future?

Jamie: Yeah.

Kiva: I'm picking up an energy reading that's exactly identical to Megas! What happened!? What did you do!? *Notices Jenna and Racheal.* And who are they?

Coop: Uh. Just friends. And I didn't do nothing! *Kiva looks annoyed at Coop.*

Kiva: Ugh. Nevermind. Just come back and get me. I want to know what that reading is and where it came from. The Glorft could be up to no good.

Coop: Be right there. *Transmission ends* Ugh.

Jenna: She always like that?

Coop: Yeah. She gets on my nerves once in awhile. But she helps me with Megas. Guess we better get going Jamie. Hey! How about later, the two of you stop by and I'll introduce you to Kiva! We could play video games too!

Jenna: We'd love to!

Coop: I'll see you girls later then. *Racheal kisses Coop on the cheek. Then Jenna kisses Coop but longer. Jamie looks upset*

Jamie: Hey! Where's my goodbye kiss!? *The scene shifts to Jenna and Coop. A fist punching is heard. Jamie yells. Coop and Jenna cringe. The scene then changes to inside Megas. Jamie is disgruntled and has a black eye. Coop is smiling.*

Coop: Woah. My first kiss! It felt like eating a Philly Cheesteak, wrapped in bacon, wrapped inside a pizza! *To Jamie* No wonder why you've been trying to get with a chick! I had no idea it would feel this great!

Jamie: Oh yeah. Real great. *Coop stares at Jamie.* Don't get me wrong Coop. I'm happy for you and all, but it stinks that you get with somebody, and I get a black eye.

Coop: Sorry Jamie. Hey! Maybe you'll find someone. Eventually. *Megas continues to walk.*

Jamie: So. How come you didn't tell Kiva about the other Megas yet?

Coop: I'm gonna. Just not right now.

Jamie: Yeah. Better break it to her slowly. If she found out now, she'd probably freak or something.

Coop: I'll probably tell her later tonight when the girls come over. Just wanna stop for snacks first. *Megas keeps walking. The scene shifts to outer space. The Karajor comes out of null space. Inside, the Commander looks at something on the radar system. He notices 2 blips are identical. It shows a readout of the prototype. He scratches his head.*

Commander: Sir! *Gorrath walks up to the Commander*

Gorrath: What do you have to report!?

Commander: I'm picking up 2 energy signatures that are exactly the same in frequency! It's the prototype! There appears to be two of them!

Gorrath: What!? Two prototypes!? *Grabs the Commander's face* The Earthers only sent 1 back in time! And that one got destroyed! *Lets go*

Commander: It could be possible that the Earthers retrieved and repaired the original prototype.

Gorrath: *Grrs* It's high time I went down there to destroy the Earther and take back the prototype! *To the Commander* Prepare a squadron and put us within striking distance of Earth! Today we get back what is ours! In the meantime, run a diagnostic on the equipment!

Commander: But sir! We just did it yesterday and everything is working in perfect condition!

Gorrath: Then do it again!

Commander: *Scratches his head* Uh....ok? *Back on Earth Megas is standing at the Taco Bar. It is now night time.*

Coop: Kiva. I don't want to be out that long! I've got people coming over.

Kiva: This is more important Coop. I picked up an identical reading to Megas. That could either mean my scanner needs calibrating, or that there is something around here that has the same energy as Megas. Now. Are you sure nothing strange happened?

Coop: Yeah! I told you! Everything's fine.

Kiva: Then perhaps you could also explain to me why I had to fix the communication systems when they were malfunctioning! And *Points to the city destruction* how do you end up destroying a city block when you're getting food!?

Coop: I can answer that! *Pause* Ok no I can't.

Kiva: Ugh Never Mind! Let me just run another scan just to be sure.

Coop: You go do that. I'm gonna get more tacos.

Kiva: Stay put. I'll be done in a few seconds. *Does her scan thingy* I'm picking up the signal again! It's moving towards your house Coop! *Looks at Coop angerly* Is there something you want to tell me?

Coop: Uh. Uh....

Kiva: Coop! Out with it! What happened!?

Coop: Ok. Look. I was gonna tell you this later tonight but- *Kiva cuts him off*

Kiva: Never mind that! We've got bigger problems! *Blips appear on the monitor. Several Glorft mechs land around Megas.*

Jamie: Guess these guys picked up the signal too huh? *Gorrath appears on the monitor*


Coop: You guys again!? When are you gonna get it through that thick skull of yours that you can't beat me!?

Gorrath: I'm tired of playing games Earther! You will surrender to me or else be destroyed!

Coop: How is this for a surrender!? *Punches a mech and it falls down*

Gorrath: Very well. It seems the only way I'll get the prototype back is though brute force. SO BE IT! *Points at Megas* ATTACK!!! *Multiple glorft mechs fly towards Megas who signals them to come on. We see a glorft mech land by Megas. Megas grabs the mech and throws him away. Another mech lands by Megas and Megas punches it hard. 2 Mechs land behind Megas and Megas spins around clobbering both mechs with a double spin pump handle bash. More mechs run at Megas and Megas just fires 2 fists at the mechs destroying them. Megas then flies towards another mech and grab it. Other mechs look on as Megas throws the mech into a building. As mechs fire upon Megas, Megas jumps into the air and does a body drop on multiple mechs. As Megas gets up it grabs the face of a mech and pushes it aside. A blast hits Megas from behind. Megas turns around and the glorft inside the mech gets O O eyes. Megas aims at the mech and fires a blast destroying it.*

Coop: Hahahaha! *2 mechs land beside Megas and grab Megas. Coop just looks at both mechs, then smiles. Megas pulls both mechs in and they collide into each other. More mechs aim at Megas and fire blasts causing Coop, Jamie, and Kiva to cringe as Megas gets hit. Megas opens up and fires multiple missiles at mechs destroying them. When the smoke clears only a few mechs remain.* It's like I told you squid. If you are gonna to stop me then at least have the proper backup to do it!

Gorrath: These foolish shinanigans annoy me! *Points at Megas* Attack! And this time don't hold ANYTHING BACK!!! *The remaining mechs fire heavily upon Megas and Megas takes a bit of damage. We then see multiple mechs run at Megas and grab Megas holding it down. Megas tries to break free but can't.*

Jamie: Coop get up before Gorrath pounds us!

Coop: I can't! I got too many guys on me! *A shadow approaches Megas. It's Gorrath's mech.*

Gorrath: Finally I have you right where I want you. *Takes out the dagger he used in "Rearview Mirror Mirror." With your defeat the Glorft will finally be vic-

Commander: Sir! The prototype is approaching you direction! *We see Gorrath angry, then it shoes Coop, Jamie and Kiva, then Gorrath again.*

Gorrath: How can the prototype be approaching.....WHEN IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!?

Commander: I'm picking up another signal! It's headed your way! Check your radar systems now!

Gorrath: But that's impossible! *Checks his radar and notices a light coming from the left* What the.....?

Kiva: Guys! I'm picking up that identical reading to Megas! It's coming right at us! *We see Coop and Jamie look at each other. Outside we see a light shine then it gets closer. It is Megas 2.*

Jenna: WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *Megas 2 collides with Gorrath knocking him into a building. Gorrath's mech gets up and sees Megas 2. Gorrath gets O O eyes and looks at Megas, then at Megas 2, then at Megas again.*

Gorrath: What the!? ANOTHER PROTOTYPE!? *We then see Megas move and throw mechs off of him. Megas 2 then goes to Megas and lends a hand. Megas 2 helps Megas up.*

Kiva: ANOTHER MEGAS!? *Jenna appears on the monitor*

Jenna: Don't worry Coop! I've got your back!

Coop: Thanks Jenna!

Kiva: *Annoyed* Coop.

Coop: Uh yeah. Kiva. This is Jenna. Jenna. Kiva. *Kiva appears on the monitor of Megas 2.*

Kiva: Where did you find that robot!?

Coop: You mind asking her later? *Pans out* We still got unfinished business here!

Gorrath: So there was another prototype! *Grrs* If things were bad enough, now I have to fight two of them! *The Commander appears on the monitor*

Commander: Sir! You should retreat! There is no way you can defeat two prototypes!

Gorrath: *Grrrr* SEND DOWN MORE MECHS!!!

Commander: But sir! This is suicide! You could get-

Gorrath: JUST DO IT!!!!!

Commander: *Sigh* Yes Sir....dispatching the second wave of mechs now! *More mechs show up and surround them.*

Jenna: So stuff like this happens to you every day?

Coop: Yeah. Pretty much.

Gorrath: You might have caught me off guard Earther, but I will just have to double my efforts and defeat both of you! Then I will have two prototypes! *Coop laughs at Gorrath*

Coop: Man! If you thought I was a problem before, just wait you take on me and my girlfriend!

Kiva: Wait. *Smiling* She's your girlfriend!?

Coop: Jenna! You ready to take out the squids?

Jenna: Right behind you Coop!

Gorrath: Destroy them both! *We see Megas and Megas 2 back to back. The Glorft have both Megas surrounded and have their weapons aimed at them. Gorrath grins evily. Then both Megas and Megas 2 open up to show many blasters and stuff. Gorrath gets a surprised look on his face. Megas and Megas 2 fire their weapons at the mechs destroying many of them. Megas and Megas 2 circle around firing upon the mechs. Then Megas and Megas 2 tackle a mech and start punching them. As mechs try to get Megas or Megas 2 off they hit those mechs sending them flying. A couple of mechs fire at Megas 2 but Megas gets in the way and shoots the mechs with a laser blast destroying them. Megas 2 then grabs a mech and rips the head off and sets it on the ground. Megas runs up to the head and kicks it. The head goes in between two buildings and hits another glorft mech destroying it. Megas gets hit from behind.*

Coop: Woah! *Megas turns around and sees a mech aiming at it. Megas grabs the mech and pushes it down to the ground. The mech gets back up and looks at Megas but Megas 2 comes from behind and grabs the mech. Inside the cockpit of Megas we see Coop grin and crack his knuckles causing Megas to do the same. Megas starts punching the mech rapidly. Then Megas gives the robot a right hook sending it to the floor. A robot sneaks up to Megas and is about to pump handle Megas but the mech gets hit by a blast and goes down. Megas turns around to see Megas 2 fired a blast from its arm and smoke is coming out. Jenna gives Coop a thumbs up and Coop smiles. Then Megas turns around and punches a another mech that was trying to sneak up on it. Then Megas picks up the mech and throws it into more mechs. Megas 2 runs up to a mech and does the corkscrew kick that Cammy does in the Street fighter games knocking it down. Megas grabs 2 mechs and spins around throwing them into different directions then fires a missile at both mechs blowing them up. Megas 2 then gets surrounded by multiple mechs and they fire upon it. Then they run to Megas 2 and start pummeling it.*

Racheal: Jenna do something!

Jenna: I'm trying! *Megas 2 continues to get attacked*

Jenna/Racheal: Ahh! *Megas gets in the way and throws the mechs off of Megas 2. Megas 2 shoots some down.* Thanks Coop!

Coop: *Smiles* No problem. *They see a glorft aim at them and it's confused as who it should shoot first. A split screen shows both Coop and Jenna looking at each other. They both nod and flip some switches. Both Megas run up to the mech and punch it at the same time. Megas then grabs Megas 2 and starts spinning around fast. Megas 2 fires laser blasts at random directions destroying multiple mechs as Megas spins Megas 2 around fast. When Megas stops spinning the only mech is left is Gorrath's mech.*

Jamie: Heheh. Nice.

Gorrath: I grow tired of this! SEND DOWN ALL THE MECHS!! *A ton of mechs appear and they heavily outnumber both Megas.* This game ends now! Not even 2 prototypes can stand against my massive army! Surrender now or I'll make your death slow and painful....

Racheal: This doesn't look good.

Jamie: Yeah Coop. I don't think we can beat them!

Coop: This!? Nah....this is nothing!!!!

Coop and Jenna: Listen up you ugly snot colored chumps! You wreck my town, attack our robots, and tried to hurt my girl/boy friend! *Both Coop and Jenna gasp and look at each other then smile.*

Coop: Let's finish this Jen!

Jenna: Right! *Both Robots start attacking more mechs. Megas punches a mech down and rips off it's head. Then Megas fires a blast at another mech destroying it. Megas 2 does the bring it pose and jumps in the air. Then Megas 2 gives a high kick to a mech knocking it down. Megas then grabs Megas 2 and spins Megas 2 around fast and throws Megas 2 into a line of mechs destroying them. Megas 2 then grabs Gorrath's mech.*

Gorrath: What!?

Coop: This is a little move we like to call "Takin out the Trash!" *Megas then jumps onto a building. Megas then jumps off and gives Gorrath's mech a clothesline.* WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *Megas connects with the clothesline. And Gorrath's mech flips over. Gorrath's mech gets up and looks at both Megas and Megas 2. Both Megas and Megas 2 rev up the engines and fly towards Gorrath's mech.*

Coop/Jenna: WAAAAHHH!!! *They both punch Gorrath's mech at the same time. We see Gorrath's mech stumble a bit then fall down.*

Gorrath: Grr... All units! Retreat! *The mechs up and leave.* You may have bested me this time Earthers but I will return! And I will get both Prototypes back! *Megas 2 walks up to Megas. They both do the rock on pose thing together. It then shows Coop out of his car. Jenna runs up behind him and hugs him. Then she kisses him on the cheek. Coop smiles.*

Jamie: Oh come he gets the girl?

Racheal: Because he isn't a self centered, arrogant jerk like you.

Kiva: She's got you there. *Smiles and Jamie lowers his head in shame. We now go to Coop's house and in the basement we see Coop and Jenna playing video games. Everyone else is watching.* Jenna. I just wanted to thank you for helping us fight against the Glorft.

Jenna: No problem.

Kiva: Where on Earth did you find it? I only sent one back in time. The only other possible explanation is that it somehow came from another dimension.

Coop: Who cares where she got it! Now when the Squids tangle with us he'll have to deal with 2 Megas!

Jenna: We made a pretty good team don't we Coop.

Coop: Yeah! I really enjoyed fighting with you! We should do it again sometime!

Jenna: I'd love to. *Kisses Coop on the cheek and Coop smiles*

Jamie: Man I don't get it! How is it that Coop gets a girlfriend before I do? He wasn't even trying!

Kiva: What's the matter Jamie? Jealous? *Evil smile*

Jamie: I'm not jealous....I'm...

Coop: Hahahah!!! You're jealous! Hehehe. You're Jealous!

Jamie: Dude I'm not jealous!!! I can get Racheal to date me anytime I want!

Racheal: Oh please! I'd rather date the creep at the junkyard than date you! Do you even have any idea how much of a big jerk you are!? *She goes on and on and Jamie goes "Oh Man" and Coop, Kiva, and Jenna laugh and we see Racheal yell at Jamie*

End Credits: That night we see Jamie throwing rocks up at Racheal's window and Racheal opens up her window and we see Jamie with a box of chocolates and some flowers and he weakly smiles and then we see Racheal leave and Jamie smiles more then she comes back with a bucket of hot water and Jamie gets scared and Racheal throws it on Jamie and we hear Jamie scream like a girl and Racheal smiles and goes back to sleep.

The End.


Voice Actors:

Coop: David Deluise
Jamie: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva: Wendee Lee
Jenna: Jennifer Hale
Racheal: Danielle Harris
Gorrath: Clancy Brown
Glorft Commander: Kevin Micheal Richardson
Taco Bar Employee: Dee Bradley Baker

Production Music used:

Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music
Cecil Percussion - Non-Stop Producer Series
The Hunt - Sonoton
Losing My Hi - Extrememusic X Series
Bloodshot - Extrememusic X Series
Dreams of the Heavens - Sting - Universal Production Music
Smooth And Cool - De Wolfe Music
Double Bomb* - Extreme Music X Series
Videotronics - KPM Music (I think)
Romeo & Juliet Love Theme* - CPM music (Formerly Carlin)
Breaths & Whispers* - Universal Production Music
Collision Course - Non-Stop Producer Series
Consuming Fire - Non-Stop Producer Series
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
Intrepid - Non-Stop Producer Series
Toxic Waste A - Sonoton

*Denotes a new song that debuts on the show.


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Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Here is a re-write of Tag Team (Still my favorite work!) This one had a nice overhaul. You can read the original on the first page of this thread.

Tag Team.

*The episode begins in Jersey City. It is a nice day outside. It shows the view of the sky. There are some clouds. A fist is shown punching the screen.*

Coop: Geaahah! *Coop apparently got punched in the face. He falls down on his butt on what appears to be a mat. He is wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. He shakes his head and looks up in surprise. It shows Jenna, who is wearing a white tank top and grey sweatpants, grin evilly while she cracks her knuckles. He hair is not in a ponytail as it normally is. Coop smirks as he rubs his knuckle below his nose.* That's the best you got?

Jenna: I'm just getting started. *Coop and Jenna grapple. Coop manages to get behind Jenna and give her a headlock.* Ergh! Ergh! Ergh! *Jenna keeps kicking Coop in the leg. Coop lets go. Jenna then tries to punch Coop* Erggh! *Coop blocks the punch. Jenna gasps. Coop backs up and flashes a grin. Then headbutts Jenna hard. She holds her face in pain* Ow! Ooo! *Coop becomes concerned*

Coop: Jenna you ok? *Coop goes to check on her. She removes her hands and smiles. Then punches Coop in the face and knocks him down* Ugh!

Jenna: *Giggles* Gotcha! *Jenna then goes on top of Coop and gives him a camel clutch.* Give up honey?

Coop: Ugh! No way! *Coop manages to get up. Jenna still holds Coop in a lock*

Jenna: Woah! *Coop jumps and lands on Jenna.* Ergh! *Coop manages to get up and jump in the air to deliver a body dive.*

Coop: REEEGGAAAHH!!! *Jenna looks up in horror as Coop lands on Jenna. Then he pins Jenna down and starts punching her.* Ergh! Ergh! Ergh! Ergh! *As Coop continues this, it pans out to show they are wrestling in a makeshift wrestling ring in the front yard of Coop's house. It shows Jamie and Racheal watching.*

Jamie: Yeah! Knock her out Coop!

Racheal: Don't let him do that to you Jen! Fight back! *Jenna manages to roll over and pin Coop*

Coop: Uh oh. *Jenna now starts to pummel him*

Jenna: Ergh! Ergh! Ergh!

Racheal: Wooo! All right! *Claps*

Jamie: You're crazy if you think Coop's gonna lose to a girl. He'll rip her apart.

Racheal: No way! Jenna will destroy Coop!

Jamie: You sound pretty confident. Let's make a wager on it. That new movie with the giant space slug is out at the drive in. If Coop beats Jenna, you have to go on a date with me to see it!

Racheal: Ugh. I'd rather barf. I'm not sure what's worse. Seeing that repulsive movie, or seeing that repulsive movie with you.

Jamie: Come on. You know you want to. *He puts his arm around her. She looks annoyed.*

*The scene shifts back to Coop and Jenna exchanging punches in the makeshift wrestling ring. The sound of Jamie screaming like a girl is heard. Both Coop and Jenna stop and look at Racheal twisting Jamie's arm. He is seen yelling in pain. He is also crying. Coop and Jenna look at each other, then at Jamie & Racheal. Racheal then flips Jamie over. He lands on his back.*

Jamie: ERgh! *Jamie gets up and holds his arm in pain* Did you have to twist my arm so hard!?

Racheal: Get it through that thick skull of yours that I don't want to be in the same movie theater as you, much less the same planet.

Jamie: Come on Rach! Just give me a chance! I'm just asking for one date. Maybe even a cup of coffee or something. What do you say? *Small pause*

Racheal: I'll consider thinking about it. *Both Jamie and Racheal go back to watching Coop & Jenna wrestle. Kiva comes out and goes up to them.*

Kiva: Any reason why Coop and his girlfriend are fighting? *Jamie and Racheal look at Kiva*

Jamie: This isn't fighting. This is how they express their love for each other. *It shows Coop holding Jenna in the air. He throws her to the ground. He then jumps into the air to give her an elbow. She rolls out of the way and manages to avoid getting crushed. As Coop gets up it shows Jenna on the top rope. She jumps into the air. Coop looks worried. She lands on Coop.*

Kiva: If that is love, then I don't want to be around when they argue.

Jenna: Waaaaah! *Gives Coop a body slam*

Kiva: I have to admit that its impressive that Jenna can lift Coop up like that.

Coop: Houaaaahh! *Coop gives Jenna a powerbomb*

Kiva: Same with Coop. I don't mean to be rude, but how much exactly do they weigh?

Jamie: How should I know? The last industrial scale Coop got; he broke!

Kiva: Still, it's surreal to see Coop actually fight. I always pegged him to be weak and soft considering he does nothing but sit around and eat.

Jamie: Ha! Coop is what you'd call "Strong fat". When he's not busy eating or training with Megas, he works out at the gym. He's a lot stronger than you think.


1: Coop is participating in a "Strong Man" Competition. He is seen pulling a truck with rope. He manages to get a good distance. It shows Jamie, Jenna, and Racheal cheering for him. He wins the contest. He raises his arms up in victory

2: At the Gym. Coop is doing bench presses. Jenna is spotting him. He is doing over 250 pounds on his own and 500 pounds with Jenna's help. He then does arm curls with 100-pound weights with ease. He is seen using a pully machine at full weight. He is also drinking a slushie. It pans out showing the other gym patrons look on in amazement.

3: At the same gym, Coop is in a wrestling ring facing off against some guy. He tries to punch Coop. Coop blocks the punch and lifts the guy with ease. He throws the guy onto the mat. Then jumps the air to deliver an elbow.*

*Back to reality.*

Kiva: Impressive. Anyway, I'm going to run a diagnostic test on Megas. I should probably do one for Jenna's robot too. I'll let you 4 continue what you’re doing. *Kiva walks away*

Jamie: Hey Kiva! While you're in the garage get me a drink!

Kiva: Why don't you get one yourself? The garage is right there.

Jamie: *It shows Coop and Jenna exchanging blows* But I wanna watch Coop beat up his girlfriend!

Kiva: *Sighs* Fine. Do you want anything too Racheal?

Racheal: A soda would be nice. *Kiva smiles*

Kiva: Sure! *Goes back into the garage.* Meanwhile Coop is giving Jenna the ankle lock.*


Jenna: ERRGGHEGH! UGH! AAAHH! All right Coop! I give up! I give! *Coop lets go. Both Coop and Jenna get up and catch their breath. Both are breathing heavily.* I almost had you that time! *Coop laughs*

Coop: I gotta say Jenna. You're getting better at this! I think you just might beat me one of these days!

Jenna: *Huff* Thanks! *Small pause. Jenna then tackles Coop* Ergh!

Coop: Woah! *Both Coop and Jenna go down onto the mat. Jenna pins Coop. She giggles, then rubs her hair in his eyes. They then begin to kiss and make out on the mat.

Jamie: Dude. Seriously? *Jamie and Racheal look at each other, then back at Coop and Jenna. They are still kissing. After a small bit, they both get up.*

Coop: All right! So, 2 out of 3 then?

Jenna: You got it!

Coop: All right. But this time I ain't going easy on ya! *They stare each other down ready to fight. Suddenly, a bright flash occurs. Both Coop and Jenna stop and look*

Coop/Jenna: Huh!? *The Glorft show up. 4 soldiers are in the corner of the ring. Another flash occurs in front of Coop and Jenna. The Glorft Commander appears*.

Coop: What the!?

Jenna: What are these losers doing here!?

Commander: *Contacting someone* Sir! We have the targets in position!

Gorrath's voice: Excellent! Stay where you are! I'll be there shortly! *Another flash occurs. Gorrath then appears. Jamie and Racheal look worried.*

Gorrath: Hahahahah! *Gorrath walks up to both Coop and Jenna. Gorrath grins evilly. He grabs a blaster and aims it at Jenna. Jenna looks worried. Coop however gets in the way to protect her. Gorrath lets out another laugh. He continues to aim at Coop. However, he pulls back and presses something on his armor. This causes Coop and Jenna to be teleported away.*

Coop/Jenna: Wo-*They disappear. Gorrath and the Commander himself then disappear, followed by the rest of the Glorft. Jamie and Racheal are still in shock. Jamie and Racheal look at each other. It then shows Kiva coming back out with the drinks.

Kiva: Ok. Jamie here is a soda. Racheal, I know you wanted diet, but Coop didn't have anything diet. Coop, Jenna. I got you both water since I'm sure you-*She turns around to see Coop and Jenna are gone.* Where did Coop and Jenna go?

Jamie: Ok. Uh...I'm not sure how to put this. Well, you see. While you were inside. The Glorft kinda showed up and well. Took them captive. *Kiva is shocked. She drops the drinks.*

*Title theme plays*

Tag Team.

Kiva: The Glorft took Coop & Jenna Captive!?

Jamie: Yeah! Like I said. They just came and then "Poof!" They left.

Kiva: And you just stood there and did nothing!?

Jamie: What do you expect me to do!? I'm weak! You know that. *Kiva paces around.*

Kiva: This is bad! Very bad! With both Coop and Jenna captured by the Glorft, there is nothing stopping them from leading a full-scale invasion of Earth.

Jamie: Big deal. I'm sure Coop will bust out using Megas and-*Kiva cuts him off*

Kiva: Jamie! Megas is here! On Earth! They are inside the Karajor! Right now, there is no way for them to escape without Megas!

Racheal: Can't one of you pilot it?

Kiva: Not since Coop modified it beyond my use! *To Racheal* What about Jenna's Megas?

Racheal: She more or less did the same thing. Give or take a controller. *Small pause* Jenna never lets me drive if that's what you’re thinking. *Kiva goes "Ugh!"

Kiva: This is just perfect. *Shakes her head*

Jamie: So, now what do we do?

Kiva: Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot we can do. Coop and Jenna are on their own for now.

*The scene shifts to the Karajor. It shows Coop & Jenna in the same restraints that Coop was in during "The Driver's Seat". Coop is acting calm while Jenna struggles to break free.*

Jenna: Errgh! Ughh! Rragggh!! *Continues to try and break free.*

Coop: Don't bother. *Jenna stops to look at Coop.* I've tried. It's too strong. Even for me!

Jenna: *Worried.* Coop. What's gonna happen to us?

Coop: Not sure. The last time I was here they just poked me a bunch of times and said some stuff. But don't worry. We'll get out of here.

Jenna: How?

Coop: I'll find a way! *Pause* I hope. *Coop sees Jenna trying to touch her watch.* Now what are you doing?

Jenna: I'm trying to activate my MRU.

Coop: MRU? What the heck is that?

Jenna: It's something Kiva made for me! It allows me to activate my Megas from anywhere! I think she made one for you too!

Coop: She did?


*It shows Jersey City. Coop is looking at a new watch he has. He goes to change the time on his watch. Nothing happens. However, in the background, it shows Megas with a slab of building giving it a suplex. Explosions are seen. Coop then adjusts the watch to the right and hits the button up top. This causes Megas to jump in the air and give a building an elbow destroying it. Coop adjusts the watch again. As this happens a POP TV Blimp is shown in the air. Megas opens up and fires a missile at the blimp blowing it up. Coop then just takes the watch off throws it in the trash. Coop groans as he does this.*

*Back to reality*

Coop: Oh. I guess I must of lost mine. *The sound of a metal door opens up. Coop and Jenna look over where the sound came from. It shows Gorrath, the Commander, and several glorft solders walk over to Coop & Jenna. Gorrath laughs*

Gorrath: Finally, my victory is ensured. Time and time again I've tried to get back the prototype so I may return home to my time, but since I cannot get the prototype so easily, I've decided to settle for the next best thing. *As he talks, he pokes Coop in the stomach* The fat, primitive monkey-minded Earthers who pilot them! *He then goes over to Jenna and pokes her stomach.* I will savor this victory nice and slow.

Coop: What's wrong Gorrath? Can't beat us the fair way so you gotta resort to kidnapping? Guess that means you ain't as tough as you say you are! *Jenna giggles hearing this.*

Gorrath: Silence! You two are the only thorns in my side that have constantly thwarted my plans to dominate your pathetic planet!

Coop: Looks like you're taking defeat a little too hard!

Gorrath: I'd hold my tongue if I were you. Since you are my prisoner, there is nothing stopping me from ordering my men to terminate you right where you stand.

Coop: So then go on! Do it! What!? You want me to draw a target for you!?

Jenna: Coop?

Coop: Don't worry Jen. He ain't gonna do nothing cause he's a yellow-bellied gutless coward!

Gorrath: Grrrrraahh! *He aims his blaster at Coop. Multiple Glorft them aim their weapons at Coop and Jenna as well. Jenna looks at Coop.*

Coop: *Laughs weakly* Ok. I probably should keep my mouth shut now.

Gorrath: *Laughs* Not so tough are you now monkey boy? I wonder. Should I destroy you first and finally rid myself of you, *Switches aim to Jenna* Or should I attack your mate and watch your wither in agony as you won't be able to protect her. *Jenna looks worried*

Coop: I've got a better idea. How about you let us go!?

Gorrath: You get me stuck in the past, destroy my war machines, constantly thwart my plans, destroy the Karajor TWICE, and you just expect me to LET YOU GO!?!? YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! *Small pause.* Destroying you now would be too good for you Earther! So instead, I think I'll have you watch as we conquer your planet and enslave your people! Then afterwards we'll destroy you. *Evil grin.* But first. *Takes a Mega-Slush and puts it on the stand.* I think I'll torture you for a while!

Coop: Not this again.

Jenna: Ugh! Just looking at your ugly face is torture enough! *Coop laughs. Then other Glorft start laughing and snickering. This angers Gorrath.*

Gorrath: Enough! *To the Commander* Prepare a squadron of Mechs to go to Earth and have them destroy everything in sight! *To Coop & Jenna* And as for you two. I'm going to end you myself. *Cracks his knuckles*

Coop: *Gets an idea and smiles* Hey Gorrath. I bet you'd love to tear us apart, right?

Gorrath: Oh. You have no idea.

Coop: Then how about I make it worth your while!

Gorrath: And what precisely did you have in mind?

Coop: Tag team wrestling match! Me and Jenna vs you and any one of these squids!

Jenna: Coop!?

Gorrath: Hm. Fighting the two of you in such a brutal and barbaric display of sport. *Grins evilly* I like where this is going.

Jenna: Coop! You're not serious about this are you?

Coop: Very serious! *To Gorrath* So how about it! You up for the fight!?

Gorrath: Very well. However, let's raise the stakes! If you and your significant other somehow manage to win, which you won't! We'll let you go. But if we win, then you must surrender both prototypes to me. And you will be helpless as we enslave each and every one of you primitive Earthers!

Coop: Hm. That sounds fair.

Jenna: Coop! We can't take them on! Look how huge they are!

Coop: Well, we ain't exactly small ourselves. Besides it's either this or they take over the Earth anyway.

Jenna: Then we really don't have much of a choice then do we?

Coop: Ok Squid! You got yourself a deal!

Gorrath: Release them! *A glorft slithers over and releases the restraints. Coop and Jenna move their arms to stretch and stuff.* Commander! Prepare the arena for combat! And be ready to fight.

Commander: *Gets O.O eyes.* Sir! Surely there is someone else more qualified to fight in combat than me. I'm not good with direct combat and-*Gorrath cuts him off*

Gorrath: I said get ready! Together the two of us will utterly destroy this human waste of filth! *To Coop.* Be ready Earther! I'm going to enjoy tearing you apart limb by limb. *Gorrath and the Commander leave.*

Jenna: Good thinking Coop! Now I can activate my Megas and we can-*Before Jenna can press her watch; Coop grabs her arm.* Coop!? What are you doing!? *Small pause* You really want to fight them, don't you? *Coop nods* Honey. I'm not so sure about this.

Coop: Relax Jenna! We'll be fine. Besides, I know you want a piece of them as well! Who knows! This could be a lot of fun!

Jenna: But look how tough they are! This will be nothing like the wrestling that we do!

Coop: Sure it will! You just leave everything to me! *Small pause. Jenna looks worried. Coop is concerned for her. He puts his hand on her cheek.* Jenna. You know I'd never let anything bad happen to you. If it makes you feel any better, I'll go first and show you that you got nothing to worry about. You're strong. Like Really strong! I know you can do this. I'll be right here with you. *Jenna looks at Coop. She smiles. They hug*

Jenna: I love you.

Coop: Love you too sweetheart. Now come on! Let's go teach these chumps a lesson!

*The scene shifts back to Earth. They are inside Coop's car Kiva is sitting in the front seat and Jamie is in the passenger seat. Racheal is in the back. Kiva is working her computer thing*

Kiva: Perhaps if I can just get a trace on Coop or Jenna's biosignature, then I should be able to locate the Karajor as well.

Jamie: And how is that gonna help us? None of us know how to pilot Megas.

Kiva: Well hopefully Coop finally installed the auto-pilot system like I've been asking him to several times.*

Jamie: Heh. Fat chance.

Racheal: Maybe we can, I dunno. Wing it. I'm sure piloting this thing can't be that hard.

Kiva: No way. I'm not letting Jamie behind the wheel after the last time we tried that.


*The scene is out in space. It shows Jamie in the driver seat. Coop is in the passenger seat and Kiva is in the back.*

Coop: Ok Jamie. Just ease on the controller and use the gas to go forward. It will be just like driving a car.

Jamie: *Looks at the console* Ok. I can do this. *He presses a button and steps on the gas. This causes Megas to fly at super-fast speeds. Everyone is yelling. After a bit, Megas crash lands on a planet. Multiple explosions occur afterward.*

Coop: *Yelling* Other controller!

*Back to reality*

Jamie: I wasn't that bad.

Kiva: You caused irreplaceable damage, caused an entire race of robots to attack us and almost cost us our lives!

Jamie: Oh, and like you're any better? The last time you used Megas, you flew us into a bunch of buildings and nearly got us sucked into a black hole!

Kiva: At least I have some experience unlike you! Ugh! I don't even know why we're even having this conversation! We need to focus our energy on finding Coop and Jenna so we can bring them home safe!

Jamie: Yeah. You go do that. I'm gonna go watch television. *Jamie walks away.*

Racheal: Ugh! I can't believe how selfish he is!

Kiva: Just let it go. It's better he doesn't help anyway.

*The scene shifts back to the Karajor. The combat arena has a wrestling ring in the center. There are Glorfts in the stands watching. Some Glorft have signs that say "JORBLOC 3:16". Another one says "Humans stink!" Some Glorft are dressed up as vendors selling food and stuff. Coop and Jenna come out. The Glorft boo. Jenna has her hair in a bun. Both Coop and Jenna get into the ring. Coop raises his arms in the air. The Glorft boo and throw stuff at him Coop dodges the stuff being thrown at him.*

Coop: Woah! Hey! Ugh! *Coop manages to dodge everything. Jenna then comes up to Coop*

Jenna: Coop. Are you absolutely sure about this? *Holds her arm up and points to her watch* Just remember I can always activate my Megas and get us out of here!

Coop: I wouldn't worry about it. I gotta feeling these guys ain't as tough as they look. *Gorrath and the Commander enter the arena. The Glorft in the stands stand up and cheer. Gorrath gets into the ring, while the Commander goes to his post. Gorrath raises his arms and laughs. He then walks over to Coop and snarls*

Gorrath: You have no idea how long I've waited for an opportunity like this. *Grins evilly* It would be a shame if I were to end it quickly. So, I think I'll toy with you for a while and humiliate you in front your mate. *A small pause*

Coop: Ok! Two things! One! When was the last time you took a bath! Woowee! *Your stink is making me nauseous! And two! If you wanna fight, then you gotta take off your armor! Both of you! That will make the fight fair!

Gorrath: You are in no position to make demands!

Coop: What's wrong squid? You afraid of a fair fight!? I think somebody's CHICKEN! *Coop taunts Gorrath and acts like a chicken* BAWK BAWK BAWK! CHICKEN! *Jenna giggles at this. Gorrath grrs*

Gorrath: Fine! *Gorrath presses something on his armor. Steam comes out. His armor splits in two and falls to the ground. Gorrath is now wearing the same thing he had in "Rearview Mirror Mirror 1".* Commander! Take off your armor now! *The Commander gets sad eyes*

Commander: But sir! I don't think that would be a good-*Gorrath cuts him off*

Gorrath: I SAID TO TAKE IT OFF! We won't need it anyway*

Commander: *Sighs* Yes sir. *The Commander does the same.*

Gorrath: *To Coop* It makes no difference Earther! Armor or no armor, we will still destroy you!

Coop: Yeah. You just keep telling yourself that Gorrath. Now are we gonna rumble or what!? *Coop and Gorrath get ready to fight. Gorrath cracks his knuckles and neck. Coop does the same. Then Coop goes into a sumo stance. It shows both Coop and Gorrath stare down each other in a split screen. It then does another split screen of both Jenna and the Commander looking worried.*

Gorrath: RAAGHGHRHGHAHAHH! *Gorrath runs up to Coop and goes to punch him. Coop has a scared look on his face. He gets punched hard. It shows Coop getting punched at the same spot, but at different angles. In slow motion, it shows Coop getting flung into the air. He then falls onto the mat. He appears to be out cold. Regular speed resumes. Gorrath raises his arms and the Glorft celebrate.* HAHAHAHAH!!!!

Jenna: Coop! No! *Gorrath celebrates in the ring. He then turns around to face Coop.*

Gorrath: What a waste. Did you honestly believe that you could take me on in a fight? With but one attack, I have already knocked you out. And now that I am victorious, I shall lead my army to utterly destroy your planet! *Gorrath turns around and raises his arms up again. Coop slowly gets back up and dusts himself off. Jenna breathes a sigh of relief.*

Coop: That was it!? *Gorrath gets O.O eyes and turns around* GAHAHAHAHAH!!! My Grandmother hits harder than you! And now! *Close up of Coop's face* It's my turn. *Coop runs up to Gorrath* HOUWAAAHHHHH!!! *Coop punches Gorrath hard in the face. The sound of a knockout bell is heard. Gorrath goes flying into the air and lands on the mat. Jenna looks at Gorrath who is down. Then gives the rock on pose to Coop*

Jenna: Rock on Coop! *It shows Coop celebrating in the center of the ring.*

Coop: Hahah! Yeah! *Gorrath gets back up. One of his teeth is missing. Gorrath snarls*

Gorrath: Don't let that get to your fat head! That was merely a lucky shot. *Spits his tooth out* One that I can guarantee, you shall never have again. *Gorrath punches Coop in the head* Grah! *Gorrath then gives Coop a shoulder tackle knocking Coop down.* Ragh! *Coop falls on his back. Gorrath laughs. Gorrath picks up Coop and throws him into the ropes. Coop bounces off and comes back. Gorrath goes to clobber Coop. However, Coop ducks and avoids the attack. Gorrath then goes to punch Coop in the face. However, Coop blocks the attack by grabbing his fist. Gorrath gets O.O eyes again.*

Coop: Reyah! *Coop gives Gorrath an uppercut. Coop then goes to punch Gorrath again. However, Gorrath ducks. Gorrath then punches Coop in the head.* Ergh! *It then shows both Coop and Gorrath circle each other. Both are in boxing stance. Gorrath goes to punch Coop. Coop dodges. Coop punches Gorrath in the face.*

Gorrath: Ergh! *Gorrath then strikes Coop in the face.*

Coop: Ugh! *Gorrath tries to punch Coop again but he dodges a few times. Gorrath becomes increasingly frustrated. Both Coop and Gorrath exchange blows. It shows screens of both Coop and Gorrath getting hit. Gorrath then knocks Coop down with a right hook to the head.* Omf! *Coop rolls over onto his back. Gorrath goes to stomp on Coop's head. Coop looks worried. However, he manages to grab Gorrath's leg with both of his hands* ERRGHGHERGGHH!

Gorrath: RGHGHRGHHHHH! *Coop manages to push up causing Gorrath to fall on his back.* Ugh! *Coop then gets back up. Gorrath gets up as well. Gorrath runs back to the ropes and propels himself forward in an attempt to clobber Coop. Coop, however ducks and flips Gorrath over knocking him down* Ugh! *Coop picks up Gorrath by his face tenticles.* Grah! *Gorrath pushes Coop away. Gorrath then goes to give Coop another right hook. However, Coop ducks. Coop then manages to grab Gorrath and lifts him into the air*

Coop: HOUWAAAHHH!! *Coop gives Gorrath a suplex.* Woo! *Raises his arms in the air. Coop then jumps up to one of the turnbuckles. He jumps off and goes to give Gorrath an elbow drop. Gorrath looks up and gets worried. Coop connects with the elbow drop. Gorrath slowly gets up and clenches his stomach. He looks at Coop and grrs. Gorrath then gets into a fighting stance. Coop goes to punch Gorrath. Gorrath ducks and starts punching Coop* Ergh! Ugh! *Gorrath tries to punch Coop again, but Coop ducks. Then Coop goes to punch Gorrath. Gorrath grabs his hand. Coop then tries to punch with the other hand. But Gorrath grabs his other hand. Gorrath then squeezes really hard. Coop is in pain.* DEEYAAAAHHH!!! *Jenna gasps and puts her hands to her mouth. Gorrath laughs. Coop grits his teeth. He also has tears in his eyes. He backs his head up and gives Gorrath a headbutt to the face. This cause Gorrath to let go*

Gorrath: Geeyaaha! *He holds his head. Coop is seen shaking his hands. Then he blows into them. Coop then looks at Gorrath*

Coop: Ok! Now I'm mad! *Coop takes off his T-shirt. His gut is revealed to everyone. Gorrath raises an eyebrow. Coop throws his T-shirt over to Jenna. She catches it. The other Glorft look on and are disgusted in a similar fashion as they were in "Terminate her"* Bring it on!

Gorrath: Grraggahh! *Gorrath goes to punch Coop some more. However, Coop keeps dodging. When Gorrath tries to punch again, Coop goes down and grabs his arm.*

Coop; Heeyaaah! *Coop throws Gorrath over judo-style. As Gorrath gets up, he sees Coop on the top turnbuckle. He jumps off* RUUYEAAAHHH!!

Gorrath: Reggraagreahuh! *Gorrath manages to catch Coop and hold him in the air* Rraah! *Gorrath throws Coop onto the mat.*

Coop: Ergh! *It shows Gorrath bending over trying to catch his breath. He looks over to Coop who gets up.* So Squid! Ain't this fun or what!? *Gorrath grrs* You want some more? *Coop does a bring it on pose* Then let's throw down!

Gorrath: Grryaah! *Gorrath punches Coop in the face hard.* Gah!* Gorrath gives Coop a powerful uppercut.* Ergh! *Gorrath then elbows Coop hard in the stomach.* Hahahaha! *Gorrath's grin turns into surprise* What!? *Coop is up and patting his stomach.*

Coop: Sorry squid but you're gonna need to hit a lot harder than that if you want to crack my gut! Now let me show you how it's done! Erraah! *Coop punches Gorrath hard in the stomach. Gorrath falls over in pain. Coop backs up* Good. Now just stay right there. *Coop runs to the ropes. Then comes back giving Gorrath a bulldog.* REEAAYYYYAAA!!!

Gorrath: Aggh!

Coop: Hahahahah! *Coop picks Gorrath up by his face tentacles again. Coop punches Gorrath multiple times in the face. Gorrath shakes his head and appears to be dazed. He looks at Coop. As Coop goes to give Gorrath a body slam, Gorrath manages to punch Coop in the head a few times. Gorrath then picks up Coop and holds him in the air.* Wo-woah!

Gorrath: GRREGRRAYAH! *Gorrath throws Coop onto the mat.*

Coop: Ugh! *Coop gets up and rubs his face. He is smiling.* Hah! Not bad! Guess you're tougher than I thought!

Gorrath: Enough! *Gorrath punches Coop more times in the face. Then Gorrath picks up Coop and gives him a backbreaker.* Ugghaah! *Gorrath picks Coop up and throws him into the ropes. When Coop comes back, he clobbers Gorrath with his arm.* Ergh! *Jenna is also smiling at Coop being able to hold his own. Gorrath gets back up and looks at Coop* No. There is no way this fat primitive Earther could ever match me in strength! *Gorrath looks at the Commander and heads for his corner.*

Coop: Hey Gorrath! What’s wrong!? You calling it quits already!? I ain't even tired yet! *Gorrath snarls again. Then tags the commander*

Gorrath: I want you to rip that Earther apart with extreme prejudice.

Commander: But sir! I don't think I can-

Gorrath: You get in there right now or I'll have your Jarbloc!

Commander: *Sigh* Yes sir. *The Commander reluctantly gets into the ring. Coop grins evilly and cracks his knuckles. The Commander looks Coop, then at Gorrath.* Uh. *Grabs a pair of glasses from hammerspace.* You wouldn't *Puts them on.* hurt a guy with glasses on, would you? *Coop pulls back and prepares to punch.* NOT THE FACE! *Coop punches the Commander hard in the face.* Errgh! *Coop then runs to the ropes and spears the Commander.* Hurg! *Coop then grabs the Commander by his tail*

Coop: WAAAAAAHH! *Coop lifts the Commander up by his tail and slams him onto the mat. Then Coop picks up the Commander and knees him in the stomach*

Commander: Gurk! *Coop then gives the Commander a DDT* Ugh! *The Commander gets up and looks at Coop. He tries to punch Coop a few times. However, Coop keeps dodging. When Coop goes to punch, it shows the Commander flinch in fear. Gorrath facepalms. Coop punches the Commander hard. Then Coop picks up in the Commander and bench presses him. Then Coop tosses the commander out of the ring. In the stands, it shows a glorft vendor walking down an aisle in the front. A glorft pays for some food with credits. As the vendor goes to give the patron food, the Commander lands near them knocking the vendor out and getting food on some of the Glorft.* Ughhhghh...*Jenna looks at this*

Jenna: Coop! Tag me in! *Reaches out*

Coop: *Looks at Jenna* You Got it! *Goes over to Jenna and tags her in. She gets into the ring.* I know you can do this babe! Trust me! *Jenna smiles at Coop. It shows the Commander get back into the ring. He looks at Jenna who is stretching.*

Jenna: Ok. I can do this. *Jenna lifts up her arms to stretch more. The Commander looks at Jenna, then turns to look at Gorrath. Gorrath snarls at the Commander. The Commander gulps, then goes to face Jenna. The Commander toughens up and goes to throw a punch.*

Commander: Grraaahh! *The sound of a car coming to a screeching halt is heard. His fist is seen touching her cheek. She is not harmed at all. Jenna just looks at the Commander's fist and blinks a few times. Jenna then grabs his arm and moves it away from her face. The scene then shifts to a turnbuckle. A punching sound is heard. The Commander goes flying into the turnbuckle and falls down. He slowly gets up and looks at Jenna with sad eyes. Jenna looks at her fist, then at the commander. She then let's out an evil grin.

Jenna: *Jenna grabs the Commander and pulls him in. She then punches the Commander in the face.* Raah! *Then she elbows the Commander in the gut* Ergh! *Jenna then grabs the Commander and throws him into the turnbuckle*

Commander: Hurk! *The Commander stumbles. Jenna then grabs the Commander and gives him a back suplex*

Jenna: Waaaaah! *Jenna gets up and jumps to the top turnbuckle. She jumps off* HEEEYAAAH! *The Commander looks up in terror. She lands on the Commander with her huge butt.*

Commander: Urgh! *Coop is seen cheering for Jenna. Jenna then picks up the Commander. He backs away terrified. Gorrath is seen groaning. He crawls over to tag Gorrath, but Jenna stops him*

Jenna: Where do you think you're going!? *Smug grin* I ain't done with you yet! *Jenna pulls the Commander toward her. Then she throws the Commander out of the ring.*

Commander: Erk! *Jenna gets out of the ring. The Commander gets up. Jenna grabs the Commander and smashes his face into the ring multiple times.* Not the face! Not the face! Not the face! *Jenna then throws the Commander back into the ring. She gets back in. The Commander tries to fight again. He tries to punch Jenna, but she dodges. He tries to punch her more times, but she keeps dodging. Jenna then goes down low and grabs the Commander's tail, making him fall* Umpf! *Still holding his tail, she gets up and goes down onto the mat. This propels the Commander in the air* REEAAAHHHH! *The Commander hits his face against the corner post. The Commander stumbles about and falls with his back to the corner post. Jenna smiles and smacks her butt. The Commander slowly comes too. He is treated with a view of Jenna's giant rear end.* Uh oh. *Jenna backs up into the Commander and smothers his face with her butt. *

Coop: Hahah! All right Jenna! Rock on! *Jenna then grabs the Commander and throws him into the other corner. Jenna picks up the Commander and chops him in the chest a few times. Jenna then picks up the Commander and places him on the top turnbuckle. She gets up and holds him in the air*

Jenna: HWOUAAHHHH!!! *Jenna gives the Commander a powerbomb from the top turnbuckle. This is done in slow motion. Coop is awestruck at this. As it shows Coop, the sounds of fists punching can be heard.*

Coop: Woah. *To Jenna* Hey Jenna! You want me to come back in!?

Jenna: Are you kidding!? *Punches the Commander in the face again.* I'm enjoying this! *Punches him again.*

Coop: See! I told you this would be easy! *Jenna drops the Commander. He slowly slithers to his corner. He gets up by grabbing the turnbuckle in order to stand up. Gorrath grabs his face.*

Gorrath: That was the most pathetic display of combat I ever had to witness! You are a disgrace to the Glorft!

Commander: Ugh. Sir. Can I please lie down? *His cheeks puff out* I don't feel well! *Gorrath snarls and drops the Commander. He then gets back in the ring.*

Gorrath: I don't know how you or your mate could possibly be capable of matching us in combat ability, but rest assured I won't be caught off guard this time. Graah! *Gorrath punches Jenna. She goes down hard*

Jenna: Ugh! *She gets up a bit, then looks at Gorrath. She rubs her cheek*

Gorrath: Heheheh. *Gorrath slowly approaches Jenna. However, she runs over to Gorrath and spears him.* What!? *Gorrath goes down* Argh! Jenna then pins herself on Gorrath and starts punching him hard.*

Jenna: Ergh! Ergh! Ergh! Ergh! *Gorrath manages to throw her off*

Gorrath: Raagh! *Jenna and Gorrath both get up. She goes to punch Gorrath, but he grabs her hand. He squeezes hard. She cringes in pain.*

Coop: Uh oh. *Gorrath laughs as Jenna tries to break free of Gorrath's hold. Gorrath then raises his other elbow and hits her on the head. She goes down on one knee. This also causes the pins to come out of her hair. This makes her hair long. Gorrath then grabs her hair and pulls. Jenna winces in pain.*

Jenna: Ow! *Gorrath laughs again* Let go!

Gorrath: I'm going to rip off your scalp and collect it as a trophy of our battle! *Jenna musters up the strength to get up and elbow Gorrath in the stomach multiple times with her free arm.*

Jenna: Ergh! Ergh! Ergh! *Gorrath lets go of both her hair, and her hand. Jenna looks pissed. She punches Gorrath hard in the face.* Ugh! *Jenna then grabs Gorrath and gives him a body slam.* Ha! She then picks up Gorrath* Don't you ever. EVER! Touch my hair again! Graaah! *Jenna gives Gorrath an uppercut. He goes flying into the air*

*The Scene shifts back to Earth. They are still at Coop's house. Kiva continues using her computer to see if she can locate Coop and Jenna's biosignature. Racheal is with her.*

Kiva: This isn't good. I still can't seem to pick up Coop or Jenna's bio signature. Either the Glorft are in null space, or they have a jamming signal in place. This will make it impossible for me to pick up their location. *Jamie walks over. He's drinking a soda.*

Jamie: So, did you find them yet?

Kiva: No Jamie. I didn't find them the last 500 times you asked, what makes you think this time is any different!?

Jamie: Geeze Kiva. No need to yell. I just asked a question.

Kiva: Well maybe if you weren't useless and could help, I wouldn't be so annoyed.

Jamie: Yeah. Good luck with that. *Jamie walks away. Racheal glares at Jamie. Then turns to Kiva.*

Racheal: Anything I can do to help?

Kiva: Not really. *Small pause* Maybe I can trace them using Jenna's MRU.

Racheal: MRU?

Kiva: It's a Megas Retrieval unit I built for Coop & Jenna. It allows them to access Megas and its systems remotely from anywhere. Of course, Coop lost his so I have to rely on Jenna's if she still has it. *To Racheal* Do you recall Jenna wearing a watch?

Racheal: Yeah. *Kiva smiles*

Kiva: Good. So she has it. We'll need to go to Jenna's house and use her Megas.

Racheal: Jenna keeps a spare copy of her keys in the garage.

*The scene shifts to Jenna's house. Kiva opens up the garage. Racheal goes to the workbench and grabs a pair of her keys.*

Racheal: Got them. *Both Kiva and Racheal get into the car.*

Kiva: All right. Now I just need to trace the location of her MRU.

Racheal: How is that gonna help?

Kiva: If we can pinpoint the location of her MRU, then hopefully we can use her Megas to reverse activate the system. That will cause her Megas to head to her location. Then, hopefully they can get to Megas and escape.

Racheal: So why hasn't she activated it yet?

Kiva: Probably because she can't right now. So, our only hope is if we can trace the energy frequency from her MRU. Then have her Megas head to its location so they can escape. I just hope that Coop and Jenna are safe.

*Back on the Karajor, it shows both Gorrath and Jenna in the ring. Gorrath runs at Jenna to punch her*

Gorrath: Ragrgaahah! *He hits Jenna in the face.*

Jenna: Ergh! *She feels her cheek, then looks at Gorrath who is coming at her. He appears over her. Jenna gasps. Gorrath gives her a pump handle to the back of her head. She goes down. Coop looks worried. Gorrath then picks up Jenna and tosses her towards the turnbuckle. She stops short of hitting it. She turns around to see Gorrath run at her. She looks scared. She gets out of the way. This causes Gorrath to hit the turnbuckle himself.*

Gorrath: Ughah! *Jenna grabs Gorrath and slams him down to the mat.*

Jenna: Hyah! *Both Jenna and Gorrath get up. Gorrath snarls, he goes to punch Jenna. However, Jenna blocks with her arm* Not this time! *Jenna punches Gorrath in the face. Then she tries to punch him again. Gorrath blocks the punch. Gorrath then punches Jenna in her gut. However, like Coop, it does not affect her. Gorrath looks slightly annoyed by this. Jenna then picks up Gorrath and gives him a bear hugh* Errghghghrhghgh! *Gorrath starts pounding on Jenna's back. She lets go. Gorrath then pump handles her again down to the Mat* Ugh!

Gorrath: *Laughs* You are no match for my superior strength! *Jenna slowly gets up. Gorrath runs at her* Rragahahah! *Jenna gasps again. However, she manages to trip Gorrath. He goes down.* Rah! *Jenna then gets up and goes to the top turnbuckle. As Gorrath gets up, he looks and sees Jenna coming down from the top turnbuckle*

Jenna: WAAAAHHHH! *Gorrath looks scared. Jenna lands on Gorrath. Jenna then gets back up, followed by Gorrath. Gorrath shakes his head, then turns to see Jenna. She punches her fist. Gorrath gulps. *Jenna punches Gorrath in the face again.* Ergh! *Gorrath punches her back. The two exchange blows. Gorrath then manages to knock her down with a left hook* Ugh! *Gorrath towers over her*

Gorrath: Hahahah! *He pins her and starts punching her in the face.* Ragh! Ragh! Ragh! *It shows Coop looking angry at Gorrath. Gorrath then turns Jenna over and gives her a camel clutch* Hahahahahah!

Jenna: Errggh! Ugh! Oww!

Gorrath: I could destroy you right now, but I don't want to end this too quickly! So, I'm going to make you and your mate suffer! *Applies more pressure on Jenna* Now I want you to scream!

Coop: Jenna! Hang in there!

Gorrath: Scream Earther! I want to hear your fear!

Jenna: Never! *Gorrath puts the hold on even harder. Coop then gets into the ring. He gets onto the top turnbuckle and jumps into the air*

Coop: Waaaahhh! *Coop slams on Gorrath. This breaks the hold. Gorrath gets up. Coop grabs Gorrath and throws him out of the ring. Coop then goes to help Jenna up. You ok Jen?

Jenna: Yeah. I'm fine. Thanks.

Coop: You want me to take over!?

Jenna: Sure. I could use a little break. *Gorrath gets back into the ring and runs at Coop* Coop! Look out! *Coop turns around*

Coop: Huh!? *Gorrath punches Coop hard in the face. Then Gorrath throws Coop out of the ring.* Ugh! *Jenna goes to attack Gorrath, but he elbows her. Then Gorrath punches her in the face. She falls on her back. Jenna rolls over to get away from Gorrath. Gorrath however grabs her and picks her up. Gorrath throws Jenna into the corner*

Jenna: Erggh! *Gorrath then starts choking her.*

Gorrath: Foolish Monkey Girl! No human can defeat me in hand-to-hand combat! *Jenna kicks Gorrath in the crotch. Gorrath makes a face*

Jenna: Then it's a good thing I fight with my feet! *Jenna tackles Gorrath and punches him. Both Gorrath and Jenna roll over punching the other one in the face. Meanwhile Coop gets back up and feels his face. Then he looks at his hand. He gets angry.*

Coop: Oh, that's it! It's clobbering time! *Back in the ring, Gorrath is over Jenna who is on the mat. She looks up and sees Gorrath over him with an evil grin. Then a shadow looms over Gorrath. Gorrath turns around and gets scared.* WAAAAHHHHHHH! *Coop falls on Gorrath.*

Gorrath: Erggh! *Coop pins Gorrath and starts pummeling him hard. Coop picks up Gorrath and elbows him in the face* Ugh! *Gorrath recovers and throws Coop away from him. Coop staggers around for a bit. Gorrath then punches Coop in the face hard. Coop this time doesn't reel back. He then faces Gorrath and stares him right in the eye.* Ummm? *Gorrath is worried* Coop punches Gorrath in the face again.*

Coop: Rah! *Coop picks up Gorrath and throws him into the turnbuckle. Coop then rams Gorrath into it* Hoowahh!

Gorrath: Ugh! *Gorrath gets his arms stuck in the ropes. Coop sadistically cracks his knuckles. Coop then stomps on Gorrath while grunting angerly. Gorrath breaks free and pump handles Coop in the face. Coop stumbles then shakes his head*

Coop: Ugh uh. Huh? *Gorrath grabs Coop and tosses him out of the ring. Coop slowly gets up and looks around.* Hm. *Coop then grabs a "conveniently placed steel chair" and goes into the ring with it.* Yo Squid! Have a seat! *Coop swings the chair at Gorrath and knocks him down.*

Jenna: All right Coop! *Gorrath looks up to see Coop with the steel chair. Coop repeatedly thrusts the chair into Gorrath's stomach. Gorrath cringes as this happens.*

*Meanwhile, back on Earth, Kiva continues to search for any trace of Jenna's MRU signal from Jenna's car.*

Racheal: Any luck yet?

Kiva: Nothing yet. *A knock is heard. Both Kiva and Racheal look to see Jamie knocking. They roll down the window.*

Jamie: Why didn't anyone tell me you girls were going to Jenna's house?

Racheal: Why did anyone feel the need to have to tell you?

Kiva: *Smiles* Nice answer. *Kiva and Racheal do the rock on pose. Jamie looks disgruntled. He then gets into the back seat.* If you’re going to stay Jamie, then do us a favor and keep quiet. *Kiva goes back to work with the car.*

Jamie: So, Racheal. We still on for that date?

Racheal: Now's not the time Jamie! We're trying to find our friends.

Jamie: I don't see you doing anything.

Kiva: Actually, Racheal's been a very big help. Without her, we wouldn't have been able to get into Jenna's car. *Racheal and Kiva high five each other. Jamie just mumbles to himself*

Jamie: Man. I hope Coop's ok. *Both Racheal and Kiva look at Jamie.* Oh. And Jenna too, I guess.

*The scene then shifts back to the Karajor. It shows both Coop and Gorrath in the ring.*

Coop: Waaah! *Coop smashes Gorrath with his elbow. Then he punches him in the face a few times.* Er! Er! Er! *Coop backs into a corner to attack Gorrath, however the Commander grabs Coop and holds him* Hey!

Gorrath: Hahahah. *Gorrath cracks his knuckles and goes to attack Coop. However, Coop uses his legs and kicks Gorrath multiple times.*

Coop: Rah! Rah! Rah! *Gorrath stumbles back. Coop then leans forward and headbutts the Commander* Ergh! *The Commander lets go of Coop. Coop then gets up and goes after Gorrath. They both Grapple. The Commander then gets into the ring to help Gorrath. As the Commander is about to pump handle Coop, he gets tackled by Jenna. Coop turns to look. Jenna gives a thumbs up. Coop smiles. He then turns his attention back to Gorrath. Coop gives Gorrath a headbutt in the face. It then does a split screen of Coop pummeling Gorrath and Jenna pummeling the Commander. Then they both throw the two Glorft fighters into each other. Both hit each other in the head. Both go down. Coop then picks up the Commander. Coop and Jenna give the Commander the Dudley Death Drop. Both Coop and Jenna then high five each other. They pick up the Commander and throw him out of the ring. He is out cold. Gorrath then gets up and looks at both Coop and Jenna. He runs to the ropes and propels himself. He gives both Coop and Jenna a clothes line at the same time. They both get knocked out.*

Coop/Jenna: Ugh! *Gorrath then cricks his neck. Coop gets up first. Gorrath grabs him and pushes him to a corner. He then starts punching Coop hard.*

Gorrath: Ragh! Ragh! Ragh! *Gorrath holds his fist up high and laughs* Say goodbye Earther! The Earth is mine! *As he goes to punch Coop, Jenna grabs Gorrath's arm.* What!? *He turns to see Jenna grab his arm.* Get off of me monkey woman! *He elbows Jenna in the face. She lets go of the hold. As Gorrath turns to face Coop, he headbutts him in the face.* GRAAGHH! *He grabs his face in pain. *He looks at both Coop and Jenna.* GRRAGGAHHGAH! *He goes to give them another clothesline, but they duck. They give Gorrath a double clothes line.* Argh!

Coop: All right Jen! Let's finish this!

Jenna: Right! *Gorrath gets up. He looks at Coop. He goes to fight, but Jenna grabs him from behind. She lifts Gorrath and puts him on her shoulders* Coop! Now!

Coop: Right! *Coop goes to the top turnbuckle. It shows a close up of his face. He puts on a wrestling mask. Then in slow motion he jumps in the air. Coop's voice is also distorted since it is in slow motion.* WAAAAHHHHH!!! *Gorrath gets scared. Then Coop lands on Gorrath at full force. Speed resumes to normal. Coop gets up and looks at Gorrath. He picks up his arm. Gorrath's arm goes limp. Gorrath is out cold.* Looks like we win! *The Glorft start booing Coop as he celebrates. Jenna runs over to Coop and hugs him.* Woah! *They embrace. Coop laughs. They then look at each other and kiss.* Sorry I put you through all that Jenna.

Jenna: Are you kidding!? *Smiles* I never had so much fun in all my life! Let's do that again!

Coop: Nice! Now let's get the heck out of here! *Coop and Jenna press their foreheads together in a loving way. Meanwhile, Gorrath slowly gets up. The Commander gets back into the ring.*

Commander: Sir! Are you all right!? *Gorrath pushes the Commander out of the way*

Gorrath: Out of my way! *Gorrath gets up. He then goes over to the Commander and grabs his face tenticles.* I'll deal with you later! *Coop laughs. Gorrath looks at Coop.*

Coop: So Gorrath! What was that about you ripping us apart? Cause not only did we beat you, but we also mopped the floor with you! Now be a good squid and let us go. *Gorrath grabs Coop and pushes him towards the ropes*

Jenna: Hey! Let go of him! *Gorrath elbows Jenna and knocks her down.* Ergh!

Gorrath: I don't know how you managed to beat me, but it was nothing more than a fluke! And as long as I have the both of you on my ship, I can still enslave your planet! I win Earther!

Coop: Don't be such a sore loser! We beat you fair and square! Now let us go! *Gorrath throws Coop into the middle of the ring. Coop and Jenna get up. Gorrath then points to the two of them.*

Gorrath: Destroy them both! *The Glorft in the stands get up and aim their weapons at Coop and Jenna. Coop and Jenna look at each other, then at Gorrath.* Looks like I get the last laugh Earther. *Gorrath laughs. Coop starts to laugh as well. Gorrath stops laughing, and by this point Coop is hysterical.* And what exactly is it you find so funny Earther!?

Coop: Come on Squid! You call yourself the greatest fighter in the universe and yet you just got your slimy butt handed to you by us! That's right Gorrath! You got beat up, by a girl! *Zooms out to show Jenna. The sound of an engine vrooming is heard.* Uh, no offense Jenna. *Back to Gorrath who is fuming with anger.* Just face it squid! I bested you again. Every time we rumble, I always come out on top. And you wanna know why? Because no matter what you do. No matter what you try. *Whispers in Gorrath's ear.* I will always be better than you. *Walks away from Gorrath who is shaking in anger.* So how about this. You can either let us go, or we can humiliate you even more! What's it gonna be Squid?

Gorrath: No one. NO ONE! TELLS ME WHAT TO DO! ERADICATE THEM! *The Glorft get closer and aim at Coop and Jenna.*

Coop: Ok Gorrath. Have it your way! *To Jenna* Babe? *Jenna takes her watch and presses a button.*

*Back on Earth, Kiva is still working in Jenna's car to locate Coop & Jenna.*

Kiva: I should be able to get the exact coordinates soon. *As Kiva scans, Jamie looks at the monitor. It says "Megas Remote Unit: Engaged (Buckle up!)".*

Jamie: Uh Kiva? What does that mean? *Kiva looks at the monitor. The thrusters to Megas 2 activate.*

Kiva: Jenna must have activated her MRU! Hang on! We're going for a ride! *Megas 2 flies into the air. Jamie, Kiva and Racheal yell.*

*The scene shifts back at the Karajor. It shows multiple Glorft solders in the ring aiming their weapons at Coop and Jenna. Suddenly, the area shakes. The Glorft look around.*

Gorrath: What!? What's going on! *It does a triple screen of Megas 2 breaking through the middle of the arena and landing in the middle. Megas 2 then strikes a pose. The front seats go down. Coop and Jenna are now in the front seat of Megas 2. Coop is driving.*

Jamie/Kiva: Coop! *Jenna looks in the backseat*

Jenna: What are you guys doing in my robot!?

Racheal: Trying to save you guys!

Coop/Jenna: Thanks!

Coop: So Gorrath! *Pans out showing Megas 2. It opens up to reveal many weapons.* You gonna let us go now!? *Gorrath grrs*

Commander: Sir! We should get to the mechs! *Gorrath runs for the exit. Megas 2 fires a shot at the doorway. Debris and stuff blocks the doorway. Gorrath stops and turns around. Megas 2 is aiming at him. The Commander points.* Everyone! Aim your weapons at the prototype and attack on my signal! *The Glorft do so. Coop and Jenna look on with smug grins.*

Gorrath: No wait! *A small pause* Let them go!

Commander: But sir! We have the red prototype! We can still-

Gorrath: We don't exactly have our mechs now do we!? *To Coop* You may have bested me this time Earther. But be warned! I will never forget this humiliation. And the next time we meet, you will feel the full force of my anger.

Coop: Yeah, yeah whatever. Let's get out of here! Oh! And before I go. Just wanna give you something to remember us by! *Coop presses a button. Megas 2 fires a ton of blasts and missiles throughout the Karajor. The Karajor starts to explode*

Gorrath: No!

Jamie: Nice!

Kiva: Now can we get out of here?

Coop: Sure thing! *To Gorrath.* Smell ya later squid! *Megas 2 flies away. The inside of the Karajor is exploding.*

Commander: Sir! We've taken on critical damage!

Gorrath: Put us back into null space and begin repairs! *Gorrath sees Megas 2 fly back to Earth from a window* When I get my hands on you Earther, I'm going to make you wish you had never met me! *The Karajor goes back into null space. Meanwhile, the gang is back on Earth*

Jamie: So, what happened? You beat the snot out of Gorrath?

Coop: Yeah! You should have seen it, Jamie! It was great! Gorrath even put up a pretty good fight too! But in the end, I still mopped the floor with him! Even Jenna was even able to match Gorrath blow for blow!

Jamie: Nice.

Kiva: That's impossible! Gorrath is a veteran warrior! He's trained for years! How could the two of you even possibly fight him in combat?

Coop: All them years of training mean nothing when you watch as much pro wrestling as we do! *Coop and Jenna do the rock on pose together.*

Jenna: Woo. That was a lot of fun Coop!

Coop: Yeah! *Yawns* But I think I'm gonna go rest a little. You wanna join me, Jen?

Jenna: Sure! *Goes up to Coop and whispers in his ear* Perhaps, we should first finish our little wrestling match. *Kisses Coop on the cheek. Then they both look at each other and rub noses. They both head inside.*

Kiva: Well, it's good to know that they managed to make it back ok.

Jamie: So, Racheal? About that movie? *Puts her arm around her shoulder. The scene then shifts to Jamie getting tossed into the ring area that's in front of Coop's house. Jamie gets up to see Racheal, cracking her knuckles.*

Racheal: Hold him, Kiva! *Kiva sneaks up from and holds Jamie.*

Kiva: *Smug grin* It will be my pleasure!

Jamie: Wait seriously!? Come on! This isn't funny! I just wanted to go on a date! *Jamie goes to punch Jamie* aaaAAAAAaaahhh! *Racheal pummels Jamie. It pans up to the sky.*

End credits: In Jersey City, a hobo digs through trash and comes upon a watch. He puts it on and presses something. It causes Megas to land near him. He looks up and smiles.

The End.


Coop: David Deluise
Jamie: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva: Wendee Lee
Jenna: Jennifer Hale
Racheal: Danielle Harris
Gorrath: Clancy Brown
Commander: Kevin Micheal Richardson

Production Music Used

Harsh Life - Westar Music
Cylinder Head - Universal Production Music
Orchestral Horror - Non-Stop Production Music
High Plains - Non-Stop Production Music
Teenage Renegade* - KPM Music
Collision Course - Non-Stop Production Music
Epic Movie Adventures 2 - De Wolf Music
No Biggy* - Extreme Music X Series
Ya'll Ready - Universal Production Music
Cecil Percussion - Non-Stop Production Music
Final Verdict - Extreme Music Director's Cut Series
Dead Man - Universal Production Music
The Grinder* - Selected Sounds Music
Punk Montage - Sonoton Music
Coma Dose - Extreme Music X Series
Wrath Of Bob - Non-Stop Production Music
They're Here* - Non-Stop Production Music
Dine n Dash* - Extreme Music X Series
War of The Stars - Amphonic Soundstage
Galaxy Troopers - Universal Production Music
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music


Megas Fan
Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Here is a mini-rewrite of Ultrabot Z, the first fan episode I wrote. I changed Alpha's voice actor to Corey Burton (he would sound like Megatron from Transformers animated)

Ultrabot Z

*As the episode begins some text flashes on the screen in the same manner as "Test Drive." It says "The Year 41XX: Much MUCH further into the future." We are shown a giant fortress that is located in a desolate area. Inside we are at a warehouse with robotic equipment. The screen pans from left to right. A pile of boxes are shown. 2 robots get blasted into the boxes and there are explosions. The 2 robots get up and look at another robot. This robot looks alot like Mega Man X except that his armor is different and it is black in color. This is Ultrabot Z. He is bioloid and disobayer stopper. The other 2 bioloids aim at Ultrabot Z and fire rapid blasts at him. Ultrabot Z hides behind some stuff and charges up his Z-Buster. He comes out from hiding and fires a powerful blast the the 2 bioloids destroying them. More bioloids from the rafters above show up and fire at Ultrabot Z. Ultrabot Z runs and continues firing at more bioloids knocking a few off the rafters. Then as Ultrabot Z gets to a door and loud thud is heard. Ultrabot Z turns around and sees a bioloid using some kind of ride armor. It grabs Ultrabot Z and crushes him.*

Ultrabot Z: *Voice actor is Cam Clarke* Gah! Ergh! Ugh! Ahh! *As the bioloid continues to crush Ultrabot Z, a whistle is heard. The bioloid looks up and sees another bioloid with white armor and long hair. This is Uno. He looks alot like Zero from the Mega Man X games. He jumps off the rafters and using his U-saber slashes the ride armor. It falls to pieces. Ultrabot Z gets up and smiles at Uno. Uno does the same and both bioloids head for the door. Uno kicks down the door and both bioloids aim their busters at another bioloid. This bioloid is Alpha. He looks alot like Sigma and Dr.Doppler from the Mega Man X series. He is looking out a window.*

Alpha: *Voice actor is Corey Burton* Very impressive Ultrabot Z and Uno. I must commend you for being able to make it all the way here and getting to me. But you must realize that you are fighting a pointless war. We bioloids have evolved further than you could imagine. The humans of this world are obsolete. They are not meant to live along side us on Earth. For the sake of the bioloid race the humans must face...*Alpha turns around showing his face to the 2 bioloids* extinction.

Ultrabot Z: It's over Alpha. You are coming with us now!

Uno: *Voice actor is Joshua Seth* Whatever you are planning it stops here! Surrender now or be destroyed!

Alpha: I'm sorry Uno but I will not surrender to you. I will see to it that a world for bioloids is created. *Alpha presses something on his body and behind him a portal appears.* I'm sure you are well aware of quantom mechanics are you not? If the past is altered, then that future shall be as well. Do you realize what I am getting at? I plan to go into the past and destroy Dr.Thomas Bright! The kind old man who gave you life! *Pointing to Ultrabot Z.*

Ultrabot Z: But if you do that then you won't exist either! All bioloids were based off of my design. If I don't exist than neither will you!

Alpha: Don't be stupid. I am well aware of what will happen. That is why I have equipped myself and my supporters with anti-time disruptors. So while you and the rest of the disobayer stoppers will cease to exist. My followers and I shall continue to exist outside of time and destroy the humans so I may create a new world where only bioloids exist. Now I am done talking with you. *Turns around and heads into the protal.* I must go and fulfill my destiny! I bid you farewell! *Dissapears through the protal as it starts to shrink.*

Uno: We have to enter the portal before it closes! *Uno runs in first with Ultrabot Z behind* Hurry up!

Ultrabot Z: Here goes nothing! *Jumps in and manages to make it in time and they travel into the portal* We can't let Alpha destroy my creator and rewrite history!

Uno: Don't worry! Together we will stop him! *They continue to travel through the portal.*

*Title Theme Plays*

Ultrabot Z

*Now we are in Jersey City. Megas is standing on a bunch of roads since it is on the high way. Inside Coop is bored taping his finger on the control panel, Jamie has his seat back and his hat is covering his eyes, and Kiva is just sitting there. The sound of cars honking is heard*

Coop: Man why did I have to take the highway today? At this hour it's always bumped with wall to wall traffic! *Jamie pulls his eye up showing his eyes.*

Jamie: Well it is rush hour Coop.

Coop: I just want to get home and eat something. I'm starving! *Coop's stomach growls.*

Kiva: So why don't you just fly home?

Coop: I can't. Don't you remember what happened the last time?


*Megas in on the highway and it is in gridlock. Coop is disgruntled then presses stuff. Megas powers up and the exhaust from the engines melt the asphalt destroying the road causing the road to collapse on itself. Many cars fall into it and get destroyed.*

*Back to reality.*

Jamie: Yeah we also had to pay for the destruction and rebuild the highway ourselves.

Kiva: Well next time when I say to lay off the engine thruster you'll listen to me next time. *Jamie yawns*

Jamie: Well I don't know about you guys but I'm gonna take a nap. Seeing as we won't be off the highway anytime soon. *Yawns and puts his hat back down* Wake me up when we're home. *We then see Coop look at the cars moving and Megas moves just a bit. Elsewhere a portal opens up and Ultrabot Z and Uno come out of it. They walk around in the city.*

Ultrabot Z: So this is where my creator lives. Uno. Any trace of him?

Uno: *Scans* I'm picking up Dr.Bright's biosignature. We're in the right place. I'm also picking up Alpha's energy signal. He's here too.

Ultrabot Z: We don't have much time to lose! We have to find Alpha before he gets to Dr.Bright!

Uno: Uh...I don't think he is going to be that hard to find. *Points to Megas.*

Ultrabot Z: Woah! *Pans up Megas* That must be him in the giant Mechanoid! Let's go Uno!

Uno: Right! *Both Ultrabot Z and Uno run to a building and climb it by kicking the wall. When they get to the top they are level with Megas.*

Ultrabot Z: *Aiming his buster at Megas.* Ok. I've got a lock onto Alpha's mech. *Ultrabot Z starts charging his buster.* Ready.....*The charge gets louder and Jamie hears it.* Aim.... *Jamie looks out the window and sees the 2 bioloids looking at Megas.*

Jamie: Hm?

Ultrabot Z: Fire! *We get a triple screen of Ultrabot Z firing the blast. It heads right for Megas. Jamie screams getting the attention of Coop and Kiva. Coop sees the blast headed for Megas.*

Coop: Woah! *Megas gets hit in the chest. It does a triple screen of Megas getting hit. The force of the blast causes Megas to fall on its back, landing on a POP TV store that was along the highway. Megas then gets up and looks at the two bioloids.*

Ultrabot Z: Next time I won't hold back!

Coop: Hey! What's your problem pal!? I just had Megas waxed! *Ultrabot Z appears on the monitor. Also Ultrabot Z and Uno can't see who is piloting Megas.*

Ultrabot Z: This insanity stops now Alpha! We won't allow you to carry your vile scheme any further!

Coop: Huh? Alpha? Kiva any idea what this guy is talking about!?

Kiva: *Scans* Hmm. Coop those 2 appear to be powerful androids. I can't get anymore data on them. Before you do anything brash let's find out what they want and see if we can peacefully talk this out.

Coop: Talk this out!? That guy just hit Megas!

Uno: Alpha! We are giving you 10 seconds to surrender or else we will fire again!

Coop: Look! There must be some kind of mistake. I ain't this Alpha guy you speak of. My name is Coop and this is my robot Megas.

Ultrabot Z: *To Megas* I won't ask again! Surrender now or I'll destroy you!

Coop: I already told you! I ain't Alpha!

Uno: So you refuse? Fine then! *Uno jumps into the air and draws out his U-saber* Yeeyah! *Uno slashes one of the shoulderblades of Megas. When Uno lands on the ground, the shoulderblade slides off and falls onto a car. As this happens, a man in a business uniform heads for his car. As he puts his key in to open the door, the shoulderblade hits the car*

Man: *Voice actor is Steven Jay Blum* My car!

Coop: Hey! Look what you did to Megas!

Uno: That was a warning! Surrender now or I'll turn you and your mechanoid into scrap!

Kiva: Listen! This is all a big misunderstanding!

Jamie: Yeah!

Ultrabot Z: Enough of your tricks! Perpare to be terminated! *We see Ultrabot Z aim his Z-Buster at Megas and prepares to charge up.*

Kiva: This isn't good Coop! They think we are someone else. Possibly someone with intent for destruction!

Jamie: Gee...*Sarcastic* What could of gave them that idea? *They both stare at Coop*

Coop: What!?

Kiva: We can't fight back! We have to somehow convince them that we aren't who they say they are!

Coop: No way! No one. *Close up on Coop's face* AND I MEAN NO ONE! DOES THAT TO MEGAS! Time for them to pay!

Kiva: Coop No! *Megas runs to the building that Ultrabot Z and Uno are on. Megas then jumps in the air.*

Coop: Waaahhh!!! *Megas smashes the building that they are on. However both Ultrabot Z and Uno jump off. While in the air, Ultrabot Z charges his buster and fires at Megas. This time Megas is ready for it and buffers the attack. However Megas still stumbles back. Megas puts its arms togehter. Megas then fires a powerful blast at both bioloids. Ultrabot Z tackles Uno and saves him. Ultrabot Z and Uno both get up and fire multiple blasts at Megas. Megas puts up its arms for defense.*

Kiva: Coop! I told you not to attack! Now we won't be able to clear up this misunderstanding!

Coop: Hey they started it! *Megas continues to take their attacks.* What now!?

Jamie: Look out! *2 giant blasts head for Megas. They merge into one creating a huge massive shot.*

Coop: Woah! *Megas gets hit hard and crashes into a building. Ultrabot Z and Uno land on Megas and aim at the car part. They still can't see Coop, Jamie, or Kiva*

Ultrabot Z: That's enough Alpha! Now just surrender before you make things worse! *Megas grabs both Ultrabot Z and Uno* What!? Hey! *Megas gets back up.*

Coop: I already told you guys before! I ain't Alpha! *A light emits from one of the hands of Megas.* Huh? *Ultrabot Z fires a blast at the hand.* Dude! *Megas lets go of Ultrabot Z. Ultrabot Z slides down Megas as if it was a wall. Then jumps over to the other arm, Ultrabot Z fires another shot freeing Uno from Megas. They both slide down Megas and land on the ground.* Stand still! *Megas attempts to smash both bioloids. They run away and start climbing up different buildings. Megas tries to swat them off but they dodge and start wall climbing up Megas again. *Hey! Stop that! Cut it out! *They both reach the car part and prepare to fire shots. However Megas fires eye beams at both bioloids. Both get hit and go down. Uno manages to recover and slide down the wall then grab Ultrabot Z protecting him. They manage to land safely.*

Ultrabot Z: Thanks.

Uno: Don't mention it. Now let's finish this! *Megas opens up a compartment from its chest and fires a powerful laser that travels the ground and Ultrabot Z and Uno dodge the laser. However this was a deversion as Megas appears behind them and pounds both bioloids into the ground. They both appear to be out cold. Megas moves his hands in a satisfying way.*

Coop: Now that that little annoyance is out of the way. Perhaps I could get home and eat something now. *Megas walks away. However both Ultrabot Z and Uno get from. Ultrabot Z aims at Megas and fires a shot hitting Megas in the back. Megas staggers a bit. Megas then turns around.* Don't you guys know when to quit!?

Uno: As long as we still function we will never stop until you are stopped! *Megas aims at both of them again. Megas's fists turn into gaitling gun barrels and fire rapid shots at both bioloids. Ultrabot Z and Uno split up and Megas concentrates of Uno. Uno jumps into the air and his U-saber transforms into a long spear with a blade at the end. Uno tries to slash Megas with it but Megas claps his hands apparently crushing Uno. However Uno wedged the spear between the hands saving him. Uno then swings and goes away from Megas. Uno lands on another building with his weapon in hand.*

Jamie: For a bunch of human-sized robots they sure are tough.

Kiva: *Scans* Coop their armor is highly durable and they have increadible attack power. If we don't clear this misunderstanding now they could overwhelm us!

Coop: Ok. No sweat. All I gotta do is beat up these two guys and- *Coop notices that there is only one of them in view* There were two of them right? Where's the other one. *Kiva looks down at her scanner to see a blip on Megas*

Kiva: He's on Megas! *Outside, it shows Ultrabot Z climbing up the back of Megas*

Jamie: Get him off! *Megas comically tries to scratch off Ultrabot Z. Ultrabot Z evades Megas and continues climbing. Ultrabot Z then puts his hand on Megas. Ultrabot Z absorbs data. Ultrabot Z then jumps into the air and spins around. The backgrounds flash and the techno theme from "Ultra-Chicks" plays. Ultrabot Z glows bright white and his armor breaks off. He spins around, and it shows a close up of his arm. Pieces of his armor reform on is body and change. The glow from the arm dissapears. Ultrabot Z's arm now looks like an exact replica of Megas. Ultrabot Z flexes this arm and makes a fist. Ultrabot Z spins around again. The same thing happens to his other arm. Ultrabot Z flexes again and clenches his fist. Ultrabot Z spins around again. This time it does a close-up of one of his legs. Parts of his armor reform and change. When the glow dissapears his leg looks like an exact replica of Megas. The same thing happens with his other leg. Ultrabot Z spins around again, and now it pans up to his chest. Ultrabot Z's chest and stomach parts reform and turn into a replica of Megas. It then pans up to his head. His helmet transforms and changes. When the glow dissapears, it looks like X's helmet in "Mega Man X" when he gets the head upgrade. However it also has a flaming paintjob like Megas. The remaining parts of his original helmet form the shoulder things that Megas has. Ultrabot Z spins around, makes a pose, and charges up his new arm cannon. He aims at the screen and fires. After the flash of light, it shows Ultrabot Z in armor that mimics Megas's body perfectly. Ultrabot Z hovers in front of Megas. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are flabbergasted.*

Coop: Woah. Kiva?

Kiva: Incredible! *Scans* That robot has the ability to absorb data from other machines and intergrate it into his own systems!

Jamie: So he's like Megas now? *Kiva nods* That can't be good.

Ultrabot Z: Ok Alpha! Now you'll see how you like it! *The thrusters on Ultrabot Z's back activate. Ultrabot Z then flies into the air and gives Megas a powerful headbutt. Megas goes flying back and hits a building. Megas comes too and gets up. Ultrabot Z heads right for Megas.*

Coop: Hoouha! *Ultrabot Z then hovers in the air and aims at Megas. Ultrabot Z charges up and fires a powerful shot at Megas. Megas gets hit and goes flying again, destroying several buildings. Megas is down on the ground. Ultrabot Z flies over Megas and aims again. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva look up worried.* Uh oh! *Ultrabot Z fires again. Megas however gets out of the way. Megas then punches Ultrabot Z. Ultrabot Z goes flying.* Hahah! Yeah!

Ultrabot Z: Erggh! *Ultrabot Z stabilizes and aims at Megas. Ultrabot Z then opens up several compartments to reveal various missiles. He fires them all at Megas.*

Kiva: Incoming! *The missiles hit Megas. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva cringe. Uno looks up in the sky and sees Ultrabot Z fly towards Megas again.*

Uno: Get him Ultrabot Z! *Megas then puts its arms together and the hands go inside. Megas fires a powerful blast. Ultrabot Z manuvers around the blast and quickly creates a small version of Megas's cool energy sword. Ultrabot Z slashes Megas creating a gash.*

Coop: My robot! *Coop grrs* That's it! Now you're gonna pay! *Megas creates a cool energy sword as well and tries to slash Ultrabot Z. However Ultrabot Z defends himself with his own blade which surprises Coop.* Woah.

Jamie: He blocked it! *Ultrabot Z then fires 2 missles at Megas creating smoke and blinding the gang. Megas backs up. When the smoke clears we see Ultrabot Z in mid-transformation to Super Destructor Mode. It shows screens of Ultrabot Z transforming. It then finishes and pans out showing Ultrabot Z in Super Destrutor Mode.* Dude! He's even got your Super Destructor Mode!

Ultrabot Z: Have a taste of your own medicine! *Fires a barrage of missles at Megas.*

Coop: Woah! *Megas puts its arms in a X like position and buffers the attack. As this happens it pans out showing Alpha on a building watching the fight.*

Alpha: Interesting. It appears that fate has smiled down upon me. Whoever this buffoon is has provided an adequite distraction so I mean complete my job uninteruppted. *Grabs a device from his body and presses a button on it. Then throws it to the ground and it transforms into a giant mech that looks like Illumina from "Mega Man X6" on the outside. Alpha gets in. The inside looks like the cockpit from "Big O".* As very entertaining as this is, I must go and complete my objective. Then the dawn of a new era for bioloid kind shall begin! *Alpha's mech walks away from the fight and heads for Dr.Bright's location. Back at the fight, Ultrabot Z finishes up using Super Destructor mode and transforms back to to normal. Then Ultrabot Z recreates the cool energy sword and attacks Megas.*

Ultrabot Z: WAAAAAHHHH! *Tries to slash Megas at the torso area but Megas jumps out of the way. Then a component on Megas's chest opens up and fires a powerful laser at Ultrabot Z. Ultrabot Z flies above the blast and gives Megas a nasty bicycle kick to the upper body. This sends Megas falling to the ground. When the gang looks up they see Ultrabot Z in the air. His armor transforms back to normal. He then aims at Megas using his Z-buster. Ultrabot Z then charges up a powerful blast.*

Coop: Oh boy.

Ultrabot Z: YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Fires the blast at Megas and Megas gets pelted hard. When the light returns to normal we see Megas is on the ground electrocuting.*

Coop: Everyone all right!?

Kiva: I think so. But Megas isn't responding! We can't move!

Coop: Great! Can this get worse!? *Uno goes to the cockpit and rips the car door part open.*

Uno: All right Alpha! I'm gonna tear you limb from - *Sees that it is Coop, Jamie, and Kiva.* What!? You aren't Alpha!?

Coop: Well duh! I tried telling you before you attacked me!

Uno: Then if you aren't Alpha then where is...*All of a sudden we hear and see explosions in the distance.* Oh no.

Ultrabot Z: Uno! That must be Alpha there! We've been attacking the worng person this whole time!

Jamie: No. Really?

Uno: Let's go Ultrabot Z! We have to stop Alpha now! *Uno turns around to see Ultrabot Z go up to the car part* Ultrabot Z? What are you doing?

Ultrabot Z: Are you three okay?

Coop: Well. You guys busted up my robot, and now there's some other chump going around wrecking my town! *Smiles* But yeah. I'm okay.

Ultrabot Z: Perhaps I could help you repair your robot.

Kiva: Thanks. We could use the help.

Uno: Come on Ultrabot Z! We don't have time for this!

Ultrabot Z: Helping humans come first. If you want, you can go pursue Alpha. I'll stay here and help them repair their robot.

Uno: All right.

Ultrabot Z: Just be careful ok? *Uno Nods and runs off. In another part of the city, Alpha is attacking. Alpha fires eye beams and creates alot of explosions then punches a building. Then Alpha rips a building off it's foundation causing the people inside to run away. Then Alpha throws it and it collapses in on itself.*

Alpha: Show yourslef Dr.Bright! If I have to destroy this entire city just to flush you out, then so be it! *Smug grin.* Besides. Destroying you filthy humans is all part of my vision of an idealistic world. A world that I shall make a reality! *Alpha then smashes another building causing it to implode. As people run away, Little Tommy comes out and looks at the giant robot. The robot stops and looks at Little Tommy.*

Little Tommy: *Comes out drinking a Megaslush looking at the giant Mech* Coooooll... *As Alpha's mech looks at Little Tommy we are shown a greenish tint and targets appear on Little Tommy. Then it says. "DNA Match: Dr.Thomas Bright" with the words "Dr.Thomas Bright" flashing.*

Alpha: *Locked on to Little Tommy* There you are! *Alpha's mech puts its fist in the air.* With your demise I shall remove any bioloid who opposes me and those left shall support me as I clense the Earth of human existance! *As Alpha's mech is about to strike, Uno comes and grabs Little Tommy and gets him to safety. Alpha's mech punches the ground instead.* What!?

Uno: It's too dangerous here kid! Go where it's safe! *We then see Uno run at Alpha and we see Little Tommy Drink his Mega Slush*

Alpha: Uno. Did you have trouble finding me?

Uno: Don't think this was going to be simple Alpha! Surrender now or else!

Alpha: Do not interfere with me Uno. This isn't your business.

Uno: I'm making it my business! I'm not going to let you create a world just for bioloids!

Alpha: Very well then. Before I destroy Dr.Bright. I shall take care of you first! *Alpha attempts to punch Uno but Uno dodges. Then Alpha continues to try and smash Uno with his fists but Uno keeps dodging. Uno then runs into an abandoned building.* Trying to hide will not save you Uno. I will destroy you no matter where you go. You brought this upon yourself for interfering. *Alpha then starts punching the building. Inside we see Uno run as the mech's fist comes down in an attempt to strike Uno. However it misses every time as Uno runs. He then climbs the walls of the building and makes it to the top. Uno runs and jumps to another building. This building is small in height but very long. Alpha's mech can stand over the building with ease. Alpha does so and continues punching in hopes of hitting Uno.* Perhaps you would like this instead Uno. *The mouth of Alpha's mech opens up and charges up. Then it fires a laser blast. The laser follows Uno who is running away from the beam. Alpha also manages to pinpoint Uno's location inside.* I have you now my little pest. It's time to end this game of cat and mouse! *The beam closes in on Uno. Meanwhile back at Ultrabot Z and Megas. We see Coop fixing the dents on Megas's armor. Jamie is doing nothing as usual and Kiva is inside Megas. We can see her from one of the gashes that Megas got.*

Coop: Man. I just wanted to go home and eat lunch. Now this happens!

Jamie: Gotta admit those two robots did a number on Megas. *We see part of the car fall off from Megas and falls to the ground. Coop mumbles and continues cleaning. Ultrabot Z then comes down and helps. Kiva pops out from one of the gashes.*

Kiva: Well. Internal damage was minimal. However Megas is going to need a recharge before we can fight again.

Ultrabot Z: I'm really sorry about what happened. I thought you were an evil bioloid bent on destroying humanity.

Coop: Don't worry. I get the while "I'm the bad guy" thing alot.

Kiva: So exactly where do you come from Ultrabot Z?

Ultrabot Z: I am a bioloid created by Dr.Thomas Bright. My purpose is to protect the lives of humans and bioloids who wish for peace. I have traveled 2000 years from the future to find and protect my creator from another bioloid named Alpha. *Kiva's eyes widen upon hearing this.*

Kiva: You're from the future!? Then you must have some way to travel through time!

Ultrabot Z: Not exactly. We followed Alpha here when he opened up a time portal. Alpha plans to eliminate my creator. You see....


*We see Little Tommy 20 years older and he is building Ultrabot Z. He then seals him away and then Ultrabot Z is found by another man. Then it shows a city in flames as an army of bioloids wreak havoc. Above the city is Alpha who is looking down and laughing evily. Then it shows Ultrabot Z and Uno fighting various bioloids. Then we see Alpha go into his portal and leave with Ultrabot Z and Uno following him. As this happens Ultrabot Z talks.*

Ultrabot Z: 20 years from now. Dr. Thomas Bright will create me and seal me away. I was later found by another man who created other bioloids off of my design. However many of them felt humans were inferior and needed to be destroyed. One particular bioloid was Alpha. It has always been Alpha's desire to create a world only for bioloids. At every turn we manage to stop him. But if Alpha destroys Dr.Bright then I won't exist and he will be free to destroy the humans as he pleases!

*Back to reality. Kiva goes up to Coop and Jamie.*

Kiva: Coop. I need to talk to you right now.

Coop: About what?

Kiva: Ultrabot Z says he is from the future. If he's telling the truth, and he has a way to travel through time, then once we repair Megas, *A short pause* This is it. I'm going back home. *Coop and Jamie are shocked*

Coop: What!?

Kiva: And when I return, I'm going to change history so that I would have never sent Megas back to the wrong time. That means you'll never have Megas, and we would never have met.

Jamie: Are you crazy!?

Kiva: Guys! Listen! This may be my only chance! I'm taking it! And you can't stop me.

Coop: But...I'll lose Megas. *Explosions are heard in the distance Everyone turns to see them.*

Kiva: We better hurry and fix Megas before Alpha does anymore damage to the city.

Coop: I'm on it. *Coop continues to fix Megas and we hear more explosions*

Ultrabot Z: Hang in there Uno. I'll be there soon. *Back at the battle with Uno and Alpha. Alpha continues firing the beam in another building with Uno inside. He looks at the beam as it dissapates and stops. Then Alpha grabs the roof of the building and finds no Uno.*

Alpha: Where are you Uno. You cannot hide from me for long. *Continues looking.*

Uno: AAHHHH!!! *Alpha's mech looks up and sees Uno in the air. His U-saber turns into a giant hammer and Uno swings at Alpha hitting his mech in the chest knocking Alpha down. Alpha gets back up.*

Alpha: Very clever Uno. You have gotten stronger since our last encounter. You should join me Uno. Then we can create a perfect world where only our kind exists.

Uno: Never! I'll take you back to the future either dead or alive!

Alpha: Very well then. DIE!! *Alpha tires to smash Uno but Uno's U-saber turns into a pair of brass knuckles. These give Uno super strength. As Alpha's mech tries to hit Uno, Uno grabs the fist and manages to hold him back. Uno then pushes Alpha back causing Alpha's mech to stumble but it comes too. Alpha then fires a beam at Uno but the Brass Knuckels turn into a giant japanese fan. Uno uses the fan to deflect the beam away from him. The beam instead hits a building. Alpha looks at the beam then at Uno who has dissapeared.* Where are you... *Uno tries to hit Alpha again with the hammer but Alpha quickly looks up and swats Uno away. causing him to go into a building. When Uno gets up he sees a giant fist come at him. Alpha punches Uno hard, then grabs him and brings him out.* Fool. Using the same trick on me again was futile. Now I have you in my clutches. *Back at Megas the gang finish up repairs.*

Coop: So how much longer Kiva?

Kiva: Internal repairs are finished and Megas energy recovery is at 60%. It still will be some time before we finish repairs.

Coop: Great. *Coop grumbles and goes back to work.*

Kiva: I know your upset, but I'm sorry. I'm going back to the future.

Coop: I know! I just wish we could repair Megas faster!

Ultrabot Z: I can transfer some of my energy to Megas. *Ultrabot Z touches Megas and sends energy back to Megas. Kiva reads it as it goes up to 95%.*

Kiva: Energy is back to 95%! That should be enough to fight again.

Coop: Niiiiiiice! *Coop and Kiva get back into the car.*

Ultrabot Z: I'm glad I could help. But now I have to go and help my friend fight Alpha!

Coop: Not without me you don't! I'll come and help.

Ultrabot Z: Y-You wish to fight Alpha? But you're a human.

Jamie: Yeah? He's also got his own giant robot.

Ultrabot Z: Alpha is one of the strongest bioloids in existance! There is no way your robot can defeat his.

Coop: Oh yeah? Well we'll just see about that! Come on! Get in! *Ultrabot Z gets into the car and sits next to Kiva. Megas flies off to Alpha's location. Meanwhile at Alpha's location.*

Uno: AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! *Uno is being grabbed by Alpha who is squeezing him with his hand*

Alpha: Uno. Did you really think you could defeat on your own? My power and ability far exceeds yours. And now that you are helpless, I shall crush you like a tin can.

Uno: Even defeat me.....Ultrabot Z.....will stop you!

Alpha: If you weren't able to destroy me then what makes you think he can. *Small pause* Fear not Uno for I am not without mercy. Since you are one of us I shall grant you a quick and painless death. *Turns around to see Megas flying towards Alpha* Hm!? What the!?

Coop: WAAAAAHHH!!!! *Megas tackles Alpha knocking him down. He drops Uno and Megas grabs him and has him now. Alpha gets up and looks at Megas.*

Alpha: What is the meaning of this!?

Coop: How about picking on someone your own size!?

Ultrabot Z: Uno! *Gets out of the car and goes onto Megas's hand* Uno...*Holds him.* Are you all right?

Uno: *Slowly gets up* Heheh.....It will take more than that to stop me....*Thumbs up then passes out.*

Ultrabot Z: Here. Have an energy capsule. *Gives Uno a Mega-slush like item and he drinks it. Then Uno feels 100% better.*

Uno: Thanks. *Looks at Megas.* Is he?

Ultrabot Z: He wants to help us stop Alpha.

Coop: You guys just leave it to me! *Megas puts both bioloids onto a building.* I'll beat this Alpha guy up for you.

Ultrabot Z and Uno: Thanks Coop!

Alpha: What is this? A human being? Do you honestly think someone of limited intellegence can take me on?

Coop: Hey I ain't stupid!

Alpha: I will end this quickly. *Grabs his blade which looks like Sigma's Blade from X8.* Now prepare to die! *He runs at Megas and tries to slash Megas but Megas dodges. Megas then punches Alpha's mech in the face. Then Megas fires a missile at Alpha. Alpha sidesteps and the missile instead hits a building destroying it. Coop looks at the building then at Alpha. Alpha runs up to Megas and punches him. Megas goes into a building and falls down. Megas gets back up. Alpha tries to stab Megas with his sword but Megas catches it. Still Alpha tries to impale Megas with his sword, but to no avail. Coop grrs.* Most impressive. *Breaks away from Megas.* Your mechanoid is very strong and might be able to hold it's own against me. But it makes no difference. I will see to it that only bioloids exist by destroying humanity, starting with you! *Alpha fires a fist at Megas and Megas ducks. When Megas gets back up Alpha fires the other fist at Megas. Megas moves out of the way and both fists hit different buildings.* You are becoming quite a neusiance human!

Coop: How is this for a neusience!? *Megas punches Alpha's mech in the face. Then Megas gives Alpha's mech a suplex. Then Megas gives Alpha a piledriver.* WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *Megas lands on the ground with Alpha. Then Megas picks up Alpha and throws him onto the ground. Alpha gets up and runs at Megas. Alpha tries to slash Megas with his blade but Megas ducks and sweep kicks Alpha causing him to trip. When Alpha gets back up, Megas kicks him back down in the face.* Hahaha!

Jamie: Yeah! Kick him again Coop! *Alpha gets back up.*

Alpha: *Gets up* Ugh! Arrogent fool! I shall personally enjoy ending your life human. *Alpha tries to thrust his blade into Megas but Megas comes from behind and gives Alpha a backbreaker. Megas jumps onto a building and tries to give Alpha an elbow drop. But Alpha's mech opens its mouth and fires a beam at Megas hitting it in the chest. Megas goes flying and lands on the ground. Both Alpha and Megas get up and look at each other.* Give it up human. You do not have the power and ability to defeat me. *Draws his sword out.* I will usher in a new age for the bioloid race.

Coop: Nice sword. *Evil Grin* Mind if I borrow it? *We then see Coop press a button labeled "Weapon Get!" Megas then runs up to Alpha and punches him down. Alpha's blade goes flying and Megas catches it then twirls it around.* Now to give you a taste of your own medicine! *Megas runs at Alpha and slashes him and it causes a cut in his armor. Then Megas does a overhead slash but Alpha grabs his blade. A struggle ensues ending with Alpha twisting his blade shattering it to pieces.*

Alpha: Rrrrr. My paitence with you wears thin! Time to end this! *Alpha attempts to punch Megas but Megas grabs Alpha by the arm and throws him over him. Megas stomps on Alpha a few times. Then Alpha fires a beam at Megas sending him into the air. Alpha jumps into the air and punches Megas again. On the ground Alpha tackles Megas down. Then picks him up and punches him in the face multiple times. Alpha then kicks Megas down. As Megas gets back up, Alpha fires a fist at Megas which hits. Megas goes flying into a building. As Megas gets up, Alpha is above him and he gives Megas a pump handle slam. Alpha then grabs Megas and throws him down. His mech opens his mouth up and fires a beam right at Megas. It hits and inside Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are yelling. Megas is down and is electrocuting. Alpha grabs him and holds him in the air.* Such a waste. Did you really think you had but the slightest chance of destroying me? A superior Bioloid? We have evolved much further than you humans and we are capible of doing much more than you can realize. We are the future of Earth! You humans have no place in my new world. Consider yourself lucky for you and your comrades shall be the first of many humans who will die at my hands!

Jamie: something!

Coop: I can't move! Megas doesn't have enough energy to fight back!

Alpha: Say goodbye human....*Alpha's mech opens its mout again and charges up another blast. On the roof of a building, Ultrabot Z and Uno nod and jump in the air charging their blasters.

Ultrabot Z/Uno: AAHHHHHH!!!! *They fire 2 buster shots which merge into a huge blast. It hits Alpha's mech in the back and he falls down and drops Megas. Megas gets back up.*

Coop: Thanks for the save guys!

Ultrabot Z: No problem. *We then see Alpha get back up and looks at all three of them*

Alpha: Annoying flies! I shall crush you all!

Ultrabot Z: Coop! Let us give you our power! Together we can defeat Alpha! *Both Ultrabot Z and Uno jump into the air and they transform into what appears to be live metals from the Mega Man ZX series. Megas grabs both of them and they flash brightly. When the light dissapears we see Megas has changed. Megas looks alot like Omega's 2nd form in Mega Man Zero 3. the left side resembles Ultrabot Z and the right side resembles Uno.*

Jamie: Uh what just happened?

Coop: I don't know. *Evil grin.* But something tells me it's gonna be sweet!

Alpha: The very thought of humans and bioloids working as one sickens me! I'll make sure you all perish!

Coop: Ok you pompus, human-hating toaster oven! First, you trick two robots from the future into thinking that I'm the bad guy, then you come into my time and try and kill some kid who ain't done nothing to you, just so Ultrabot Z don't exist and that Kiva can finally go back into the future, and I lose Megas and- *Kiva interrupts*

Kiva: *Upset* Coop! *Coop looks back at Kiva*

Coop: Oh. Uh. Sorry about that Kiva. Um.....*To Alpha* What I meant to say ways, and now you wanna wipe out all humanity!? Not on my watch! *Coop pulls back a level and flips some switches. Megas Omega flies at Alpha and tackles him to the ground. Megas Omega then pins Alpha and punches him many times. Then Megas Omega picks up Alpha and throws him onto the ground. Alpha gets up and fires a beam from his mech's mouth. It hits Megas Omega pushing him back but it doesn't do much damage. Megas Omega then slowly moves towards Alpha while he fires the beam. Megas Omega covers Alpha's mouth causing an explosion. the head of Alpha's mech explodes but Alpha's mech still functions. Alpha grrs angerly. A huge blade is extracted from the Uno arm of Megas Omega.* Sweet! Let's see what it can do! *Megas Omega runs at Alpha and slashes his mech. Then Megas Omega does it again. This time creating a huge gash on Alpha's mech's chest. Then Megas Omega fires a wind slash which blasts Alpha into a building. Alpha gets back up and fires 2 missliles at Megas Omega. Megas Omega uses the blade to cut the missiles destroying them. Then Megas pulls the blade back into the Uno arm.* Now let's see what the other arm can do! *Megas Omega aims at Alpha who is running towards it. Megas Omega takes the Ultrabot Z arm, aims at Alpha, and charges up.

Alpha: RRRRRAAAAHHH! *Megas Omega fires the blast at the mech and it goes right into the gash that was created earlier. Alpha's mech blows up and is destroyed. When the smoke clears we see Alpha emerge from the rubble. Infront of him are Ultrabot Z, Uno, and behind them is Megas who is back to normal. Ultrabot Z and Uno aim their busters at Alpha.*

Ultrabot Z: Game over Alpha! *Now we see random bioloids hold Alpha captive as he is in statis cuffs and everything. A portal opens up and the bioloids take Alpha into custody. Ultrabot Z and Uno stay behind a bit to talk to the gang.* We can't thank you enough for your help Coop. Because of you we were able to prevent Alpha from chaning history and creating a world where only bioloids exist.

Coop: Don't mention it.

Uno: We'll return Alpha to our time and put him in prison. Hopefully he'll learn to appreciate humans better and perhaps one day he will accept them as equals.

Kiva: Ultrabot Z. I have a favor to ask.

ULtrabot Z: What is it Kiva?

Jamie: Dude. Stop her.

Coop: No Jamie. It's what she wants.

Kiva: Like you. I'm also not from this time period. I traveled 1000 years from the future in order to get Megas. Unfortunatly its time drive controller was destroyed. And I have no way of returning to my time. Can you please send me and Megas back to my present? *Ultrabot Z and Uno look at Kiva. They sadly shake their heads.*

Ultrabot Z: I'm afraid I can't do that. *Kiva eyes widen at this.*

Kiva: Why!?

Uno: All of our time travel devices have been developed soley for bioloid use. The effects on a human being would be too devestating. I'm sorry. *Kiva sighs. Coop and Jamie wipe their forheads and go "Whew".*

Kiva: I'm begging you! My time is in turmoil due to a war with an alien race called the Glorft! I need to return home!

Ultrabot Z: The Glorft? We know about them. According to our history records, they tried to invade Earth. However they were defeated. *Kiva is surprised at this.*

Kiva: How!?

Ultrabot Z/Uno: *Points to Coop* Him! *Kiva looks at Coop.*

Coop: So I actually defeat the Glorft? *Ultrabot Z and Uno nod* Hahah! Nice!

Ultrabot Z: We must leave now. Thank you Coop for helping us stop Alpha. *Ultrabot Z and Uno walk into the portal. The portal starts to close*

Coop: Don't mention it! And thanks for repairing my robot. *The portal fully closes* Those guys were pretty cool!

Jamie: Yeah. *Coop and Jamie look at Kiva.* And you wanted to return home to the future.

Kiva: So we actually defeat the Glorft!

Coop: Only cause I defeated them! *They look at Little Tommy who is drinking a Mega-slush*

Jamie: Just think. 20 years from now that kid is gonna build Ultrabot Z.

Coop: Yeah. That's kinda cool. *Coop's stomach growls* Man I'm still hungry! Come on guys! Let's go home and get some food. *Megas walks away as it pans out showing the city destroyed.

Ending Credits: Ultrabot Z and Uno are fighting more bioloids but Ultrabot Z transforms into the Megas Armor and uses the super destructive mode on the villians. then Ultrabot Z and Uno do the rock on pose thing

The End


Voice Actors

Coop: David Deluise
Jamie/Man: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva: Wendee Lee
Ultrabot Z: Cam Clarke
Uno: Joshua Seth
Alpha: Corey Burton

Production Music Used

Harsh Life - Westar Music
Mission Objective - Extreme Music Drama Series
Hammerhead - De Wolfe Music
National Mission* - Mega Trax The Scene Series
Orchestral Horror - Non-Stop Producer Series
Slip Away - Universal Production Music
Insomnia - CPM Music (Formerly Carlin)
X Head (Instrumental)* - West One Music
Intrepid - Non-Stop Producer Series
Ro-Sham-Bo - Extrememusic X Series
Ultimate Menace - Non-Stop Production Music
Wrath of Bob - Non-Stop Production Music
Air Check* - Extrememusic X Series
Clashing Swords - Non-Stop Production Music
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music


Megas Fan
Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Hello everyone, here is a mini-rewrite of Grill Power.

Note: The villain of the episode has made cameos in episodes such as "Battle Royale" and "The Return"

Grill power

*The episode starts in outer space. A huge space ship that looks like a giant squid is flying in space. It goes through a asteroid field and causes explosions. The squid ship comes out fine and continues speeding through space. We are shown Earth, and that the ship is headed for it. It enters the Earth's atmosphere and starts to burn up. The hull of the ship turns red and catches fire. Down on Earth, the scene shifts to Jersey City Park. It then shows the ship in the sky. It lands in the park and goes into the dirt. It then shows a lake where a frog jumps onto another lilypad. The ship is still moving through the ground. The ship is making its way to the lake. Also Little Tommy is there and he is drinking a Mega-slush. The ship slowly approaches him and it comes to a stop at the edge of the lake.*

Little Tommy: *Drinking his Mega-Slush* Coooool. *The ship doors slowly open up. Steam and smoke is released. From the smoke 4 tenticles emerge. They go into the lake and absorb the water. The water level drains then the lake is empty. We see fish flapping about and a turlte with graffiti on its shell slowly walking. The tenticles go back into the ship and out emerges a giant blue octopus/squid like creature that is bipedal. He stands up and looks at Little Tommy.*

Aqualorx: *Voice actor is Maurice LaMarche.* Attention Earthling. My name is Aqualorx. I have traveled throughout space to find a planet that can satisfy my thrist for water. I have chosen this planet as my next stop. I shall absorb this planet's water supply. Choose to get in my way, and I will destroy you. *Aqualorx just then walks away and Little Tommy just drinks his Megaslush.*

*Title screen plays*

Grill Power.

At Coop's house, Coop and Jamie are in the front yard. Coop is flipping burgers on a BBQ. He has a "Feed the Cook." apron on. Jamie is sitting down on a patio chair and on the table are 2 plates set with chips, ketchup, and other stuff. The burgers don't look too good.*

Jamie: Hey Coop? You ready yet. I'm hungry.

Coop: I'm almost done! Just a few more seconds! *Coop flips the patties onto buns and puts them on a plate. He brings the burgers to the table.* All right Jamie! Dig in. *Jamie stares at them.*

Jamie: Uh Coop? What are these?

Coop: They're burgers!

Jamie: They look more like rubber. *Jamie takes a burger and smells it. Jamie blecks* Coop! You killed these patties!

Coop: Nonsense! I cooked them like I cook em everytime. *Picks one up and smells them. He also blecks.* Woah. That smelled kinda funky. I'm sure they taste good though. *Coop opens his mouth and takes a bite of a burger. It shows a split triple screen where he bites into the burger. He chews for a bit, makes a face, then spits it out. Jamie laughs.* Oh man! That was disgusting!

Jamie: You probably cooked them longer than usual.

Coop: No way. I used the same amount of time. Maybe it's the Barbecue.

Jamie: How long you have the thing for?

Coop: My mom had this before I was even born. *Coop touches it and it breaks apart.* Woah! *Coop looks at the remains.* Man! I can't believe it went to pieces!

Jamie: So now what are we gonna do for lunch?

Coop: I'll get some burgers at the Burger barn later. Right now I need to start looking for a new barbecue! *Coop is reading a hardware catalog. He is reading the BBQ section. He mumbles on about stuff. Then he finds something that finds his interest.* Yo Jamie! They got the new Omegacue down at Hardware Harry's!

Jamie: No kiddin? Nice! I heard that's what they use down at Porky's rib hut.

Coop: Yeah! Those things could cook anything and make it great! If I had one of these babies, I'd be the envy of everyone at the Jersey City Park Barbecue Cookout! I gotta get one now! *Jamie looks at the price and whistles.*

Jamie: Dude. Unless you got 500 dollars stashed somewhere, you ain't getting one anytime soon.

Coop: I think I got some money saved! *The scene shifts to the inside of the garage. Coop throws a piggy bank on the ground. It smashes and breaks. Money is inside. Coop and Jamie count the money.*

Jamie: How much we got Coop?

Coop: Let's see. $495, $496, $497, $498, $499, $500! Hahah! We got just enough! Let's go Jamie! We need to get there early incase they sell out! It's the store's #1 item! *Coop and Jamie go into the car. Megas emerges from the garage and flies away. Meanwhile in the city, Aqualorx is smashing buildings. We hear him roar. People are running scared. A guy driving crashes into a fire hydrant and water gushes everwhere. Aqualorx takes one of his tenticles and absorbs the water into his body.*

Aqualorx: Hmph. This amount of water is nearly not enough to quench my thirst! I demand more water! More water! *The scene shifts to an office building. Inside people are working. Tenticles smash through the window. People run away scared. Aqualorx grabs the water coolers in the building. A man stops and looks at Aqualorx.*

Employee: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker* Ahem! *Aqualorx gets O.O eyes.* Use the cups! *Aqualorx comically gets a cup and fills it up with water. Then pours the glass onto his tenticles.* Thank you. *The man runs away yelling in terror. Meanwhile Megas is walking in Jersey City. Kiva is also in the backseat with them.*

Coop: Man I can't wait to get my Omegacue. I'm gonna cook myself a rack of ribs so delicious that it will even outdo Porky's rib hut!

Kiva: So this is why we skipped combat training for today? So you can by a barbecue?

Coop: Yeah! My old one broke!

Kiva: So?

Coop: *Disgruntled* You obviously don't understand the finer points of backyard barbecuing. This baby has 500 different settings, smart cook, a snack holder, can heat up food by 500 degrees, and has a built in music radio and television! It makes barbecuing fun!

Jamie: Plus it beats the alternitive. Using Megas as a barbecue.


*Megas is outside. Jamie is holding up a plate of steaks and is wearing a flame retardant suit.*

Jamie: Uh Coop. You sure this is a good idea?

Coop: Yeah! I saw a couple of guys do this on that urban legend show! It works! Hold up the steaks! I'll cook them using the flames from the engines!

Jamie: All right. *He holds up the steaks and closes his eyes in fear. The engines activate and strong flames come out. It's so bright it lights up the area. After awhile, Coop turns the engine off.*

Coop: *Pokes his head out the window.* How'd we do!? *Coop looks worried. It first shows the plate of stakes on the ground in flames. It pans out to Jamie who has a disgruntled look on his face. His suit is on fire. It pans out further to show Jamie's house on fire. As it pans out it makes the shing noise.

*Back to reality.*

Coop: Hey! The show said to do it on maximum temperature! *Jamie looks a bit to his left and points.*

Jamie: Uh Coop, I hate to ruin your good mood but *Jamie points. Coop looks at where Jamie is pointing. Outside there is a long line. There is a sign that says "Line for the Omegacue starts here." There are a ton of people on line. Then there is another sign that says "Fat chance tubby." The line stretches out very far. There are also a few people in sleeping bags on line.*

Coop: Oh man! I knew I shouldn't of stopped at Uncle Tony's for snacks! Guess everyone else thought about gettin an Omegacue too. Hope they got enough.

Jamie: Could be worse. *Kiva hears a blip and looks at something on her computer thing.*

Kiva: Guys! I'm geting a very strong alien energy reading! It's nearby!

Coop: What!? You mean!? And right now!?

Kiva: *Annoyed* Yes Coop. Let's go check it out.

Coop: But. I gotta wait on line!

Kiva: This is more important than some stupid Omegathing!

Jamie: *Looking out the window* Uh Kiva? This alien thing you're talking about. Is it big, slimey and have tenticles?

Kiva: Why are you asking me Jamie?

Jamie: Because I think I just found it. *Points. They see Aqualorx holding 4 fire hydrants in his tenticles. Aqualorx laughs*

Kids: YAY! *They go playing in the water to keep cool.*

Coop: Oh you've got to be kidding me.

Kiva: Let's go Coop!

Coop: But! My Omegacue!

Kiva: If that thing has its way with the city, there might not be any left standing!

Coop: *Sighs* Why does stuff like this always happen to me? All right let's get this over with! *Megas turns around and walks towards Aqualorx. Coop grumbles as Megas walks away. Aqualorx is still absorbing water.*

Aqualorx: Surely there must be more water on this planet that this! This isn't even enough for me to make it to the next planet! I must have more water! *Megas pokes Aqualorx on the shoulder. Aqualorx turns around.* Huh? *Megas pulls back its fist and punches Aqualorx in the face. Aqualorx hits a building and falls down. Aqualorx gets up.* You dare strike me!?

Coop: Look buddy. I don't know who the heck you think you are coming into my town, but I don't got time to deal with you right now! I've got a BBQ to purchase and I don't want it to be sold out by the time I get there!

Aqualorx: My name is Aqualorx. I have traveled across the galaxy in order to find a planet suitable enough to quench my thirst. I have come to drink this planet's water!

Coop: You want water? Just go to the ocean! We got plenty of water there!

Aqualorx: Your planet's oceans are polluted with salt and therefore unconsumable! I can only consume fresh water.

Coop: Well you can't consume it here!

Aqualorx: If you dare to get in my way, I shall destroy you! Now leave me alone! *Aqualorx continues to absorb water. Megas grabs Aqualorx by the shoulder.*

Coop: Listen up pal. I really want to get this BBQ, and now you come along and derail my plans. So how about this! You leave now, and I won't smash you into pulp. *Aqualorx smashes Megas with a tenticle and Megas goes flying into a building. Megas gets back up. Aqualorx continues absorbing water.*

Jamie: So much for deplomacy.

Kiva: He's not going to cooperate with us Coop. We have to stop him!

Coop: You know, normally I like it when the bad guy does things the hard way. But in this case. *Looks back at the growing line of people who want an Omegacue.*

Jamie: I think that line just got longer.

Coop: Right. *To Aqualorx* All right chump! You asked for it! *Megas runs up to Aqualorx and punches Aqualorx hard. Aqualorx goes flying and hits a POP TV building. The building is still intact. Aqualorx gets up and sees Megas flying at him. He gets O.O eyes. Megas tackles Aqualorx. They both go flying into the POP TV building, toppling it over. Megas picks up Aqualorx. However Aqualorx wraps his tenticles around Megas and starts to squeeze* Hey! What gives!?

Kiva: He's crushing Megas! Get him off! *Megas pulls Aqualorx away, but his grip is too strong.*

Coop: He's got a good grip on my robot! *Continues trying but to no avail. Coop then looks at a building.* I got an idea! *Megas runs to the building and smashes into it. This hits Aqualorx, but he still has a firm grip. Megas then crashes into another building.*

Kiva: I said get him off of us! Not destroy everything!

Coop: Hey! You got a better way to get him off!? I'd love to hear it! *Megas then flies into the air and goes in reverse. Megas plans to crash into a building at super speed. Aqualorx lets go of Megas. Megas stops and lands. Aqualorx still smashes Megas into the building. It falls on Megas. Megas gets back up. Aqualorx throws cars at Megas. Megas smacks the cars out of the way. Aqualorx then grabs a giant truck and tosses at Megas.*

Jamie: Truck! *Megas catches the trunk and puts it down. Aqualorx then flies in the air, using ink as a jet perpulson system.* He's coming at us!* He hits Megas sending Megas into a bunch of small buildings. Megas gets up. Aqualorx tries to wrap his tenticles around Megas. Megas wrestles with the tenticles. Megas throws Aqualorx away. Then Megas opens up his arms to show gattling gun barrels and fires shots at Aqualorx. Aqualorx grabs a billboard of a girl with shiny teeth. Aqualorx uses it as a shield. However it breaks after a few seconds. Then Megas fires a laser at Aqualorx. Aqualorx screams in pain. Then passes out.*

Coop: *Megas moves its hands to signal a job well done.* Now that Squidward has been dealt with, let's go get my Omegacue!

Kiva: You do realize that that wasn't even nearly enough to defeat him.

Coop: So? As soon as I get my Omegacue I'll come back and finish the job. *Megas starts to walk away but then Aqualorx gets up. Aqualorx propells himself in the air using ink. He heads for Megas.*

Kiva: Coop! He's coming back!

Coop: What the!?

Jamie: LOOK OUT!!! *Aqualorx hits Megas sending him back. Megas hits a building. Then Megas looks at the line for the hardware store and it has gotten longer.*

Coop: Oh man. *Goes back to fighting Aqualorx.*

Aqualorx: Why do you deny me of my sustainance Earthling!?

Coop: Because it's mine! And I ain't sharing!

Aqualorx: No matter. When this day is over, I shall consume your planet's water!

Coop: Oh yeah!? Well I never say never! *Coop presses a button. Megas then runs at Aqualorx. Aqualorx however propels himself in the air with ink. Aqualorx then sprays ink on the car window blinding Coop.* Dude! I can't see! *Megas goes running straight into a building.*

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: Ugh! *Megas gets up. The window is still covered in ink. Coop grrs, then activates the windshield wipers. Coop can see again.*

Coop: Hey! Where'd he go!?

Kiva: *Scans* Behind us! *Aqualorx wraps his tenticles around Megas.*

Jamie: Man. Ever the get the feeling this guy is the touchy feely type? *Megas tries to yank him off but his hold is strong.*

Aqualorx: My grip is too strong for your robot to break Earthling. Try as you might but you won't get me off of you. I shall crush your robot and continue abosorbing your planet's water until there is nothing left! *Megas pounds on itself like a gorilla. This hits Aqualorx's tenticles. Aqualorx softens up and lets go of Megas again. Now Aqualorx wraps his tenticles around Megas's arms. Megas pulls back and so does Aqualorx. They play a game of tug o war. Megas then throws Aqualorx over it and Aqualorx crashes into a building. Megas is free of Aqualorx's hold. Aqualorx however gets back up* My paitence with you is wearing thin Earthling! Take this! *Aqualorx sprays acid at Megas. Megas sidesteps the acid, then runs in and grabs Aqualorx. Megas gives Aquarlox a suplex. Aqualorx gets up and snares Megas again. Coop just smiles and presses a button. Several small components pop out of Megas. They drip down a slimy greasy substance which covers Megas. Megas slides out of Aqualorx's grip and lands safely.* WHAT!?

Coop: *Laughs* Bacon grease ain't just good for eating you know! It's also good for getting out of thight squeezes! You won't be able to get a frim grip on Megas anymore. *Megas grabs Aqualorx and puts him in a bearhug* Now how about you and I go somewhere a little less crowded! *Megas flies into the air and heads for the park.*

Kiva: Coop what are you doing!?

Coop: I don't want to risk destroying the hardware store. So I'm gonna take this fight somewhere else! *Coop spots a lake and Megas throws him into the lake. Aqualorx starts absorbing the water.*

Kiva: Coop the water makes him stronger! *Aqualorx continues to absorb the water. However Megas dives into the lake and tackles Aqualorx. Megas punches Aqualorx. However Aqualorx escapes and swims away. Since it's a huge lake Megas could walk in it and stuff.* Coop he got away!

Coop: No worries. *Megas activates the fog lights and walks around.* I'm sure that freak is around here somewhere. I just hope there is still an Omegacue left when I'm done with him. *As Megas keeps walking it gets darker and darker.*

Jamie: Uh is it me or is it getting dark?

Kiva: *Scans* Coop! We're inside an ink cloud. We can't see a thing. I'll use the radar system to see if I can spot Aqualorx. *Megas just stands still and it pans out showing the ink cloud. We then get a view of Megas from behind and it gets closer and closer to Megas.* He's coming from behind! *Megas turns around and punches Aqualorx. Aqualorx is hit. He turns around and swims around Megas some more. Aqualorx goes in for another attack.* He's to your left Coop! *Coop punches to the left and hits Aqualorx again. He turns around and tries coming at Megas from a different direction.* To the right! *Megas punches at the right and once again, hits Aqualorx. Aqualorx swims away again and turns around and makes a beeline for Megas.* He's right in front of us! *Megas pulls a fist back and punches Aqualorx hard. This sends Aqualorx out of the lake and on the ground. He gets back up and jumps back into the lake.* Coop he's right above us! *Megas looks up and gets hit. Aqualorx clamps on and squeezes hard.*

Aqualorx: Don't bother trying to fight! In the water I am strongest! Now I shall rip open your robot and feed on you humans for getting in my way! *Megas gets pulled apart. Megas is also electrocuting.*

Kiva: Coop Megas can't take the pressure! We're losing power! *Megas tries to pull his arms and legs in so Megas doesn't get ripped in half. However Aqualorx is too strong. Megas opens up the chest and fires a missile at Aqualorx. It hits him and he lets go of Megas. Aqualorx goes flying out of the water. Megas chases him and grabs him mid air. Megas flies up all the way into space.*

Coop: Let's see how you can handle a fall to Earth all the way from space! *Megas comes flying down to Earth at blazing speeds.*

Jamie: Coop are you crazy! You're gonna get us killed!

Kiva: Coop slow down! If we keep going we'll burn up Megas!

Coop: Sorry guys but this squid is going down one day or another! *Megas enters the atmosphere with Aqualorx. Megas's legs turn red and burn up. We see flashing and hear warning beeps. On the computer screen it says "Warning: Core temprature rising!"*

Kiva: Coop stop it now! Megas is overheating!

Coop: Just a sec! *Megas comes to a complete stop and we hear a ping noise.* WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! *Megas throws Aqualorx down into the lake. It makes a super powerful splash. Fish are seen flapping about.* There. Now he's gone.

Kiva: Shouldn't we make sure we totally destroyed him this time?

Coop: I just threw him down to the ground in blazing speeds. You don't get much more destroyed than that!

Kiva: *Sigh* Why do I even bother.

Coop: Now if there is no more interuptions, It's omegacue time!!!! *Megas walks away. We see Aqualorx's body. His arms slowly move and go to the water. He absorbs the water into his body. Aqualorx gets up.*

Aqualorx: I must admit the human's robot is quite strong. So if I am to defeat him, I will need to absorb much more water into my body! Then I shall suck this planet dry of all of it's water! *The scene shifts to Hardware Harry's where Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are inside. They are next on line for the Omegacue.*

Coop: Man. I felt like we were on line for hours!

Jamie: We were.

Coop: Yeah but it's totally worth it! As soon as I get this baby home I'll cook us a couple of nice juicy rack of ribs! Just like my mom makes.

Jamie: Yeah. No one can cook ribs better than your mother Coop. Guess it explains why you're so fat.

Coop: Heheh. *The guy in front of Coop leaves.*

Clerk: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker.* Hello! How may I help you?

Coop: Yeah. I'd like an Omegacue please.

Clerk: Oh I'm terribly sorry. I'm afraid we just gave the last one to that guy! *Everyone in the store that's on line for an Omegacue groans.* We should have a new shipment in 2 months!


Jamie: You done yet?


Jamie: Man. Tough break dude.

Coop: This ain't fair! Why!? Why did it happen to me!

Kiva: Looks like you came all this way for nothing. Now let's go back and make sure that Aqualorx is defeated.

Jamie: Kiva. Give the man some time. He needs to heal.

Coop: Nah let's get out of here. It's too depressing anyway. *They turn around and leave. The Clerk comes back out.*

Clerk: Wait! Actually we have one more left! *Coop turns around happy.*

Coop: I'll take it! *Outside we see Coop wheeling his Omegacue in the parking lot. Kiva and Jamie are walking with him.* Isn't this the most beautiful piece of equipment you ever seen? When I get this thing home. I'm gonna cook us up a feast!

Jamie: Hey Coop. We should invite Goat, Tiny, and the girls over. We can have an outdoor BBQ!

Coop: Good idea! I could also buy one of those giant boars! We can have a Luau!

Kiva: Before you get carried away with your Omegathing, we should first make sure that Aqualorx is no longer a threat.

Coop: Kiva! I already told you. I took that chump down! He ain't gonna recover from an attack like that! *They see people running away scared and they look overhead. Aqualorx is attacking the city pool. He puts his tenticles into the pool and absorbs the water. Some girls in bikini's run away terrified.*

Aqualorx: More water! I need more water!

Jamie: Seems he recovered just fine. *Kiva glares at Coop. Then from the sky a giant water slide falls down on the gang. Kiva sees this and pushes Coop and Jamie out of the way with her. The water slide falls on the Omegacue destroying it. Coop gets up and moves the water slide since he's strong and sees that his Omegacue is in pieces.*

Coop: No. NO! NOOOO! *Coop picks up a piece and cries. Then he gets angry and grrs like he did in "TV Dinner."*

Jamie: Oh man. Is he in for it now.

Coop: Oh. Now it's personal! Let's go guys! *They all get into Megas.*

Kiva: *Smug* Told you we should of got rid of it.

Coop: Right now I'm in the mood for seafood. And calimari is on the menu! *Coop revs up Megas and flies away towards Aqualorx. Meanwhile at another community pool, Aqualorx absorbs more water. Also Little Tommy is there and he is in a bathing suit and he is drinking a Mega-slush. He watches Aqualorx absorb the water.*

Little Tommy: Cooool. *Drinks his slush again.*

Aqualorx: This amount of water won't be enough to help me defeat the Earthling's robot! I must have more water! *Aqualorx turns around and sees the "JERSEY CITY WATER AUTHORITY" and giant towers filled to the brim with water.* YES! *Aqualorx walks over to the towers. However he sees Megas out of the corner of his eye. Aqualorx turns around.* What?

Coop: WAAAAAHHH!!!! *Megas tackles Aqualorx. They go smashing into a bunch of buildings and towers. They land in the middle of the city. Both Megas and Aqualorx get up.*

Aqualorx: You!?

Coop: You just made the worse mistake you could ever make! Unless you got 500 dollars to pay for my Omegacue, I'm gonna pound you and turn you into a seafood platter! *Megas tackles Aqualorx and pins him down. Megas starts punching Aqualorx rapidly. Then Megas picks up Aqualorx and throws him into a building. Aqualorx gets back up and shoots a blast of water at Megas. Megas buffers the attack with its arm. Then Aqualorx uses an ink blast to propel himself in the air. He rams into Megas. Then wraps his tenticles around Megas, picks it up, and throws it into a pool destroying it. Megas gets back up and fires 2 shoulder missiles. Aqualorx manages to catch the missiles and causes them to diffuse. Coop makes an angry face and tries to rush Aqualorx. However Aqualorx grabs Megas again and throws him into the sky. Megas manages to regain stabilization. In the air, Megas creates the cool energy sword and comes down onto Aqualorx.* WAAAAHHHHH! *Aqualorx gets out of the way as Megas comes down. Then Aqualorx grabs a giant sword from an "Ammustation" shop and fights Megas with it. They clash their blades for a bit. After a blade struggle, Aqualorx grabs a giant mallet from Hardware Harry's and smacks Megas with it. Megas hits a building but doesn't destroy it. Aqualorx then throws the sword at Megas. Megas ducks and the sword impales the building. The building however is still standing. Megas grabs the sword and twirls it around. Megas now has the cool energy sword, and the other sword. Aqualorx has the mallet. Aqualorx propels himself in the air.

Aqualorx: Try this on for size! *Aqualorx tries to pound Megas with the giant mallet. However Megas uses both blades to block the attack. Megas then does an X slash attack which cuts the mallet into pieces. Then Megas throws the ammustation sword at Aqualorx. Aqualorx dodges and it instead impales a billboard which had POP TV on it. The sword went through the O. Megas and Aqualorx then run at each other and grapple. Megas manages to grab Aqualorx by all 4 of his tenticles and slam him around buildings. It's in the same manner as some Looney Tune Cartoons where a small character slams around a big one. Then Megas throws Aqualorx and he lands in the highway. Megas jumps in the air and fires missiles at Aqualorx. Aqualorx jumps out of the way, but the missiles follow him. Aqualorx then speeds towards Megas. The missiles are also chasing Aqualorx. Aqualorx changes direction quickly and the missiles instead hit Megas. Megas is down.*

Kiva: Subsystems are down!

Coop: Man is this guy relentless! What do I got to do to take him down for good? *Megas opens his chest up and a huge gatiling gun comes out. It locks onto Aqualorx. Coop presses a button and the barrel spins in a clockwise direction. Multiple shots are fired at Aqualorx. Aqualorx gets pelted into many buildings. Megas then grabs Aqualorx. Megas pushes and pulls Aqualorx like an accordian. Then Megas rolls Aqualorx into a ball and punts him. Then Megas grabs Aqualorx while in the air. They both fly down to a tower that could impale either one. Both Aqualorx and Megas spin around to make sure the other one gets impaled.*

Kiva: Coop wait! I think I know how we can defeat Aqualorx! For some reason he can only take freshwater.

Coop: What's your point!?

Kiva: There might be a negitive reaction for him if he absorbs salt water instead! Head for the beach!

Coop: Got it! *Megas revs up the engines and flies towards the Beach with Aqualorx holding him.* Hey pal! You want water!? Well here's all the water you can have! Curtosy of me! *Megas sees the shore and dives down. However Aqualorx lets go and lands on the sandy beach. Megas lands in the water and looks at Aqualorx.* Check it out! He's not coming after me. *Both Coop and Jamie look at each other, then at Aqualorx. Then both Coop and Jamie laugh.* Hey what's the matter pal! Afraid of the water!?

Jamie: *Taunting Aqualorx.* Oh look at me! I'm the little Octopus who can't swim! I'm afraid of the ocean!

Coop: Hey Acqulocks! The water won't hurt! Here! Try some! *Megas splashes Water onto Aqualorx. It acts as acid to him.*

Aqualorx: GREAAGGGHHH!!!! *Coop and Jamie are surprised at this.*

Coop: Woah.

Kiva: That's it! For some reason salt water is deadly to that thing! Coop we can turn Megas into a powerful pressure hose. *Coop presses a button. The back to Megas opens up and a giant hose goes into the water. Water is then sucked up and it enters a tank. On the computer we see a tank getting filled. A light moves up to show the water level.* Coop the tank is full. We can use this water to defeat him!

Coop: Right! Hey Squiddily! How about a bath! *Megas flies into the air. Then Megas opens up and fires a stream of water at Aqualorx. It misses, but some splash off hits Aqualorx hurting him. Aqualorx gets scared and flies away using ink. Megas gives chase.* Where you goin!? I just want to clean you up!? *Megas keeps chasing Aqualorx. He also keeps shooting water at him. However Aqualorx dodges more. Megas then fires missiles which create smoke. This stops Aqualorx in his tracks. Megas shows up infront of Aqualorx.* Hahah! Now I've got you chump! It's time for you say good bye! *Megas aims at Aqualorx and fires at Aqualrox. However a small drip of water comes out.* Oh man! The tanks empty!

Jamie: So much for that idea.

Aqualorx: A valliant effort, but not good enough. I will still take this planet's water! Then I shall move on to the next planet!

Coop: All right you water stealing, BBQ destroying sushi platter! You come to my planet, steal my water, BASH MY TOWN, wreck my robot, and to make things worse, you destroyed a perfectly good $500 Omegacue! Now you're gonna take a bath weather you like it or not! *Megas gives Aqualorx a bear hug. Then Megas flies into the air carrying Aqualorx with him. They head into the ocean again. Aqualorx struggles to break free and does so. Aqualorx lands on the beach while Megas lands in the water.*

Jamie: Man won't this guy just die?

Kiva: Coop try absorbing more salt water into Megas.

Coop: Ok. But I'm gonna do things a little different this time. *The hose comes back out of Megas and goes into the water. It sucks up the water and the tank gets full again.* Megas then flies towards Aqualorx and chases him around the city. They weave in and out of many buildings. They make many turns. It shows multiple screans of Megas and Aqualorx turning. In the end, Megas manages to trap Aqualorx between himself and the ocean.* End of the line pal! Leave Earth now or I blast you!

Aqualorx: NEVER!

Coop: Have it your way then! *Megas aims at Aqualorx. However Megas aims in the sky and fires a pod into the air.

Kiva: Coop! You just shot the entire water tank into the air!

Coop: *Smug grin.* I know.

Kiva: Huh? Just what do you plan to accomplish with that!? *Coop presses a button. The pod explodes in the air. It exploded inside a cloud. The cloud grows and becomes black. Lightning and Thunder strike. Then it starts to rain. Kiva opens up the window and feels a raindrop and tastes it.* Is that....salt water?

Coop: Yep! *We see Aqualorx in pain as he is drenched in Salt Water. He screams in pain, then eventually shrivels up and dies. Megas goes and grabs his corpse.* Score one for the big guy! Well that was pretty easy.

Jamie: Easy? You call getting attacked by a giant squid easy?

Coop: I beat em! Didn't I?

Kiva: Just barely. Not to mentioned the entire city is destroyed. *Pans out showing the city.* Again. *Now we are at Coop's house. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are standing over a mound of dirt. Coop is shoveling dirt in. Coop then cries and packs the dirt down. Coop was giving the BBQ a proper burial.*

Coop: Man. I can't believe it's gone. Why must the good die young? Why!? Man. I remember the good times we had.

*Daydream. The song is "Thanks for Everything"*

*The theme is the ending from The Driver's Seat*

1: We see Coop is happily wheeling his Omegacue in a field of flowers.

2: Coop and the Omegacue on a Gondilla. Coop is feeding the Omegacue burgers.

3: Coop and the Omegacue at the beach laughing happily while Coop eats a hotdog.

*Back to reality*

Jamie: *Sound of needle scratching* Uh Coop, you only had that thing for about 20 seconds. Just get over it man! Maybe the girls and I could get you another one.

Coop: Dude. I just spent over 500 dollars for a new BBQ. I ain't gonna get over that! *Coop stomach growls* I'm still hungry. *A silly car horn is heard. A van with the words "Porky's Rib Hut" drives up to the house. Out comes a man.*

Driver: *Voice actor is Maruice LaMarche* All right. Which one of you is Coop? *Coop walks up to the man.* You entered the rib rub recipie contest? *Coop nods* Congratulations. You won first prize. *2 other guys open up the back doors and wheel out a shiny new Omegacue. It sparkles as it comes out* A brand new state of the art, Omegacue 5000.

Coop: An Omegacue! *Coop runs up to the thing and hugs it.*

Jamie: Dude. You entered a contest?

Coop: Yeah! I guess I must of forgot. But who cares now! I've got my Omegacue!

Driver: All right guys! That's a wrap! Let's get out of here! *The guys get into the car and drive away.*

Coop: Well now that I've beaten the bad guy, and got my new BBQ, let's eat! All this fighting made me hungry. I say we break this baby in and cook us some fried calimari!

Jamie: No thanks man. I've had enough squid for one day.

Kiva: Me too. I'm gonna pass on that Coop.

Coop: Hm. More for me then. *Jamie and Kiva go inside* Hey! See if you can bring out some marinara sauce!

End Credits: Coop cooking with his Omegacue.


Voice actors

Coop: David Deluise
Jamie: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva/Kids: Wendee Lee
Aqualorx/Driver: Maurice LaMarche
Clerk/Businessman: Dee Bradly Baker

Production Music Used

Life Flight - Non-Stop Production Music
Revolt - De Wolf Music
Bud - Universal Production Music
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music
Teenage Chase - KPM Music
Cecil Percussion - Non-Stop Production Music
Ground Zero - Extreme Music Drama Series
Web of Evil - KPM Music
Midnight Rodeo - Universal Production Music
Busy Summer's Day - Universal Production Music
Hot Konga* Extrememusic X Series
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
Thanks For Everything - KPM Music Or CPM Music (Carlin)
Beach Parade: Universal Production Music


Megas Fan
Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Hello everyone. Here is a mini-rewrite of "Fat-tastic voyage". This is also an attempt to connect the universe of Megas XLR with MTV Downtown.

Fat-tastic Voyage

*The episode starts in Jersey City Junkyard. Coop is working on Megas on his own. Jamie and Goat are talking. Jamie also has a bruise under his eye.*

Goat: So just ask her out again.

Jamie: Dude. I've been asking Racheal out almost everyday and she still says no.

Goat: What happened to your eye?

Jamie: She punched me in the face.

Goat: Ouch! You know Jamie. Maybe you should go date someone else. I mean sooner or later someone is gonna want you.

Jamie: You think?

Goat: Yeah! I got this saying. "If you ask 50 girls out on a date, one of them is going to say yes." *Goat's cell phone rings.* Hold on Jamie! I got to answer this. *Talks* Hello!? Oh Alex! What's up man!? How's it going!? Oh I'm great! I moved to Jersey, I own my own junkyard, and the girls here are hot! So what's up with you? No way! You're getting married!? Awesome! So when's the big day? Tomorrow huh? I'm the best man? Dang. You should of told me earlier. You did? At least 5 months ago? I don't remember any of that!


*Goat is at a concert. He is wearing his old clothes from "MTV Downtown". Goat is headbanging. His cellphone rings.*

Goat: Yo dude what's up! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! *Goat hangs up.* Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

*Back to reality*

Goat: *To himself* Man. I need to pay more attention to who I'm talking to. *To Alex* Ok ok Look. Don't worry. I'll be there tomorrow. I got to go now. Talk to you later! Bye! *Hangs up.*

Jamie: Who was that?

Goat: An old friend of mine. Name's Alex. Me and him go way back! He's getting married tomorrow!

Jamie: So who is the lucky girl?

Goat: Her name is Jen. Anyways I'm gonna be the best man! *strokes his chin.* I'm gonna need to shave! *Coop walks by.*

Coop: Yo Goat! I'm hungry! You got anything to eat here man?

Goat: Uh...*Looks around.* All I got is some Pizza. *He opens the pizza box and inside is moldy pizza. Coop makes a face.*

Coop: Oh man! That's disgusting!

Jamie: Yeah Goat! How long have you had that Pizza for?

Goat: A few months.

Jamie: And you're seriously going to eat that?

Goat: Yeah! *Takes a bite.* I eat old stuff all the time.

Coop: Ugh...empp....let's get out of here before I lose my lunch.

Jamie: Really? You lose your lunch?

Coop: *Short pause* Nah! But let's get something to eat, preferably fresh.

Jamie: Yeah good idea. *Both Coop and Jamie leave for the Speedymart. Goat takes another bite.*

Goat: Hmph. Amatures. *Eats more bad Pizza. It is now hours later and Coop and Jamie return with Kiva and food.*

Coop: Yo Goat! I got you some stuff at the SpeedyMart incase that stuff didn't settle with you! *They see Goat on the floor and he is in pain.* Goat! *Runs up to Goat.* Are you ok man?

Goat: Oh man. I feel like someone took a sledgehammer and struck my stomach with it! ERRGGGHHH!!! Oh man it hurts!

Jamie: You ate that entire Pizza didn't you.

Goat: Ye...Yeah. *Collapses, the three gasp and look at each other*

*Title Screen Plays*

Fat-tastic Voyage

*The scene is now at Jersey City Hospital. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are in a waiting room. Coop's watching television. On TV is a soap opera. Jamie is reading a chick magizine. Kiva's just sitting there. *The large nurse at the reception desk answers the phone.*

Nurse: *Voice actress is Cree Summer* Yes Doctor. I'll send them in right away. *Hangs up* Mr.Cooplowski! The doctor will see you now! *Coop, Jamie, and Kiva get up and walk into the hall. They go into a room where Goat is in bed hooked up to stuff and he is wincing in pain.*

Coop: So doc. How is Goat doing?

Doctor: Well, we had to pump his stomach in order to get rid of the bacteria that was within his system. I'm guessing he ate something old and moldy no? *Coop nods* Well the good news is that we were able to remove most of the bacteria, except for a few strands. *Points to Goat* Which as you can see is causing Scott extreme pain in his body. It's nothing more than a tummy ache.

Coop: So he'll be all right?

Doctor: He'll feel bad for a few days, but then he should recover as long as he eats properly. Unfortunatly, he's too weak right now to leave the hospital. He'll have to stay overnight so we can run more tests on him. By tomorrow he should be fine to go home. Then he'll have to stay in bed for a few days and drink plenty of liquids.

Kiva: Well it's good to know that Goat will be all right. I think it's best we leave him be and let him rest.

Jamie: Yeah the sooner the better. I still have nightmares from the last time I was here.


*Jamie is in a room and he is in a gown. The same doctor from before is putting on glove.*

Doctor: Now Mr.Mahoney, there is going to be some minor discomfort during this prostate check. But then again that's how all prostate checks are. Now close your eyes and here comes the choo choo. *Jamie gets O.O eyes. It then shows the whole hospital and we hear Jamie scream like a little girl.*

*Back to reality.*

Coop: Yeah. Hahah. You couldn't sit for days.

Doctor: Which reminds me Mr.Mahoney! You're due for another prostate check.

Jamie: No thanks! I'm good. *Goat tries to get up and groans in pain.*

Goat: Man! I can't be here confied to some hospital room! I got to get to New York!

Coop: Sorry Goat but you ain't goin nowhere! Not until you feel better.

Goat: You don't understand! I got to go to New York! My friend's getting married tomorrow and I'm his best man!

Kiva: Goat. You heard what the doctor said. You can't do any activity until you fully recover. Just stay in bed. Perhaps your friend could postpone the wedding a day.

Goat: No can do Red! Alex has planned his wedding for a year! He can't just change the date! I have to go now!

Doctor: Well there is no way you are going tommorow. You're already in too much pain t do anything. Plus the stress from the pain could cause more problems for you.

Jamie: So why don't you just make him better. You're a doctor.

Doctor: But not a miracle worker. There is nothing modern medicine can do to instantaneously make Scott 100% better. *Coop thinks for a bit. Then pings*

Coop: I got it! I know how we can fix Goat!

Jamie/Kiva: How?

Coop: We'll use Megas! Megas could destroy the bacteria in his body! I mean if we remove the bad stuff from Goat he'll be better right Doc!?

Doctor: Well technically yes. By removing the source of Scott's pain, his body should be able to recover quicker.

Coop: Nice!

Kiva: Are you crazy!? Do you even have any idea what you are saying!? *Small pause* You want to use an 80 foot robot capible of destroying planets to wipe out sub-atomic particles inside a human being.

Coop: Yeah. What's the problem?

Kiva: It's out of the question! No way! I will not allow you to do such a thing.

Coop: But why not!?

Kiva: Coop! Megas is 80 feet tall! Goat is a human being!

Jamie: Yeah. That plan does sound kinda stupid Coop.

Kiva: The only way, this inane, absurbed plan of yours could actually work is if Megas had some way of shrinking down to microscopic size and- *Coop has a smug grin on his face.* You've put a modification for Megas to do that didn't you? *Coop nods. Kiva sighs* Even so! I'm forbiding you to do this! The way you use Megas, you'd be more of a danger to Goat, than any virus or bacteria! Just let the illness run its course, and Goat will be fine in a couple of days.

Coop: But he's got a wedding to go to! This maybe the quickest way for him to get better! All we're doing is just destroying some bacteria and other bad stuff so that he'll get better and he can go to his wedding.

Kiva: I'm putting my foot down on this Coop! It's way too dangerous for him! You remember the last time we were inside a living organism? We destroyed it!

Coop: *Turns to the doctor* Well Doc? What do you think? *Kiva goes "Ugh!"

Doctor: Well to be honest, your idea is a bit unorthodox, but if it proves to be successful, than we'd be in the mists of a major medical breakthrough! Just think what we could do! Any illness could be cured in a heartbeat!

Coop: Nice! *To Goat* So you okay with this?

Goat: Sure man! Anything to get rid of this EXCRUTATING PAIN! *Clenches his stomach*

Kiva: Goat! I can't belive you actually want to go through with this! It's too dangerous for you!

Jamie: Well I'm not too thrilled to go inside a human being myself, but then again, it would be kinda cool to see what the insides of us look like up close.

Kiva: Doesn't anyone care that we could end up destroying Goat!? *No one responds*

Coop: Look Kiva. If Goat really needs to get to New York, then we gotta try this.

Kiva: *Upset* Coop. *Coop looks at Kiva. Kiva sighs* All right fine. But whatever happens to goat while where inside is on your hands!

Coop: Thanks Kiva. You hear that Goat! You'll be better in no time!

Goat: Good. Now *Cringes in pain* hurry up already! Agggh! *The scene shifts to the outside of the hospital. The gang are inside Megas. The Doctor appears on the monitor*

Doctor: Now Coop. When you and your robot shrink, You're going to go inside this pill. It will sterilize your robot, making it safe for you to venture inside Scott's body without causing him harm. Any questions?

Coop: Yeah. Who the heck is Scott!? *The doctor looks mildly annoyed*

Kiva: I still think this is a bad idea Coop. Why don't we just wait it out and his friend can postpone the wedding?

Coop: Relax Kiva! Nothing bad's gonna happen.

Jamie: I highly doubt that.

Coop: All right! Let do this! *Coop presses a button labeled "Shrink". Megas flashes and shrinks down to a tiny size.* Did it work!?

Kiva: *Scans* We've entered the microverse. We're no bigger than a particle.

Coop: Nice! *Coop flies over to the doctor and enters the pill.* Doc! We're in! *The Doctor closes the pill and heads back into the hospital. The Doctor goes into Goat's room.*

Doctor: *Gives Goat the pill.* Scott. Take this pill. This should help your stomach a bit. *Goat takes the pill and swallows. He then drinks some water to wash it down. Inside, it shows the pill going down the esophogus and into the stomach membrane. Megas bursts out of the pill.*

Jamie: *Looks around* So this is what the inside of a human looks like.

Coop: Kiva! Where are we?

Kiva: *Kiva pulls up a map of Goat's digestive system.* We're inside Goat's stomach.

Coop: Perfect! Now lets find those chumps and make Goat better! *Megas walks around a bit.*

Kiva: By the way Coop. You do have a way to return us to normal correct?

Coop: Well, sort of.

Kiva: *angry* What do you mean "Sort of"!?

Coop: The shrink function runs on a time limit. We'll only stay small for a half hour.

Kiva: Are you saying we only have 30 minutes to destroy this bacteria and leave from Goat!? *Angry* Do you realize what will happen if we don't get out in time!? We'll destroy Goat from within!

Coop: That's bad right?

Kiva: Very bad! See this is why I was against this in the first place!

Coop: Chill out! All we gotta do is destroy some bacteria and get out of here!

Kiva: Well we're not getting anywhere standing here! Let's go! *Megas starts to walk around. Coop looks outside to see food half digested. There is part of a hot dog, a philly cheesesteak, and the moldy pizza. Coop's stomach growls*

Coop: Should of brought something with me to eat. I'm getting hungry. *Megas keeps walking around to look for bacteria.* Well I don't think there is any bacteria here.

Jamie: *Holding his nose* Well hurry up and find em already! It stinks in here! *Megas keeps walking. Outside of Goat, the doctor checks up on him.*

Doctor: How are you feeling Scott?

Goat: Pretty crummy man. Hey! Where's Coop?

Doctor: He's now inside of you. He's going to try and destroy the remaining bacteria that was left inside your stomach. If you want, we can watch as your friend works inside of you.

Goat: I don't know. It might be better if I didn't see the damage Coop could cause.

Doctor: Very well. I have other paitents to attend to. However I'll send a few interns to take care of you. I'll be back to run some tests and see how you're feeling. *The Doctor leaves. Then 2 beautiful girls come in. One of them looks alot like Josie from "Josie and the pussycats". The other is just a brown haired girl with tan skin. They both giggle and smile at Goat. Goat smiles*

Goat: Hello nurses!

Nurse 1: *Voice actor is Wendee Lee* Hey there cutie. Don't mind us. We are going to make you feel right at home ok?

Nurse 2: *Voice Actor is Jennifer Hale* Want me to fluff up your pillow sweetie? *Does so* Does that feel good?

Goat: Oh yeah. *Goat relaxes. Back inside his body, Megas continues to walk. The gang look around for any bacteria but find none.*

Jamie: So Coop. You have any idea what we're even looking for?

Coop: Not a clue.

Kiva: Great. We're inside Goat's body, with only less than 30 minutes to find some bacteria which isn't fatal to him by the way and get out before we go back to normal size and you don't even know what you're looking for! You sure know how to pick em Coop!

Coop: Hey! I don't know what Bacteria looks like!

Kiva: Didn't you learn anything about germ warfare in training camp?

Jamie: "Training Camp?" It's called school. And we didn't take a health class. We opted out for sex education.

Coop: Heheh those were good times eh Jamie.

Jamie: Oh yeah.


*Coop and Jamie are in high school and they are watching a film which we don't see but hear. It's about sexual intercourse.*

Narrator: *Voice actor is Corey Burton.* When a man and a female meet. It creates a special chemestry known as love. This "Love" can be used to further the survival of humanity. As more couples experience love, the circle of life begins anew and a new generation of humans are created. *As Coop and Jamie watch they smile at what they see. We also hear sexy jazz music as the Narrator talks.*

*Back to reality.*

Jamie: Good ol sex education. *Megas keeps walking. They go lower into the stomach. Megas comes across a pool of stomach acid. Megas starts to go in it.*

Kiva: Coop stop! *Kiva scans* That liquid is made up of highly acidic compounds!

Jamie: It's called stomach acid Kiva.

Kiva: Well at Megas's current size, we'll desolve if we go in there! *Megas hovers into the air and flies around slowly, looking for any signs of bacteria. The gang look on the walls of the stomach's membrane and see destruction and discoloration and junk.*

Coop: Looks like I'm on the right trail! Man those bacteria did a pretty big number on Goat's stomach lining!

Kiva: *Scans* Actually, this damage to his membrane was here long before he got sick.

Jamie: Must of been all those years of partying hard back in New York.

Coop: Kiva! How much time we got!?

Kiva: 25 minutes. We need to hurry or at least escape if we don't find the bacteria.

Coop: Don't worry. I'm sure we'll run into something soon. *Blips appear on the monitor*

Kiva: Coop! I'm picking something up ahead!

Coop: Nice! *Megas powers up and flies in the air. As it flies, Coop notices a white puss like creature ahead.* I see something! It's gotta be one of those bacteria things! I'm gonna smash it!

Kiva: Coop wait! *Megas flies to the thing and lands next to it. The thing lunges at Megas and pushes it down.*

Coop: Hey! *Megas grabs the thing and throws it into the walls of Goat's membrane. Megas gets back up and jumps into the air.* REYAHHHH!! *Coop gives the thing an elbow drop. The thing explodes. Gunk and stuff is thrown everywhere.*

Jamie: Nice! *Megas gets up and moves its hands to signal a job well done.*

Coop: Well that takes care of that one! How much more! *Kiva looks upset*

Kiva: Coop. That wasn't a bacteria. It was a white blood cell! And you attacked it!

Coop: So? *More white blood cells surround Megas*

Jamie: Uh I don't think they're happy that we destroyed their buddy.

Kiva: Not good. They percieve us as a foreign object! They're going to attack us! *Multiple WBC's lunge at Megas. They tackle Megas down.*

Coop: Get off! *Megas throws them off of it and gets back up. A WBC hits Megas again. Megas staggers back, but regains balance. Coop presses a button. The shoulder things turn around and fire 2 missiles at some WBC's. They get hit and explode. WBC's latch onto Megas.* I said get off!

Kiva: They're hindering our movement! *Megas runs into a membrane wall and crashes hard. Outside, this causes Goat pain.*

Goat: UGH!! Agggh! Oh man! My stomach is killing me! *One of the nurses looks concerened. Back inside, Kiva does a scan.*

Kiva: Coop be careful! You'll damage Goat more that way! *The WBC's shoot gunk at Megas. Megas flies away to dodge. Megas then lands. Many WBC's surround Megas.*

Jamie: We're outnumbered!

Kiva: Coop! We can't stay here and fight them all! We have to go!

Coop: No way! I ain't running from a bunch of White blooded chumps! *Megas aims its arms at several blood cells. Compartments open up and fire blades at the WBC's. Several get cut in half. More WBC's show up and fire goo at Megas. Megas gets hit at random places. Megas's movement is slowed. Megas just shakes it off. Megas then puts its arms together and creates the cool energy sword.*

Kiva: Remember what I said about not having enough time?

Coop: Don't worry! This will take a couple of secs! *WBC's lunge at Megas*

Jamie: Here they come! *Megas cuts them in half as they get close. More goo is fired at Megas. Megas gets pelted*

Kiva: We can't move! *The WBC's latch onto Megas and bury it. Light emits from the pile. A huge flash occurs. When the light returns to normal, Megas is standing. Remains of the WBC's are on the walls, the ground, and the ceiling of Goat's membrane. However more show up.*

Kiva: Destroying them only makes it worse! We have to get out of here! *Coop grrs. The WBC's close in on Megas. Megas flies into the air and retreats. The WBC's chase Megas. Megas turns left and heads into the blood stream. The WBC's get closer*

Jamie: Hurry Coop! They're gaining on us! *Coop sees an openning which leads to the heart.*

Coop: Gonna take a detour! *Megas flies into the opening. Now smaller creatures are chasing Megas.* Now what's chasing us!? *Kiva scans*

Kiva: Anti-bodies! *The anti-bodies fly and shoot at Megas. Megas dodges as it flies away. They get closer.*

Coop: Hope Goat doesn't mind a little heartburn! *Coop pulls a lever. This makes the engines flare up more. Megas speeds away from the Anti-bodies and WBC's.* Haha! All right! *Megas hits something hard.*

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: Ergh! *Megas falls down, then gets back up.*

Coop: Man I can't get a break! *Megas backs up.* Kiva! What did we hit!?

Kiva: It's his heart! *Kiva looks at a map.* Coop! You've somehow got into Goat's circulatory system! *Goat's heart beats erradically. Outside, Goat's holding his chest in pain*

Goat: AAAAAHH! Man my heart! Erggh! *Back inside, the area rumbles. Megas falls down a bit.*

Kiva: He's going into carddiac arrest! *To Coop* You gave him a heart attack!

Coop: Oops!

Jamie: Do something Coop! Fix it! *Megas goes up to the heart.*

Coop: Ok! I got this! *Megas puts its hands up to the heart and releases an electric pulse. The heart slows down. Megas sends out another. Then another. Then another. Eventually Goat's heart rate returns to normal. Back outside, Goat stops going in pain. He slowly lets go of his chest.*

Goat: Hey! I'm better now! *Kiva checks his heart rate on the monitor.*

Kiva: His heart rate has been stablized! You did it Coop!

Coop: Whew! *Kiva looks at how much time they have.*

Kiva: Unfortunatly we wasted too much time fighting those white blood cells and resuscitating Goat. We only have 15 minutes left!

Coop: That's plenty of time to destroy the virus and make it out on time! *Kiva scans the path where they were.*

Kiva: Well we're not going back the way we came. There are too many white blood cells. We'll need to find another way to get back to Goat's stomach. *More anti-bodies show up and chase Megas*

Jamie: Look out Coop! *Megas flies away from the anti-bodies. They fire at Megas. Megas dodges and makes its way up further into Goat's body.*

Kiva: Coop! We're headed for Goat's brain! We can lose the anti-bodies there! *Megas flies into the brain area. Megas hides behind some brain tissue. The anti-bodies pass Megas and keep going. Megas comes out of hiding.*

Jamie: That was close. *Looks at the brain* So this is Goat's brain huh? Looks kinda small if you ask me. *There is a sign that says "This space for rent"*

Kiva: Ugh! We should be getting back to the stomach, or at the very least get out of here! Why don't you ever listen to what I have to say!?

Coop: Huh? What's that? Sorry Kiva. I wasn't listening. *Kiva puffs her hair up.* We still got like 13 minutes right!? No problem! *Megas walks up to the brain. Back outside, Goat is watching TV. He changes the channel. First he stops at a baseball game. Then a commercial. Then POP TV. The doctor comes in to check on Goat.*

Doctor: Well Scott? How are you feeling now.

Goat: Well. I was having stomach pains, then I think I got a heart attack! *The doctor raises his eyebrow* But I'm ok now!

Doctor: Well let me just run some tests on you to be sure! *The Doctor grabs a chartboard and writes stuff down. Back inside Goat's body, Megas keeps walking.*

Kiva: All right. Here is what we have. The only way we can get back to the stomach, is through the blood stream.

Jamie: Yeah but those white blood cells will kill us if we go back.

Kiva: Well the alternitive is we just leave and allow the bacteria to run its cycle. Goat's immune system should be able to handle it, provided you didn't destroy all of it Coop!

Coop: No way! Goat's counting on me to make him better! I ain't leaving until we destroy the bacteria! *Megas runs over to another openning. Megas accidently trips over part of Goat's brain. It breaks off from the floor. Megas gets up to see it.* Uh...that's not important right? *Back outside, Goat is braindead. The sound that's used on channels when they are off the air is heard. Goat has a blank stare and is drooling. The doctor is busy with his charts so he doesn't see Goat.*

Doctor: Now Scott. We're gonna do a few more test. Are you ok with this? Scott? Did you hear me? *Back inside, Megas is holding the nerve ending which connects the brain to the rest of his nervous system.*

Kiva: Coop! Put that back in!

Coop: Oh! Uh right! *Coop puts it back where it was. Back outside, Goat shakes his head. and comes too.*

Goat: Wha!? Huh!? Oh. Uh...yeah! Sure I guess. *The doctor writes more notes. Back inside his body, Megas heads near a blood vessel. Inside it, multiple WBC's and anti-bodies patrol the area.*

Kiva: Not good. They have the pathway guarded.

Jamie: I say at this point we take Kiva's advice and get out of here.

Coop: Haha! You think a bunch of White Blood Cells and anti-bodies are gonna stop Coop? No way! *Coop revs up the engines. Megas flies back into the blood stream. The WBC's and anti-bodies chase Megas*

Jamie: Here they come!

Coop: Not for long! *Megas turns around and flies in reverse. Megas fires blasts at the WBC's and anti-bodies. The anti-bodies fire back. Some WBC's get destroyed. Megas turns around and flies forward. Megas enters another vessel. More Anti-bodies and WBC's give chase. A few WBC's manage to latch onto Megas. Megas starts crashing into walls. Back outside, Goat is clenching his chest again.*

Goat: Ergh! Doc! I think I'm having another heart attack!

Doctor: Quickly! Get a defibulator!

Nurse 2: Yes sir! *The Doctor puts them on Goat*

Doctor: Clear! *The shockers activate. Inside this creates an electrical charge. The charge stuns the WBC's and anti-bodies* Clear! *Another electrical surge stuns more of them. Goat's heart rate returns to normal.*

Goat: Oh man. Thanks Doc. Man Coop! What the heck are you doing in there!? *Back inside. The gang look around.*

Jamie: What happened!?

Kiva: I think Goat got another heart attack. *Checks his heart rate on the scanner.* Good thing it's back to normal now. Coop can we please leave now. We caused more harm than good!

Coop: But look! We're back at the stomach area! *Megas flies back to the stomach. More WBCs and anti-bodies show up.* Oh great. Megas starts punching them and stuff. However the anti-bodies shoot at Megas. Megas gets hit and falls to the ground. Megas gets up to find itself surrounded.*

Kiva: There's way too many of them!

Coop: Then I'm gonna have to get rid of them all in one attack! *Megas puts its arms together and prepares to create a super nova.*

Kiva: Coop are you crazy! You'll kill Goat if you do that!

Coop: Oh yeah. *Megas powers down. A WBC tackles Megas and pins it down.* As the rest of the WBC's surround Megas, a loud shriek is heard. The WBC's back away and leave Megas. Megas gets back up.*

Kiva: They're leaving.

Coop: Hm. Wonder why?

Jamie: *Turns around and sees something.* That's why! *Coop and Kiva turn around. They see a giant monster with teeth as it roars at Megas.*

Coop: What the heck is that!?

Kiva: *Scans* Coop it's one of the bacteria that was causing Goat pain!

Coop: Well now I'm gonna cause this thing alot of pain! *Megas approaches the virus.* Hey buddy! Get out of my friend or else! *The thing strikes Megas with a tenticle.*

Jamie: Oh yeah. It listened to you real well.

Coop: Ok then. Looks like I gotta do this my way! *The bacteria slithers towards Megas. Megas aims at the bacteria. A hand goes inside and a missile is fired. The bacteria spits acid which dissolves the missile. It then retalliates by shooting some of its teeth at Megas. The teeth get stuck in Megas. Megas pulls out the teeth leaving dents in the armor.* Hey! Watch it! *The bacteria lunges at Megas and pins it down. It starts to droll acid. Some acid hits Megas. steam is seen from where the acid dropped.* DYeahhh! *Megas grabs the thing by the tail and throws it off. The bacteria roars at Megas. Kiva checks the time on the monitor*

Kiva: Coop! We've got only 7 minutes left! Destroy it now and let's go! *The bacteria spits more acid at Megas. Megas flies away and heads for the bacteria. Megas fires blasts from its hands. The bacteria is hit and explodes. Megas stands proudly.*

Coop: Ha. That wasn't so tough. *Hissing sounds are heard. The gang look around to see more bacteria strands headed for Megas.*

Jamie: Looks like they ain't too happy you destroyed their buddy either.

Kiva: There could be over a million of these things here! We don't have enough time to fight them all! Let's just leave now Coop!

Coop: Goat's gotta be to a wedding tomorrow and I can't let him down!

Kiva: But we only have 5 minutes left!

Coop: No way! This ugly acid-spewing snot thinks it can make my friend sick, so he can't go to a wedding, desolve my robot, and then make it so we don't escape from Goat in time and we grow back to normal inside him!? Well if he's a desease, then I'm the cure! *Megas does the bring it on pose. A bacteria lunges at Megas. Megas smashes the bacteria away with its arm. More bacteria attack Megas. Megas opens up and fires shots at bacteria destroying them. Megas spins around.* WAAAAAAAHHH! *As Coop does this, he also attacks the stomach membrane. Outside, Goat is yelling in pain.*

Goat: Urgh!! Oh my stomach! What is Coop doing in there!? Graahhh! *The doctor looks worried as Goat yells. Back inside, more bacteria fire their teeth at Megas. Megas gets pelted. A bacteria jumps on Megas and tries to drool acid on it. Megas grabs the bacteria and clicks it like a shotgun. Megas fires the bacteria's teeth at the other strands of bacteria destroying them. Megas then throws the bacteria it was holding into other bacteria. Megas eventually backs up to a wall. On the control panel it shows 2:00 and it counts down to 1:59, 1:58, etc.*

Kiva: Coop! We have less than 2 minutes remaining! Let's get out of here!

Coop: Looks like I got to play my trump card! *Takes a key and puts it into a thing and turns it. This activates the Jammer.*

Jamie: The Jammer!?

Kiva: You'll end up rupturing Goat's stomach!?

Coop: You got any better ideas!? Cover your ears guys! *Coop activates the Jammer. Megas opens up as a kareoke stand. Coop walks up to the mic and taps it. Coop breathes in.* REEEEYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH *This causes extreme pain for the bacteria which all explode. Outside, Goat is in the fetal position in pain.*

Goat: OH man my flippin stomach! Someone put me out of my misery! The pain's too much! *Back inside, Coop is finishing up his attack.*

Coop: AAAHHHHHHHHHHHyyyaaahh!! *Coop goes back into Megas and in the driver's seat. Megas closes up.* He moves his hands in a satisfying way.*

Coop: Well that takes care of them.

Kiva: Coop! We only have 30 seconds left! We won't make it back to the mouth or nose in time!

Coop: *Looking around desperatly* I know of another way out!

Jamie: Oh no. Not that! Anything buy that!

Coop: Sorry guys! HOLD ON TO YOUR NOSES! *Megas flies towards the rectum. Back outside, Goat *boiks* and gets up.*

Goat: Woah! I gotta go bad! *Goat runs out of his room and goes into the bathroom. It then shows the outside of the hospital. Next to the hospital is a POP TV warehouse. We hear a fart, then a huge explosion occurs. The hospital as well as the POP TV warehouse is decimated. We are then shown a door. The door opens up and out comes Goat, who is whistling. Behind him is Megas who is back to normal size. Megas is on top of the destroyed POP TV warehouse.*

Jamie: Remind me to never come to the hospital again. *Back in one of the rooms of the hospital, the doctor does a scan on Goat.*

Doctor: Good news Scott! It appears your friends have eliminated all traces of bacteria in you. You should be at 100% now!

Goat: Whew! Thanks Coop! Though next time I think I'll just let my immune system handle it. Ouch!

Coop: Hey! I just cured you of your stomach problems! Now you can go attend the wedding!

Kiva: You also almost destroyed your friend as well. Coop we are not doing this again ever.

Coop: Relax Kiva. We beat the bad guy, escaped in time, and now my friend is feeling great!

Jamie: Good. Let's get out of here. I've had enough hospitals for one day. *As Jamie leaves, the doctor grabs him on the shoulder.*

Doctor: Not so fast Jamie. I still have some time left in my schedule to conduct your next prostate check. *Jamie gulps. It then shows the outside of the hospital, or what's left of it, and we hear Jamie scream like a girl.*

End Credits: We see Alex and Jen from MTV's Downtown get married and we also see Chaka, Fruity, Matt, Mecca, and Serena sitting next to Coop and Jamie and we see Jamie try to put his arm around Chaka but she rejects him then Jamie sighs, then winces in pain from his prostate check.

The End.

Coop: David Deluise
Jamie/Virus: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva/Nurse 1: Wendee Lee
Goat: Scot Reinecker
Doctor: Roger Bumpass
Nurse 2: Jennifer Hale
Large Nurse: Cree Summer
Corey Burton: Narrator

Production Music used

Teenage Villian* KPM Production Music
Disorderly Conduct - Mega Trax
Satin Sounds - KPM Music
Sao Salvador La Bahia - Universal Production Music
Unidentified Flying Objects - Universal Production Muisc
Into the Laboratory - Universal Production Music
Soul Punch - JW Media Music
Ultimate Menace - Non-Stop Production Muisc
Intrepid - Non-Stop Production Music
Uranium 236 - De Wolfe Music
Return Of The Caveman - Universal Production Music
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music
Bridal Chorus* - De Wolfe Production Music


Megas Fan
Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Here is a mini-rewrite of Friends, Romans, Megas (Formally Gladiator)

Friends, Romans, Megas

*The episode starts in space. Megas is in the middle of an asteroid field. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are inside. Coop and Jamie look at each other and wink. Coop presses several buttons. A greenish screen appears. Targets appear around various rocks. Coop presses the button some more. More targets appear around rocks. Coop keeps pressing it over and over. Every rock in their vicinity has been locked on target. Coop flips the 8-ball lever thing to reveal a button. Coop presses the button. Megas opens up and fires a ton of missiles which fly at random directions. The missiles destroy the rocks. They break down to smaller rocks. Some of the rocks head for Megas. Megas goes into a fighting stance and attacks the asteroids as the come.*

Coop: Hah! *Megas punches one, then another.* Heeyah! *Megas then does a roundhouse kick to another rock destroying it. A giant rock heads for Megas. Coop looks worried. Megas grabs onto the rock and stops its movement. Coop then smiles and cracks his knuckles. This causes Megas to also crack its knuckles. Coop activates the Nitros. Megas then starts chopping the rock super quickly. It breaks into pieces. When Megas finishes, it turns into a giant stone version of Megas.* Pretty cool huh?

Jamie: Nice! So what are you gonna call it? *Coop ponders*

Coop: How about, "A Gearhead's Lament!"

Jamie: Killer. *Coop and Jamie do the rock on pose thing.*

Kiva: Guys! We came out here to do some serious training! Not make art!

Coop: Oh come on Kiva! We just wanted to have a little fun!

Kiva: There's nothing fun about an alien invasion! Besides, as long as the Glorft are still around, you will need to constanly hone your skills in order to be a better pilot. Do you think the Glorft stop to have a little fun?

Coop: Probably.

Jamie: Why don't you just go bother Coop's girlfriend. I'm sure she could use some of your "training".

Kiva: Actually, we trained yesterday. *Small pause*

Coop: Wait. You've been training Jenna behind my back?

Kiva: And I need to tell you this because...?

Coop: You're not giving Jenna a hard time are you!?

Kiva: Actually, I don't need to because she actually follows instructions. And she's a much better pilot than you.

Coop: *Dejected* Really?

Jamie: *Smiling* What's the matter Coop? Jealous?

Coop: Me? Jealous of Jenna!? Nah! She has her way of doing things, and I have my way of doing mine! Let's just leave it at that. *Coop's stomach growls. Kiva sighs*

Kiva: Now what?

Coop: I haven't eaten in hours. I'm hungry.

Kiva: You can eat after we finish training. We still have another 6 hours to go.

Coop: 6 hours? Couldn't we just go home for a quick lunch?

Kiva: No! Now let's go find another area to train.

Jamie: Man. Ever since you showed up, you've been nothing but a downer. It's always *Mocking Kiva* "Oh the Glorft are going to destroy everything" this or "We need to train for a billion hours" that. Why don't you just lighten up for once?

Kiva: My family and friends have been killed in intergalatic combat, the future is probably decimated, and I am stuck in the past with 2 slothful, dim-witted neanderthals! I don't see how I can "lighten up".

Coop: Jamie's right Kiva! Don't get so worked up over the squids! Besides! Everytime a bad guy shows up on this show, I always beat the snot out of them! There ain't nothing I can't handle!

Jamie: Hey hotshot. How about you dodge that oncoming asteroid. *Points*

Coop: Wha? *A gaint asteroid heads for Megas. It hits Megas. Megas is now being pushed with the asteroid.* Woah!

Kiva: *Sarcastic* Oh! I don't need to train! I can take anything that comes my way! *Megas is still being pushed by the giant astroid. Kiva looks on the monitor. It shows the asteroid headed for a planet.* Coop! We're on a collision course with a planet up ahead! If we hit, there's no way we'll survive the impact!

Jamie: Get us off of here Coop!

Coop: How!?

Kiva: Try using the orbital engines to spin us upward! We should be able to get on top of the asteroid and jump off! *Coop presses a button. The engines activate. The asteroid slowly spins upward. Megas ends up on top. Megas slowly stands up.* Now! Jump off! *Megas does so. However Megas starts spinning out of control.* Coop! Stablize Megas!

Jamie: Yeah and hurry! I'm gonna hurl! *Coop tries to stablize Megas, but the speed is too much. Beeping sounds are heard, and the computer screen flashes red.*

Coop: I can't! I'm going too fast!

Kiva: The asteroid's velocity must of been too much for Megas to regain control! *Megas goes spiraling towards a blueish-green planet.* We're going to crash! Embrace for impact!

Coop: Hope your seatbelts are buckled! This could hurt! *On the planet, there are some deer eating grass. They look up to see Megas coming at them. They trot out of the way. Megas falls down hard, travels through the dirt a bit, and comes to a stop. Megas slowly gets up.* Everyone all right?

Jamie: I think so. I'll let you know when my stomach catches up with the rest of me.

Coop: How about Megas? *Kiva scans*

Kiva: Only minimal damage to the armor. Everything else seems fine, for the moment. *The gang looks around. It pans showing a beautiful forest with animals and butterfiels. Birds are flying as well. The classical music from "A Clockwork Megas" plays.*

Coop: So where the heck are we? *Kiva scans*

Kiva: We're on the planet Romos. It's a populatedl planet filled with lush forests and mountians.

Jamie: Yeah. And it looks nice too. *Coop's stomach growls*

Coop: Hey! I've got a great idea! Why don't we have lunch here! We can have a picnic! I've got food stored in Megas!

Jamie: *Points.* Hope you brought enough food for those guys. *Many robots who resemble gladiators surround Megas. They are holding various weapons such as axes, maces, swords, crossbows, flails, daggers, and shields. They are prepared to attack Megas. Coop looks around worried. The robots seperate. A man piloting a mech shows up in front of Megas. A man appears on their monitor*

Krutus: *Voice actor is Diedrich Bader* By order of King Mikey, you are under arrest for tresspassing on the King's grounds!

Coop: You're joking right? Please tell me your joking!? *Krutus shakes his head no. Coop facepalms*

*Title Theme plays*

Friends, Romans, Megas

*The scene shifts to a giant castle. The castle doors open and in comes a white man with a blue cape and black hair. Next, enters Coop, Jamie, and Kiva who are all handcuffed. There are smaller robots behind them carrying lances and spears. They nudge the gang forward.*

Jamie: Ow! Hey! Watch it with those!

Coop: Hey buddy! What's the deal!?

Krutus: You three are in alot of trouble.

Coop: For what!? Crash landing on a planet!? Since when is that a crime!?

Krutus: You entered Romos Airspace using an unauthorized mode of transport as well as tresspass on the King's royal courtyard. King Mikey has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to breaking his laws. All lawbreakers are to be punished.

Kiva: I'm sorry. This is just a huge misunderstanding. We landed here by accident! We plan to leave right away. Just lead us to our robot and-

Krutus: Anything that enters Romos becomes property of the King. You three along with your robot belong to him now.

Coop: *Stops moving* What!? No way! I ain't someone's property! *The robots behind him poke Coop with their spears.* Ow! Hey! All right all right! I'm moving!

Krutus: Any act of insubordination will lead to an even worse punishment. I suggest you just follow directions as told.

Kiva: Please! You must let us go! Our planet is in the midst of an alien invasion! If we don't return then Earth could be destroyed!

Krutus: Not my problem. *They keep walking.*

Coop: Then how about you let us speak to your king then!

Krutus: King Mikey does request an audience with you. He is at this moment pending your punishment.

Jamie: *Gulps* Punishment? Why do I get the feeling this is gonna be bad?

Kiva: Just calm down. I'm sure if we explain our situation to the King, he'll understand and let us go.

Krutus: Not likely. But you can try anyway. He's not exactly the merciful type. And even if you try to defy his law, he controls all of the guards on this planet. There is no escape from his law.

Coop: So he's got a bunch of robot guards! Big deal! I can easily destroy these chumps!

Jamie: Not without Megas.

Coop: Heh. Oh yeah.

Krutus: Heed this advice. When in the presence of the King, it is best adsived to remain quiet. Should anything you say upset King Mikey, it will mostly likely result in certian death. We are approaching the throne room. When you enter, you are to bow to the King. *Krutus opens up the giant double doors. He enters the throne room. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva follow. The robots poke the gang, forcing them to kneel.*

Coop: Hey!

Jamie: Ugh!

Kiva: Ergh! *Inside the throne room, are robots in 2 sets of lines. Along the walls are giant robots, however they are dormant and not moving. On a balcany overhead, is the king's throne. He is cloaked in darkness. He is short in stature. His cape is blue. He has evil red eyes. Krutus walks up to the balcony and kneels.

Krutus: Your majesty.

King Mikey: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker with a loud voice.* Krutus! What is the meaning of this!?

Krutus: My lord. I have returned with the 3 tresspassers who violated your royal grounds.

King Mikey: Bring them forth! I shall deal with them personally! *Draws out his sword. Jamie gulps* The robot guards push them forward. They kneel down again.* You three! How dare you enter my royal courtyard without my permission!

Kiva: Your highness! Please allow us to explain. We accidently crash landed on your planet when your guards-

King Mikey: Silence! *Points his sword at Kiva* Under no circumstance is anyone allowed to tresspass along my royal courtyard! *He starts walking to the front of the Balcony* I shall see to it that your punishment is harsh and sufferabl- *As he walks, he trips over a toy robot.* Woah! Ha! Wawawawawa! *The King falls over the balcony. However he is rescued by a man with glasses. He grabs the king by his cape and pulls him up to safety. We now see that the King is actually a child. His voice is now similar to Numbah 4 from KND. Coop and Jamie are shocked to see that the King is a child.* Hey! I thought I ordered you to clean up my balcony!

Advisor: *Voice actor is Steven Jay Blum.* I'm sorry your majesty. I was going to, but I also had to run and inventory on the robots currently being produced! I was going to return soon but there were so many robots to count!

King Mikey: No excuses! I condemn you into the dungeon! *The King holds up an amulet. It shines brightly. Then 2 robot guards come and grab the Advisor.*

Advisor: Please! Give me another chance! No! NO! NOOOOOOO!!! *The Advisor is dragged away.*

Jamie: That's the king? *Coop and Jamie look at each other. Then at the King. They both start laughing.*

Coop: Ok. Ok. No really. Where's the king?

Krutus: That is the king. *Coop and Jamie are surprised.*

King Mikey: Now where was I? Oh yes! You three! How dare you intrude upon my castle!

Coop: Hey kid! Kiva already told you we crash landed here by accident. Besides. Ain't it a little past your bedtime kid? *The guards poke Coop again* Hey! Cut it out!

Kiva: Coop. Don't anger him.

King Mikey: How dare you insult me! I should have you beheaded right here on the spot.

Coop: Yeah yeah whatever. Look. Just point me into the direction of my robot and We'll be off.

King Mikey: You're not going anywhere! You are my prisoner! As for that giant trash heap, it belongs to me now!

Coop: Hey buddy! It has a name! It's name is Megas!

King Mikey: I can call it whatever I want now because it is mine!

Jamie: Hmph. Spoiled brat. *Jamie gets poked* Ow! Hey that hurt!

Kiva: Guys! Cut it out! You're not helping matters. *To the King* Your highness. Please grant our humble request. All I ask of you is safe passage back to Earth with Megas. We shall never return here to cause trouble.

King: Who do you think you are telling me what to do!? Wench! *Kiva looks up*

Kiva: Wench!?

King: You still don't get it do you! You belong to me! I am the ruler of Romos! Everything that enters this planet becomes mine! And as such, I have the authority to make any decision I want! You don't have any power to request anything from me!

Coop: Just let us go! *The guards poke Coop again.* All right that's it! I've had enough of that! *Coop uses his body and attacks the robot guards. Since Coop is strong, he manages to knock them down. More guards come to attack Coop. Coop manages to knock them down while cuffed.*

Jamie: Yeah! Make a break for it Coop! *Coop runs for the exit*

King: Krutus! Stop him! *Krutus goes to block Coop's way.*

Coop: *Runs and knocks Krutus out of the way.* Out of my way! *King Mikey activates his amulet. The dormant robots along the walls activate. Their eyes light up. They slowly get up. They block Coop's way. One of the robots grab Coop and squeeze him.* Hey! Get off! *The robot starts to crush Coop.* REGGYYAAAHH!!!!

Kiva: No! Let him go!

King: Why should I!? *Chuckles evily* This is what he gets for defying me! *The robot crushes Coop more. Jamie and Kiva look worried. King Mikey then yawns and orders the robot to release Coop. Coop falls down. He's hurt bad.* Krutus! Take this piece of garbage to my dungeon! I'll think of a punishment for him later!

Krutus: As you command my leige. *The guards nudge Kiva and Jamie to go. several guards pick up Coop's body. They have a hard time carrying him since he's so fat. They head for the dungeon.*

King: Hmph! Rotton outlaws! *To another robot* Clean this place up! *The scene shifts to the dungeon. The gang is uncuffed. Coop is shaking the iron bars and making noise. Kiva is laying down on a bench. Jamie is sitting on the ground playing the harmonica.

Coop: Hey! *Making noise.* Let us out of here! We didn't do nothing! Just wait till I get Megas then I'll smash all you chumps!

Kiva: Coop cut it out! Causing a ruckus isn't going to get us free any time soon. As long as we are here. We have to obey the King's law, no matter how rediculous it is. *A short pause* How are you feeling by the way?

Coop: *Stomach growls* Hungry.

Jamie: *Puts his harmonica away.* That was kinda cool how you knocked down all those robots Coop.

Coop: Heheh. Thanks. *Krutus goes up to the cell*

Krutus: Are you trying to get yourselves killed!? Now you've certianly incurred the wrath of King Mikey! Either he'll execute you right away, or forget about you and you'll spend the rest of your life here.

Jamie: Oh great. I don't know what's worse. Either getting beheaded or slowly starving to death. *Krutus walks away*

Coop: Hey wait!

Krutus: Hm?

Coop: Why the heck are you taking orders from a snot nosed child!?

Krutus: Because. He's the King. I must obey his command.

Coop: But he's just a kid! I'm sure even Jamie would make a better King than that brat!

Jamie: Really? *Smiles. Krutus pauses then sighs*

Krutus: Believe me. I would love nothing more than to overthrow the little louse! However, as so long he holds that amulet anound his neck, he has control over every robot on Romos. It would be but a fool's errand to try and overthrow him.

Coop: Big whoop! I'll just get Megas and beat up his robots! I've done stuff like this before! Heck I've fought things that you couldn't even imagine! Just let me out of here and I'll teach that kid a lesson!

Krutus: I'm sorry. I can't.

Kiva: If you really want to be free of his tyrany then let us go. We'll stay and fight him. It's no good to live your entire life in fear.

Krutus: I've....I've said too much already. I do not want to put my life or the lives of my loved ones in danger. Just stay here until the King decides your fate.

Coop: No way! I ain't staying!

Kiva: Coop just let it go. We're already in enough trouble.

Coop: This ain't right! I could be home right now realxing with a nice drink, eating some pork rinds, watching the monster truck show! But instead I'm in some dark dungeon because a 10 year old with an attitude problem said so! *A robot guard appears. He looks at the 3 locked up, then looks at Krutus. He nods.*

Krutus: It appears the King has decided your punishment. Come with me at once! *They leave. Back in the throne room, the King is sitting and being bored. Krutus comes in with the gang in shackles. Robot guards strike them to make them kneel again.*

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: Ergh!

King Mikey: Release them of their shackles! *The robot guards do so. The gang stretches.*

Coop: Hey thanks for letting us go. Now I'll be on my way. *Coop walks towards the exit. The guards block his path. Coop turns around.* Hey!

King Mikey: I never said I was letting you go. Tell me fat one. What is your name?

Coop: The name's Coop!

King Mikey: Well "Coop", I have to say I'm slightly impressed with the way you fought my guards even when you were bound. Normally for an act of defiance as this, I'd execute you here on the spot along with your friends! *Jamie gulps* But today, I'm feeling rather generous. I am in need of some entertainment. That is why I shall give you the oppotunity for fight for your freedom! You shall entertain me by competing in my arena!

Coop: You mean like gladiators?

King: Of course! Very few have recieved this punisment, and no one has yet to make it out alive. Do you think you have what it takes?

Coop: Sure! I'll just get my robot and I'll take them down!

King Mikey: You'll be fighting without your pile of scrap metal!

Coop: I already told you pal! It's name is Megas!

King Mikey: You and your friends are to fight in my arena. I have prepared low class model robots for you to fight! At least 1000 of them!

Jamie: Wait. We actually have to fight ourselves? Uh, I'm fine with going back into the dungeon. I hear bread and water is good for the digestive system!

Coop: No way! I ain't gonna fight a bunch of robots just so I could amuse you! I'm getting my robot and getting out of here! *Coop walks away. The King then activates his amulet. One of the giant robots from the walls activate. It walks towards Coop. Coop looks up.* Oh no. *The robot grabs Coop and holds him. Coop struggles to get free. Kiva goes to help Coop, but smaller guards block her way. The King drops down from the balcony. The King lands safely in the giant robots hand. The giant robot lets him down onto the ground. The robot lowers Coop down but still holds him.* Tell him to let go of me kid!

King Mikey: Hah! You're not so tough without your robot are you!? Infact, I bet your afraid to fight! *The king spits on Coop's face. Coop becomes angrier*

Jamie: Oh man. *The King walks back to the balcony. The giant robot lifts him up and puts him back on his throne*

King Mikey: My offer to fight for your freedom still stands! Will you take it?

Coop: You can take your offer and shove it up your- *Kiva interupts*

Kiva: We'll do it!

Coop: Kiva!?

King Mikey: Excellent. *Snaps his fingers and the robot lets Coop go. The robot walks back from whince it came.*

Coop: You're just lucky I don't have Megas right now!

King: Krutus! Show our competitiors to the Arena! Let them get prepared for battle!

Krutus: At once. *The robot guards force the gang to follow Krutus.*

Coop: Kiva! Why did you say yes!?

Jamie: Yeah! I'm gonna get killed!

Kiva: We don't exactly have a choice guys! If we ever want a chance to find Megas and escape, then for the time being we'll have to take the challenge. In the meantime, I'll try and locate Megas so we can leave.

Coop: But not before putting that little brat in his place! *The scene shifts to a giant arena similar to Rome. Inside, there is a hallway with 2 doors.*

Krutus: Here! The two of you can change into the proper attire here. The lady can change in the other room.

Kiva: Uh, thanks! *Krutus leaves.* I guess I'll go change into the other room. You'll be all right here?

Coop: Yeah we'll be fine. *Kiva leaves. Coop and Jamie go get changed.*

Jamie: Coop. I'm not so sure about this. *Coop puts on chest armor*

Coop: What's there to worry about? We just gotta beat up a bunch of stupid robots, then we get out of here. Kiva's working to find Megas now! *Jamie puts on his chest armor.*

Jamie: Yeah but I'm weak! I'll get killed out there!

Coop: Well, just think of it as gym class!


*Jamie is in high school and he is in gym class. First, they are outside on the football field. They are playing contact football. Jamie gets the ball and runs. 3 huge guys come at him.*

Jamie: AaaaAAAAAAaaaaaahh!! *Jamie gets tackled hard. The scene then shifts to the school pool. Jamie is wearing a bathing suit. He is playing a handicapped game of tug-o-war against 3 other students.* ERRGGGH! UGH! GRAH! *Jamie can't pull the other students in. The students laugh and yank on the rope.* ERGH! *Jamie gets thrown into the water. He emerges and spits water out.* Ugh! *The scene then shifts to the gym itself. Jamie throws a dodge ball up in the air and catches it. Jamie throws it at a kid with glasses. The kid catches it. Jamie looks worried. The kid moves his glasses up and tosses the ball at Jamie. It hits him hard in the nuts.* OOF! *Jamie falls over in pain.*

*Back to reality*

Jamie: Oh that's even worse! I hated gym class!

Coop: I kinda liked Gym Class. When they weren't making me run of course!


*Coop is now in high school and is in Gym. First the scene is outside. Coop is playing tackle football. Coop has the ball and runs. A kid jumps on Coop's back and tries to take him down. Coop however isn't phased. 2 more kids jump on Coop and try to take him down. Coop moves slower, but doesn't go down. Soon, the entire other team is on Coop. Coop slowly trudges his way to the goal zone. He manages a touchdown. The kids fall off of Coop. Coop raises his fists in the air.*

Coop: Yeah! *The scene then shifts to the school pool. Coop is participating in a handicapped tug-O-war match with 3 other students. The 3 students struggle to pull Coop into the pool. Coop however doesn't budge. Coop then gives a good yank on the rope and throws the three kids in with little to no effort. They emerge from the water.* Hahahaha! *The scene then shifts to the gym itself. Coop is playing dodgeball against some kid. The kid throws the ball up in the air and catches it. Then he tosses it at Coop. It hits Coop in his large gut. However Coop catches it as it goes down. Coop then throws the ball at the kid. The kid goes flying right into the bleachers on the side of the gym and goes down.*

*Back to reality*

Coop: Man I miss high school. *Coop puts on his helmet. He looks like a roman gladiator.*

Jamie: Look Coop. I just don't want to die before I'm 23.

Coop: Chill out! I'll be here to protect you! So will Kiva! You got nothing to worry about. *Jamie now has his helmet on. He too looks like a roman gladiator. The two guys walk out of the room.* Good thing they got outfits that fit me. *They meet with Kiva who is wearing a gladiator costume too. We hear the sound of a wolf whistle.*

Jamie: Woah. You look nice Kiva.

Kiva: Thanks.

Coop: You able to find Megas yet?

Kiva: Luckily for us, Megas is close by. Once I find its exact location, you go get Megas. Then we can leave.

Coop: Not until I beat the snot out of that little kid! *They go into the arena. At the arena, there is people cheering. We see a special seat for the King. Next to him is Krutus who looks at the King. The King looks back at Krutus. Then Krutus looks at the arena floor. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva walk out. People are cheering for them. Coop waves and smiles. We see a couple of chicks throw roses at Coop. Coop takes it and smiles.*

Jamie: Hey! You think any of those chicks are cheering for me?

Coop: Maybe! *Coop continues to wave at the crowd.*

Kiva: Coop. Do you think you can actually fight these robot gladiators? I've never seen you fight before and judging by the shape you're in, I doubt you'll last long.

Coop: Hey! I've been MVP of my College Football Team 4 years running! I can handle a bunch of robot chumps! *Pause* It's Jamie you should be worried about.

Kiva: Good point. *The gang walks to the middle of the arena. Kuruts signals his hands to stop everyone from cheering.*

Krutus: Open the gates! *The gates open up. Out come small robot guards with swords, weapons, and shields. They surround the arena.* As per request to King Mikey, you are to fight a legion of robot gladiators! *At the arena walls there are other weapons hanging on the wall.* You have various weapons at your disposal that you can use! *Coop grabs a sword and shield. Kiva and Jamie grab swords and shields as well.* Should you survive, then you will face another challenge! *The King stands up and grins evily. He snaps his fingers. A huge gate at the end of the arena opens up. On the other side is a giant robot with a ball and chain.* You're next task will be to defeat the Magnos Solder! *Jamie looks up and faints. Coop and Kiva look at Jamie, then at the King.*

King Mikey: I'll take it from here Krutus! I've also decided to make this a little more interesting! *Snaps his fingers again. This time the gate on the other side opens up. Behind that is Megas.*

Kiva: It's Megas!

Coop: *Smiles* Nice!

King Mikey: Even though you won't stand a chance with it, we shall allow you to use your trash heap to take it on!

Coop: ITS NAME IS MEGAS! *Jamie gets back up.*

King: Whatever. I shall personally enjoy watching you be cut apart by my solders! Krutus! Begin the entertainment! *Krutus puts his thumb in the air. Coop and Kiva are both ready. Jamie is scared. Krutus then puts his hand down to start the fight. The robots start running at the three.*

Coop: *Draws out his sword.* Let's do this! *Kiva draws out his sword too.*

Jamie: *Goes behind Kiva.* PROTECT ME KIVA!

Kiva: *Shoves Jamie out of the way* Raahh! *Slashes a solder with her sword.*

Coop: REAAYYAAA! *Coop goes up to a robot and cuts it in half. The top of the robot slides down and falls to the ground. Coop then looks behind him, spins his sword around, and stabs another robot that was going behind him. A robot tries to strike Coop with his blade. Coop puts up his shield and blocks the attack. Then stabs the robot in the gut.* Ugh! *A robot with a mace tries to smash Coop in the head. Coop puts up his shield and blocks the attack. Then Coop swipes the legs of the robot. The robot falls down and slowly crawls towards Coop. Coop just grabs the mace and smashes the robot in the head. A line of robots head for Coop. Coop looks at the mace he acquired, then at the robots.* WAAAAAAAAHHH! *Coop runs at the robots holding the mace. As he passes a robot he knocks it head off, then does it again to another robot behind it. Coop knocks the heads of 4 more robots using the mace. He turns around to see what he did.* Nice. Huh? *Coop looks at a robot holding a flail. He swings it around.* Bring it on! *The robot runs at Coop. Coop just punches the robot in the head. The robot's head gets knocked off and falls to the ground. The robot's body teeters and falls.* GREEYAAHH! *Coop shakes his hand in pain.* Man that hurt.

Kiva: Grah! *Kiva ducks a sword swipe from a robot. Then she gives the robot a sweep kick. Then she does a jumping frontflip over the robot and stabs it in the head. A robot sneaks behind her but she turns around and stabs the robot. A robot runs up to Kiva and tries to stab her. Kiva however jumps up and lands on the sword. Then she jumps over the robot, lands behind it, and impales it in the back. She puffs her hair up. Then she grabs the robot's sword. Kiva has 2 swords now. A robot with a bow and arrow shoots at Kiva. Kiva turns around and bends over backwards dodging the arrow. It instead hits another robot. The robot falls over. More robots fire arrows at Kiva. Kiva uses the swords to block the arrows. Then she runs up to the robots and starts slashing them. As she passes by, the robots fall to pieces.* Hmph. Basic training was harder than this! *Kiva stabs a robot behind her without even looking. Jamie is by one of the walls of the arena. He is terrified and robots surround him. Jamie looks behind him and sees the weapons on the wall. He grabs a crossbow and aims at the robots. One of the robots throw a mace at Jamie.

Jamie: Hwua! *It hits the crossbow knocking it out of his hands. Another robot steps on it. They all aim at Jamie with their weapons.* Uh Coop? Kiva? *Terrified.* I COULD USE SOME HELP HERE!! *2 robots rush Jamie. Jamie screams like a girl, closes his eyes, and puts his sword up. We hear a stabbing sound as well as the sound of electrocution. Jamie opens his eyes* Huh!? *He sees that he stabbed one of the robots in the face, and the other robot walked into the first robot's sword. Jamie looks at his sword.* Nice. *More robots head for Jamie. Jamie runs away scared. Coop on the other hand now has an Axe in his hand. He hacks into a robot's head and when he pulls it out the robot's head is stuck in the axe. Coop just throws the Axe away hitting another robot in the head with it knocking it down. The robot gets back up and looks at Coop. Coop slashes a robot with his sword, then decapitates another robot with his shield. The robot that got hit from before tries to attack Coop from behind. However Coop turns around and stabs the robot in the abdomen. A bunch of robots walk up to Coop with their weapons ready.*

Coop: How about you drop the weapons and we fight like men? *The robots look at each other, then at Coop. The robots drop their weapons.* Psyche! *Coop slashes the robots with his sword destroying them. Kiva on the other hand is fighting more robots. She gets caught off guard when a robot is over her.*

Kiva: Oowah! *She takes a robot and puts it in her place. The robot that was going to slash her, instead slashes the robot Kiva placed in front of it. Kiva then appears in the air and comes down with her blade destroying the robot. The King and Krutus look on and are enjoying the fight.*

Jamie: aaaAAAAAaaahh! *Jamie starts slashing like crazy. His eyes are also closed. The robots look at him, then slowly walk up to him. Somehow, Jamie is lucky enough to destroy them all. He opens his eyes and looks at what he did.* Huh? *Smiles* Nice! *A ball and chain wraps around Jamie's sword.* What the!? *A robot pulls it away. It goes spinning in the air and lands, blade first. Jamie looks at it. Then at the robot with the ball and chain.* Uh oh. *Jamie runs away scared. He runs by Coop. Coop stops and looks.*

Coop: Wha!? *A robot hits his sword causing it to fly out from him.* Uh oh. *The robots approach Coop.* So. How about we call this a draw huh? *As the robots get closer, they get attacked from behind. As they fall down, we see Kiva with two swords. She gives Coop one of her swords.*

Kiva: Looks like you could use some help!

Coop: Thanks! *A robot sneaks up behind Kiva.* Look out!

Kiva: Huh!? *Coop goes to attack. Kiva thinks Coop is going to strike her.* Woah! *She moves her neck so her head dodges the attack. It instead destroys the robot that sneaked up on Kiva. The robot falls down. Kiva looks at the downed robot. Then at Coop.* Thanks!

Coop: Don't mention it! *Jamie screams again. Kiva and Coop look over at Jamie's direction.* I got this one!

Kiva: Please. *Kiva slashes another robot destroying it. Jamie is cornered as robots approach him.*

King Mikey: Yes! Destroy him! I want to see bloodshed!

Coop: Hey! *The robots stop and turn around to see Coop.* How about taking on somebody's who armed! *The robots ready their weapons at Coop. Jamie runs out of there and goes behind Coop.*

Jamie: What kept you!?

Coop: Just stay behind me! *Coop slashes a robot cutting it in half. Then Coop kicks a robot down and stabs it with his sword. Coop blocks an attack with his shield, then cuts the robot's head off. Jamie stays behind Coop as Coop protects him.* Is this it!? I've had a harder time playing Cuddly Bears go Hide n Seek!

Jamie: Dude. You actually play that game?

Coop: Talk later! *Coop stabs another robot in the chest, it falls down and electrocutes. It pans over to the King and Krutus. The King looks angry.*

Krutus: Sir. It appears that the three are holding their own well. Perhaps they have earned their freedom?

King Mikey: No! I came here to see them destroyed, and they're not leaving until they get destroyed! *The King holds his amulet into the air. It shines brightly. The eyes of the Magnos lights up. It then starts to stand up. The huge ball and Chain it carried falls to the ground. This gets everyone's attention. The Magnos picks up the ball and chain, and prepares for combat.*

Coop: Hey what gives!? *The Magnos looks at Kiva. The Magnos throws his ball and chain at Kiva. Kiva runs and jumps out of the way. The ball falls to the ground making a huge crash.*

King Mikey: That's it Magnos! Destroy them! Destroy them all!

Kiva: Coop! You and Jamie get to Megas! I'll keep that thing busy!

Coop: Right! *Coop and Jamie run over to Megas. *The Magnos slowly walks. We hear a whistle. It's Kiva waving her arms. The Magnos tries to punch Kiva, but she jumps out of the way. The Magnos then swings its ball and chain and tries to hit Kiva. She dodges. But the impact of the attack causes her to fall down. She gets back up and sees a fist come at her. She rolls out of the way. Coop and Jamie are running to Megas.* Man! I hope Kiva will be all right!

Jamie: *Looking ahead.* Uh I don't think it's her we should worry about! *Coop looks ahead to see a wave of robots headed for them with weapons. Coop and Jamie stop and look around. Coop picks up a mace near him and holds it in the air. The shing noise is heard.*

Coop: Just like College Football! *College Fight Music plays.* Coop runs with the mace in hand and starts knocking off heads of robots as they pass by. Several robots get decapitated as Coop and Jamie make their way towards Megas.* Hahahahahaha! *Coop looks ahead* WOAH! *Coop and Jamie stop.* It pans out 3 times showing a ton of robots between the guys and Megas. Jamie looks at Coop.*

Jamie: Now what do we do?

Coop: *Looks up at Megas, then looks at his mace.* We go for a touchdown pass! *Coop throws his mace like a spear or javilin. It goes over the robots. It hits Megas in the leg. This somehow causes the car alarm to go off. In the car, the controls light up. The words "Auto-Defense Systems: ACTIVATED" appear on the monitor with the word "ACTIVATED" flashing. The car turns on and the lights flash on. Megas looks down at the robots. They look up at Megas. As it shows the robots, a huge grey blur comes out from nowhere, a smashes all of the robots into the side of the arena. A ton of explosions are seen. It shows body parts everywhere. It then pans out showing that Megas had bashed them all aside with its arm. The scene shifts to the car. Coop and Jamie get in and buckle up.* Now that I got Megas, let's go give that kid some long overdue parenting! *Megas revs up the engine and flies towards the Magnos and Kiva. Meanwhile Kiva is running from the Magnos who is after her. The Magnos throws its ball and chain on the ground trying to crush Kiva. However Kiva keeps dodging the attacks. Kiva is tired and keeps running. 2 robot gladiators approach her. Kiva cuts them with her sword. She continues running. More robot gladiators approach her. She gets ready to fight, however a huge shadow looms over her. She looks up to see the Magnos over her. It punches Kiva into the stands. Then it grabs Kiva and holds her in its hand.*

Kiva: Let me go! *Struggles to break free.*

King Mikey: Yes! Now crush her Magnos! *The Magnos starts to squeeze Kiva.*


King Mikey: Yes! Make an example of her! Show them what happens to lawbreakers! *The robot squeezes harder. A shadow then looms over the Magnos. The Magnos turns around and Megas punches the Magnos. The Magnos falls into the stands. People run for their lives. The Magnos also drops Kiva. Megas gently grabs Kiva and puts her in the car. She's in the back seat and she is out cold.*

Jamie: Woah. She got beat up real bad.

Coop: GRRRR! No one does that to my friends and gets away with it! *The Magnos gets back up and looks at Megas.*

King Mikey: No! Don't let that robot beat you Magnos! Destroy it now! *The Magnos runs at Megas and tries to punch it in the face. Megas grabs the robot by the hand, then fires a missile at the Magnos. The Magnos gets hit and falls down again. The Magnos gets back up and swings its ball and chain. It throws the ball and chain at Megas. Megas catches it and pulls the Magnos towards Megas. Megas knocks the Magnos down. The Magnos gets up and fires a spiked fist at Megas. Megas jumps out of the way. However the Magnos appears over him and strikes Megas in the back with the ball and chain. Megas hits the ground hard.* That's it Magnos! Destroy it! *Magnos wraps the chain around his hand and punches Megas with it multiple times. Megas blocks and punches the Magnos. The Magnos stumbles back and falls down on the stands. People run for their lives. Krutus is worried.*

Krutus: Sir! You need to call off the Magnos! Innocent people could be hurt!

King Mikey: Don't tell me what to do Krutus! I want those three destroyed now! I don't care what happens to the people! *Krutus is shocked to hear this, then looks at the Magnos. The Magnos picks up Megas and throws it into the stands again. Megas slowly gets back up and sees the ball and chain come at it.*

Coop: Woah! *It hits Megas in the chest knocking it down. The Magnos slowly approaches Megas and swings the ball and chain in the air. Megas fires a blast from its chest hitting the Magnos. The Magnos falls back and goes down. Megas gets back up. Kiva also starts to wake up.*

Jamie: Man this guy is a pain!

Kiva: Huh? Wha? Coop! What's going on? Are we back in Megas?

Coop: Kiva! You're all right! *The ball and chain hits Megas again and Megas falls down.* Hey! I wasn't ready yet!

Kiva: Coop! Just defeat that thing, then we'll stop the King!

King Mikey: Destroy it now Magnos!

Coop: That's it! *To the King.* Listen here you little snot-nosed brat! You hurt my friend, insulted my robot, and worse of all, MADE ME SWEAT!

Jamie: You always sweat.

Coop: Well more so than usual! *Megas runs at the Magnos and grabs him by the side. Megas pushes him onto the ground. Megas then pins the Magnos and starts punching rapidly. The Magnos fires another spiked fist at Megas sending it into the air and onto the ground. Megas gets back up and opens up. It fires a bunch of missile at the Magnos. They hit but it creates a huge smoke cloud.*

Jamie: Did we get him!? *From the smoke the ball and chain comes and hits Megas. Megas goes flying into the stands again.* Apparently not. *The ball and chain comes at Megas again. This time Megas grabs it. Megas swings the chain part sending the Magnos flying into the stands. Krutus gets the King to safety as the Magnos was near them. Megas rips the chain off and now has the ball and chain. He swings it around. The Magnos gets up and looks in the air.*

Coop: WAAAHHH!!! *Megas swings the Ball and chain and smashes the Magnos on the head. The Magnos falls down and is now dead.* Oh yeah! Take that! *The King throws a temper tantrum.*

King Mikey: No! NONONONONONONONO! No fair! No fair! I wanted to win! *Holds his amulet in the air.* Guards! Destroy that robot! *Multiple giant guards come in and surround the area.* Don't think you're getting out of here that easy!

Kiva: This is bad. After our fight with the Magnos, I don't think Megas can handle much more.

Coop: Who says we gotta fight em? I got me a better idea! *Coop looks around, and sees the King. Megas makes a beeline for the King and grabs him. He holds the King directly into the line of fire.*

King Mikey: *Terrified* Uh, HOLD YOUR FIRE! HOLD YOUR FIRE! *Struggles to get free* Let me go! Let me go!

Coop: No way! I think it's time you were punished for being a naughty boy! *Megas kneels down and puts King Mikey on his knee. Megas raises its hand in the air. Coop is planning to give the King a spanking.*

Jamie: Yeah! Spank him Coop!

King Mikey: Please! Don't hurt me! I'll give you whatever you want! Just let me go please! *The King cries in fear. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva look at each other. Then they look at the King.*

Kiva: Coop. Just put him down. *Megas let's the King go. However, the King no longer has his amulet around him.*

King Mikey: Guards! Destroy the- what!? My amulet! Where is it! *Looks around for it. Coop whistles. The King look up to see Megas dangling the amulet by a finger.*

Coop: Looking for this!?

King Mikey: I demand you return that to me at once! *To Krutus* Krutus! Get my amulet back! *Krutus just stands there.* Well!? What are you waiting for!? Get it back!

Krutus: No.

King Mikey: What!?

Kuruts: You heard me! I said no! Now that you no longer posses that amulet. You have no power over the robot solders! And another thing! You are nothing but a cruel, greedy, spoiled child! You don't deserve to be King!

King Mikey: Mutiny! How dare you disobay me! *Krutus takes the crown from Mikey and puts it on his head.* Give that back Krutus!

Krutus: I believe the term you are looking for is "Your majesty!" *Megas gives Krutus the amulet. Then Krutus uses it to summon robot guards to take Mikey away. Mikey starts kicking and crying.* Laides and Gentlemen! The reign of King Mikey is over! Now begins a new reign! That of King Krutus! My first order as King! *Activates the amulet.* Is to rebuild Romos, and to create a new ruling system! I shall be firm! But fair! No longer will we live in fear from a dictorial socieity! *Everyone cheers. Inside the castle, we see people walking about and doing stuff. King Mikey is now the court jester. He grudgingly does his act.* Coop. I want to thank you for everything. Now with Mikey no longer in charge, I shall create a new world. A better world. I'll have most of the robots decommissioned and put apart. I think it's better if people served people instead.

Kiva: I'm just glad we could help. Unfortunately we can't stay. We have to get back and train more. *Coop and Jamie groan.*

Coop: Oh come on Kiva! I'm still hungry! I haven't eaten anything since the show began!

Krutus: Oh. I was hoping you'd stay. I plan to throw a feast in your honor!

Coop: Come on Kiva! Please? *Kiva thinks, then smiles.*

Kiva: All right. I guess you did enough today.

Coop: Nice! *Coop runs to the table and starts to stuff his face. Jamie talks to some girls and they laugh. Kiva just smiles and joins in.*

End Credits: *The Jester dances and Jamie throws stuff at him. Soon everyone joins in.*

The End


Voice actors:

Coop: David Deluise
Jamie/Advisor: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva: Wendee Lee
King Mikey: Dee Bradly Baker
Krutus: Deridich Bader

Production Music Used

Here We Go: Universal Production Music
Intrepid: Non-Stop Production Music
Sonata No 5 B-Major: Selected Sounds
Mission Objective: Extrememusic Directors Cut
Salute The Heroes - Universal Production Music
Consuming Fire - Non Stop Production Music
Lullaby* - CPM Music (Carlin)
Epic Movie Adventures 2 - De Wolfe Music
Dark Spawn - KPM Music
Requiem - Non-Stop Production Music
Drama Eight - KPM Music
The Action Team - Universal Production Music
Gangsters - Amphonic Sound Stage
Richard The Lionheart - CPM Music (Carlin)
Orchestral Horror - Non-Stop Production Music
Chopping Spree - Extreme Music X-Series
The Evil One - Sonoton Music
College Fight Song* - Universal Production Music
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
The Prey - Amphonic Soundstage
Midnight Rodeo - Universal Production Music
Floris March - Dewolfe Music


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Hello all. Here is a mini-rewrite of Once Upon a time in New Mexico

Once upon a time in New Mexico

*The episode starts at Night. The scene is the deserts of New Mexico. Animals are doing stuff. Footsteps are heard. The animals look up to see Megas coming in the distance. The animals go about their way. Inside, Kiva and Jamie are looking out the window. Jamie yawns.*

Jamie: Come on Coop. How much longer are we gonna be until we get to the hotel at Santa Fe?

Coop: *Looks at the monitor.* About another 3 hours. Give or take.

Jamie: *Bored* We'd get there alot faster if you just flew there.

Coop: I can't do that Jamie. I've gotta keep the fusion core at constant temperature!

Kiva: *Peeks in* Why? The photonic stablizer's not broken is it?

Coop: What? No. I just need it to be constant in order to keep my chili pot nice and hot!

Kiva: *Upset* You put food in the fusion core!? Coop! You don't know what kind of effect it will have on Megas!

Coop: Chill out! I do it all the time. So far nothing bad has happened.

Kiva: *Sighs* Why would you even do it anyway?

Coop: It's so my chili can stay nice and hot for the Santa Fe Chili Con Cookoff!

Jamie: Why even bother. You could just get a bowl of chili from your food replicator that you installed in Megas.

Coop: Dude I ain't gonna cheat! I've always made my chili from scratch and won! I won't take the easy way out!

Kiva: So what is this "Chili Con Cookoff"?

Coop: Oh it's great! It's a huge food cooking contest where all the participants have to use chili as part of their recipie! All the food there is nice and piping hot! You got chili dogs, chili fries, chili cheesesteaks, and my personal favorite, 5 alarm chili!

Jamie: The only thing they don't got is water. *Coop's stomach growls*

Coop: You guys don't mind if we stop for a quick snack right?

Jamie: Can't it just wait till we get to the hotel?

Coop: I don't think I can make it. I'll only be a minute. I promise! *Megas comes to a stop. The scene shifts to the ground. Jamie is sitting down with his back to Megas's foot. Kiva stretches. Coop comes over with a huge pot of chili and bowls. He takes a ladel and serves himself a bowl.* Ahhh! Oh yeah! *Eats some of his chili* You guys have to try this! It's great!

Jamie: Are you kidding? The last time I tried your chili, my tounge swelled up and I couldn't speak for days.

Coop: Hmph. *To Kiva* Kiva? You want some? *Coop takes a ladel and serves up chili to Kiva. Kiva looks reluctant*

Kiva: I'm not sure Coop. Are you sure it's safe? *Coop eats more chili*

Coop: Sure it's safe! You see me eating it right? *Coop gives Kiva a bowl of chili*

Kiva: Well. I guess I could have a bite. *Kiva takes the bowl and looks at it. The bowl sparkles and sizzles with smoke. She looks uneasy. She looks at Coop who encourages her. She then takes a spoonful and puts it up to her. She opens her mouth and takes a small bite. She immediatly spits it out and drops the bowl of chili on the ground* Errrgh! *Jamie laughs*

Coop: Kiva! My chili! *Kiva needs water and is motioning to get some. She breathes out heavily.* Coop gets Kiva some ice water. She drinks it quickly.*

Kiva: Ugh! Coop what was in that!? I felt like my tounge was going to fall out!

Coop: Various hot sauces, tobasco, rare peppers, lots of stuff.

Kiva: *Fans her mouth* I don't know how anyone can eat this.

Coop: I eat it all the time. I guess you just have to have an acquired taste for it. *Coop yawns again.* Well we better get back on track if we want to make the chili con cookoff for tomorrow!

Jamie: At the rate we're going? I doubt it. *They get into Megas. As they do this, some of the chili seeps into the ground. Down below is a huge tunnel system. Inside are large dark figures sleeping. A drop of chili lands on one of them. Many evil red eyes appear. Alot of hissing sounds are heard too. Back on the surface, Coop, Jamie, and Kiva fasten their seatbelts.*

Coop: All right guys. Let's get going! I'm gonna need some rest for tomorrow! *A loud rumbling sound is heard. Everyone stops and looks around.*

Kiva: What was that?

Jamie: Coop's stomach probably.

Coop: Couldn't be. I just ate! *The noise gets louder. Kiva uses the computer.*

Kiva: I'm picking up some seismic activity underground. I'm also detecting a strong energy reading down below. Something is definatly down there.

Jamie: Well, let's get out of here before it decides to come up here! *The ground rips open. Out comes a giant worm monster. It looks at Megas and roars.* Too late for that!

*Title theme plays.*

Once Upon a time in New Mexico

*The worm looks at Megas and lets out another sheriek.*

Jamie: Worms!? I hate worms!? *The worm lunges at Megas.*

Coop: Hey! *Megas gets out of the way. The worm looks at Megas and hisses* Kiva what the heck is this thing!? *Kiva uses her holoscanner*

Kiva: It looks like a giant earthworm. *Kiva reads a DNA scan* It is a giant earthworm!

Coop/Jamie: What!?

Kiva: Its DNA has has the same exact properties of an earthworm!

Coop: You saying this thing came from Earth!?

Kiva: Apparently so! *The worm wraps around Megas's leg and pulls. Megas trips and falls. The worm slithers on Megas and drolls on it.*

Jamie: aaaaAAAAaaa!! *Megas grabs the worm and throws it off of it. The worm bounces around, gets back up, and roars at Megas. The worm then lunges at Megas. Megas strikes the worm and it goes flying again. The worm slithers under Megas and goes behind it. The worm wraps around Megas by the leg. The worm then burrows underground dragging Megas with it.

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: AAAHHHH!!! *Megas and the worm go deeper underground. Megas kicks the worm multiple times with the other leg as they go deeper underground. They fall through the ground and land inside a gaint tunnel system. The worm releases his grip from Megas. Megas grabs the worm and throws him away. The worm gets back up, lets out a loud shriek, and burrows underground some more. Megas gets back up.*

Coop: Yeah you better run chump!

Jamie: Now that that's over with, let's go back up to the surface.

Coop: Nope! I'm goin after it!

Jamie: What!? Are you crazy!? That thing almost killed us!

Coop: Hey! That thing just dragged me underground! I ain't gonna let that go unpunished!

Jamie: Kiva stop him!

Kiva: Normally, I'd advise not to engage it, but since it's on Earth, we actually should look into this. What I want to know is where that giant worm came from and how it got so big. If there are more of them, they could eventually tunnel up to the surface and attack nearby cities.

Coop: Looks like your outvoted Jamie. *Coop turns on the headlights and Megas starts walking* So Kiva! Any ideas where the heck we are?

Kiva: *Scans the underground* It looks like a giant underground tunnel system. According to a map readout, there are hundreds, possibly thousands of tunnels just like this one. Whatever that thing is, was very busy down here.

Coop: Well once I find that dirt eatin sucka, I'm gonna splatter its body all over the desert!

Jamie: I still say we ignore it and head for the hotel.

Kiva: *Sarcasticly* Sure! We can ignore the giant monster that lives here on Earth! We'll just go to the hotel, get some rest, and be ready for the chili con cookoff!

Jamie: *Surprised* What really? *Smiles* Thanks Kiva.

Kiva: *Sarcasticly* Although it would be a shame if that thing followed our trail all the way to Santa Fe and destroyed the city, ruining the chili con cookoff for everybody. *Coop eyes widen at this.*

Coop: What!? I ain't gonna let that happen! I'm destroying that thing now! *Megas continues walking around. Jamie looks at Kiva disgruntledly. Kiva has a smug grin on her face.*

Jamie: *To Kiva.* I hate you. *Megas keeps walking about.*

Coop: Kiva! You find that giant worm yet!? *Kiva picks up a reading*

Kiva: Coop! The worm's energy signal is that way! *Points to the left*

Coop: Got it! *Megas makes a left turn. Megas walks down a long tunnel. On the other side is a room full of tunnels. At the center of the room is a large pile of bones.* Woah.

Jamie: That thing really WAS gonna eat us!

Kiva: *Scans the bones.* According to fossil records, these bones are dated to be at least 40 years old. Most of the bones here are from small animals such as snakes and prarie dogs. Some of these bones are even human. *Jamie gulps at that sentence.*

Jamie: That's something you don't want to hear when more than six feet underground with some giant monster whose intent on eating you. So! I vote for going back to the surface!

Coop: No way! I don't want that thing messing up my chili con cookoff!

Jamie: Well at least drop me off at the hotel then! I could check us in!

Kiva: I don't want to lose the trail of that giant earthworm, so we're not leaving here just to drop you off!

Jamie: Don't you even care about my well being Kiva!? What if that thing eats me!? Or worse!?

Kiva: You wanted to come with us. You should have just stayed home!

Jamie: *Sigh* Why did I have to be best friends with a giant robot pilot? *Megas walks around some more and enters various tunnels. Kiva continues to track the monster's path. After a montage of looking nothing appears to be found.*

Coop: Hey Kiva! Maybe I could dig my own tunnel to find that thing faster.

Kiva: I don't think that's a good idea. With the ground being dug up here so many times, the area could be unstable. One wrong move could cause a cave-in leaving us trapped.

Coop: Don't worry! I've got it under control! *The hands of Megas go inside itself. Out come 2 giant drill hands. They spin around fast and make a whirring sound. Megas starts digging into the rock and makes its own tunnel.*

Kiva: *Picking up the worms signal.* Coop! I'm picking up a faint energy signal up ahead! Keep digging in that direction!

Coop: Aye aye Kiva! *Megas continues to dig. Eventually, Megas comes into a room filled with worms. They are sleeping. However the noise from Megas wakes them up. They all look at Megas and start hissing.*

Jamie: Oh and of course there had to be more than one of these things here! Can this get any worse? *The tunnel they dug creates a cave in leaving them trapped. Jamie facepalms. The worms growl and shriek at Megas.*

Kiva: Coop take defensive action. I don't think they're too happy seeing us down here.

Coop: No kidding. *A worm lunges at Megas. Megas goes down to the ground. The worm pins Megas and starts drooling.* Heh. No sweat! I got this! *Megas grabs the worm and slams it into the ground. Megas gets back up and holds the worm like a whip. As the worms slither closer, Megas cracks the worm like a whip. The worms shriek and go back. They still try to get closer. 3 worms lunge at Megas. Megas throws the worm it used as a whip away, and smacks the other worms away with its arm. A worm wraps itself around Megas's hand and squeezes.* Hey! Get off! *Megas fires the fist that the worm wrapped around. Both it and the fist hit a couple of worms. A new hand comes out of Megas. 2 more worms then lunge at Megas. Megas grabs both worms and smashes them together. Megas grabs one of the worms and twists it in two. Megas just kicks the other worm into a bunch of other worms, knocking them down. A worm sneaks behind Megas and tries to trip Megas. Megas turns around, grabs the worm, and rips it in half by ripping the mouth open and splitting it down that way. Another worm wraps itself around Megas.* I said get off! *The thrusters activate which burn the worm. The worm falls off and srivels up. Coop also realizes he increased the core temprature to Megas.* No! My chili! *Grrrs at the worms.* I don't got time for this! *More worms lunge at Megas. Megas jumps out of the way and lands. Megas then steps on a worm and crushes it. More worms slither towards Megas. Megas fires small missiles at them. The missiles however miss.*

Jamie: Nice shot dead eye. *The missiles hit the ceiling which causes rocks to fall. The worms get squashed by falling rocks. Gunk and stuff splatters onto Megas.*

Coop: Oh man! I just had Megas clean!

Kiva: Who would of thought that there would be more than one of those giant worms down here?

Jamie: Well at least they're gone. *Kiva scans. More blips appear.*

Kiva: There are even more further underground.

Jamie: How much more?

Kiva: Alot more. We'll have to get rid of all of them.

Coop: *Looking at the monitor, it shows the time. It's 3:29 in the morning. It goes to 3:30.* I don't Kiva. I don't think we have enough time to destroy those things and get to the hotel in time for the cookoff. Plus I don't want to burn the chili.

Kiva: Sorry Coop, but we can't take the risk of one of these things making their way to a populated area.

Jamie: Can't someone else do it!?

Kiva: Who else do we know that has a giant robot!?

Jamie: Coop's girlfriend. Call her and have her take care of it.

Coop: No way! I ain't gonna have Jenna do this! Besdies. She's watching the house and my cousin Skippy for me while we go to the chili con cookoff. *Megas keeps digging tunnels* Kiva! Are we any closer to the rest of these things?

Kiva: Not yet. Just keep going and don't make any noise. We don't need to startle any more of them. *Megas continues to dig tunnels. Megas comes out to another hallway. Megas keeps walking.* Coop they're close now. Don't make too much noise. They're highly sensitive to sound. *Megas keeps walking. A shadow moves by Megas. As Megas walks a lound shriek is heard from a distance. Another shadow moves past Megas fast. Coop looks but sees nothing. Megas keeps walking. More loud shrieks are heard.*

Coop: You guys hear something?

Kiva: I don't know. Whatever it is is close by. Be ready. *Megas goes in a circle in place. Looking around to see if it can find anything. From the car it pans right to left showing the underground tunnel system. Another shriek is heard. This time it's louder.*

Jamie: I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. *Megas keeps moving in a circle in place.*

Coop: I don't think there's anything here. *From the ground, multiple worms show up and look at Megas. They all roar at Megas.*

Jamie: aaaAAAAAaaa!

Coop: All right! Time for round 2! *The worms gang up on Megas and pin it down. Megas slowly gets up and throws the worms off of it. Megas fires a machine gun blast at multiple worms destroying them. On the computer monitor it shows a worm's path to Megas. It's like the game Centipede. The worm lunges at Megas. However Megas fires at the worm and it goes flying back. A worm digs up from under Megas and wraps around its legs. Megas trips and falls. 4 worms then dig up from the ground, go over the arms and legs of Megas, then dig back down. Megas is pinned to the ground again. Some other worms slither towards Megas. slits open up from the arms and legs. Out come blades that act as a chainsaw. This cuts the worms that have Megas pinned down in two. Megas gets back up and does the bring it on pose. Worms lunge at Megas. Using the chainsaw arms and legs, Megas does some karate moves which cut the worms in half as Megas strikes them. 2 more worms bite Megas on the hands. Megas puts its arms out and fires 2 missiles from each arm. The worms that were biting Megas on the hand are destroyed. A worm spits acid at Megas. Megas dodges the acid. However it hits the ceiling. This causes a stalagtite to fall on Megas.*

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: Woah! *Megas falls to the ground. The worms once again pin Megas to the ground.*

Coop: This is getting too old! *Megas grabs the worms and throws them off. Megas gets up and steps on a worm squshing it. Megas then fires energy blades into more worms destroying them.* That's the last of them here! Anymore Kiva!?

Kiva: Yes! Below us! *More worms come out from below and wrap around Megas. Another worm comes out from below and spits some type of webbing at Megas. Megas is covered in webbing. Megas tries moving but can't.*

Coop: Hey! I can't move!

Kiva: The webbing is hardening! *The worms grab Megas and drag it even further underground.*

Jamie: Coop get us out of here! *Megas tries moving but can't.*

Coop: I can't! *The worms take Megas to an underground lava pool. There are many worms around. There are also tons of eggs too.* Where are we now!?

Kiva: *Scans* It looks like a spawing chamber.

Jamie: You mean that even more of these things are gonna show up!? I really hate worms!

Coop: Man I still can't break out of this!

Kiva: *Scans* The webbing is too strong to break free.

Jamie: Oh don't worry Jamie. We're just going to New Mexico for the Santa Fe Chili con Cookoff. I'll just take a nice little detour into the CAVERN OF GIANT WORMS! *A loud shreik is heard.* Is it ok to panic now? Cause I'm about to go into overdrive. *From a giant cave, a huge bloated body shows up and roars. It slithers towards Megas.*

Coop: Woah!

Kiva: *Scans* Coop that's the queen! Those worms must of taken us here to feed her! *The queen approaches Megas, but stops and eats a bunch of stuff next to Megas by gobbling it up.*

Jamie: Dude! That thing eats way more than you!

Coop: *Angry* I have no equal when it comes to eating! *Megas still struggles to get out of the webbing*

Jamie: Coop unless your stalling for dramatic suspense then I suggest you get us OUT OF HERE BEFORE SHE EATS US!

Coop: I'm trying to! *The queen gets closer to Megas.* Come on. Come on! *The queen is over Megas. Coop presses a button. The same blades from the arms and legs activate. This cuts Megas out of the webbing.* I'm free!

Jamie: Look out! *The queen tries to bite Megas. Megas does a back roll from under the Queen. Megas gets up and looks at the Queen.*

Coop: You wanna eat!? Well you have to get me first! *The queen roars and nudges her drones to attack Megas.*

Kiva: Here they come! *The worms slither towards Megas and try to pin it down. Megas fights using martial arts. First Megas does a karate chop to one worm. Then Megas grabs another worm by the neck and throws it into more worms. A few worms fire more webbing at Megas.* Look out!

Coop: I got it! *Coop presses a button and a flamethrower comes out of Megas's chest. It fires an intense flame at the webbing. The webbing melts. Megas grabs another worm and breaks it in half. The flamethrower goes back inside Megas and Megas transforms its arms into gaitling guns. Megas aims at the ceiling and fires. More rocks drop down onto the worms crushing them. A ton of worms then grab and bite onto Megas. Megas flies into the air and goes straight into the lava. The worms look at the lava. After awhile the lava bubbles and Megas emerges from the lava unharmed.* Hahah! It's a good thing I made Megas heatproof! *To the Queen* Looks like you're running out of servants queenie! *The queen roars. This causes the place to shake.*

Kiva: Now what's going on?

Jamie: Whatever it is it can't be good! *The eggs start to hatch and out come more worms. Now Megas is surrounded by worms again.*

Kiva: Coop they are way too many of them for Megas to handle!

Coop: Yeah. Not to mention all this is doing to my chili! Looks like I'm gonna have to take them all out! *Megas activates Super Destructor Mode. Megas transforms and looks at all the worms. Megas then aims for the ceiling.*

Kiva: Coop are you crazy! You'll create a massive cave in taking us down with it!

Coop: That's the idea! *Megas fires all the missile at the ceiling. The whole place falls apart. Rocks fall crushing worms and eggs. The queen gets out of the way and goes back into the giant cave. A wall of rocks block Megas from the worms.* That should hold them off for now! Let's get out of here! *Megas starts digging again. Megas creates another tunnel. A few worms chase Megas as he digs around. Megas comes into a hallway where all the opennings are closed off by worms. They all roar at Megas. *The worms rush at Megas. However Megas digs a tunnel upwards. The worms crash into each other. Megas comes up to another giant room with various tunnels.* Where the heck are we now?

Jamie: Uh guys!? *There is a giant puddle of green liquid with steel barrels floating in it.* What to do you think it is? *Kiva scans.*

Kiva: It appears to be radioactive waste. I guess someone was dumping this here. That would no doubt of caused those worms to grow that large.

Coop: It's just like Bugra! Bugra flies into some toxic waste, grows large, goes on a rampage and leaves a path of destruction!

Kiva: Coop we need to get rid of this. *Megas puts a hand into the waste and absorbs it.* Megas should be able to convert that waste into extra energy incase we need it. Now we have to destroy all those giant mutated worms. First getting rid of the source. That being the queen. *Another loud rumbling sound is heard.*

Jamie: Now what!? *More worms come from below and look at Megas.*

Coop: Here we go again! *The worms lunge at Megas. Megas keeps them back by punching them. Megas also fires shots at the worms destroying them. A worm fires some webbing onto the car window. Coop can't see. two worms grab Megas by each arm and pull apart.*

Kiva: Megas is going to break in half! *Megas pulls his arms together bashing the worms. Coop then activates the windshiled. Megas can see again. However Megas is now cornered by multiple worms.* We can't fight them anymore down here. Megas is losing too much energy! *A faint roar is heard. The worms turn around and leave.* They're leaving.

Coop: Whew. That was close. I don't think Megas can handle anymore. *The entire place caves in. Woah! *The Queen emerges from below. The queen is in front of Megas. It let's out a loud roar.*

Kiva: It's the queen!

Coop: Guess she wants to take care of this personally!

Jamie: Well hurry up and kill it before it eats me! *Megas goes up the Queen. Megas grabs the abdomen. Megas gives the queen a suplex. More rocks fall. The queen gets up and smacks Megas on the head. The queen then drags Megas into the hole it made.*

Kiva: It's going to eat us again! *Megas breaks free from the worm. Megas then flies and creates another tunnel. It tunnels all the way up to the surface. It's still night. The queen follows. Both Megas and the Queen are now outside.* Coop now we have more room to fight this thing!

Coop: Good! Hey queenie! Have a taste of your own medicine! *Megas opens up its chest and fires the toxic waste at the queen. The queen shrieks. Then it lets out a huge roar which could be heard for miles.*

Kiva: Coop. Please tell me you didn't just spray that thing with radioactive waste. *The queen grows bigger and transforms. The queen now looks like the monster from "Cloverfield". It's much bigger than Megas. Instead of legs, the queen has a large abdomen which she slithers on. She also has huge overhead arms. It roars at Megas.*

Coop: Ok. So it's bigger than Megas now. I can handle this. *One of the giant arms grabs Megas and smashes him agains the mountian side. Then the queen throws Megas onto the ground. The queen slithers towards Megas. Megas gets up and fires a barrage of missiles at the queen. The missiles however do nothing. The Queen then strikes Megas with one of it's giant arms. Megas goes flying and lands on the ground. Megas gets up and fires a laser blast into the queen's large mouth. The queen then fires a blast of her own. Megas jumps out of the way. The queen strikes down Megas with its tail. Megas then flies right at the queen and tires to hit it. The queen however eats Megas as it comes. The queen satisfied goes back underground. However the queen spazzes out and Megas bursts out from the abdomen. The queen has a hole in her stomach. She looks and roars at Megas. Her skin regenerates and she roars at Megas again.*

Kiva: Coop I don't think we can defeat her. She's too strong for Megas. Coop grrs. Megas flies up to the Queen and lands on her back. The queen slithers alot faster and Megas rides the queen.*

Coop: Yeehaw! Ride em cow boy! *The Queen bashes Megas into a canyon. The Queen puts her arms into the canyon and tries to grab Megas. Megas flies out the other side. The queen sees Megas and slithers towards it. As Megas flies away they approach Santa Fe.*

Jamie: Coop the city! *The queen is slithering towards Megas and the city.*

Coop: If that thing hits the city, it'll ruin the chili cook off! I've got to destroy this thing now! *Coop opens up and fires a barrage of missiles, lasers, shots, and bombs into the queen. Tons of explosions are seen but the queen keeps slithering towards Megas. The queen strikes Megas out of the way and heads for the city itself.*

Kiva: Coop it's going to attack the city! *Megas grabs the tail of the queen. The queen however moves her tail sending Megas flying. In the city, the people start seeing the monster and run for their lives.*

Jamie: Hurry up! Hurry up!

Coop: *Coop groans. Then Megas flies up to the queen. The queen faces Megas. The queen lets out a huge roar.* I wanted to win that contest! I REALLY wanted to win that contest! But If I don't destroy you right now, you'll go into Santa Fe, bust everything up, and ruin my chili con cookoff! So now you've forced my hand! You want something to eat!? Here! Have a nice piping hot bowl of chili! Courtesy of the chef! *Megas aims its arm at the the Queen. It lets out another roar. The hand goes inside. Kiva and Jamie look at Coop. Megas then fires the entire vat of chili. It is flaming hot when it comes out. It goes right into the Queen's giant mouth. It then closes. After a short while, smoke comes out from her mouth. The queen then shrieks in pain and thrashes about. Her entire body then catches on fire. After awhile the queen shrivels up and turns into dust. Jamie and Kiva have O.O eyes.*

Jamie: Coop!? What did you put into that chili!?

Coop: I told you. *Looks at the control panel* Guess all that time inside Megas must of supercharged it.

Kiva: Well whatever it did, it destroyed the Queen! Hopefully that will be the last of those giant Earthworms.

Coop: *With a sad look* Oh man! Now I can't enter the cookoff without any chili! *The sun starts to rise*

Jamie: And the contest doesn't start until 8AM. I don't think you can make another thing of chili that fast Coop. *Coop looks at Jamie and Kiva*

Coop: Oh yes we can!

Kiva/Jamie: We!?

Coop: Yeah! I can't do this alone! Come on! Kiva! You get out of Megas and get ingredients from the food replicator! Jamie! See if you can get a fire going! Come on guys! If we hurry, we can finish and get to the contest by 7:30! *As the gang cook, it pans away to the desert showing giant carcasses everywhere.*

End Credits: Coop, Jamie, & Kiva are at the chili con cookoff. The judge shows up and takes a spoonful of chili. He takes a bite. He then acts like he's choking and falls to the ground. Coop looks worried. The judge struggles to get up. He slowly takes a blue ribbon and puts it on Coop's chest declaring him the winner. Coop & Jamie celebrate.

The End


Coop: David Deluise
Jamie/Worms/Queen Worm: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva: Wendee Lee

Production Music Used

Blue Harmonica - Sonoton
Psychomanix - Extreme Music Directors Cut
Aliens World - Universal Production Music
Harsh Life - Westar Music
Darkside (A) - Universal Production Music
Hammer of the Witches (B) - Universal Production Music
Blood Shot - Extreme Music X Series
Web of Evil - KPM Music
They're Here - Non-Stop Production Music
The Dark - KPM Music
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
Here We Go - Universal Production Music
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music
The Liberty Bell - De Wolfe Music


Megas Fan
Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Here is a mini-rewrite of How the Glorft Stole Christmas. Alot of season 3 and 4 are merely just touch-ups, though I do have some major overhauls for a few.

How the Glorft Stole Christmas.

*The episode starts at the North Pole. There is a snow bank, and a house behind it. There is a striped pole with a sign that says "Santa's House." It's also snowing. A giant toy solder goes crashing into the house. The toy solder mech gets up. Inside is a little elf. These are the purple elves seen at the end of "Rearview Mirror Mirror 2." He is surprised. He sees 3 glorft mechs aiming at him. The middle one fires a machine gun blast at the toy solder mech. The Toy solder mech puts his arms in an X like position to buffer the attack. This doesn't work and the mech is destroyed. More Glorft mechs are walking in the snow and fire upon toy solder mechs who are on the front lines. Toy solders take guns and aim at the Glorft mechs. They fire on the Glorft. Some Glorft mechs are in the air, and aim at the toy solders. A glorft mech fires multiple missiles. They hit the toy solders one by one destroying them. Toy planes fly in the air and fire shots at the Glorft mechs in the air. A mech turns around and fires a shot at the middle plane. It gets hit and smoke comes from the plane. It crashes into the one on the right and both planes go down. The left plane keeps firing. A glorft mech comes behind him and fires at it. The plane blows up. An elf escapes using a parachute. Multiple toy solders fire upon Glorft mechs. The Glorft fire back destroying more toy solders. It pans out from the warzone. Gorrath's mech is in the snow looking on. He walks up to the Commander's mech who is hiding behind a snowbank. As this all happens we hear a parody song of "You're a mean one, Mr.Grinch!"*

Singer: *Voice actor is Kevin Micheal Richardson.* You're a cruel one! Mr.Gorrath. You really are a jerk! You're as cuddly as a Jarblock, You're a lonely, lanky, lurk. Mr.Gorrath! You're an unfunny clown, with an unfunny smirk! You're a miser! Mr.Gorrath. Your heart is full of mush. Your slimly skin is just as smooth as a sharp and pointy brush. Mr.Gorrath! I wouldn't drink you even if you were a 44oz Mega-Slush! You make me vomit! Mr.Gorrath. You truely make me sick! You have all the tasty sex appeal of a really ugly chick. Mr.Gorrath! Given the choice between the two of you, I'd take the really ugly chick!

Gorrath: Commander! What's the status of our position!?

Commander: Sir! We have sucessfully nulled all resistance from the North Pole and have taken all of its inhabitants as prisoners! This base belongs to us now!

Gorrath: *Shudders* I despise this cold.

Commander: I know we aren't well suited for frigid environtments, but by taking control of this human base, we put ourselves one step closer to enslaving the Earthers.

Gorrath: The apes shouldn't expect us to hit so close! *Struggle noises are heard. Gorrath and the Commander look to see 2 golrft solders, not in mechs, carry a fat man in read. Gorrath's mech walks up to Santa Claus and points at him.* Thought you could keep us from taking over your base did you? Fool! We are the Glorft! The most powerful race in the universe!

Santa: *Voice actor is Peter Cullen* You'll never get away with this you horrible monster! You may have taken control of my workshop, but you can never destroy the spirit of Christmas! You will be stopped eventually!

Gorrath: Silence! *His mech aims at Santa. Santa gulps. Gorrath then lets up.* Take this human to a holding cell! I shall deal with him later. That goes for the rest of his solders! *The two solders carry him away.* Commander! Begin transporting equipment from the Karajor to our new base on Earth!

Commander: Aye Warmaster! *The Commander's mech walks away.*

Gorrath: *Laughs* With this foothold on Earth, I can begin my invasion of this planet! And by the time that fat, primitive, monkey-minded Earther even catches wind of this, it will be too late! Earth will finally be mine! *Gorrath laughs more. It pans out showing Santa's workshop. Various mechs are doing stuff as it pans out. It then pans out further to a blizzard, which obsures the view of the entire base.*

*Title theme plays*

How the Glorft stole christmas.

*The scene shifts to Jersey City. It is snowing outside. Outside are kids playing in the snow. A girl builds a snowman. Another kid makes a snow angel. A man is shoveling snow. A car passes by and throws snow onto his driveway. The guy shakes his fist, mumbles, and continues shoveling. Coop and Jamie are laughing. They are having a snowball fight. They are both wearing their winter clothes. Coop packs a snowball and tosses it at Jamie. Jamie gets hit. Jamie then hits Coop with a snowball. Coop then packs up a huge snowball and uses both hands to toss it at Jamie.*

Jamie: Ugh! *Jamie's face is covered in snow. He shakes his head to get the snow off. Coop laughs.*

Coop: They ought to call you "Jamie the snowman!" Hahah!

Jamie: Oh yeah? *Packs a snowball* Take this! *Jamie tosses at snowball at Coop. Coop ducks. It instead hits the branch of a tree. Coop laughs again.*

Coop: Man Jamie! What was that!? You didn't even hit me! I mean come on! I'm a nice wide *pats his gut* target!

Jamie: *Smiles and points up.* Wasn't aiming at you. *Coop looks up. Snow from the branches fall on Coop's face. Jamie laughs. Coop tosses another snowball at Jamie. They continue their snowball fight. It pans over to Coop's house. The door opens up. Out comes Kiva, wearing a hoodie and a scarf. She is drinking a cup of hot cocoa. Both Jamie and Coop see Kiva.* Hey Coop. Watch me hit Kiva with this curveball. *Jamie packs a snowball and tosses it in the air.* Yo Kiva! *Kiva looks at Jamie.* Heads up! *Jamie tosses the snowball at Kiva. Kiva dodges the snowball by doing a backflip. Then runs up to Jamie.* Hey what!? *Kiva trips Jamie into the snow.* Hey! *Then she twists his arm.* Ow! Hey! What are you doing!? Are you crazy!? Let go of me!*

Kiva: *Lets go of Jamie. Jamie gets up and dusts off the snow.* Jamie! Just what were you thinking!?

Jamie: Gee Kiva! Ever heard of a snowball fight!?

Kiva: Well you shouldn't be throwing snowballs at people. Especially at someone trained in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat. *Kiva looks around to see multiple homes in lights. Coop's house has raindeer on his roof. Another house has lights which spell out "SANTA LAND HERE!"* What's going on Coop? Is there some sort of special occasion?

Coop: Don't you know nothing? It's Christmas!

Kiva: Christmas? What's that? *Coop and Jamie look at each other, then at Kiva.*

Jamie: You never celebrated Christmas?

Kiva: No. I never celebrated anything. I was too busy fighting off an alien invasion.

Jamie: Wow. The future must be a horrible place.

Kiva: You don't know the half of it. *Takes a sip of her hot chocolate.* So what is Christmas about?

Coop: Well, it's kinda like Thanksgiving, but different. It's a holiday where we spread peace and goodwill to everyone around you. It's a time cherished with loved ones and friends. Usually there is food, caroling, food, drinking egg nog, food, *To himself* Am I missing something? *Pings* Oh yeah! Also there's this guy called Santa Claus! He's a jolly fat man!

Jamie: Almost as fat as Coop. *Coop stares at Jamie.*

Coop: Anyway. Santa lives up in the North Pole. All year round he's making toys and video games for everyone around the world! Then he rides on this sleigh powered by 8 raindeer. He's goes around the entire world and gives all the good boys and girls presents! Of course if your bad, he gives you coal. I just hope Santa knows to stop by my Uncle's cabin.

Kiva/Jamie: Why?

Coop: Cause this year, Jenna and I are gonna spend Christmas upstate in the woods. My uncle has this huge cabin upstate, and I got permission for us to spend the holiday there.

Jamie: *Sarcastically* Good for you. Unfortunatly I have to spend the holiday at my grandparents.

Kiva: Why is that a bad thing?

Jamie: You ever been to my grandparents house? It's out in the middle of nowhere, there is nothing to do around there, the place is always crowded when we go up there, so I have to sleep on the floor, I'm not allowed to drive the car, so I can't go anywhere, the food is usually crummy, they only got 1 television that airs maybe 5 or 6 channels, and the worse part is, I never get the things I want for Christmas.

Kiva: Well, since I don't really have anywhere to go, if you want Jamie, I'll go with you to keep you company.

Jamie: *Smiles* Thanks.

Coop: Cheer up Jamie! Maybe this year will be different! I'm sure Santa's gonna give you something good.

Jamie: Dude. Knock it off. Santa's not real.

Coop: What!? How can you say that?

Jamie: Oh come on Coop! Everyone knows that he's fake! It's always our parents who put the gifts under the tree and eats the milk and cookies!

Coop: Not true! *Pause* I usually eat the cookies before Santa gets to my house.

Jamie: Coop! He's not real! You don't even have proof of his existance!

Coop: *Thinks* Oh yeah? Well, you don't have proof that he's fake!

Jamie: *Sarcasticly* Oh sure! I'm sure he's making more toys at this minute, joined by his friends, the easter bunny and the tooth fariy!

Coop: Ok look. I'll admit the tooth fairy is bogus. But you gotta believe that Santa's real!

Jamie: If he was real, I'd finally have a good christmas!

Coop's mom: Coop! Sweetie!

Coop: Yeah mom! I'm outside!

Coop's mom: Can you go to the store and get me more Egg nog!? We've ran out!

Coop: Got it mom! I'm leaving now! *To Jamie and Kiva.* Uh I gotta go get more Egg Nog. You guys wanna come?

Jamie/Kiva: Sure! *Coop, Jamie, and Kiva get into the car.*

Jamie: It's a good thing the Speedymart is open on holidays. *Coop opens up the glove compartment.*

Coop: I guess while I'm there, I could pick up some extra stuff for when Jenna and I go upstate. I've got a list in here. *As Coop fiddles around with the glove compartment, a letter falls on his gut. It does a triple effect of the screen landing on his stomach.* Dude! My letter to Santa! I thought I mailed this out!

Jamie: Oh please Coop. Everytime you mail that out it gets returned to sender. Plus you always get what YOU want for Christmas. *Coop opens up the letter and looks at it. It says the following: "Jamie: Fame/Money, Jenna: Ham, Kiva: Uh..., Goat: Chicks, Racheal: See Jamie.

Coop: This ain't for me! It's for you guys! I wanted santa to give you stuff! Oh man!

Jamie: *Jokingly* Oh I've got an idea! Why don't we go to the post office and give it to them to mail to Santa! *Coop pings*

Coop: Good idea! *Coop revs up the car and backs into the garage.*

Jamie: I was joking Coop. *Megas emerges from the garage and flies away. At the post office there is a giant line of people with stuff. The line goes outside into the parking lot.*

Coop: Oh great! I can't be on line here forever! I've got to pack for tomorrow!

Kiva: Tough break Coop. Maybe there is another way you can deliver that to Santa. *Coop thinks, then gets an idea.*

Coop: *looks at the letter.* Well. If can't mail it from the post office, *Smiles* then I guess I'll just have to deliver it to Santa personally! Buckle up guys! We're going to the North Pole! *Megas revs up the engines again.*

Kiva: Coop! You're not really thinking of going to the North Pole!? I don't know if Megas can function well in extreme cold!

Coop: This is more important Kiva! I don't want Christmas ruined because of me! Plus I can also prove to Jamie that Santa's real! Now let's go! *Megas flies out of the post office and heads for the North Pole. Along the way, they pass the Jersey City Mall. Outside is Goat who is dressed up as Santa. He has a little girl on his lap.*

Goat: And what do you want to Christmas little girl!? *Megas flies overhead. The little girl looks up and points.*

Little Girl: *Voice actor is Lara Jill Miller.* I want the giant robot!

Goat: Good choice little girl! *Does the pose thingy with Goat. Meanwhile, Megas continues to fly towards the North Pole.*

Coop: Man I just hope I'm not too late! He's got to be ready to deliver the toys by now! *Jamie rages*

Jamie: Coop! Santa's not real! He doesn't exist!

Coop: Yeah about that Jamie. All you've been doing is complaining that Santa ain't real! How would you even know!?


*Jamie is now a little kid. He's asleep in his bed. He hears noises downstairs. He wakes up and smiles. He runs downstairs to turn on the light. He sees his mother and father putting the presents under the tree. His father also has some cookies in his hand. The music changes. Jamie is shocked and terrified. His parents look at each other, then at Jamie. Jamie starts to cry.*

*Back to reality*

Coop: So what? Maybe Santa left some cookies for your parents. He probably came and left already.

Jamie: Whatever Coop. There's nothing you can say to convince me otherwise.

Coop: *Stares at Jamie then talks to Kiva* Kiva are we going the right way?

Kiva: *Scans* Yes. We should be at the North Pole shortly. Just stay on this path and we'll get there.

Coop: Cool! *We see Megas speed up and fly faster. A bit later Megas is flying in a blizzard. Inside the gang is shivering. They can also see their breath.*

Jamie: Coop! It's freezing in here! Put on the heat!

Coop: I have it on! It's on maximum! *Megas continues to fly. The blizzard now is super strong.*

Kiva: Coop. This blizzard is too strong for Megas to fly in. We'll have to continue on foot! *Megas lands on the ground. Megas walks around a bit.* Coop I think we should go back home. There doesn't appear to be anything out here!

Coop: See if you can get a trace of Santa's workshop!

Kiva: *Tries to run a trace but to no avail.* Coop I can't pick up anything in this blizzard! The systems are malfunctioning!

Coop: Then I guess we'll just keep walking then! *Megas continues to walk. It shows various screens of Megas walking. As it shifts from screen to screen, it makes it look like Megas is walking in circles.*

Jamie: Coop! I'm getting frostbite! We've been out here for an hour and we've found nothing! Let's go back home!

Coop: No way! I know Santa's out here somewhere! I ain't leaving till I get this list to him!

Kiva: Come on Coop. I have to go with Jamie on this. If we stay out here longer, we could cause major damage to Megas. Megas wasn't made to operate in such extreme cold! *Coop sighs, then he sees something up ahead.*

Coop: Wait! I think I see something! *Megas starts to run towards what Coop thought he saw. The blizzard starts to clear up. Soon Megas is looking at a gigantic base.* Woah. *It pans out showing the entire base. There are also Glorft mechs doing stuff. However Coop, Jamie, and Kiva do not see the mechs.*

Kiva: Unbelieveable! I had no idea such a complex structure existed out here in the artic!

Coop: Ha! I knew it! I knew it! I told you Santa was real! See Jamie! Now how you gonna deny this!?

Jamie: It's probably a military base. *Coop gets disgruntled at Jamie.*

Coop: Kiva! See if you can find Santa!

Kiva: I'll try. *Kiva uses her computer to locate santa. However a bunch of blips appear. Kiva gets sad.* Oh no.

Coop: What's wrong!? Santa not here!?

Kiva: Coop. I'm picking up Glorft energy signals!

Coop: You saying the squids are here!?

Kiva: I'm not sure. Why would they need to be here anyway!? Hold on! I'll see if I can get a visual! *Kiva uses the computer thing. First it displays static, then it shows Gorrath, and the Commander talking. It fades in and out at times.*

Gorrath: Have you finished moving the equipment yet!?

Commander: Aye Warmaster!

Gorrath: Excellent! It will only be a matter of time before this ape-infested planet is ours! *Gorrath laughs as the transmission ends.*

Kiva: It is the Glorft!

Jamie: Great! It's bad enough I'm freezing out here, now we have the Glorft too!?

Kiva: I don't know what the Glorft want here, but we can't let them stay! Coop we have to stop them! *Pause* Coop didn't you hear me!? *Coop is pissed off and fuming with anger.*

Coop: Of all the no-good rotten things the squids could do, they have to go and ruin Christmas!? Oh. Are they gonna pay! *Coop revs up the engines.*

Kiva: Coop! Don't do anything rash! They could be expecting us!

Jamie: You're not getting to him Kiva. When he's this angry, he closes everything around him out. *Buckles his seat belt. Kiva does the same. Megas flies in the air and goes super fast. It heads for the base. Inside a room, Gorrath and the Commander are talking.*

Gorrath: Now that I've established a base on Earth, I can begin my plan of conquest! I shall start by taking over this area here! *Points to North America on a holographic globe.* Perhaps this island should go first. *Points to Australlia.* Or if we take over-

Commander: Sir!

Gorrath: What do you want Commander!? Can't you see I'm busy plotting my assult on Earth!?

Commander: I'm picking up the Prototype's reading! It's coming this way!

Gorrath: What!? *Grabs the Commander by the face.* That's impossible! There's no way HE could of known!

Commander: But he's headed our way! And he's coming in at an alarmingly high rate of speed! *From a window, they see a light shine. Both the Commander and Gorrath look outside. Outside we see Megas speeding right for the base.*

Gorrath: Oh no.

Coop: GORRATH!!!! *Gorrath and the Commander get sad eyes. Megas crashes into the room. Both Gorrath and the Commander get out of the way. In another room, Glorft solders are walking around. Megas crashes into the room. The Glorft duck. Megas continues to crash into various rooms in the base. Then Megas goes through the other side. Megas slows down and comes to a stop. Megas turns around. From an overhead view, we get a view of the damage Megas caused.*

Jamie: I thought you were trying to save Christmas. Not destroy it.

Coop: Guess I sorta overdid it huh? *Coop presses a button. Inside the base, Gorrath and the Commander get up and dust themselves off. Coop appears on the giant monitor behind them.* What the heck are you doing here chump!?

Gorrath: You! How did you know!?

Coop: I don't know who you think you are, but you just made the biggest mistake of your life!

Gorrath: *Laughs* You're too late Earther! This base belongs to me now! I'm not about to let you take it back! *Glorft mechs fly to where Megas is. They land on the snow and surround Megas. They ready their weapons at Megas.* I'll leave my army to deal with you while I begin my assult on Earth! *The Glorft mechs close in on Megas.*

Kiva: Coop! There are way too many enemy mechs for you to handle!

Coop: That may be, but we got something the Glorft don't!

Jamie: And what's that?

Coop: The spirit of giving! Watch as I give these chumps a beating of a lifetime! *Megas grabs a mech and pulls it in. Megas then punches the mech in the chest. Megas then grabs another mech by the arm. Megas swings the mech into other mechs. Megas then rips off the arm of another mech. Megas swings the arm like a golf club and decapitates another mech. Glorft mechs fire upon Megas. Megas hides in a giant snow bank. Coop presses a button. A rocket pack appears from behind Megas. It fires missiles in the air. It locks onto the Glorft mechs that were firing on Megas. The Glorft get sad eyes as the missiles hit their mechs. Alot of explosions occur. A mech sneaks up from behind and tries to attack Megas. However Megas gets out of the way and kicks the mech down. Glorft mechs fly at Megas. Megas opens up its back. A giant hose comes out and lands in the snow. Megas's arms transform into giant gatling guns. The barrels spin in a clockwise position and Megas fires snowballs at the mechs. The mechs get pelted but it doesn't damage them. However after awhile the Glorft inside cannot see what's going on. They look around blindly since their radar systems are gunked up by snow and water. A rumbling sound is heard. A giant snowball is headed their way. The Glorft are in a formation as if they were bowling pins. The snowball rolls over the Glorft, and the sound of a bowling ball knocking over pins is heard.*

Jamie: Strike! *More mechs fire upon Megas. Megas turns around and fires energy blades at the mechs. The mechs are cut to pieces. Megas then turns around and aims at 2 mechs. Megas puts its arms in the air and fires its fists at the mechs. One of the fists hit a mech destroying it. The other fist misses, and instead destroyes a warehouse. There is also a sign that says "This warehouse stores all presents going to POP TV employees." Megas opens up its chest and fires a ice ray at the ground. The Glorft mechs land, but slip on the ice and fall down. Megas then smashes the ice breaking it. This also causes the mechs to fall into the snow and get frozen over.*

Coop: Kiva! Find Santa!

Kiva: Coop how am I supposed to look for something I don't even know exists!

Coop: I don't know! Look for non-squid life signs or something! *Kiva does so. Meanwhile Megas rips the head of a Glroft mech off. Then grabs the mech's arm as well. He places the head on a lake of ice. Using the arm he slaps the head as if it were a hockey puck. It hits multiple Glorft mechs destroying them.*

Kiva: Coop! I've found somthing! There appears to be multiple life signs that aren't the Glorft inside this compound!

Coop: *Smiling* All right! I knew he was real! *Jamie goes hmph. Megas lands and fires a round of blasts at more mechs.* Kiva! Go and rescue Santa! I'll handle these chumps!

Kiva: Coop! I'm not so sure about this!

Coop: Just go! I'll be fine! *Kiva sighs. Then she gets out. Megas punches another mech in the face. Megas then fires a bomb at multiple mechs. It explodes destroying the mechs. Megas then creates the cool energy sword. Megas cuts a mech in half. Then Megas puts the sword into the ground. This makes the snow melt. Megas then fires another ice ray from its chest. The legs of the Glorft mechs are frozen in Ice. Megas then activates the Nitros. We can't see Megas, but we see the Glorft mechs getting cut into pieces. Megas is moving super face. When the last mech that we can see is destroyed, Megas comes into view. Meanwhile, Kiva is headed for the base. At the base there are guards patrolling the area. Kiva hides behind a base of snow.*

Kiva: I don't even know why I'm doing this! *Uses her scanner to detect life inside.* But if there are prisoners here, then I'll have to get them to safety! *Looks overhead and sees an openning that's not guarded. Kiva goes into it. Back at Megas, Megas is just punching down mechs. We get a 4 split screen of the following: Megas punches a mech in the head, Megas stomps on a mech, Megas fires a shot into a mech, Megas pulls 2 mechs into each other and destroys them. A mech hits Megas from behind. Megas goes face first into the snow. When Megas gets up, Coop and Jamie can't see. Coop activates the windshield wipers. When they can see again, a fist punches Megas knocking it down. Multiple mechs stand over Megas. The middle one aims at Megas with its arm. The barrel of the cannon is right infront of the car.*

Jamie: Coop hurry!

Coop: *Looks at a button.* WAAAAHHH!! *Headbutts the button. Megas creates a shockwave below it. The mechs stumble and fall down. Megas gets up and pushes a mech down.* Nice! *Megas charges up a small nova-blast which surrounds the area. All glorft mechs caught within it's range are destroyed. As well as multiple buildings and stuff. A toy doll lands on the hood of Megas. The windshield knocks it off. Glorft mechs continue to come in and attack Megas. Coop sees a downed toy solder mech. Megas grabs the gun of the mech and clicks it. Megas then aims at the mechs and fires upon them. 3 mechs are coming at Megas. The one of the right first gets destroyed, then the one on the left. The one in the middle gets destroyed then.*

Jamie: Sweet! *Megas continues firing upon the mechs with the gun. When the gun runs out of ammo, Megas stabs a mech impaling it. Megas then yanks it out and throws it like a spear, impaling a line of mechs. As this happens, Gorrath watches from inside the holding chamber. He is angry.*

Gorrath: No! I can't lose to that monkeyminded Earther again!

Santa: Now do you see your folly Gorrath!? As long as the spirit of christmas remains strong, you can never ruin it for all the girls and boys!

Gorrath: Silence! I'll show you what happens to those who mess with the Glorft! *Contacts the Commander.* Commander! Isn't there anything we can use to defeat the Earther!?

Commander: Sir! Most of our mechs are currently fighting the prototype! However I did find something similar to our mechs! It appears to belong to the Earther that lives here! *Santa gets worried.*

Santa: My slegh!

Gorrath: It will have to make due for now! I'll go deal with the Earther myself!

Commander: Understood! *Transmission ends.*

Gorrath: I'll teach you not to get in my way monkeyman! *Walks away from Santa. Santa sighs. In another part of the base, a small grate is moved from one of the vents on the ceiling. Kiva looks to see if anyone is around. She then quietly drops down and hides behind some equipment. She then scans the area to see if the prisoners or Glorft are nearby.*

Kiva: *Contacting Coop* Coop! I've made it into the facility. I'll do what I can to free the prisoners, if any. Just keep the Glorft busy! *Kiva ends transmission. She then quietly moves about the area. She comes to the prison area. There are also Glorft solders patroling the area with weapons. She hides and finds a lead pipe. Two Glorft guards walk by. They don't notice Kiva. A noise is heard*

Glorft guard: *Voice actor is Kevin Micheal Richardson* What!? *The two glorft run to the sound, only to find a lead pipe. The guard picks it up* Hm...*He rubs his head. Above him, Kiva drops down and knocks him down*

Kiva: Heya! *Kiva then grabs the weapon the guard had and uses it on the other one.* Raaagh! *The guard gets tossed into a wall. He gets up and presses an alarm.* Klaxons go off. Multiple Glorft guards surround the area. Kiva gets into fighting stance. A guard runs at Kiva and tries to pump handle her. However she swings around a pole and kicks the guard. He falls off of a catwalk and down to a lower level. Another gaurd tries to smash Kiva. Kiva however uses the staff she got eariler and thrusts it into the abdomen of a glorft solder. She manages to lift it up using the staff. Then she tosses the guard into other glorft solders. She then smashes a guard in the head with the staff. Then she jumps down to the lower level and knocks out another guard. Kiva then kicks another solder in the face. More guards show up and start using blasters. Kiva uses the staff to block the attacks. She then runs with the staff* Errrryyaaah! *She manages to knock 4 glorft solders off another catwalk onto the bottom level. A guard tries to attack from behind. She sees this, ducks, then trips the guard using the staff. She then knocks the guard out by striking his head. The glorft solder faints. He then drops a card key. Kiva picks it up. At Santa's cell, the door opens. He looks up to see Kiva's sillouete since it is dark in his cell.*

Santa: Who are you!? *Kiva reveals herself*

Kiva: I'm here to get you to safety. *Santa is relieved*

Santa: Thank goodness! I was beginning to think I'd be stuck in that cell forever!

Kiva: Any idea what the Glorft could possibly want here?

Santa: They planned to use my workshop as a base so they could conqure the Earth! Then they captured me and my elves.

Kiva: Don't worry. I'll get them out. *Santa smiles. Back outside, Megas shoots another mech down. Then Megas steps on its head. It then shows the entire area and all the Glorft mechs are down. Megas is standing in the middle.*

Coop: All right! We beat up the Glorft, and saved Christmas! Pretty fun day I'd say! *Coop and Jamie do the pose thing. Then Megas gets hit by a blast. Megas gets up and sees Santa's slegh in the air.* Santa!? *It attacks Megas again.* Woah! *Megas falls down. The slegh lands on the ground. It then transforms into a robot. The robot looks awfully like Optimus Prime. Gorrath appears on the monitor.*

Gorrath: Give up your feeble attempt to stop me Earther! You cannot possibly win!

Coop: What the heck are YOU doing in Santa's slegh!?

Gorrath: I'm going to destroy you then take over Earth!

Coop: Not if I stop you first! *Santa's mech runs at Megas. It tries to punch Megas, but Megas grabs the arm. Megas then throws Santa's mech away. Megas then runs at the mech and tackles it down. Megas pins the mech and starts to punch it. However Gorrath pulls a lever and the mech tosses Megas off. Santa's mech gets up and fires metal blades that look like Christmas Reefs. Megas dodges both blades. However Santa's mech runs up to Megas and punches it knocking Megas down. The mech picks up Megas and gives Megas an uppercut sending Megas flying. Megas is now down.*

Gorrath: Hahahah! Victory is finally mine! *Megas gets up and attacks Santa's mech. Both Megas and Santa's mech grapple. Meanwhile back inside the base, Kiva frees the other elves.*

Elf 1: *Voice actor is Ben Deskin* Santa! Are you all right!?

Santa: Yes! Thanks to Kiva! However we are not out of the woods yet! We all need to work and help Coop defeat Gorrath! We can still save Christmas yet! *The elves cheer and scramble into their toy solder mechs. The mechs start to get up and march out.*

Kiva: In the meantime, we should get back to Megas. I just hope Coop is doing all right. *Back outside, Megas gets hit and Megas slides into another building. Megas slowly gets up, and Santa's mech creates an energy axe. The mech throws it at Megas. Megas gets hit in the chest. There is a gash on Megas. Gorrath grins evily, then the mech charges at Megas and tackles it down. Santa's mech starts stomping on Megas.*

Jamie: aaaAAAAAaaaa!!! *Megas tries to move Santa's mech off, but Megas is low on energy. The computer reads at 30% and dropping. Coop cringes. Santa's mech then kicks Megas down. Megas tries to get up again, but can't. Megas falls limp.*

Coop: No! Not now! Come on! Give me a christmas miracle! *Megas again tries to get up but can't. Santa's mech looms over Megas. Kiva and Santa run for Megas.*

Kiva: Coop! *They run faster.*

Gorrath: Hahahah! You don't even have enough energy to have the prototype beg for mercy! Looks like not only do I win, but I get the prototype as well! *Smug grin.* I guess it's a good Christmas for me after all human. Hahahah! *Multiple blips appear on the radar. Gorrath gets O.O eyes. Santa's mech is surrounded by toy solders.* What!?

Elf 2: *Voice actor is Ben Deskin* Fire! *The toy solders fire upon Santa's mech.*

Gorrath: Grahh!! *Megas tries to get up again. It manages to do so. Coop sees the toy solders attacking Santa's mech.*

Jamie: Coop now! *Megas puts its arms together. The hands go inside and Megas fires a powerful blast at Santa's mech. Santa's mech goes flying into a snow bank. Megas then kneels down and falls over. Kiva and Santa get into Megas.*

Kiva: Coop what happened!?

Coop: I guess I bit a little more than I could chew.

Kiva: *Reads the energy meter.* Coop that attack you just did sapped all the energy from Megas! We need to recharge!

Santa: Leave that to me! *To his elves* All right my elves! Please send your mech's energy to this robot! *The toy solders shoot wires out from their guns. The latch onto Megas. It sends energy to Megas. The energy meter goes back up. It now reads 100%*

Coop: All right! Thanks Santa! *To Jamie* Told you he was real. *Jamie mumbles.*

Santa: Thank you for rescuing me Coop, but right now we have to stop Gorrath!

Coop: But he's piloting your selgh! I can't destroy it!

Santa: Saving christmas is more important than my slegh! Don't hold back! Give Gorrath everything you've got!

Coop: Right. *To Gorrath* Listen up Scrooge! You attack Santa, turn his workshop into a fortress, hold him and his elves prisoner, and use his sleigh to attack my robot! I know one squid that's gettin coal in his stocking! Lots of it! *Coop pulls a lever back and steps on the engine. Megas flies in the air. Santa's mech gets up and looks at Megas coming at him. Megas tackles the mech. Megas then picks the mech up in the air and throws it into the ground. Santa's mech gets up. It creates another energy axe. It runs at Megas and tries to hack Megas. Megas grabs Santa's mech by the arm and punches it with the other arm. Santa's mech goes flying. Gorrath is angry. He comes at Megas again. Megas creates the cool energy sword and clashes with the energy axe. Megas manages to overpower Santa's mech. Santa's mech goes flying into another snowbank. Santa's mech aims at Megas and fires flaming coal balls at Megas. Megas fires a flaming 8 ball at Santa's mech. Gorrath gets scared and ejects from the mech. The 8 ball hits Santa's mech destroying it. Gorrath flies away.*

Gorrath: I will return Earther! The next time we meet you will lose! I will be victorious!

Coop: All right! Christmas is saved!

Jamie: No it's not. *Pans over Santa's workshop which is destroyed in the fight.*

Coop: *Facepalms* Santa. I'm so sorry I couldn't save everything.

Santa: *Sighs* It's all right Coop. You did your best! We'll have no problem rebuilding our workshop. It's just that without my slegh, I can't deliver the toys fast enough! At least half the children of the world won't recieve presents!

Kiva: That's sad. Is there anything we could do? *Santa thinks, then gets an idea.*

Santa: Coop! With your mech so bright! Won't you help me deliver the toys tonight?

Coop: Me? You want me to deliver the toys!

Santa: Yes! Your mech should be able to travel the globe in half the time it takes my slegh! It's the only thing fast enough we've got right now!

Coop: Santa! *Smiles* It would be an honor!

Santa: Thank you Coop! Now we lost some time during those fights! Let's get the toys and head off! *Megas flies to the workshop, grabs a huge sack of toys, then flies away. We see Megas go around the world. It drops toys in all the chimneys. Kids get up and open their presents. They are happy and play with their new toys. Megas goes to India, then China, Italy, Spain, USA, Russia, Japan, Kenya, Egypt, Mexico, Canada, etc.*

Coop: Well that's the last of it!

Santa: Thank you again for helping me save Christmas Coop!

Coop: Don't mention it Santa.

Santa: Jamie. I believe you have something to say to your friend Coop? *Jamie is reluctant.* Jamie. *Jamie sighs*

Jamie: Sorry I doubted you Coop.

Coop: Don't sweat it man!

Jamie: And I'm also sorry for not believing in you Santa.

Santa: It's ok Jamie. I know you haven't had the best christmas in awhile, but then again, it's not really about getting presents. It's about spending time with your loved ones. *Gives Jamie something.*

Jamie: What's this?

Santa: Open it! *Jamie opens up the envelope. He takes out 2 tickets. Jamie smiles*

Jamie: Dude! Tickets to the Metal Maiden concert! I've been trying to get these all year! Thanks Santa!

Santa: *To Kiva.* Kiva. I Know how much you want to return to the future. *Kiva looks at Santa. Her eyes widen.* But time travel is beyond my powers. *Kiva looks upset* So instead. I got you this lovely sweater! *Santa gives it to Kiva. She looks at it.*

Kiva: Thanks! It's nice! *Smiles*

Santa: *To Coop.* Coop! You've been a big help! I feel that someone with an appitite like yours should have this! *Gives Coop something as well.*

Coop: All right! Free buffet dinners at Senor Glutton! I can use these upstate! Thanks!

Santa: You're welcome! Now Coop if you would so kindly please! *We see Coop smile. Megas flies away from us.*


Ending Credits: *The Glorft find their ship completely covered in coal. Gorrath forces the Commander to shovel it into space. The Commander gets sad eyes. He starts doing it.*


Coop: David Deluise
Jamie/Elf #3: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva/Elf #4: Wendee Lee
Gorrath: Clancy Brown
Glorft Commander/Glorft Guard: Kevin Micheal Richardson
Goat: Scott Reinecker
Santa: Peter Cullen
Elf #1/Elf #2: Ben Diskin
Coop's mother: Miriyam Flynn

Production Music Used

Original Song: You're a Cruel One Mr.Gorrath - Sung By Kevin Michael Richardson
Collision Course - Non-Stop Production Music
Ska'd 4 Life - Extrememusic X Series
Happy Shoppers - KPM Music
Busy Summer's Day - Universal Production Music
Epic Movie Adventures 2 - De Wolfe Music
The Search* Non-Stop Production Music
MIdnight Rodeo - Universal Production Music
Legions of Doom* - Non-Stop Production Music (Premire)
Air Check - Extreme Music X Series
Dead Man - Universal Production Music
Unknown Track 1 (Military percussion music that happens when Coop activated the Jammer in "Battle Royale"
Losing My Hi - Extreme Music X Series
The Hunt - Sonoton Music
High Plains - Non-Stop Production Music
Intrepid - Non-Stop Production Music
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music
Christmas Brings (A)* - KPM Music


Megas Fan
Apr 6, 2005
North Babylon
Hello everyone. Here is a mini-rewrite for "The Good, The Bad, and the Megas"

The Good, The Bad, and The Megas.

*The episode begins in Jersey City. It pans from left to right, showing various buildings and such. When it stops panning, Megas falls into some buildings. Megas is smoking. Megas gets back up and looks at a dragon who looks like Trogdor the Burninator. The dragon has 2 arms instead of 1. The dragon roars at Megas. Megas runs up to the dragon and grapples with it. Megas gives the dragon a backbreaker. The dragon gets up and swipes Megas with its tail. Megas trips and falls. The dragon stomps on Megas and flexes. Megas grabs the dragon by the neck and throws him away. Megas gets up and looks for the dragon but it's gone. Coop is confused. A loud noise is heard. The Dragon grabs Megas and flies into the air. The dragon drops Megas onto the ground.*

Coop/Jamie/Kiva: EURGH! *Megas gets up and looks at the dragon who is carrying a large pipe. It smacks the pipe into Megas. Megas topples and falls onto a building. Then the dragon holds Megas into the air and throws him into yet another building.* Ugh! *Megas gets up.*

Jamie: Man! This thing is even stronger in real life than in the game!

Kiva: Game!? What are you talking about!? *Pause* Coop! What did you do this time!?

Coop: Well. I was playing this really cool internet game on the computer in Megas and-


*Coop is inside the car playing a game on the computer. He is playing a game similar to Trogdor from Homestarrunner. The dragon steps on peasants and breathes fire at cottages. Coop only has one life left. Jamie is in the back seat relaxing. He gets up and pops his head in to see what Coop is doing.*

Jamie: Are you winning!? *Coop gets destracted by this and the dragon dies.*

Coop: Dude! You cost me a life! *The screen says game over.* Grah! Stupid knight! *Coop slams his fist onto the control panel. The computer screen then says "Digitizer: Activated". Megas fires a greenish beam which turns into data. The data forms into the dragon from the game. It let's out a loud roar.* Oh boy.

*Back to reality.*

Kiva: You accidently activated the digitizer!? What were you thinking playing game inside of Megas!?

Coop: It's server is better.

Jamie: Look out! *The dragon punches Megas in the face. Megas retalliates with a missile. However due to the dragon's S shape, he streches his curves to dodge the missile. The missile hits a building. Then the dragon wraps around Megas since its shape is weird. It unwraps and cuases Megas to spiral into some buildings. Megas gets up. The dragon breathes in, then sprays fire at Megas.* He's burninating us!

Kiva: Activate the thermal shields! *Coop does so. Megas then picks up the dragon and throws him into a building. Megas tries to get close again but the thermal shields weaken.* The shields can't take much more of this Coop. We need to attack from a distance! *The dragon grabs a giant train which sported a POP TV logo and uses it like nunchucks. Megas opens up and fires a machine gun blast a the dragon. The dragon moves the train around and dodges every bullet that comes its way.*

Jamie: Woah.

Coop: Yeah I know. Kiva! Any idea how to beat this thing?

Kiva: *Uses the computer* We need to redigitize the dragon and put him back into the game. Unfortunatly we can't get close to it while it shoots those scorching hot flames at us. We'll need to put them out somehow. *Coop looks around and gets an idea.*

Coop: I'm on it! *Megas flies away from the dragon. The dragon drops the train follows Megas. Megas lands by a nearby water tower and removes the lid. Megas topples the water tower and the water lands on the dragon. The dragon is wet and weak. The dragon tries to breath fire but can't.*

Kiva: Coop now! Use the digitizer! *Coop presses a button. Megas shoots a green beam at the dragon. The dragon turns into data and goes back into the computer.*

Coop: Hahah! All right! I saved the day! *It pans out showing the city destroyed. Kiva is angry with Coop.* What!?

Kiva: You do realize this whole thing was your fault.

Coop: So? *Pause* Whose up for Pizza!? *Kiva facepalms*

*Title thing plays*

The Good, The Bad, and The Megas.

*Now we are in Coop's basement. Coop and Jamie are eating Pizza. On the television is a high school football team. It shows the Jersey City Goose eggs vs the Nehwark Jets. The Jets kick off and the Goose eggs grab the ball. The entire defense tackles the one guy. The ball goes out of his hand and the other team gets it. They score a touchdown. The Goose Eggs look upset. The score is now 49-0. It's only the first quarter too. As this happens, there is a guy talking on TV.*

Announcer: *Voice actor is Bill Farmer* And once again we thank you for joining us on Jersey City Public Access, where once again we find the Jersey City Goose Eggs suffer a crushing defeat against another team! This time being Newark Jets! The Jets kick off. Manning gets the ball. Oh no! The entire team has dog piled onto Manning! The ball goes out of his hand and Styler gets the interception! Touchdown Jets! And now the score is 49 to nothing! And it's only the first quarter too! *Coop and Jamie laugh as they eat pizza.*

Jamie: Man our high school football team sure stinks.

Coop: Yeah. But you have to admit it's pretty funny to watch them try. Maybe they'll actually score a point this season.

Jamie: I doubt it. *As they watch the Jets kickoff again, Kiva walks into the TV and gets in the way.*

Coop: Uh Kiva. You mind moving?

Kiva: Coop. We need to seriously talk. *Turns off the TV. Jamie grabs a book about western cowboys and starts reading.*

Coop: About what?

Kiva: About you and Megas. How could you be so irresponsible and use Megas that way!? Megas isn't a toy that you can just play with. It's a highly powerful weapon which as of right now is Earth's only hope against the Glorft!

Coop: What did I do wrong?

Kiva: You're kidding right? You released a powerful monster into the real world! This isn't even the first time we got attacked because of you! There have been several instances where you cause the problems for all of us!

Coop: Name one time!

Kiva: Well, there was the time you crashed into the cloaking ship and set the Regis Mark V onto Earth. Then there was the time you sent us into a dimensional rift and we landed in a prison planet. And of course there was the time you crashed through saturn and unleashed an alien spore on Earth. And when we crashed onto that planet ruled by a 10 year old kid. Do I need to go on?

Coop: Ok I get the message.

Kiva: Look. All I'm saying is *As Kiva talks it shows Jamie reading his book and pretending to agree with everything she says. I'll put what Jamie says after this part.* that you need to be more careful with Megas. Megas is a powerful weapon and in your hands it's a danger. Almost every time you fight you end up blowing up a planet or destroying all of Jersey City. You need to take caution when you fight. You cause more damage than the bad guy. I think what you should do is when you finish fighting, you should rebuild the damage you caused. I mean starting taking responsiblity for your actions and try to fix the damage. You could even do some community service! *At that last sentence, Jamie does a double take on the book he's reading, then spews out his drink.*

Jamie: *Reading a book and nods his head.* Yeah. Oh yeah. Definatly. Sure. Yep. I agree. You're right. Will do. Got it. Understood. I know exactly where you're coming from. Uh huh. Yeah. Mmmhmm. Yep. Uh huh. Right. Totally. *Spews out his drink* NO WAY!!!

Kiva: Jamie! A little community service won't hurt you!

Jamie: Huh!? No! I mean no way! Coop! Check this out! *Coop goes over and looks at the book that Jamie is reading. They see a picture of Coop and Jamie as cowboys. The picture is black and white.*

Coop: Woah. Is that me!? And you!?

Jamie: I think so. Where did you get this book?

Coop: It belonged to my great great grandfather. My grandmother told me stories about how he was a western hero and such.

Jamie: No kidding!? Nice! She ever mention me?

Coop: Actually. Now that you mention it, my grandmother did say he had a sidekick. Wow. I guess all those stories about my great great grandfather were true!

Jamie: Yeah. *Looks at Kiva.* Well. It doesn't say anything about a bossy red-headed chick in here. *Coop and Jamie snicker.*

Kiva: Very funny! *Grabs the book and looks.* These appear to be your ancestors!

Coop: You think our ancestors were real western heroes!?

Kiva: Well, I could try and track down the lineage of your family tree. Megas should be able to do that with no problems.

Jamie: Nice. Just wait till Racheal finds out. She'll totally dig me.

Coop: Speaking of Megas. What if instead of sending Megas back to our time, you sent it even further back so my great great grandfather got it?

*Major huge daydream*

*It is now 100 years ago in Jersey City. Jersey city however is now Jersey Gultch. It is a western town like in most cowboy movies. There are people on horses and cowboys and everything. There are also aliens dressed up as cowboys. It pans away from the city and into the desert. The sun is rising and from a distance are 2 shadows. It shows 2 horses walking towards the city. Coop and Jamie are riding the horses. Coop is riding a white horse who appears to be in pain. Coop is wearing a white hat with a red vest and white shirt. His pants are blue with chaps and stuff. His shoes have spurs in them. He has a red kerchiff. Jamie is wearing a brown cowboy hat. His vest is black and his shirt is green. He is wearing jeans that also have chaps and stuff. His shoes also have spurs. They ride into a Speedymart and come out with Mega-Slushes.*

Coop Cassidy: Woah! *The horse stops and neighs.*

Jamie the Kid: Man I thought we'd never get out of that desert. *Both Coop and Jamie dismout. Coop's horse is relieved. He then "talks" to the other horse. What the horse says is in subtitles. He says "Next time, you take the fat guy!"*

Coop Cassidy: *Breathes in the air.* Here we are Jamie! Jersey Gulch! The land of opptunity, change, and philly cheesesteaks!

Jamie the Kid: *Sees two girls. One of them is the sexy catgirl from "Battle Royale, the other is Gina from "Dude: Where's my head."* Not to mention the girls here are pretty hot. Hey Coop! I hear they got real nice dancing girls at the saloons here. Let's go check them out!

Coop Cassidy: Sure! *Coop and Jamie walk around and stuff. The pass several places. This includes "General Store", "Last Chance Insurance", "Pizza" "Undertaker" etc. As they walk, a tall lanky man approaches them. He is the undertaker.* Hey. You know any good saloons here?

Undertaker: *Voice actor is Dwlight Schultz* Well we got multiple saloons here. Jersey Gultch Saloon, the surly Goat, Pop Country Saloon. *Gunshots are heard. Jamie turns around and notices 2 guys leaving a bank. One of the guys is Skalgar. The other is the robot who insulted him in "Universal Remote". They then mount up on Coop and Jamie's horse and ride out.*

Coop Cassidy: Hey! That's my horse! *Jamie and Coop then see 2 cowboys rob a little kid. The kid is Skippy.*

Jamie the Kid: Talk about a lawless town.

Coop Cassidy: Yeah. You guys have a sheriff?

Undertaker: We had a sheriff.

Jamie the Kid: Had a sheriff?

Undertaker: Yeah. But we don't have one anymore. How would you boys like to be Sheriff?

Coop Cassidy: I'm not so sure. We are kinda new in town.

Undertaker: You get great food benefits. *Coop smiles*

Coop Cassidy: Sign me up! *The Undertaker gives Coop a sheriff star. He then gives Jamie the Deputy Star.*

Jamie the Kid: Hey! How come I'm the deptuy!? *The Undertaker then starts measuring Coop and Jamie.*

Undertaker: Don't mind me boys. Just a formality. *He attempts to measure Coop but can't.* Looks like I'm gonna need to use the one for horses. *Pulls that one out of hammerspace. He then measures Coop.* I guess I'm pulling a double shift tonight. *Walks away. Coop and Jamie look at him.*

Jamie the Kid: What was that all about?

Coop Cassidy: Not sure. *Smiles* Dude check it out! Not five minutes we enter town and they already make us the sheriff!

Jamie the Kid: Yeah. We get total control of the city.

*Daydream within a daydream*

*Inside the Sheriff's office, Jamie is sitting at a desk. His legs are resting on the table. On the table is a pizza pie, some video games, and money. Next to him are 2 girls. One girl is Racheal, the other is Duchess. Racheal and Duchess take turns masagging his shoulders.

Jamie: That's it girls. Just a bit in the middle. Then, when your done with that, you can give me a back rub!

Racheal: I just love a man in uniform. *Jamie tips his hat and smiles.*

*Back to Original daydream*

Coop Cassidy: Hey Jamie! Jamie. Check this out. *Coop ahems. Now he speaks in a western accent* This here town ain't big enough for the both of us!

Jamie the Kid: This town's barely big enough for you. *Coop stares at Jamie, then feels his throat.*

Coop Cassidy: Man I'm thirsty. Let's go get some root beer slushies. *Both Coop and Jamie head for the Surly Goat. Before they can enter, a guy gets thrown out of the window.* Woah! *It's a big guy with bald head and a yellow mustache. Kiva, who is dessed up as a show girl moves her hands to signal a job well done. Coop and Jamie look at Kiva going back inside. They then enter the saloon. Inside are various people and aliens. Florxin and Tolbit are at a table drinking stuff. We see various cowboys playing darts. Among them are Magnanimous, Quarrel, Krutus, one of those bodyguard dudes from "Battle Royale", and Warlock. The S-Force are dressed up as cowboys and are sitting at a table. Jenna is a waitress and she serves them food. Jenna and Mac talk. Mac appears to be smitten with her. Cal, the DMV Clerk, and some other people are playing poker. Coop and Jamie see the sexy catgirl and Gina walk by them. Some cowboys are playing go fish.*

Cowboy 1: *Voice actor is Dee Bradly Baker.* Got any 3's?

Cowboy 2: *Voice actor is Steven Jay Blum* Nope. Go fish! *Cowbowy 1 does so. Racheal is talking to Kiva and they both laugh. Racheal is also a show girl. Goat is tending at the bar. He gives a drink to the Lizard crewman from "Space Booty" Also sitting at the bar is Ultrabot Z, Skalgar, A smaller version of Zanozar, one of the Space Bigfoots from "Ice Ice Megas", and a human sized Prisoner 32. They are all in cowboy getup. Tiny is playing the piano. Coop and Jamie walk up to the bar and sit down. Prisoner 32 looks at Coop. Then looks down to see the badge. He scoffs and goes back to drinking.*

Bartender Goat: Howdy! You boys must be the new lawmen around here. What can I get ya?

Coop Cassidy: 2 root beer slushies please. *Goat goes to those XXX barrels and pours 2 tall glasses of root beer slush into them. Coop goes into his pocket and looks for money to pay.*

Bartenter Goat: *Slides the drinks to Coop and Jamie.* On the house boys! No money!

Coop Cassidy: Hey thanks! *Coop and Jamie toast, then drink.*

Bartender Goat: Better drink up boys! Most likely this'll be the last drink you guys have!

Jamie the Kid: No I'm sure we'll be coming back for more. *Drinks*

Bartender Goat: I'm guessing you guys just got here right? *Coop and Jamie nod. Goat blows into a glass and cleans it.* Then I'd reckon you'd never heard of the Glorft Gang then.

Jamie the Kid: The Glorft Gang? Who are they?

Bartender Goat: Perhaps the most nastiest, vile, cruel, rootinest, tootinest, shootinest, meanest, heartless bunch of no good mangy polecats to had ever ride into Jersey Gultch. They're ruthless, violent, and downright evil. They've been going into town, shooting up the place, and making off with our valuables. They especially hate lawmen. So I suggest you get out of Jersey Gultch before you end up like the last sheriff.

Coop Cassidy: What happened to the last sheriff?

Bartender Goat: They kicked him, they pushed him down, they shot him, they kicked him again, then they tied his remains onto the tracks and ran the 7:47 over him.

Jamie the Kid: *Jamie gulps* Suddenly, I don't want to be deptuty anymore.

Coop Cassidy: What do you have to worry about!? We're the good guys! The good guys always win! Besides, ain't no outlaws are gonna mess with my town once they get a load of my secret weapon!

Jamie the Kid: Oh yeah. That. *Coop's stomach growls*

Bartender Goat: Hungry aren't ya. Well if you want, you can sit down and get something to eat. I'll have one of the waitresses come by and serve you. *Coop and Jamie get up and sit at a table. Coop adjusts his seat since it's rather small. Jenna comes over to them. Coop looks at Jenna and smiles.*

Waitress Jenna: Howdy boys. What can I get ya?

Coop Cassidy: Give me a nice big juicy steak!

Jamie the Kid: I'll just have a tunamelt.

Waitress Jenna: Got it. I'll have your orders come out soon. *Goes up to Coop and whispers in his ear.* I'll make sure your order is extra special for you. *Kisses Coop on the cheek and walks away. Her big hips swaying. Coop is smitten with her.*

Coop Cassidy: Man I love this town.

Jamie the kid: Hey Coop. Check out the dancing girls. *On stage is Kiva, the Ultra-Cadets, Racheal, Julie, and some other girls. They are dancing the can can. While Jamie is watching them, Coop is watching Jenna who is cleaning up a spill. She is bent over so her huge butt is facing Coop. Jenna sees this and bends over even further for Coop. Her crack is showing.*

Coop Cassidy: Huh? Oh yeah. Awesome.

Jamie the Kid: I think the blonde is cute.

Coop Cassidy: Sure. *Still staring at Jenna.* Whatever you say.

Piano Player Tiny: All right girls let's kick it up a notch! *Tiny plays faster. This causes the girls to dance faster. Jenna comes back with the food for Coop and Jamie. Coop eats his steak and Jamie eats his tunamelt. Jenna grabs a chair and sits across from Coop. She sighs lovingly and watches Coop eat. Both Coop and Jenna lock their eyes onto each other and proceed to kiss. However a cowboy comes in.*

Cowboy 3: *Voice actor is Bill Farmer* Run and hide! Run and hide! The Glorft Gang's a commin! The Glorft Gang's a commin! *Everyone gasps and starts running. People turn over tables and hide behind them. People jump behind the bar and duck behind hit. Goat is still tending bar. Jamie hides under the table he was sitting at. Coop is still eating his steak and Jenna is looking at the door. The saloon doors open. In come 5 people. They are Gorrath, the Commander, and 3 other glorft solders. The glorft are not in armor but instead they are wearing cowboy stuff. Gorrath is wearing all black. He also has a gold tooth. He looks around and spits into a spitoon.*

Gorrath: I hear that there's a new sherrif in town. Where are you sherrif? Come on and face me!

Commander: Sir. I think he's right in front of you. *A short pause*

Gorrath: Thank you for stating the obvious! *Grabs his face and pushes him aside. Gorrath and the other glorft walk up to Coop as he is eating. Jenna gets up and moves out of the way. Jamie is cowering below the table.* What do you think you're doing in my town sherrif? *Coop ignores him and eats his steak.* I don't like your kind. *Continues to ignore Gorrath.* You wanna know what I did to the last sherrif? Well let's just say they're picking up his remains off the tracks. *Coop still ignores Gorrath. Gorrath gets into his face.* Look at me when I talk to you!

Coop Cassidy: Hey buddy! You mind!? I'm trying to eat my steak!

Gorrath: Grrah! *Takes Coop's plate and throws it at the wall. The steak is ruined.*

Coop Cassidy: Dude! My lunch! *Coop gets up to confront Gorrath. Gorrath however picks up Coop and pushes him against the wall.*

Gorrath: Listen up and listen well Sherrif! I want you to get out of my town right now! Failure to comply and I shall destroy you and this town!

Coop Cassidy: Read my lips! I ain't leaving! *Everyone gasps at this.*

Gorrath: Such a fool. Then you shall die along with this town! *Gorrath and the other glorft aim at Coop. The Commander aims at Jamie. Jamie gets out from under the table.*

Jamie the Kid: Don't shoot me! I'm just the deputy! *As they are about to fire, Kiva gets in the way.*

Dancer Kiva: Ya'll can't fight in here! Take it outside!

Gorrath: You are in no place to tell me where and when I can fight! *Goes to strike Kiva. However Kiva grabs Gorrath by the arm and throws him into the table where Cal and others were playing poker.*

Coop Cassidy: Nice arm.

Dancer Kiva: Thank you. *Gorrath gets up and looks at Coop*

Coop Cassidy: She's right! If we want to rumble then we take this outside! With a shootout!

Gorrath: Fine then sherrif! We will have our shootout! Meet me outside at high noon! If you refuse to show up, we will hunt you down and stomp a mudhole in your jorbloc! We are done here! *Gorrath shoots Coop's steak reducing it to nothing. Then they leave.*

Coop Cassidy: My steak. *Look at the Glorft gang as they leave.* Hm. They don't look so tough. Jamie! Let's go teach these chumps a lesson. You ready Jamie? Jamie!? *Turns around to see Jamie packing up to leave.* Jamie!

Jamie the Kid: Come on Coop! If we hurry we can make the 11:15!

Coop Cassidy: *Shaking Jamie* Get a hold of yourself! We can't back out of this! It's our duty as lawmen to take down these creeps!

Jamie the Kid: Speak for yourslef! I'm getting out of here! *Coop grabs Jamie and slaps him in the face a few times.*

Coop Cassidy: Listen to yourself! Is that some way for a deptuy to act!? No! Jamie we are heroes now! We can't let anything get in our way. If we leave town now, those snot color chumps will decimate this entire city! The townspeople will all be robbed! Or worse! And the worst part of is that knowing deep inside your heart, you're the blame. You could of stayed and made a difference. Even if it was a small difference! Leaving these people in their hour of need would haunt you years from now. Just picture this! You look back years from now and say "Gee! I coulf of been there to save the people! But instead I ran away! I'm still alive but the townsfolk aren't!" When you see other people being rewarded for their heroics, you're gonna say. "That could of been me!" And when people find out you bailed on them, they'll spit on your face! Quitters never win and winners never quit! We can't leave now! Not when people need us!

Jamie the Kid: Wow. That was really inspiring Coop..

Coop Cassidy: So you gonna stay and fight by my side?

Jamie the Kid: Are you kidding! I'm leaving now! You can stay and get killed if you want! I don't want to die! *Jamie attempts to run out of the saloon. However Coop grabs his shirt and holds him in the air.* Come on Coop! Let go!

Bartender Goat: *Cleaning a glass.* Actually you got about 5 minutes. *Coop looks at Goat* Daylight savings time was yesterday.

Coop Cassidy: Really? *Goat nods* Oh geeze. *Coop lets go of Jamie. Jamie drops to the floor*

Jamie the Kid: Omf! *Jamie gets up and dusts himself off* Great. Now what?

Coop Cassidy: Well. Only thing to do now is go out there and hope for the best! Let's do this Jamie. *Coop and Jamie proceed to walk out.*

Waitress Jenna: Wait! *Coop and Jamie turn around. Jenna goes up to Coop and kisses him passionatly. Coop smiles.*

Coop Cassidy: Nice. *Jamie goes up to Racheal.*

Jamie the Kid: So. Where's my kiss for good luck?

Dancer Racheal: Drop dead. *Jamie turns around and walks away.*

Jamie the Kid: I just might. *Coop and Jamie leave. The undertaker goes to Goat. Goat gives him a new sherrif star.*

Bartender Goat: Let's hope the next sherrif can last longer than these guys. *Both Coop and Jamie go outside. The townspeople are watching. The Glorft are in a V formation with Gorrath at the middle. Coop and Jamie stand side by side. A salamander walks along the ground. A tumbleweed rolls by. Also Coop and Jamie are now wearing western style trenchcoats which flow like a cape. The Glorft are wearing them too.*

Gorrath: Such a fool. You should of left when the offer was given to you! Now you'll die in this town along with everyone in it!

Coop Cassidy: Blah blah blah! Quit yer yammering and let's do this! I'm still hungry! *Both Coop, Jamie, and the Glorft stare down. We see various characters watching as they stare down. The clock tower is ticking towards exactly high noon.*

Gorrath: Draw Earther! *Coop and Jamie get their guns out and fire at the Glorft. However the Glorft are quicker on the draw and shoot their blasters at Coop and Jamie. Coop and Jamie get hit. In slow motion, it shows them getting blasted. They go flying into the air. Everyone looking on is depressed. Coop and Jamie fall down on the ground. Regular speed resumes.* Not even worth my time. This town is mine once again! Hahahahah! *As everyone is sad, a little boy looks at Coop and Jamie. They slowly get up.*

Little Kid: *Voice actor is Wendee Lee* Look! *Coop and Jamie get up and dust themselves off. Everyone clamors at this*

Coop Cassidy: That was it? Man that was lame! *Gorrath gets O O eyes.*

Jamie the Kid: Yeah! You ruined my trenchcoat!

Gorrath: What!? Impossible! How!? You should of been obliterated by that blast! *Coop and Jamie open their vests to reveal bullet proof vests*

Coop Cassidy: Bullet proof vests! Never leave home without them!

Gorrath: Clever tactic! But it won't save you this time! *Aims at Coop's face.*

Coop Cassidy: I don't think so! *Coop and Jamie whip out their guns. Coop shoots Gorrath's blaster knocking it out of his hand. Jamie shoots into another blaster. That blaster goes flying into one of those horse drinking things you see in western shows. Coop does some fancy shooting and knocks a blaster out of another Glorft's hand. Coop keeps shooting the blaster and it goes higher and higher. Eventually it dissapears from sight. The Commander slithers to pick his gun up. However Jamie keeps shooting it. This causes the Commander to follow his gun to grab it. But Jamie continues to shoot it. Eventually the Glorft are all disarmmed. Coop and Jamie twirl their guns and put them back in their holsters. Everyone cheers.* Looks like your disarmmed! I suggest you get out of MY town or you'll be next!

Gorrath: Hahahaha! Impressive Earther! However you have not defeated me yet! I still have some tricks up my sleeves! Commander! Summon the mechs!

Commander: Aye Warmaster! *The Commander shoots into the air. Then 5 glorft mechs drop down. The Glorft get into the mechs. Coop and Jamie are surprised.

Gorrath: Hahahahah! Now you will see just why I have never been defeated! Once I destroy you, I will rob this town to it's very core. Then I'll obliterate it and everyone in it! *The mechs aim at Coop and Jamie. Jamie gets behind Coop. Gorrath laughs hard.*

Coop Cassidy: Nice mechs. *Evil grin.* Mine's better!

Gorrath: What!? *Coop shoots into the air. Then Megas lands right infront of Coop and Jamie. Megas is pretty much the same, but instead of a car, there is a station wagon with 2 horses. Coop and Jamie sit inside the wagon.* That's the prototype! What did you do to it!?

Coop Cassidy: Hey my robot's name is Megas. And I found it abandoned in the desert. Gave it a nice paintjob, some extra stuff. It wasn't easy too considerig the old technology we got in this time frame.

Gorrath: You will pay for this sherrif! *Points at Megas* Destroy him! *The Glorft mechs fly towards Megas.*

Coop Cassidy: Geddiup! *The horses neigh and move forward in place. The thrusters to Megas activate. Megas flies twoards the Glorft. Megas grabs Gorrath's mech and grapples with it. Megas picks up Gorrath's mech and throws it onto a building. Since it's all wood, it completely breaks. Megas then punches a mech on the left down. Then Megas punches a mech. Then he picks that same mech up and throws it onto another mech. A glroft mech slowly gets up. Megas is behind the mech standing. Megas grabs the head of the mech and rips it off.* Yeehaw!! *Megas grabs 2 glorft mechs and smashes them together. The townspeople cheer on Megas. A mech grabs Megas from behind. Another mech aims at Megas. The mech that's aiming charges up and it's gun barrel starts rotating. It fires shots into Megas. Coop and Jamie cringe. Then Coop takes the rope that is tied to the horses and whips it. The horses buck in the air. Megas then breaks free from the mech holding it. Megas grabs that mech and holds him as a shield. The mech that's firing destroys the other mech. As that mech goes down, Megas aims its fist at the mech that was firing. Megas fires the fist at the mech destroying it. Megas stands over a pile of mechs.* That's the best you got? And here I thought you were gonna be a threat. *Gorrath grrs.*

Jamie the Kid: Nice one Coop! *Does the rock on pose thingy with Coop. Gorrath and the Commander's mech get up.*

Gorrath: Commander! Send down more mechs!

Commander: Aye Warmaster! *The Commander presses a button on his mech. a bunch of enemy mechs show up and surround Megas. It pans out 3 times showing them surrounded. Coop and Jamie look worried.*

Jamie the Kid: Oh man.

Gorrath: I already told you sherrif! You cannot win!

Coop Cassidy: That's what you think! *Megas's arms transform into 2 gaitling guns. The barrels spin and fire shots at the mechs. A line of mechs get destroyed by blasts. Megas then runs up to a mech and rips out its arm. He then bashes the head of a glorft mech. Megas then fires a missile at several mechs. The mechs fly out of the way. The missile instead hits the POP Country Saloon.*

Bartender Goat: Well that cares care of my competition. *Smiles and cleans another glass. Back at the fight. Megas jumps into the air. Below him are several mechs. Megas lands on them destroying them. Megas gets up and gets punched. Megas turns around and throws the mech that punched him away. Megas then opens up its chest. Out comes a giant version of Vash's left arm from "Trigun". It charges up and fires out rounds of energy into mechs. Mutliple mechs get destroyed. Gorrath's mech then grabs Megas and rips the gun out from Megas's chest. Coop retalliates by having Megas punch Gorrath's mech down. Then Megas picks up Gorrath's mech and throws it onto a schoolhouse completely shattering it.*

Kids: *All dressed up as cowboys/cowgirls* Yay! *Megas then uses the giant gun and smacks a mech in the side. Then Megas starts bashing a mech with it repeatedly. As Megas is about to strike again, a mech shoots the giant gun away from Megas. Gorrath's mech then punches Megas. Megas falls onto a building. Megas gets up and fires a fist at Gorrath's mech. It hits his mech. Megas then jumps in the air and gives Gorrath's mech a drop kick into another building. Glorft mechs fire at Megas. Megas hides behind a building and uses it as cover. Megas pops out to fire shots at glorft mechs. A few more glorft mechs get destroyed. Mechs sneak up and aim at Megas. Jamie turns around, taps Coop on the shoulder, and Coop then turns around to see the mechs. Megas claps its hands creating a shockwave which cause the mechs to stumble and fall. Megas then jumps into the air.*

Coop Cassidy: Waaaah!!!! *Megas gives those gloft mechs an elbow. When Megas gets up, a missile hits Megas. One of the horses explode.*

Jamie the Kid: Coop! We're losing horsepower!

Coop Cassidy: I still got one left! I ain't gonna let these lawless chumps destroy my city! *Shows most of the city destroyed*

Jamie the Kid: You seem to be doing a good job of that on your own. *Gorrath's mech kicks Megas down. Then multiple Glorft Mechs grab and hold Megas. Gorrath's mech aims at Megas.*

Gorrath: It is useless sheriff! You have lost! Now to destroy you.

Jamie the Kid: Coop! Do something!

Coop Cassidy: I'm trying! *Tries to get the horse up.* Come on Bessie! Give me all you got! *Coop accidnetly kicks his spur into the horse. The horse neighs and bucks like crazy. Megas gets back up and throws the glorft mechs off of them. Megas punches a hole right thorugh a mech destroying it. Then Megas grabs another and rips it's arm off and beats mechs over with it. The remaining horse opens its mouth and fires a laser blast at another mech destroying it. A mech grabs Megas from behind. Another mech attempts to pummel Megas. Megas kicks the mech knocking it back. Then bends over forward to throw the other mech off of him. The mech holding Megas lands on the mech that was going to shoot Megas. Megas grabs both mechs and crushes their heads disabling them. Both mechs fall down. Megas jumps into the air, aims at the ground, and fires a laser line blast which travels the ground. It follows several glorft Mechs as they try to escape the beam. They fly past buildings which get destroyed in the process. Eventually the mechs get hit by the beam and explode. Wooden planks and such fall to the ground. Jersey Gulch is decimated. Megas, the townspeople, and Gorrath's mech remain.* All right ya no good orerary polecat! You come to my town, rob the townsfolk, bash my ride, and ruin a delicious steak lunch! Now it's just you and me hombre! *Gorrath looks around and sees that Jenna is the closest one to him. Gorrath grins evily and laughs, then dashes over to Jenna and his mech grabs her. Jenna screams.*

Coop Cassidy/Jamie the Kid: No! *Jenna struggles to get free from Gorrath's mech, but he is holding it too tight.*

Coop Cassidy: Let her go!

Gorrath: Hahahaha! Don't make another move! Try anything funny and I'll crush her!

Waitress Jenna: Put me down you jerk! *Struggles to get free. Coop grrs angerly. Then it shifts to Gorrath who grins evily, then Coop, then at Gorrath again. It shifts back to Coop who lowers his head in shame.*

Coop Cassidy: I surrender.

Jamie the Kid: Coop! You can't be serious! We have to stop him!

Coop Cassidy: Sorry Jamie. *A short pause. Coop opens his eyes* Psyche! *Megas fires a fist, connected to a chain. It hits Gorrath's mech sending it flying. When the fist pulls back, it opens up showing Jenna gently in Megas's hand. Megas puts Jenna into the stage coach with Coop and Jamie. Coop tips his hat.* Ma'am. *Jenna blushes. Gorrath's mech gets back up and Megas aims at Gorrath's mech.* I believe you were gonna get out of my town now! *Gorrath grrs*

Gorrath: This isn't over sherrif! I'll be back! I'll own this town in no time! *Gorrath's mech flies away. Every cheers. Jenna then hugs Coop and kisses him on the cheek. It pans out showing Jersey Gulch destroyed again. Now it shows Coop and Jamie packing up with Megas.*

Bartender Goat: We can't thank you enough for saving our city from the Glorft Gang. Hopefully they won't show up again.

Coop Cassidy: Heh! They shouldn't after the whooping I gave them!

Dancer Kiva: Sure you don't want to stay as sherrif?

Coop Cassidy: I'd love to maam, but there are other places to see, things to do, philly cheesesteaks to eat. But I think you'd make a good sherrif! *Gives Kiva the star badge.* As for me and Jamie, we just got to ride. Oh. Will you guys be alright if she comes with us!? *Points to Jenna. Goat smiles and nods.* Good. All right Jamie! Get us out of here!

Jamie the Kid: Got it! *Whips the rope for the horses.* Heyaa! *The horses gallop away. This causes Megas to start walking into the sunset. Megas is also wearing a giant poncho.*

*Back to reality. Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are looking at the book.*

Kiva: So because of dumb luck, your ancestors managed to save Jersey Gulch from bandits. How typical. I guess it just runs in your family doesn't it Coop.

Coop: Yeah. See. You just need to relax Kiva. Everything works out in the end.

Kiva: Still. I want you to start taking better care of Megas. You need to train even more than ever. If we want to save the future, you need to dedicate even more time to honing your skills. I also want you to start cleaning up your mess after a fight.

Jamie: Why bother. The city's rebuilt next episode anyway. *Goes back to reading the book himself.*

Kiva: Guys this is serious! With the way you use Megas, you're an even bigger danger than the Glorft. Are you even listening to me!?

Coop: Hm. You know. I could use a nice steak right about now.

Kiva: *Sighs* I give up. *Walks away. Coop watches more TV, and Jamie keeps reading.*

End Credits: Coop, Jenna, and Jamie ride into the sunset. Coop and Jenna look at each other she leans on Coop. Megas walks into the sunset wearing the poncho.

The End


Voice actors:
Coop: David Deluise
Jamie/Cowboy #2: Steven Jay Blum
Kiva/Kid: Wendee Lee
Jenna: Jennifer Hale
Racheal: Danielle Harris
Gorrath: Clancy Brown
Commander/Tiny: Kevin Micheal Richardson
Cowboy #1/Brogdor: Dee Bradly Baker
Goat: Scot Reinecker
Undertaker: Dwight Schultz
Football Game Announcer/Town Idiot: Bill Farmer

Production Music Used

Revolt - Dewolfe Music
Greensleeves - Dewolfe Music
Intrepid - Non-Stop Production Music
College Fight Song* - Universal Production Music
Hogan's Thing - De Wolfe Music
Bandits of the West* - Abaco Music Library
Hot Night - De Wolfe Music Library
Georgia Peach* - Dewolfe Music Library
High Plains - Non-Stop Production Music
El Desfile - Burton Music
Towards The Edge - De Wolfe Music
Gunfighters & Lawmen - Burton Music
Night Of The Plague - KPM Music
Happy Husker - Mega Trax
Hang Em Low - Abaco Music
X Head (B) - West One Music
Wrath Of Bob - Non-Stop Production Music
Short Hair - Universal Production Music
Unknown Track 3 (Music Heard in End Credits of Coop'De Tat)
Viper Room Rumble - Universal Production Music


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