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I've noticed when the MCU got very very popular, now every Marvel cartoon, comic, or even video games want to be just like the cinematic universe. It feels like they are relying too much on the MCU for inspiration.

An animated series called "What If...?" is planned and is based comics series of the same name but it has to be entirely based around only on those movies.

The video game "Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite" suffered that same problem now its just MCU vs Capcom.

How does everyone feel about this huge influence?.


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It's one of my biggest problems with the last 8 years worth of cartoons, they feel so derivative and lacking in any identity of their own. They feel like hollow advertisements for the movies that don't bring anything interesting to the table visually or in terms of scripts, they feel like they're doing the bare minimum half the time and just playing it safe.

I'm totally cool with the What If? cartoon doing the MCU shtick cause it literally is designed to be the first MCU cartoon, there's no dancing around it with that one, just finally making it what these other shows have been wanting to be for the last 8 years. Plus at least the art direction for the What If? cartoon is looking infinitely more interesting than any of the recent Marvel shows, too.

Side note, it also bothered me to no end seeing what was happening with the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite game. Just felt so skeevy not even throwing a Wolverine in there who's been a staple of that series since the very first crossover game with Capcom, then the flimsy explanations they'd give why no Fox movie-right owned characters were present this time. It just represents the type of corporate synergy and fakeness I detest.


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It feels like they are relying too much on the MCU for inspiration.
More like a corporate mandate, which as far as I understand, said grip has been loosened quite a bit compared to some years ago. Thinking all the way back to Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes and even having that Tony Stark resemble Robert Downey Jr's as much as possible.
For sure What If? will showcase alternate takes for the movie-verse with the live-action actors voice reprising their characters, but all the other cartoons in development aren't tied to any particular adaptation. Hulu was going to have its own shared universe just as Marvel did on ABC, Netflix, and Disney, but those plans fell through.


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