May 2022 Nick Premieres

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Jul 29, 2017
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According to, for the new SpongeBob on May 20, "Captain Pipsqueak" has been replaced with "Patrick the Mailman".

In fact, I tweeted Vincent Waller, the showrunner, and he says that "Patrick the Mailman" is the actual partner episode with "Say 'Awww!'".


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Sep 9, 2013
@I Am Nickelodeon 1

Wednesday May 25 at 7pm has new Nick News - "Standing Up, Speaking Up And Standing Out"


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Sep 9, 2013
@I Am Nickelodeon 1 On Thursday May 26, not sure if it's error, but Nick is scheduled for The Smurfs to air "Clumsy Not Clumsy" airing at 2:15pm (the one that hasn't premiered on Nick TV at all but used to be on digital for short time), after "Who Nose" (as that premiered on TV last Sept), both were on same production.

Although I would wait unless Nick would make another last minute changes..

iCarly on Fri May 13 episode title is "iDragged Him"


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Sep 9, 2013
May 2022 Nick Premieres. All The Premiere Info for May 2022 on Nickelodeon, Nick@Nite, NickToons, TeenNick, Nick Jr, Nick on Paramount + & Nick on Netflix... ALL TIMES EST!!

Last Month's Premieres --> April 2022 Nick Premieres
Next Month's Premieres --> June 2022 Nick Premieres

Highlighted: (Series Premiere) (Season Premiere) (Series Finale) (Season Finale) (Special)

As Usual, Any Updates Please Let me know below ;) Thank You.


SpongeBob SquarePants
Friday, May 20th at 7PM - "Patrick the Mailman; Say 'Awww!' " (#276)

The Smurfs
Friday, May 6th at 7:30PM - "Knight Smurfalot; Forget Me What?" (#118)
Friday, May 13th at 7:30PM - "Smurfboards; Monkey See, Monkey Do" (#120)

Nick's Shorts Showcase
Friday, May 6th at 9PM - "Froggy Lake" (#118)
Friday, May 13th at 9PM - "Creature Seekers" (#119)


It's Pony
Thursday, May 26th at 9:30PM - "Beachy Weachy Weach; Bee in a Jar" (#206) (Possible Series Finale)

Nick on Paramount +
ICarly (2021)
Friday, May 6th at 3:01AM - "iBuild A Team" (#206)
Friday, May 13th at 3:01AM - "iDragged Him" (#207)
Friday, May 20th at 3:01AM - "iTBA" (#208)
Friday, May 27th at 3:01AM - "iTBA" (#209)
@I Am Nickelodeon 1

the updates:

Fri May 20 iCarly episode title is "i'M a USA Bae"

Nick's Shorts Showcase for May 6 and May 13 is featured The Casagrandes

Fri May 20, SpongeBob episode, you got that switched up, according to zap2it, it says "Say Awww!; Patrick the Mailman"

The animator or creator of It's Pony confirmed that it's cancelled according to twitter source

On Thurs May 26 according to zap2it and, the sister episode "Clumsy Not Clumsy" for The Smurfs will premiere on Nickelodeon TV at 2:15PM. So it's not an error though.

Also according to zap2it, nick@nite will premiere Seinfeld on early Tues May 31 2am-4am, airing every day.


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