"Marvel's What If...?" Season One Talkback (Spoilers)

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Apr 5, 2007
South of Europe
Like I suspected, the individual stories ended up joining together against a common threat. I don't know what will come in Season 2, but I want to know what happen at least in some of these alternative worlds after this. If they used the Zombies against Ultron, I want to know if this world managed to recover when the Zombies disappeared.


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Here's the real article, BTW - read that and avoid the cancerous comments, instead.

It's bad enough this city can't do anything to preserve history worth doing so. The comments mostly being cancer is only bonus points.
The 1st day of this year's Advent is here. I wish everyone here the best of their events during the Xmas season (including Xmas and New Year's Eve/Day).
If any Sonic media deserves an animated series based on it, I'd say Post-SGW Archie Comics is prime choice.
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Hey @Vuxovich, Here is what the Five Anime Distributors would be for the Big 5 Media Conglomerates

Sentai Filmworks would be owned by Disney
NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan would still be owned by Comcast
Funimation would still be owned by Sony
CBSParamount Entertainment Japan would be owned by ViacomCBS
Viz Media would be owned by WarnerMedia

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