Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars "The Wastelands" Talkback (Spoilers)

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Mar 8, 2009
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Tune in for a new episode of Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars, today at 8:30AM ET on Disney XD! Don't miss the 3-Part Season Finale!

Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars "The Wastelands"
Episode Debut - March 11th, 2018
Directed by - Micah Gunnell

Before they can use the Bifrost to undo Battleworld, the Avengers must defeat the Beyonder’s forces – Ares and an army of Ghost Riders.


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Apr 23, 2017
Jane Foster, total Mary Sue.

Not sure where he got all those Ghost Riders from, but I liked their Mad Max style vehicles. Ares' facial animations were very distracting. I'm not sure what they reminded me of, but it wasn't good.

Last scene with Loki was probably my favorite part of the episode.

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Ride On
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Dec 14, 2008
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Arguably the most action-packed episode of the arc. I also got some Mad Max vibes here with the chase scenes.

I'm still disappointed that they changed The Beyonder so much...but I will admit, he at least made for some entertaining action scenes here, though he lost to Jane Foster way too easily.

Even though we all knew Loki would end up betraying the heroes, the final scene was kinda cool.

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Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
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Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars 'The Wastelands"

Ghost Riders! Jane Foster Thor! That was quite an episode.

I love Tony telling Beyonder he was overcompensating for something with that outfit. Because he totally is.

I don't knew why the show thinks having Loki refuse to return the Eye is a twist worthy to end an episode. I expected that. What was truly a surprise was Loki saying he was an Avenger earlier in the episode. The show cannot take the predictable way out and expect me to be impressed with it when it does.

Good episode, weak ending. ****.


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Apr 5, 2007
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OK, next episode. Let's see:

+ A different intro with Miss Marvel, that's refreshing.

+ I would have liked that they indicated where in the map of Battleworld was the "Wastelands". However, I guess it can be easily deduced from the events in the episode. It must be the big area bordering with Egyptia, with a piece of "walk" between NYC Underworld and Westland.

+ Too bad the Avengers' Tower was destroyed, again. I would have liked to be transported back in New York and restored once Battleword was undone.

+ I would have liked to see where the army of Ghost Riders came from. They all looked almost exactly to each other, and I don't get how they could have controled them.

+ Very smart the decoy's manouver to trick the Beyonder.

+ Beyonder's new armor made him look more similar to his version from the 90s series of Spider-Man. And the part with the head shielded, it was very appropited, as it suited with the Beyonder's big dumb head.

+ Geez!!! They really had to let the debut of Jane Foster Thor for the last second?!! It almost didn't let time for her to shine, just like in "Ultimate Spider-Man" they left the debut of Mary Jane Watson as Spider-Man for almost the very last second.

+ Loki as the Sorcerer Supreme, a clear reference to the comics. And seriously, who didn't see Loki's betrayal incoming? You know what they say, "no matter how many times a snake sheds its skin, it's still a snake".

Well, opinions?


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May 28, 2010
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Sherman Oaks CA
It was pretty awesome to finally have an episode where every Avenger VA actually got a line of dialogue. Looks like they were saving up for the finale :D.

The Avengers trip across the Wasteland against Ares and his horde of Ghost Riders was a pretty awesome and thrilling sequence, even with the reveal that the Bifrost they had was a decoy, and very Mad Max-esque :cool:.

The Beyonder on a segway. I'm not sure whether that's ridiculous, amazing, or ridiculously amazing :p.

What was with Wasp's big leadership moment? It feels like it was alluding to some kind of sub-plot or character arc Hope had been going through all season but it felt a little out-of-nowhere to see Carol pushing her into a role that we had previously never even seen her tangentially moving towards :confused:.

And once again Hope gets a meaningful character moment with someone other then Scott :(.

It was cool to see Beyonder finally sport his comic armor, although those were some absurd shoulder pads even by the Beyonder's standards :sweat:.

It wasn't surprising seeing Iron Man and the Beyonder go toe-to-toe, and watching the Beyonder tear into Tony had me at the edge of my seat, though now I can't help but think that the entire reason the writers made the Beyonder so tech-based was so he could try to out-armor Tony and end up getting hacked to jusfity the Avengers beating him :ack:.

Honest question, does anyone buy Jane Foster becoming Thor here? Like, has the show really developed or focused on her enough to where she would seem Worthy enough to wield Mjolnir and be bestowed the power of Thor versus, say, anyone else in the cast save Cap? I know they've foreshadowed a bit, especially at the beginning, but that doesn't really make it a believable moment or get us invested enough in Jane to really feel her becoming Thor :shrug:.

And so Thor's entire outfit is basically created by Mjolnir? He's been wearing an entirely different set of clothes under his armor the entire time, while his main look was created by his hammer? Is Mjolnir a Green Lantern ring now? I feel like we would've had this addressed before o_O.

I was also really disappointed that Jane's voice didn't change at all once she became Thor. Part of the fun of Jane's Thor form is that once she transforms she starts talking like Thor or an Asgardian, and how that contrasts with her mortal self, but here she talks exactly like she did before. I was hoping we'd get to hear Erica Lindbeck do her own Thor voice :sad:.

That last scene with Loki was...pretty anti-climactic. There wasn't any sinister cue or music, Loki didn't even change his facial expression that much. He just simply said no and then the episode ended. I guess it's a good thing the next part followed it closely after :eek:.


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