"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Season Seven Talkback (Spoilers)


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Major kudos to Elizabeth Henstridge on her directorial debut.

I liked that LMD Coulson's arc is now shifting into a bit of an existential crisis. It would right for the real Coulson to start questioning stuff about himself right about now. I totally believe he's going to sacrifice himself in the finale and "die" once again.

Seemed like the time storm took place in the Quantum Realm. The visual looked really similar.

Simmons crying like that is disconcerting to say the least...

I am not really into the Daisy-Sousa shipping. I don't think we need another romance sub-plot when they're so much going on. Plus, the dude's like 35. Beside that, I just took it as Daisy saying 'what the heck' since she was frustrated with the failures racking up and the time loop was going to reset things anyway. And we know she's impulsive and probably didn't consider she would still remember. Unless I'm forgetting and she died after that loop and forgot the kiss, too. I'm also thinking Sousa might be the type to sacrifice himself to save the team - like Steve Rogers, he's the guy that will jump on the grenade without thought.

Poignant and gut wrenching death for Enoch but for a final season centered on time travel, I totally believe he's going to return somehow. Probably when they return to the present something happens. Or he's able to upload a copy of himself onto Zephyr like how LMD Coulson and Sibyl did to survive the Lighthouse explosion a few episodes ago. And it's not the first time an Enoch died. Recall, future Enoch sacrificed himself to get the team back into the present in season 5 then they addressed the two versions of Enoch and Fitz so... no one really dies. Enoch being the 'voice' of Zephyr would kinda cool now that I think about it...

I guess some are quitting S.H.I.E.L.D. for good once the Chronicoms are beaten. Mack has been threatening to quit for years but I think he and some will stay at S.H.I.E.L.D. while others will quit for good. Though the gang disbanding sounds like something they would do in the series finale to me. And I suppose that would feed into people's hopes some of them pop up in Disney+ shows and/or join S.W.O.R.D.

That definitely looked like James Paxton, Bill's son, in the promo. Sure bet he's a younger Garrett. I'd have to watch it again but I think he gets Gordon's teleportation power! The interesting part is if they're still in 1983, this would have been around the time Fury was training Coulson and Garrett in the original timeline and a couple years before Garrett was fragged in Sarajevo and decides to join HYDRA. This thing with Nathaniel really feels like a distraction so S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't find out Sibyl is still around and doing whatever it is her real plan is. She wound him up like a toy and let him loose so she could focus on her scheme unnoticed. Hmm, perhaps she needs the right technology to build a device to send a S.O.S. to the Chronicoms in the present? Because in theory, Zephyr is still dependent on the Chronicom to jump ahead in time next for it to follow and at the present, they're stuck in 1983 presumably.

Feels like I'm keeping falling for the boy who cries wolf but maybe Fitz shows up next week? lol. Idk, at this point...I'm a little concerned he won't show until the finale... Nah. Can't be. Gotta be next week. Yeah.

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What an episode. Ran the full gamut, from funny to tragic.

I really feel like Enoch got a raw deal in this season, but his final scenes were pretty poignant. Looks like whatever happened with Fitz isn't happy either.

I'm also not sure if I like them introducing a whole new romance sub-plot this late in the game, but I do like Sousa, and his scenes with Daisy were pretty enjoyable, so...

Now that Yo-Yo is potentially OP with her super speed, I was wondering if they would find a way to keep her out of the way. They sure did in this episode, but it's too soon to say if this was a fluke or not.


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"Stolen" - Episode 10 (133)
July 29, 2020 @ 10 p.m. ET on ABC
After Enoch's sacrifice propelled them out of the time storm, the team arrives back in 1983 where Nathanial and Kora are hard at work building an army of hand-selected anarchist Inhumans at Afterlife. When the agents split up to cover more ground, Daisy is tasked with protecting Jiaying and is compelled to confront her mother for the first time since her death; while the others quickly learn they'll need to face yet another supercharged former enemy in order to stop Malick.

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Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Stolen"

That was dire. And yet it weirdly didn't stop it from being enjoyable. There's a lesson in that I think.

Daisy still being around after Jiaying died raises serious questions and possible explanations as to why Deke is still here despite the possibility that Fitz has also died. And yes, whether or not he's dead, Ian De Castecker has clearly left the show. With only two episodes left, when he returns he will be a special guest star. He is no longer a series regular and him STILL not being here makes it hard to argue otherwise.

Garrett was fun. They really are completely rewriting the entire canon of the show, which is fine with me so long as they figure a way to make the Snap / Blip canon. That should be Job One of the final time travel season. Jaiying and Gordon dying was just the tip of the iceberg.

Daisy says fascism is back. Is that a reference to Trump? It's been way longer than eight years so there is little chance Ellis is still President. Or is she referring explicitly to Hydra? It's an interesting comment because it can be read either way.

Loki was obliquely referenced as the long-haired dude who killed Coulson with a stick.

Man, I really hope the finale lives up to my expectations. This season has been too good otherwise. ****.


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Wow, what a things go even more terribly wrong/darkest before dawn episode.

James Paxton was a breath of fresh air really. It comes through that he had fun playing his late father's character John Garrett but it easily fits that tone would work for a young John, too. In a similar vein, it was interesting to see the younger Gordon be a bit more humorous than the adult Gordon the team met in season 2. I was a little surprised Mack and LMD Coulson didn't bring up it felt a little odd to be working with him after what happened on the Iliad but then humorously point out it was different Coulson and Gordon then. Kora on the other hand, I'm still meh about her. Still feels to me she's there as filler and distract.

I loved that Daisy got some closure in a sense with Jiaying and got to converse with a pre-militant version. Loved the season 2 callback with Daisy using her ability on the cup of water. Side note: Loved seeing Daisy ready to go full on Quake and Nathaniel finally getting afraid. I'm glad they addressed that because of time travel, Nathaniel now technically has had the quake ability longer than Daisy. But I still kinda wonder if he also got the boost that came from the Centipede Serum or if she only has it. The rumble scene kinda implied the latter a little.

Nice of Roxy Glass to have a small appearance to confirm she and the others got into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy and are official. But I think she was just there to set up the Triskelion as another target. I'm thinking now if Sibyl and Lucas were to have been able to continue jumping ahead in the timeline, the next target would have been the Triskelion. But after the plan was altered, the events from Project Insight and on were designed to have the side effect of Triskelion being completed earlier than in the original timeline so that once Sibyl built back up an army, she tasked Nathaniel with stealing Zephyr One and using its weapons array to blow up the Triskelion which I think we might see in next week's episode. But then Nathaniel reveals his mission is to kill Fitz and somehow they can achieve that with the Zephyr in 1983. Hmm. I think perhaps they can use either what's on Zephyr or the Time Drive to hail the Chronicoms in the present and they use their ships to jump to 1983 to meet up with Zephyr to recover Sibyl. Curious to see how Mack and LMD Coulson are going to get to them. I'm pretty sure Nathaniel's end will come next week either by Sibyl declaring he is no longer of any use to him like she did weeks ago to the repair guy or someone from S.H.I.E.L.D. will do him in. It feels like we're coming to part with him realizing he was just a pawn and is getting tossed like a piece of trash.

Loved the little Star-Lord shout out with Deke - the Walkman clipped to his side, the orange headphones, his label on the cassette - Deke Squad Mix Vol. 2. :D And looks like he's being set up as the wild card once again. lol.

Gripe: In-universe, nothing to do with how the season's been plotted episode to episode, how the hell did May not head shot Nathaniel in the narrow hall way and only clipped his arm? Man... OR Jiaying, drain him with one hand but how about using the other to do an arm bar on his arms so he doesn't elbow you?

Could Fitz be hiding among the Chronicoms in the present, posing as one?

Daisy still being around after Jiaying died raises serious questions and possible explanations as to why Deke is still here despite the possibility that Fitz has also died. And yes, whether or not he's dead, Ian De Castecker has clearly left the show.
There's 2 main ways to look at it:

1. There's a failsafe in her ability that if her spine is broken or she loses a bunch of her organs, her body puts her in stasis until the issue is rectified -- I guess in theory, Daisy could quake her spine back in alignment? But we know, Cal was able to help revive Jiaying after he found her after Whitehall stole her organs. I think a similar example is Claire on NBC's Heroes. In season 1, she was fatally impaled on a branch or something and eyes glazed over, it's been awhile, and it was assumed she was dead. But after the branch was removed by the coroner I think, her self-healing ability kicked in and she revived. So this could be why Daisy hasn't blipped out of existence.

2. The Jiaying who died isn't her mother. It's an alternate Jiaying with no biological relationship to the Daisy we know, but would have given birth to an alternate Daisy (who is, for all intents and purposes, a completely different person).

which is fine with me so long as they figure a way to make the Snap / Blip canon.
It is. I'm pretty sure we talked about this in the season 6 talkback. But a direct reference to it would be a nice cherry on top of what is a really good final season.

Daisy says fascism is back. Is that a reference to Trump? It's been way longer than eight years so there is little chance Ellis is still President. Or is she referring explicitly to Hydra? It's an interesting comment because it can be read either way.
It was probably a open ending line about HYDRA coming back in The Winter Soldier but could also be seen as an ambiguous nod to the Trump era. Season 5 was littered with Trump quotes/references. Yeah, no way, Ellis is still President. The math supports someone else is, they just never directly stated who yet. And yes, if you recall, Trump and even Obama have been referenced in some of the streaming series like Runaways and Luke Cage but I don't recall anything substantial to outright say Trump is President in the MCU.


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"Brand New Day" - Episode 11 (134)
August 5, 2020 @ 10 p.m. ET on ABC
With the help of Kora on the inside, Sibyl and Nathanial continue their fight to shape a dark new future for S.H.I.E.L.D., managing to stay one step ahead of the agents along the way. If the team is going to turn this one around, they’ll have to get creative, and maybe even a little out of this world.

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Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Brand New Day"

There will be sci-fi predestination purists who absolutely hate that the correct way to defeat Sybil is as simple as asking yourself, "What was I going to do before this? I won't do that." But that's something I love. That's what fate and destinies and prophecies and ALL of that future-meddling stuff SHOULD boil down to. Season 5 was insufferable because succeeding in the mission was so hard and complicated, and that's no fun to watch. In reality, a good way to outfox a fixed timeline is to say, "I won't do that."

Did not like the implication of Gemma forgetting Fitz. I did not like them at all.

The decision to destroy SHIELD in the 1980's is a crazy one. They better have a way out of this.

I think Sousa is enjoying the name Quake a little TOO much, and it's much less funny than he's saying it is, but I think part of the reason he's getting Mack and Daisy to laugh at it is because he's committed to the bit. Sideshow Bob getting hit in the face with the rake three times isn't funny. You have to do it nine times to get the proper level of comedy. Sousa refusing to let up turned an unfunny thing funny in spite of itself.

I like the nonchalant way Coulson affirmed to Yoyo he was a computer expert now. Clark Gregg is funniest when he's chill.

My only reservation about the episode is that some of the things it set up could potentially ruin the series finale. Now I'm not saying that will happen, but Agents Of SHIELD is famous for always being unable to stick the landing in the finales. I suspected this all season, but I wasn't as worried about it as I was until the end of this episode. It could work out fine. But I'm knocking off a star and a half because this episode did stuff that will make a sucky ending easier than it was before it set those things up. We'll see how it goes. ***1/2.


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I knew we were in for some kind of gut wrenching Fitz-Simmons flashback to explain what happened to them at the end of last season before she rescued the team at Izel's temple but the most wrenching of the gut. But there's Enoch to lighten the mood, loved the bit of him realizing Fitz wanted him to leave the room. :D But I whole heartedly agreed with the argument they should take time with each other. Liked the reveal of what naming the memory inhibitor after Elizabeth Henstridge’s engagement ring and coming up with an acronym for it. Really concerned what the heck Fitz meant by "bloodwork." I hope he didn't get space cancer or something from his travels last season. He was using that injection to mask his appearance on the ship he was working for, could be a side effect of repeated use. Or a pregnancy test? BUT Simmons forgetting Fitz?! NOOOO!!!! Stop breaking our hearts, writers. But I guess that was a ramification of using that memory device on her with the implant activated. Would be the last straw if it's revealed Fitz is dead and that's why Simmons was reduced to tears during the time storm.

Still don't like Kora. Her justification using Ward was ugly. Nothing like Katya. Ward, as terrible a person he becomes, wasn't an Inhuman child using her dangerous powers on people. And well, killing him as child would delete the character growth the team has gone through. LMD Coulson's argument about the Framework Ward was a good counter. But knew she'd do something bad in the Lighthouse. Yup, using her ability to allow Sibyl to hack into the Lighthouse then have the Chronoicoms destroy 24 SHIELD command bases and slaughter who knows how many agents. I did like she was shaken when it became apparent she never knew Nathaniel was going to kill Jiaying and trying to revive her in vain. Gripe: Sucker punching, May? Really?! They're really downgrading May this season almost like a consequence for the empathic powers. But points to her dodging that blast,

I was already pretty tired of Nathaniel. But hitting Simmons really seals the deal. I mean I have a whole separate gripe about Simmons having been kidnapped again for the umpteenth time but it served a purpose I guess.

Totally in Mack's nature to see the obvious happening and find Daisy in the Quinjet. I really did question if Daisy ever flew a Quinjet before though. The discussion between Daisy and Mack about it being their last mission was so... real. So self-aware. Really just the shock of it being the end. Wondering why one is okay with it. And Mack saying it's okay for things to not be the same. I'm always for a 'the adventures continue' kind of ending like we had in season 5's finale but Mack's reasoning made sense and kinda showed how naive Daisy still is. Just because a family goes their own separate ways doesn't mean the family is over. Also liked how they addressed a hope they can make it back to the original timeline. I didn't care for the Sousa-Mack scene though.

So like this whole time, the Chronicoms could have just come to the 80s and blew up SHIELD's bases? Not sure what they were doing this whole time trying to steal faces and manipulate pivotal events when they could have just blown up all their bases from space in 1983. I'm confused if those were Chronicoms in 1983 or the rest of the Chronicoms in the present come back in time.

The map of SHIELD command bases was gold despite the horrible catastrophe. And evidentially we were supposed to get a bit more confirmation than just the Hub was in southeastern Alaska; that The Slingshot was in Venezuela/Guyana, The Sandbox was in Western Sahara/Mauritania, and The Fridge was in South Africa. Some new ones were The Racoon in Argentina, The Corellian in Finland, Solitaire in France, Doghouse in Portugal, The Atlantis in the Indian Ocean, and The Kangaroo in Australia. But wow, 24 total command bases in late 1983: LA, DC, Alaska, in Venezuela/Guyana, Peru, Argentina, around Acapulco in Mexico, Greenland (guess they deployed from there when they search for Steve), England, near Bordeaux in France, southern tip of Portugal, Finland/Russia, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Western Sahara/Mauritania, near Mumbai in India, Kazakhstan/Siberia, around Hunan China, likely around Tokyo Japan, south Myanmar/Thailand, Sumatra, near Gardner in southwest Australia, and something in the Mid-Indian Basin of the Indian Ocean. Makes you wonder how many there were by 2014. And of course, this map was mostly only command centers and there's still all the training facilities, research facilities, safehouses, detention facilities, black sites, decommissioned sites, academies, and trauma centers that were around by the 2010s, too. Too much terrible things have been done, I genuinely wonder if the team will travel back in time once more to undo the Chronicoms’ and their actions in the finale.

And then there was 80 minutes left of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to watch.

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We finally got some new Fitz scenes! Even if they were flashbacks.

I was really hoping that Kora was going to blast Nathaniel in the final scene...but a kiss. OK. Maybe in the next episode.

I feel like Yo-Yo has been slightly underused ever since she got her powers back (and better), but when she does get to show off, it's always cool.

Still not sure I love the Daisy/Sousa ship, and I'm not even sure if it'll have enough time to develop, but we'll see.


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"The End is at Hand" - Episode 12 (135)

"What We're Fighting For"
- Episode 13 (136) [Series Finale]
August 12, 2020 @ 10 p.m. ET on ABC
With their backs against the wall and Nathaniel and Sibyl edging ever closer to eliminating S.H.I.E.L.D. from the history books, the agents must rely on their strengths to outsmart and outlast the Chronicoms. This is their most important fight, and it will take the help of friends and teammates, past and present, to survive.

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Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. "The End Is At Hand"

Without speculating on whether or not the next hour is great or not, I will say this: The show did deliver on a huge promise. And it was the type of promise other shows, (and often Mutant Enemy shows) don't bother following through with. The Chronocoms wanted Fitz dead BAD. He was the elephant in the room, and they considered him their only threat. And I have to say a lot of shows wouldn't bother coming up with a legitimately true excuse for why that is so. They'd call him an unknown variable and pretend that is actual closure for the arc. And most fans would be happy with that.

This episode however showed why Fitz was such a threat. His plan was genius, destined to work if the Chromocons didn't catch on, and it was weird and complicated enough that none of the robots could have possibly guessed it. The writers actually came up with a good reason Fitz is the Savior of the season. Most shows wouldn't bother doing that. They'd just assume we'd be happy enough to see him after all this time, declare him a legend in the villains' mind, and just leave it there. And what is interesting is that most fans would accept that. If I am being 100% honest, I probably would have too. Making Fitz's plan smart was a rare enough twist that I would never have thought to actually demand that. And I don't necessarily think that's a good thing for me. Now I will demand that of ALL television I watch with a similar plotline, and it might wind up ruining a great deal of enjoyment of other stuff. That's happened to me many times. A storyteller tells their story the correct way, and in a way nobody else does, what I was willing to tolerate before that is no longer adequate. I'm glad I was able to be impressed by this show at the end. But I'm think the downside is it's gonna ruin a ton of other stuff for me. I specifically think The Arrowverse is going to suffer the most in future reviews because of this. And I'm glad for the show, but I'm not happy for the rest of fiction that will need to raise their game to impress me. Because not only do I believe most fiction wouldn't bother doing that, I believe most fiction doesn't have that in them. So it's bittersweet being impressed by Fitz and this show's logical brilliance. It's awesome, but it's gonna make a lot of future stuff seem worse than it would have if this episode didn't exist.

I was on the fence with Garrett joining the good guys. Ultimately, he's killed and declared a traitor upon his death, which felt right. I would not have been particularly happy about a redemption and reformation for that specific character. The way they did that would have struck me as a roundabout and forced way to do that. But in time travel stories, the plot turns tend to be roundabout and forced to begin with, so I probably would have accepted it. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't have to.

And now it's time to discuss how I feel this specific episode played in relation to being the penultimate episode ever. I'll describe in the following review what my expectations were for the series finale, but I have to say I am a little bit concerned with this episode. Everybody is playing it as the final mission, but I'm not getting the vibe that things are wrapping up. Normally in a continuity this messy before a series finale they wipe the slate clean somehow in an ambiguous and unsatisfying ending. I will not be happy or accept that if this show tries that. Why? Because this is going to be the only television show in Marvel Television history to not have been canceled midway through, and the producers were able to give us a real series finale. If the finale is not satisfying to me, I'm not going to accept that. There are like ten different Marvel shows that ended ambiguously because the producers didn't have a choice in the matter. In the one and only show they did, I will expect something for my troubles. We'll see, but I'm no closer to understanding the continuity, the new timeline, or the potential relationship to the Snap than I was before the episode. That fact makes me very uneasy.

But it was a great episode in and of itself. Fitz living up to the hype means I DID love it otherwise. ****1/2.

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. "What We're Fighting For"

Wow, that was really something.

We're gonna talk about the things that did right (hint: most of it), some of the things it failed at, and the general impression that left me with. My mantra this season about the finale is "I hope they stick the landing." They did. For the first time ever. And as the last episode, that's maybe really only the actual time they NEEDED to do that.

I continue to be impressed by Fitz's plan. What I love is that it boils down to redeeming the Chronocoms, not destroying them. The answer is not committing genocide against an unfriendly alien race. The answer is turning them into friends. I love that notion very much.

I am very happy where they left things with Deke. He was very happy himself in the 1980's as a rock God, and him affirming he was the new guy in charge was hysterical.

I also am impressed that the series explored themes of sacrifice and loss without killing any of the heroes. The last mission ever and never being all in the same room together does not have to mean a tragedy has befallen them. Sometimes that's just how life works out. That is not only a good philosophy for the show to leave things off with, but it meant I could enjoy things while they were happening.

Lola is back. About freaking time.

I was not feeling much sympathy for Cora's stupidity last episode, so it's sort of nice the episode redeemed her anyways. I don't object to that.

I think the alternate timeline idea explains the Snap sufficiently, but sufficient wasn't all I was looking for. They talk about how this timeline has it's own dark stuff going on, but I wish it HAD been made more explicit. The show now fits, but I would like it to have fit comfortably.

Begs the question: If these past couple of seasons were an alternate timeline where Thanos doesn't Snap everybody, it must have had a dire ending for Earth if Doctor Strange declined trying to make IT come to pass at least. Strange noted there was only one timeline out of a million where they won. But this suggests that Thanos didn't win in every single timeline the heroes lost, and the heroes lost for other reasons in those timelines.

In hindsight, the mystery of the season was tightly plotted, and well-explained. I didn't understand all of the ins and outs of the plan but that's what Blu-Ray rewatches are for. The thing they were fighting for being family makes sense to the team as a whole.

Unfortunately, this leads to the part of the season that doesn't hold up in hindsight. It bothers me because everything else is acceptable, even the notion that it was the last mission without any of them dying. But Simmons getting her memory back and wailing hysterically as if Fitz's fate is tragic a couple of episodes ago is the one thing that doesn't play in the end of the mystery. Red herrings are one thing, but they actually have to make sense in hindsight. Did Gemma simply go insane a couple of episodes ago? If so, it's unsatisfying and unexplained. But out of all that, I probably think it was the only thing that was. Which is frankly not too shabby at all.

May owning The Cavalry for the first time ever. It was the best and most right time to own it too, so I'm doubly happy.

I like how they got around the "Never all be in the same room again" thing at the end. That was very clever and a perfect compromise.

If they went back to the original timeline, that means Mack's parents are alive again, and Jaiying died years after she had Daisy, and a lot of what they suffered over the last couple of years has been undone. I am personally a little bit fuzzy on when the new timeline splits off, but I'm sure fans nerdier than I am have a good idea of when it happened at least. I'll leave that up to them.

This is the first and last series finale in Marvel Television history. It was so solid, I'm angry we never had another one. What kills me is that all of those shows were canceled for financial reasons instead of them being low-rated and unpopular. I don't much like any of the shows from Marvel Television outside of Cloak And Dagger, but I didn't like this show for most of its run either, and it had a great enough ending that I'll remember it fondly. It's a shame this is the only show I really will. And it bothers me ALL of those stories stopped due to the executives and bean-counters and never for creative reasons. It's a bummer after seeing how great an ending this show was able to deliver. *****.


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Excellent reviews. I’m mad at myself for not realizing how they would use time travel to solve the disconnect with the films.

I really got a kick on how current this season ended up being. We currently feel like we are living in a dystopian alternative timeline due to COVID. And the series ends with a scattered team together in a Zoom meeting.

We can close the door on a rocky Marvel TV legacy. It could have been much more but I’m happy about what it was. This was the TV version of Endgame, time travel and all. It worked out in the end. Starcrossed lovers got their happily ever after. There is still room for more stories (please tell me Daisy, Kora, and Sousa are working with Fury up in space).

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End of an era. Good times. Will miss the show.

Loved the season 2 callback with the device they used on Gordon on the Iliad. And that karma still applies to AU timelines. Garrett got what he deserved for again choosing to side with the enemies. And in this case, he sided with an idiotic Machiavellian demagogue. Only more validated it was young AU Victoria Hand who offed Garrett, another nod to season 1 and in a way, justice served.

Mack and Sousa were a joy. Mack's fear they would be done in by robots callback was :D Duct tape Chroni-missiles were awesome. A classic goofy solution.

Quantum Realm for the win! Points to Enoch for hiding the key to Fitz as a bunch of 0-8-4s throughout the AU timeline. And if I remember right, at the start of season 3, we learned Fitz knew of the Pym Tech collapse and studied his research while he was trying to figure out what happened to Simmons after the Monolith teleported her to Maveth. So it's been established or a link is there to justify how Fitz would have known about the Quantum Realm.

Hilarious the alternate timeline's S.H.I.E.L.D. Director will be Deke. Also chuckled when Deke did the raspberry amid Sousa's dramatic speech. Also later on, the '1, 2, 3, go or on 3?' I was lmao.

The whole "tie in" with the Quantum Realm and they made their own Quantum Bridge was a brilliant reveal. Also, Simmons assembling it on pure instinct was clutch. It was so amusing that basically seconds passed for Fitz in the Quantum Realm then he's brought to the AU timeline only to have his joy tempered to reality like being assaulted by words at all angles at the start of the finale and being told they don't have Kora was hilarious. But they still win.

Them being in the hazmat suits at the temple was hilarious. At that point, I kinda buckled in and didn't question any time paradox issues they created. Went with the flow. Lovely reveal with the Containment Module and Alya. I totally never questioned why the module was absent in Zephyr One this whole season! And Alya being confirmed to be born also helps cement that Deke will be born in the original timeline in a couple decades time. It was cute to learn Alya's actress was an American pretending to be British and Elizabeth Hendstridge helped by saying her lines in her accent and the girl would copy her during filming. But so swift that it was trick to think they fired on Zephyr which is the past one while the current one sneaks back into space to the mother ship.

Didn't expect them to defeat the present day Chronicoms with an empathy upload. Kinda of a bit too Care Bears but Fitz did the math and basically the Chronicoms had the numbers on their side so he opted for if you can't beat'em... method. Still, I believe Malachi's line "Friends, as we have always been" was what Enoch said before he died. Guess that's why May got it after all. Loved she delcared she was the Calvary. Also surprised Kora survived the power transfer and made it to the original timeline to become an agent for real. It's kinda uh squishy that love saved the world but we had the big explosion in space for the action piece coda and theme was family after all. They'll always be a family when they're apart living their new lives, the bond they all share will never deteriorate because of distance. I'll take it.


I was a little on the fence about Daisy essentially killing herself by setting off the nuclear reactors then because she's only in space for "a bit," Kora's energy was seemingly able to heal her.

I guess they were able to relocate the updated Chronicoms to another planet or they're still on Earth? I was a little disappointed it ended when Malachi declared they were friends. Or maybe they were relocated as part of Daisy's assignment in space.

Was Davis a LMD hybrid like Coulson or just a LMD? How did they get that approved? Plus, Davis wasn't plugged into the Framework so how would they have a brain scan of him to upload compared to LMD Coulson?

Would have liked some close ups of Nathaniel and Sibyl burning to ash in the explosion... but would have been gratuitous I guess. Though they had no qualms about Ghost Rider Coulson roasting AIDA in front of our eyes in season 4. I'm not a sadist, but I think we deserved to see Nathaniel in agony a bit longer than a pull out POV and see a tiny him getting caught in the blast wave ending! Still, I say points to Sibyl getting a ventilation shaft sucker punch.

I guess it also would have been much if there were a few more guest stars in the epilogue. But pity Weaver wasn't on the Helicarrier reporting to Mack or at the Academy campus. Heck, they could have retrofitted the Iliad into that Helicarrier. Or Deathlok would have been cool. Or Bobbi and Hunter.

Sousa-Daisy, idk, I was never onboard. The subplot just felt shoehorned and too Disney happy ending that nearly everyone was in a relationship with someone.


Kinda eerie how the meeting at Krazy Kanoe one year later was essentially a Zoom meeting like we're all doing a lot more of now.

Guess Flint got to stick around after all. And he's at the Coulson Academy to become an agent eventually. Neat. Guess that was one positive outcome from season 6. Speaking of, I was happy to see they got back to Coulson Academy which they were mulling since last season. And Professor May? lol Scared to ask what kinda grades she gives. But I think out of everyone, I was the most surprised she's no longer active in the field anymore.

Very happy and relieved Fitz and Simmons got their happy ending. Suffice to say they've been through the grinder over the years. But retired, married, and raising their daughter. Yes, that was the correct way to go.

Heh, I was grinning when I realized Director Mack has since adopted his own super cool dust jacket and has a Helicarrier. Also it was a pleasant surprise to see Elena is the most decorated agent now. It was also hilarious (yet huh?) that Piper got to have a LMD Davis after all the past incidents and restrictions placed on the program. And they still quibble with each other, lmao.

It was interesting to see the assignment Daisy chose for herself is intergalatic outreach as an ambassador of S.H.I.E.L.D. with Sousa and Kora. I was thinking she was going to rebuild Afterlife as a new S.H.I.E.L.D. base to train Inhumans and if they want to join the organization, funnel them to the Coulson Academy.

Very intriguing to see S.H.I.E.L.D. Had finally rebuilt and expanded, something they've tried and failed to do during the series or done with minimal progress. Now, there's at least 3 Zephyrs, 1 Helicarrier, the Academy is back, and the Triskelion is rebuilt in Washington DC. Really loved the last scenes – a sweet season 1 callback with L.O.L.A. and now it's got a sleek update like Coulson got in a way (also Mack finally got to work on her after nagging real Coulson all those years) and Daisy is now the one building a family out of a new team on a kick ass jet.

Begs the question: If these past couple of seasons were an alternate timeline where Thanos doesn't Snap everybody, it must have had a dire ending for Earth if Doctor Strange declined trying to make IT come to pass at least. Strange noted there was only one timeline out of a million where they won. But this suggests that Thanos didn't win in every single timeline the heroes lost, and the heroes lost for other reasons in those timelines.
AOS has always been in the main MCU timeline aside from the 2091 arc and this season's time travel. There was even going to be a direct Thanos Snap mention but for some reason it was cut for time. But the lack of a concrete mention of Thanos Snap #1 will always be one thing I hold against the series. They couldn't in season 5 because of logistics, sure. But anytime in season 6 and 7 would have sufficed.

We only got a glimpse of present-day events in Endgame. Some were pristine places like the San Francisco memorial or the diner Hulk ate at and see places in disrepair like that one street Scott walked down or New York City. Steve's support group made it very clear that those who couldn't move on were in the minority, not the majority. S.H.I.E.L.D. went through so many end of the world scenarios, they didn't need to mope and grieve about the Snap because they still have the rest of the world to protect, they had deal with the new threats that kept on rising on a daily basis.

Blu-Ray rewatches are for. The thing they were fighting for being family makes sense to the team as a whole.
Hope that happens because only a Japan Blu-ray for season 6 has happened. While it does have an English language track, the regular price when you convert from Yen to USD is in the $100 range. I'm hoping there will be at least a Region Free U.K. release with season 6 and 7 together in one set since both have less episode counts than season 1 and 5 so it decided for economical reasons to release the last two together.

Did Gemma simply go insane a couple of episodes ago?
No. Just a temporary rush of memories that overwhelmed her as she relived that angsty scene in Zephyr One where Fitz assured her the plan was going to work. And once they escaped the time storm, the D.I.A.N.A. memory implant was reinstalled and those memories blocked again and it was working until the Chronicoms injected her with a solution to dissolve it for good.

I am personally a little bit fuzzy on when the new timeline splits off, but I'm sure fans nerdier than I am have a good idea of when it happened at least. I'll leave that up to them.
I'm fairly sure it's when the Chronicom Luke approaches Wilfred Malick in 1955 with a new plan to follow.

This is the first and last series finale in Marvel Television history.
There's one more left: Helstrom in October likely to be just the one season.
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Overall, a pretty satisfying ending. On paper, a "friendship/family power!" ending sounds cheesy, but the execution was actually pretty solid, and it was a clever way to get more mileage out of May's empathic abilities.

I was wondering if all the buildup for Fitz would backfire, but I personally thought the explanation was worth it. The time travel angle was neat. If it was a coincidence that it had some similarities to Endgame, it was a happy coincidence. And his and Simmon's daughter is adorable.

Kind of amusing when you realize that Piper and Flint spent the whole season guarding that machine. I mean, for them it wasn't long at all, but still.

While I was sad to see Deke leave, I guess he had a happy ending. He gets to be the leader of SHIELD, and be a rock star. Not bad. Too bad for Daisy/Deke shippers, though. :p

I'm still not totally sold on Daisy/Sousa, but it was sweet that Daisy was able to get through to Kora...even though Kora got really annoying when she kept blaming Daisy instead of Nathaniel.

The final scenes were really good. I almost got emotional watching it. It kinda hit that this was really the end. I had no problems with any of the endings (it makes sense that May would be teaching a new generation), but I wish Coulson had a bit more closure. Is he fine essentially being immortal now?

I'm gonna miss this show. I really did love it, warts and all. I would love it if some of the cast could reprise their role, one day. But seven seasons is way more than I expected years ago, so I'm happy.

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I just binged it and I thought it was a fun ride of a season. It's so weird to be at the point watching this series that I wanted to quit do badly by season 3, and have been so on board with ever since the Ghost Rider story arc, that seemed so random and out of the blue before I actually watched it. I think that I just got to the point where I really loved the characters. They went from being a group of people that seemed so random (and who I couldn't understand why they would be the basis of a SHIELD show) to being a family of characters that I root for every episode and who I look forward to seeing. I'm going to miss Coulson, May, Fitz, Simmons, Daisy, Mack, Yo-Yo and Deke. I can't believe that Brett Dalton didn't make some kind of appearance in the season. The Season 6 villains left me a little confused but I was able to despise the Season 7 villains so much more clearly.

I guess everyone got their happy ending. The Daisy/DeSousa pairing is just a little weird to me but whatever. They both deserve happiness and it's cool that they get to go out there being SWORD or whatever. I'm not fully sure on why it is that the characters can't really be together in person anymore but it is what it is. I really would have loved to catch a glimpse of Deke's life in the other timeline. This is my one disappointment about the way things wrapped up.

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out there being SWORD
Daisy is still a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Daisy got to choose her next mission and chose to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. ambassador basically. A nod to the series premiere. Fury gave Coulson his choice at what he wanted to do so he put together a team to go put out fires. Mack did the same for Daisy presumably and she chose to go off into space on Zephyr-3 with her own team and make first contact with alien worlds - seems odd on paper, but basically a callback to what she experienced in season 5 and 6 and in a way, being proactive rather than continue to be reactive to aliens invading Earth and clueless about what was going on in the rest of the universe.

Plus, it seems like S.W.O.R.D. is founded after the events of Endgame in 2023. And this series' epilogue takes place in 2020. And idk, lumping in S.W.OR.D. at the last minute would have felt wrong. I'm sure Marvel Studios would have vetoed them from using them since they're a Disney+ thing right now.

Writer DJ Doyle pitched a Deke epilogue - S.H.I.E.L.D. agents walk into an office and Deke swivels in his chair to them wearing an eyepatch a la Fury. But the pitch was rejected and never filmed.


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