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May 28, 2010
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Is this the same security guard and museum Doc Ock hit in that other Ghost Spider episode...?

Oh hey, Morgaine Le Fay! Using her USM design to boot. It's cool to see them going for a more obscure villain, and a female one to boot :).

Although if the wanted an evil magic character, I'm kind of surprised they didn't use Enchantress :confused:.

Yeah, that huge doll kind of was creepy :sweat:.
I feel like they've done the "one kid wants to do something the other kid doesn't want to" plot a lot here :rolleyes2:.

It's Cap's birthday? How old is he :p?

It was cool to see some other heroes pop up at Cap's birthday, although I'm surprised Iron Man and Thor didn't show. Especially Thor considering Loki was the villain :ack:.
I love how it's the exact same guy on the bench as in the last short. He really seems to enjoy watching Spidey teach kids some important life lessons :).

"One year in Supervillain jail?" No wonder these villains always come back..and Supervillain jail is also pretty vague o_O.
Is this the first time Avengers Tower has shown up in a short :cool:?

That's a pretty boring Hall of Armor when every suit is basically Iron Man's normal design. They couldn't have at least re-colored some of them :shrug:?

It's cool to see the classic Iron Spider costume make an appearance, right down to the three appendages ;).

Nice bit of continuity with Mittens making an appearance and Spidey making a mention of the time he and Captain Marvel saved that rocket :anime:.
Feels like it's been a while since Spidey's told a story directly to the audience :elle:.

I thought Rhino didn't talk in this universe? Was kind jarring hearing him actually form sentences :eek:.

Figures Rhino would only be after a book for it's monetary value...

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Jan 19, 2004
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Marvel's Spider-Man "The Day Without Spider-Man"

The first five minutes of the episode were quite good and I was like "Wow, was the show ALWAYS decent?" It's been a year. Did I just forget? And the answer is upon hearing Scorpion and Tinkerer's cringey dialogue: "Nope."

I love the idea that there are larger reasons to using the wisecracks, including comforting the bystanders. That's a definite selling point I am glad to see addressed.

I have seen worse origin stories for the name Ghost-Spider. ***1/2.

Marvel Super Hero Adventures "Bend, Don't Break"

I like Ghost-Spider but I don't like Rhino. ***1/2.

Marvel Super Hero Adventures "That's What Friends Are For"

I like this version of Green Goblin but this version of Miss Marvel seems a bit bland to me. She's usually quite a character and this version bores me. **1/2.

Marvel Super Hero Adventures "Happy Birthday"

Because of the MCU I am amused to realize I half-see Loki as a Captain America villain. How weird is that? ***1/2.

Marvel Super Adventures "Things That Go Ha Ha! In The Night"

Somehow I don't feel good about Spider-Man giving life advice to the elderly. If anything, they should be teaching him.

Anya's code-name is Spider-Girl? That's never come up on the current Spider-Man cartoon. That show needs codenames in the worst way.

Good. ****.


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Mar 8, 2009
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It seems new shorts will premiere in April. There will also be a live-stream of the current episodes later this month.
And, if you’re already looking ahead to April, new episodes of Marvel Super Hero Adventures are coming to Marvel HQ! To celebrate, Marvel HQ will be hosting a live stream of the first three seasons from March 16 through the end of the month! Marvel fans can tune-in to the live stream during this time to watch every episode back-to-back, following Spider-Man as he teaches valuable lessons that he has learned from adventures with iconic Marvel heroes!
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