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January 16th:
It's most likely because like Young Justice Season 1 and 2, there's been a huge push for the toyline I doubt ad space on tv is much of a priority.
Well, given how I've seen more commercials for the merchandise over the animated projects, you might have a point.
Edit: I found out two interesting things. The cast generally records together, and Christopher Yost created Sheath.


January 18th:

Here is the Sofia Wylie video. Did I see a church in there?
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Now it's time for motion comics. JP Karliak is essentially using a more smug version of his Wile E. Coyote voice for Loki, which fits well.

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Does this mean Troy Baker won't be Loki anymore?
I'm pretty sure he's still Loki. Marvel Rising is clearly in its own continuity despite using some voice actors from the current Marvel cartoons. Besides, Kim Raver voices Captain Marvel here while Grey DeLisle Griffin voices her in Avengers Assemble and Guardians Of The Galaxy , while Dove Cameron voices Gwen here as opposed to Laura Bailey on Marvel's Spiderman, clearly indicating that Marvel Rising is its own continuity.


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Now it's time for motion comics. JP Karliak is essentially using a more smug version of his Wile E. Coyote voice for Loki, which fits well.

Hey, the Circle Q! And Kamala's dad! And Bruno! Love them using so much more from Kamala's life in her comic then we usually see in the cartoons :anime:.

Pretty neat that the burglar was a woman, since it's not often you see women in the "generic criminal" role :).

JP Karliak was a decent Bruno. I can see what he was going for, and he kind of sounds like the voice I have for him in the comic, but his performance could use a little work :confused:.

He also made for a decent Loki even if it comes off like him doing a Troy Baker impression :shrug:.

That's probably one of the most creative ways Loki has ever been hit by Thor's hammer ;).

That was kind of mean thing to do to Kamala at the end, Bruno :(.
Does this mean Troy Baker won't be Loki anymore?
It's probably just a convenience thing that they had to have somebody else voice Loki here, but it is kind of glaring that he's the only one here with a different VA then usual :sweat:.

Although I guess this wouldn't be the first time a motion comic has used a different VA (like Griffin Burns voicing Robbie Daymond's Spidey in a Spidergeddon tie-in).

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Marvel Rising Ultimate Comic "Ms Marvel"

I love the art style.

I also love that Kamala points out to Thor that the museum might have a problem with his taking the glove so he assures her he'll leave them something valuable in its place. I'm not sure his signature is as valuable as he thinks it is, but at least he's trying.

I also like him being satisfied that Kamala finally puts him in her top three superheroes by the end.

Never heard of Bruno before but I like him.

Good short. ****.
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