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Comic Book Resources has a summary of the NYCC Panel. There's a lot of info there, mostly stuff we know already or just comments from the cast & crew, but I'm only quoting below the description of the footage from "Chasing Ghosts".
Following that, Lane unveiled a never-before-seen clip from Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts, the next short to come out of the project. The clip wasn’t quite finished; while the animation and voices were done, no sound effects had been completed at the time. It opened as Ghost-Spider observed Sheath, the Inhuman who killed her best friend Kevin, from a distance. As Sheath went on the move, so did Gwen, swooping down from the rooftops with the help of her web gliders. A short battle ensued, ending with Ghost-Spider crash-landing in the basement of a bodega. She had to get out of there quickly, as the bodega owner moved to call the police and cash in on the reward on her head.
Fortunately, Sheath didn’t make it far. Ghost-Spider tracked the villain to a warehouse, where she discovered the Inhuman wasn’t alone. Exile had joined Sheath, meaning Ghost-Spider was outnumbered two-to-one — but not for long. With a little help from Lockjaw, the Secret Warriors teleported into the warehouse to fight Exile, only to discover Ghost-Spider and Sheath there as well.


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I found two fan made videos, one that shows Gwen and Kevin's friendship to the song "Because Of You", and the other that takes the "Watch Me Rise" song and sets it to clips from the shorts, promos, and movie.

Gwen gets knocked into a bodega with no appearance by the Bodega Bandit from the Spider-Gwen book? For shame :p.
Who's the Bodega Bandit?


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I don't think this is really the best place to share fan-made music videos. Apart from copyright issues regarding the music, there's really not a lot to talk about them.


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I presume that means more animated Specials will be released next year. Or at least the 2 announced so far (like I said before, I kind of doubt we'll see more in 2018).

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Marvel Rising "Kamala Khanfidential: America Chavez"

I love how they are bringing up her moms in the promotional material. Pretty fearless. ****1/2.

Marvel Rising "Kamala Khanfidential: Inferno"

I like how flustered Miss Marvel gets when she describes Dante as "hot". ***1/2.

Marvel Rising "Kamala Khanfidential: Lockjaw"

Lockjaw is exactly as cute as described. ***1/2.
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Adult Swim took down China, IL from Hulu and put it up on their website. Wonder how long this purge will take...

Also, could you imagine if CN did the same with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Chowder, and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and put them on Boomerang (SVOD)?
How is it that the best kids animated show on Netflix aren't by the people who worked or Spectacular Spiderman or Avatar but freaggin Hilda
I wonder what that SpongeBob spinoff will be about...
Why is it whenever I post something important nobody seems to care?