"Marvel Rising" News & Discussion Thread, Part 2 (Spoilers)

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May 28, 2010
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I'd guess that it's probably going to be a dark feline making it's way into the special.

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Black Cat? I guess it would explain the "sometimes hero" comment...and she was created in 1979, so I guess that counts as the 70's ;).

I wonder if they'd base her off her normal comic self or go with the Earth-65 version to match with Gwen's status quo and the Battle of the Bands format? Be interesting to see :).

And without Spider-Man around, will she flirt with Ghost Spider :p?


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This is the first year I watched Disney Channel frequently since 2006 mostly because of Big City Greens, Amphibia, Ducktales, and Miraculous.

The teaser is good. The comments saying "Release The Snyder Cut" are not.
Is the concept of good scheduling just dead at this point, I'm looking at PlutoTv and most of the time they just got the same show on repeat.