"Marvel on Disney+" Pre-Release News & Discussion, Part 4 (Spoilers)

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It's clear Loki was moved back for The Bad Batch and (hopefully) Black Widow plus though it is nice to get Marvel every week I get not wanting to try and have some break between the streaming service of more then a week so I get wanting to have that spot be for Star Wars (especially since having it start on Star Wars Day is good for the SW fans) and then have Loki roll around the 11th. From what I heard Loki is also 6 episodes so it will wrap up the 16th of July (a week after Shang Chi premieres) which likely means that Marvel's What if will premiere in late July/Early August. Now that's supposedly 10 episodes so that will run the rest of the summer into likely october and guess we'll see how they space out Miss marvel/Hawkeye by then.

And I get some shows only being one season. Loki is supposedly two because yeah I get not putting him back right now into the Thor movies. But not only is Wanda going to Dr. Strange but kind of clear if you've been watching WandaVision that I don't really see Vision making it out of this series alive... which he technically shouldn't even be anyway. Could always be proven wrong but clear Wanda is moving onto other things. Same with Falcon and Winter Soldier which i have a feel will end with Sam becoming Captain America so yeah why call it Falcon then but again we'll see.

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