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May 13, 2016
Seriously, these announcements before the start of the movies/episodes are getting stupid. Doesn't teach kids at school that things changed in the matter of social groups and what we see in the movies is simply an outdated point of view? Besides, back when I saw the episode "Sunfire" in the 80s for the first time, I never paid attention to those things. I was simply interested in seeing Spider-Man and his friends saving the day.
Don't you mean annoying?
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City Escape was the best 3-D Sonic level until Sonic Colors. It's so much better than other 3-D Sonic levels (including other levels in the same game).
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Is it wrong that I think Gwyneth Paltrow is fairly useless? Yeah, she was Pepper. But what good has she done lately besides creating the stupidest headlines imaginable?
Loving the rumor of a BTAS revival. Personally I would far prefer a JLU one, but maybe this could lead to that.

Here is my major suggestion for the BTAS revival:


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