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Marvel Animation in 2018

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2018 was another strong and consistent year for Marvel Animation, seeing the debut of both new seasons of marquee shows as well as new movies and specials.

Marvel's Spider-Man concluded it's first season with "The Rise of Doc Ock" four-parter which saw the origin and development of Otto Octavius (Scott Menville) into iconic Spider-Man rogue Dr. Octopus, which then lead into the Spider-Island arc that saw all of New York infected with a virus courtesy of the Jackal (John DiMaggio) giving the citizens Spider-Man's (Robbie Daymond) powers. This led to the debut of Gwen Stacy (Laura Bailey) as Spider-Gwen as well as giving Anya Corazon (Melanie Minichino) spider-powers. The season ended with Spider-Man going up against the Sinister Five led by Doc Ock, as well as the Hobgoblin.

The show's second season began not long after and saw Peter Parker continue in his duties as Spider-Man by protecting New York City and Horizon High along with fellow Spider-Hero Miles Morales (Nadji Jeter), contending with the machinations of Doctor Octopus, Venom (Ben Pronsky), and other classic Spider-Man villains in a long gauntlet of battles. This season also saw Peter Parker begin to work at the Daily Bugle under J. Jonah Jameson (Bob Joles) and Anya Corazon make her debut as Spider-Girl. The season ended with the beginning of the Superior Spider-Man story, which will carry over into it's second half.

Avengers: Secret Wars, the fourth iteration of the Avengers Assemble cartoon, finally featured the titular Secret Wars storyline as the combined Avengers team is thrust into Battleworld by the Beyonder (Steven Webber). There the heroes are reunited with Iron Man (Mick Wingert) and find new allies in Moon Knight (Gideon Emery), the Jane Foster Thor (Erica Lindbeck), and even the God of Mischief Loki (Troy Baker).

Avengers: Black Panther's Quest, the fifth iteration of the Avengers Assemble cartoon, saw the spotlight shift entirely to The Black Panther (James C. Mathis III) as he becomes a Secret Avenger to travel around the world to battle the machinations of the Shadow Council and their threat to Wakanda and the world along with his sister Shuri (Daisy Lightfoot). The season saw T'Challa face many threats, including major Black Panther villains Killmonger (Keston John), M'Baku (Jonathan Adams), Ulysses Klaue (Trevor Devall), and White Wolf (Scott Porter).

Guardians of the Galaxy returned as Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout for it's third season, featuring the Guardians trapped by the Collector (Tom Kenney) in an adaption of the popular Disney ride, with the Guardians going on to face off against a Carnage-fused Thanos (Isaac Singleton Jr.) along with Spider-Man (Robbie Daymond), go on solo adventures involving Nebula (Cree Summer), The Champion of the Universe (Talon Wurborton) the Grandmaster (Jason Spisak), and Kree Accuser Phyla-Vell (Ming-Na Wen). The season concluded with a huge cliffhanger that will then continue into the Black Vortex arc.

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Marvel Rising, a new multi-media Marvel franchise aimed at young and diverse audiences, made it's TV and online debut with a series of shorts titled "Initiation" spotlighting the adventures of Ghost Spider (Dove Cameron) as she lives a double-life trying to clear her name of a crime she didn't commit, all the while running afoul of SHIELD Agents Patriot (Kamil McFadden) and Quake (Chloe Bennet), as well as up-and-coming Superheroes Ms. Marvel (Kathleen Khavari) and Squirrel Girl (Milana Vayntrub).

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, a full-on film for the franchise, features several up-and-coming Superheroes still learning their way around the world and their powerful abilities as they are thrust into a galactic conflict as the Kree Accuser Hala (Ming-Na Wen) seeks to kidnap burgeoning Inhumans and turn them into soldiers for the Kree.

The Marvel Rising franchise will continue into 2019 with two specials, "Chasing Ghosts" featuring the return of Ghost Spider, as well as "Heart of Iron," which will feature the animated debut of Riri Williams/Ironheart (Sofia Wylie).

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, a feature-length CGI film by Sony Animation, stars Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) in a solo role as he becomes the sole Spider-Man after the loss of his worlds Peter Parker. Now the young Miles must come into his own as a hero with the help of an older and disgruntled Peter Parker (Jake Johnston) from another dimension, as well as other dimensional Spider-People such as Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld), Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage), Sp//dr (Kimiko Glenn), and Spider-Ham (John Mulaney) to fight against the Kingpin (Liev Schreiber).

Lego Marvel Superheroes - Black Panther: Trouble in Wakanda is a new Lego special that sees the Wakandan king T'Challa (James C. Mathis III) work together with Dr. Strange (Liam O'Brien), Shuri (Daisy Lightfoot), Okoye (Yvette Nicole Brown), and the Avengers to fend off an invasion of Wakanda by Thanos (Isaac Singleton Jr.), Killmonger (Keston John), and Klaw (Trevor Devall).

Marvel Super Hero Adventures returns with new adventures and new heroes for Spidey to team-up with and learn important life lessons, including Ghost Spider, Spider-Girl, and Falcon.

So, what are your feelings towards Marvel Animation in 2018?

What were your highlights/favorites of the year?

What disappointed you?

What do you hope for from Marvel Animation in the future in terms of their products or the quality of their productions?

What are you looking forward to from Marvel Animation going into 2019?
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Well , Marvel Animation continues to impress. Marvel Rising, Marvel's Spiderman, and the SpiderVerse movie were the highlights for me.


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This was a pretty good year for Marvel Animation. The Avengers, Guardians and Spidey had some pretty cool stories spread throughout 2018. Black Panther's Quest started off well enough, but I thought the mid-Season finale was a little weak. But I do still plan on checking out the next batch of episodes, when it resumes later this week. The other shows also left on pretty big cliff-hangers, so I am interested in seeing how they'll continue when they return.

Marvel Rising was a pretty nice surprise. I enjoyed both the "Initiation" shorts and the animated feature. I'm looking forward to the next Specials, and whatever else they announce as part of the franchise. Hopefully, it won't disappoint.

I haven't seen Into the Spider-Verse yet, but I heard nothing but good things about it so I could consider that another plus to Marvel Animation.

For 2019, I am interested in seeing the back-halves of all the current shows and curious to see if there will be any official announcements regarding new Seasons or even new shows later on. And maybe finally seeing Into the Spider-Verse sometime soon.

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Loved Into the Spider-Verse and give huge props to a much improved second season of Marvel's Spider-Man, especially with the forthcoming "Superior" story line that started last year. Avengers and GotG are both strongly in 'meh' territory for me, as I only tune in occasionally and have never stuck around long term. My daughter seems to enjoy Marvel Rising, but I don't feel as though this has been advertised appropriately and may have a hard time attracting an audience given the limited episodes/specials produced and not having a standard time slot. Overall, I would give 2018 a win with a lot of room for improvement. I wouldn't mind seeing an expansion or change to the overall Disney style that is being used right now, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.


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After Watching "Into the Spiderverse" the Marvel shows look even blander. I know its not fair to compare a movie to a television series but my god do the backgrounds look bland and the characters while having nice designs lack flair and style. I don't know about the writing or animation qualities but I do hope Marvel animation steps up their game with Television shows

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