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"Marc Brown’s “Hop” Now Streaming on Max"​


"Hop, the new preschool series from Arthur creator Marc Brown, is now streaming on Max.

Co-created by Brown, former Arthur head writer Peter K. Hirsch, and Brown’s son Tolon, Hop centers on a group of best friends who go on adventures that teach preschoolers to embrace people’s uniqueness, both that of their own and of others. With Hop, a frog with one leg shorter than the other, these friends address various kid relatable challenges.

Set in a community called Fair Village, the episodes are grounded in emotional reality but goes into fantasy, with a world populated by dragons, trolls, and talking banjos. The series sets out to captivate audiences with journeys that include friendship, life lessons, and endless possibilities.

Hop marks a significant milestone in children’s entertainment, with the entire main cast having some type of disability or other thing that makes them different, which sets out to help kids relate to challenges that are reflected in the show. RespectAbility, a nonprofit organization that fights stigma and works to advance opportunity for people with disabilities, consults on the series."

Read the full article here.

Also, here's the trailer for the show:



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