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Anti-Hero 69

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Jul 1, 2018
United States
Might aswell get this one out of the way.

City Pirates: In the streets of Boston reside a crew of five criminals and a cat on the run. When their loot gets stolen and their hideout blown up, however, they're forcefully thrust into the superhero role in an attempt to get back what's rightfully their's.


Aspiring Animator
Aug 1, 2018
Jacksonville, NC
Here's my other idea for FOX.

It's a Rick and Morty inspired one, The Fantasy, Sci Fi adventures of Hanako and Yukiko.

It'll be about a scientist named Hanako and an outcast named Yukiko. They go on missions together and live together.

I'll give it a Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy, Satire genre.

For the casting I might cast Kwayla Jones as Hanako and Yukiko, Myself as The creatures, and a few others.

It'll be rated TV-PG.


Aug 31, 2018
none of your business
My show is a semi-surreal kid-oriented sci-fi comedy called RoboRiley. It's a show about a girl who, after a science experiment gone wrong, turns into a robot at random times- sometimes convenient, other times, not so much. It's mainly episodic, in a primarily school-based setting. It's "heavily inspired by"(read: a rip off of) an old CBBC show called "Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde", but replace "giant, hairy monster" with "shiny, gold robot", the names of the characters of that show with the names of the characters in this show, and add more sci-fi and fantasy based plots. Oh, and more explosions. More so than the original.

Riley Tinkerton AKA RoboRiley(replaces Julia Jekyll AKA Harriet Hyde) - A brown-haired, pig-tailed, bespectacled young mechanic, with a 180+ IQ. At random times, turns into a shiny, gold robot with whatever random gadget you can think of/we can pull out of our pockets.

Jimmy Pants(replaces Edward Knickers) - A blonde guy who tries to be a scientist, but his attempts blow up in his face. RIley's best friend.

Knicholas Knucklehead(replaces Lester Blister) - A huge jerk who teaches the science class, but wants to take over the school. Nice mustache.

Knancy and Knatalie Knucklehead AKA The Knucklehead Twins(replace Sharon and Nicola Blister AKA The Blister Sisters) - Mr. Knucklehead's nieces who are never up to any good ever. Running gag where people mixes up their names.

Charles Laser(replaces Memphis Rocket) - Well-meaning, but stupid, hippie principal. Says "groovy" more than any human should.

Mrs. Laser(replaces Mrs. Rocket) - Mr. Laser's mom, and head chef. Ironically sucks at cooking.

John and Jane Smith(replace Jason and Mona Jitter) - A neurotic couple who's terrified of robots, especially Riley. Spend most of their time at a therapist.

The First Bootup(replaces Julia's Elixir) - After the Knucklehead Twins tamper with her potion(by adding motor oil to it, rather than hair restoring formula like the original), Riley suddenly finds herself turning into a golden robot. 1st half of the 1st half-hour, and the series pilot.

New Kid in School(replaces The New Boy) - Jimmy Pants, the new kid and aspiring scientist, comes to school. Hilarity ensues. 2nd half of the 1st half-hour.

Small, Smaller, and Smallest(replaces Danger, Ball of Fluff) - After a mishap with an attempted antidote for her "condition", Riley finds herself shrinking smaller and smaller.

Time and Time Again(original plot) - Riley invents a time machine, and stuff happens. Eventually, she has to save the planet. Half-hour special.

Mostly APM music.

Either APM music, original composition, or Windmills of Your Mind.

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