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Sep 10, 2017
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I need more posters. @Vaughn Max ? @animegamer ?
I guess I'll make a dream Nick India schedule that they should use but I know they'll be too lazy to do it

6:00am Oggy
6:30am Motu Patlu
7:00am Dora
7:30am Paw Patrol (x2)
8:30am Blaze
9:00am Bubble Guppies
9:30am Team Umizoomi
10:00am Rusty Rivets
10:30am Shimmer and Shine
11:00am Go Diego Go
11:30am Max and Ruby
NOON Alvin and the Chipmunks
12:30pm Welcome to the Wayne
1:00pm The Loud House
1:30pm Ninja Hattori
2:00pm Gattu Battu
2:30pm Motu Patlu (x4)
4:30pm Harvey Beaks
5:00pm SpongeBob (x2)
6:00pm Oggy
6:30pm Ninja Hattori
7:00pm Gattu Battu
7:30pm The Loud House
8:00pm Kid Danger
8:30pm Alvin and the Chipmunks
9:00pm Motu Patlu (x2)
10:00pm SpongeBob
10:30pm Ninja Turtles
11:00pm Fairly OddParents
11:30pm Oggy
12am Rugrats
12:30am Invader Zim
1:00am Danny Phantom
1:30am Avatar
2am Rocket Power
2:30am Wild Thornberrys
3am Hey Arnold
3:30am Rockos Modern Life
4am Jimmy Neutron
4:30am My Life As A Teenage Robot
5am Ren and Stimpy
5:30am The Angry Beavers

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