Make a trailer for the JLU and/or Teen Titans season finales (SPOILERS!!!)

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The Green Style Returns
Dec 12, 2003
St. Charles
Umm, here's mine:

Soft, almost churchy music plays. Cue voice Peter Cullen-

Superman... (Hero shot of Superman)

Batman... (Hero shot of Batman)

Robin... (Hero shot of TT Robin)

Together with the Justice League and the Teen Titans, they are historie's greatest Superheroes. Their carreers have spanned generations,saving the innocent, upholding virtue, and conquering all evil doers.

But now, their time, has come to an end.

Cue action music now, begin montage.

They will face their most powerful enemies, (shots of Darkseid, Doomsday, etc.) their most savage foes, (shots of Slade, and of Trigon). But this battle will be different. This will be... The LAST battle.

(Montage of JLU and TT getting their butts handed to them.) The sky will fall...(Shot of Watchtower I falling from orbit) The seas will burn (shot of wrecked Titans Tower in burning sea from "Birthmark") The sun will be blotted out (Shot of darkened sun from "Eclipsed") And the world's Finest heroes won't be able to save us.

Prepare your self for a Three and a half hour Toonami world premeire event, as the Justice League Unlimted and the Teen Titans will meet their final destiny. "The End" coming this saturday.

The Good Guys Don't always win. Only Toonami.

(I know the end is just the name of the Titans three parter, but I thought it would be good for the whole event.)


Calm Before The Storm
Jul 4, 2001
Austin, TX, USA
Very cool! :cool:

I absolutely love the "Toonami treatment" and enjoy seeing my favorite shows get it! (Like the shows listed in my signature, for example.) I especially love those random bumpers where clips from various shows are all mixed together. It's lots of fun picking out clips from my favorite shows amongst the other anime/action cartoons! :) I also enjoy the custom Toonami intros, Toonami promos, and going to/back from commercial bumpers. :D

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