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A simple warning couldn't suffice?
They can do it like how Disney+ does on some films with stereotypes. Like the disclaimer they did for Dumbo.

But yeah, even though they do look amazing and way better than the Laserdisc/Turner transfers, these restorations could really have been handled better. I even made a video on my Youtube channel where I talked about these new restorations and its flaws. I don't see anything non-PC in some shorts removed, like "Ding Dong Daddy", so I expect they at least put back those....

The restored title card for "Dog Tired" (1942), for example, really looks noticeably edited. The text and details of the opening credits are too concentrated and small, way smaller than a normal open-matted print would be.

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Credits goes to @Daffyrocks for pointing this error:

According to the description: "The audio comes from a Columbia House VHS, which sent to me by Larry T. and @C_A_P_. Some historical background - The film was originally released in 1943, and is a wartime tale about cat and mice. When it was re-issued, not only were the original opening credits cut, but a small line of dialogue ("We’re all glad to pay our taxes") during the opening number ("Ain't We Got Fun?") .

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An interesting discovery there. Which Looney Tunes Columbia House VHS is that previously-lost dialogue from?

At this moment, I can't find the name of the VHS release that could have that line released. Eventually, it might have been released on "The Golden Age of Looney Tunes, Volume 5" Laserdisc.

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Meanwhile, I've ended with Canal+ Poland audiotracks for post-1948 LT/MM shorts. I can tell that the C+ dub for "The Scarlet Pumpernickel" was done over the same m/e track that was used for the Italian dub. What's more, Stefan Knothe and Ryszard Nawrocki and the only VA who voiced characters in this short 3 times (Knothe - J.L. for C+ dub and Daffy on the newer dubbings, Nawrocki - Porky).
In the context of Canal+ Dub "Holiday for Drumsticks", Teresa Lipowska voiced the female character (similarly to the VHS dub from "Stars of Space Jam: Daffy Duck").
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Just because I updated the Cartoon Moviestars series on the MGM thread, I'll do it here too. This is a list of the original masters they made, then they had the title sequences cut in the "Viddy Oh" series and in some of the European releases which cut the shorts from 12 to 8.

Bugs Bunny

Hold the Lion Please
Buckaroo Bugs
Racketeer Rabbit
Super Rabbit
Acrobatty Bunny
Rabbit Punch
Rhapsody Rabbit
Hair Raising Hare
Jack Wabbit and the Beanstalk
Little Red Riding Rabbit
Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt
What's Cookin Doc

Featuring Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears

Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears
Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid
Gorilla My Dreams
Hare Ribbin
Tortoise Wins By a Hare
Baseball Bugs
Case of the Missing Hare
Rabbit Transit
Bugs Bunny Rides Again
A Corny Concerto
Wackiki Wabbit
The Heckling Hare

Featuring Hair Raising Hare

Hair Raising Hare
Hare Tonic
Easter Yeggs
Buccaneer Bunny
Hare Force
A Feather in His Hare
A Hare Grows in Manhattan
Hare Conditioned
Hare Remover
Hare Trigger
Hare Um Scare Um
The Wabbit who Came to Supper

Featuring Wabbit Twouble

Slick Hare
Stage Door Cartoon
The Unruly Hare
Wabbit Twouble
The Wild Hare
The Old Grey Hare
The Big Snooze
An Itch in Time
Elmer's Pet Rabbit
The Hardship of Miles Standish
Back Alley Oproar

Elmer Fudd

Good Night Elmer
Elmer's Candid Camera
What Makes Daffy Duck
A Pest in the House
The Wacky Wabbit
The Hare Brained Hypnotist
The Wabbit who Came to Supper

Porky Pig

I Haven't Got a Hat
I Love to Singa
Brother Brat
Little Orphan Airedale
Daffy Doodles
Baby Bottleneck
Kitty Kornered
My Favorite Duck
Beauty and the Beast
Flowers for Madame
I Wanna Play House
Little Dutch Plate

Daffy Duck

Slightly Daffy
Book Revue
Daffy Duck in Hollywood
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery
Mexican Joyride
The Up Standing Sitter
Daffy Duck and Egghead
Yankee Doodle Daffy
Billboard Frolics
Let It Be Me
Katnip Kollege
Pigs in a Polka


The Brave Little Bat
Sniffles Bells the Cat
Lost and Foundling
The Egg Collector
Bedtime for Sniffles
Sniffles Takes a Trip
Sniffles and the Bookworm

Sniffles & Friends

Toy Trouble
Little Brother Rat
The Unbearable Bear
Ceiling Hero
Stage Fright
Ghost Wanted
Busy Bakers
Hobo Gadget Band
Country Mouse
The Lady in Red
I Only Have Eyes for You

Featuring Tick Tock Tuckered

Daffy Doodles
Duck Soup to Nuts
My Favorite Duck
One Meat Brawl
Tom Turk and Daffy
Baby Bottleneck
Wagon Heels

Featuring Ain't that Ducky

Ain't That Ducky
Birth of a Notion
Daffy Duck Slept Here
Hollywood Daffy
Conrad the Sailor
The Upstanding Sitter
The Wise Quacking Duck
What Makes Daffy Duck

Featuring Brother Brat

Brother Brat
Kitty Kornered
Mouse Menace
Old Glory
The Swooner Crooner
Trap Happy Porky
Nothing But the Tooth

Little Tweety & Little Inki

I Taw a Putty Tat
Birdy and the Beast
Inki at the Circus
Inki and the Lion
A Gruesome Twosome
Tweetie Pie
Little Lion Hunter

Featuring Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur

Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur
The Stupid Cupid
Plane Daffy
Nasty Quacks
Along Came Daffy

The Best of Bugs Bunny and Friends

Duck Soup to Nuts
What's Cookin Doc
Bedtime for Sniffles
Tweetie Pie
Nothing but the Tooth
A Feud there Was
The Little Lion Hunter

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After next research - "Water, Water, Every Hare!" was aired with low-pitched ending music cue on Canal+ Poland, while the rest of the short has been aired with high pitched audio. "14-Carrot Rabbit" has the same m/e track problem, as in case of "Oily Hare".
And the songs on "Drip-Along Daffy" (performed by Porky), "What's Up Doc?" have been dubbed into Polish on Canal+ Polish dubbing
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It seems some HBO Max restorations of shorts released on the Golden and Platinum Collection sets have a glitch, where the end title card fades in twice. In other words, the few seconds portion of the video where the end title fades in is repeated. Examples are "She Was An Acrobat's Daughter", "Corn Plastered" and "Birds of a Feather", as seen below for proof:



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