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So...is Loki's TVA still around? Does every Kang have a TVA :confused:?
7/17: If the original form the TVA seen in season 1 still exists, is this new version the only one now, or if there are multiple TVAs on different branches? Huhn. It seemed to me to be choice #2. The only two changes seems to be that the Time Keepers lie was not used and Kang was upfront about being the creator of the TVA and that the Loki variant that stars in this show became an analyst (Mobius being the other). But the caveat seems to be the Loki variant will remember everything that happened during season 1 whereas everyone who was at the TVA at the time He Who Remains was killed, does not remember anything (or season 1 never happened?).

I don't think they even specified where the TVA is located? I know in the comics they were in whatever realm outside of normal space-time and in this series Mobius mentioned time passes differently there. But how did He Who Remains build the TVA in the first place?

... x_x Marvel Studios, please release a handbook to the rules of time travel and the multiverse.

In the absence of TemPads, I can start to see how the Quantum Realm and Hank Pym's tech has exponentially become even more important post-Loki S1.
I wonder what the planned original ending was...
I'd bet it was just ending on Sylvie knocking Loki out and killing He Who Remains then it pans outside to all the branches appearing.

7/18: There was more of what Sylvie did to the timeline in episode 2 but they went to focusing on Loki.

7/19: Poster for He Who Remains.

Herron comments on He Who Remains' tech.

Herron on some scenes cut from Loki's memory reel.

"I just want you to be okay" was a line added by Hiddleston.
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