"Lobo" Live-Action Film Pre-Release Discussion (Spoilers)

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Jul 24, 2006
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the point of no return
Or Johnson is more committed to Black Adam. He was still attached to Lobo at this point, right?
I think Johnson was always more attached to Black Adam, at least for the past 9 years or so. Only other name for Lobo has been Danny Trejo. Last thing we heard about Lobo development was writer Jason Fuchs was working on it. Unless they go more "Cosmic" at DC, probably not attractive enough.

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Dec 14, 2008
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IMO, this is for the best. Frankly, a Lobo film should not be a priority at all when we still need a Flash and Green Lantern film.

That said...I'm actually more interested in a Deadshot movie compared to a Harley Quinn film.

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May 18, 2006
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You know since there is a thread for this (and hey it's something that was started in 2009 and has been updated for years since for new information it should still count) why don't we post the update here that DC is interested in of all people Michael Bay to direct a Lobo movie.


Now of course there's still a lot of of talk on having to scale the budget back to not be something ridiculously expensive (since yeah Michael Bay can turn a profit even with a movie with such a high budget but... obviously this would not be the same kind of "kids flick" as something like the Transformers series are. And yeah I know The Michael Bay Transformers aren't really Kids flick but I mean "film that caters to a toy franchise that has to have a PG-13 rating attached to it" sort of "kids flick" kind of thing) so it may not happen but... it's honestly not the worst idea for Lobo. Honestly for most characters in the DC Universe Michael Bay would be a terrible idea (though based on a what if itsomerandomguy video still be profitable heh heh) the Main Man honestly would be a good fit because Lobo is such an incredibly in your face, aggressive and tough in your face macho personality you would need someone with the testerone of... well a Michael Bay to really handle him. And honestly if kept to the right length and budget Michael Bay can do that based on stuff like Bad Boys and Pain and Gain. Since honestly you need that super in your face explosive attitude to separate a Lobo from a Deadpool who yeah is also loud and crude but DP is also more of a prankster, goof and sort of romantic at heart which Lobo certainly isn't but has his own sort of charm I think could work in a Bay movie.


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