"Lobo" Live-Action Film Pre-Release Discussion (Spoilers)

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Neo Ultra Mike

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May 18, 2006
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You may be in luck then Magmaster12 as "someone assigned to write a script" doesn't really mean anything production wise these days (someone was assigined to write a script for a Black Widow movie over 5 years ago... never heard anything else about that project) so this could be sat on for awhile. Especially because Lobo is not the Deadpool equilivent at DC. Remember Deadpool was made not only because of Ryan Reynolds super passion for the project, but that Deadpool in general is a very high comic seller with a lot of titles and impact on the medium. Lobo somewhat had that... in the 90's at the heyday of the character's popularity but that certainly isn't the case nowadays. He doesn't really have any titles going on right now or many major appearances in various storylines for the books and doesn't have the recognizability or supreme fan love now Wade Wilson would have. It's still there somewhat but... not nearly to the same degree of DP. I suppose a film could still happen but the reason something like Suicide Squad was picked up wasn't just due to the success of Guardians of the Galaxy but due to the Suicide Squad still being a successful comic line successful characters DC has attached to it. Seriously if there's a DP Equilivent at DC it's more Harley Quinn then Lobo honestly. So unless we actually get some more behind the scenes info about this, I wouldn't expect to hear anything about this for awhile. Especially as the main DC line up already extends to 2020 anyway.

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Jul 24, 2006
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Was anyone really expecting them to release a Deadshot solo movie? Even one headlined by Will Smith :confused:?

Hopefully this is a sign that some of the excess or off-the-wall pitches of the DCEU are getting cut down to something more manageable and concrete.
I'm sure Smith wanted it, but now after the "seemingly" under performance of Bright. . . probably not happening. I'm curious about Lobo though. It probably was too risky.

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