Live Action Kids Show Episodes Done Better In Animation


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Jan 5, 2014
One thing animation has over live action is that, for the most part, whenever anything outlandish happens, you can suspend your disbelief and just accept it since it's clearly fictional, unlike live action where it looks more real. This thread is about episodes from live action kids shows that were pulled off better in animation. Let me give an example:

I was recently rewatching the Phineas And Ferb episode "Let's Take A Quiz", which is about Candace taking part in Phineas And Ferb's game show so she can impress Jeremy, but she's subject to a lot of injuries due to the over the top situations. It's really hilarious. There's the Victorious episode "Brain Squeezers", which also has characters taking part in a game show, and getting injured, but it's not enjoyable at all. One reason the Phineas And Ferb episode is better is because, besides Candace getting a happy ending that she deserves while no one in the Victorious episode won, is that when she's injured, it's kept to a slapstick level where it moves fast yet still leaves time for an impact. The Victorious episode dwells on the impact and makes you question how they even got away with this.
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Oct 2, 2020
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The best example I can think of is 'Honest Apple' from My Little Pony (G4/Friendship is Magic) Season 7 and 'iFred' from iCarly Season 2.

The reason why I'm comparing them is because it based on a similar theme: expressing honest opinions to others.

Except the only difference is that at least Applejack realized what she did was wrong all thanks to Rarity giving a taste of her own medicine due to AJ calling fashion 'ridiculous'. Say what you will about Honest Apple and call this episode 'terrible', but at least it had good message behind it about there's a fine line between expressing your honest opinion and being such a jerk about it and it's still relevant today. Plus, it had some genuinely funny moments like Rarity's guitar riff.

As opposed to iFred, Freddie gets crapped on by so many Fred fans all just because he had a different opinion than them. It didn't help that Sam beats up Freddie (off-screen) just to change his opinion about Fred. If that's not mean spirited, then I don't know what is. It feels like this episode trying to say is: "if you express your unpopular opinion about an annoying washed up YouTuber, then you're a crime against humanity. However, if you had the same opinion as everybody else's, then join the club''. What kinda logic is that?

So yeah, I prefer Honest Apple over iFred.

Also, this is off topic, but I do regret for not watching MLP Season 7 when it first came out (after Season 6 left a very bad taste in my mouth) since it had really good episodes on there like Perfect Pear. At least now I'm glad I was able to watch FiM again during the show's (and The Hub) 10th anniversary and it still left a very special place in my heart.

As for iCarly though? It hasn't really aged well and I'm not interested in the revival series on Paramount Plus anytime soon.


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Dec 1, 2005
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One thing I thought was funny about "Let's Take a Quiz" was that it seemed like everybody knew the rules for the game except for Candace, which made for extra hilarity.


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