List of production music used in CN/Boomerang promos/continuities/block intros/etc.

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I'm trying to find more more tracks used in many Boomerang Italy bumpers from 2003-2005.

-One was used in many next bumpers including Top Cat
-One was used in many next bumpers including Hong Kong Phooey
-One was used both in the launch promo and in the next bumper of Tweety and Sylvester Mysteries
-One was used at the bumper with Top Cat (red background) and Hair Bear (purple background)


There's a few I've been trying to find for a while
-Unikitty coming soon promo from various European CN YouTube channels and most notably CN UK in February
-Unikitty Character promos (CN UK and European CN YouTube channels)
-OK KO European launch promos
-Steven Universe new episodes promo from CN UK (around June 2015)
Those are all I can remember xD


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Can anyone identify this UP NEXT ident music used for Wacky Races and many other shows in the 90s?

Also the one used here in The Jetsons UP NEXT ident?

.... and the one used here, at 08.20 for Richie Rich UP NEXT ident.

These 3 pieces of music along with the already identified Fundance [ATMOS 062A/ATMOS 066] were the main 4 themes used for the great 90s CNUK/Europe UP NEXT idents. There were 2 more pieces though that I remember but can not find on You Tube. First the scary music theme used for Scooby Doo/Addams Family UP NEXT idents and another once which was used just for a few shows, one of them was Popeye. Wish these would appear somewhere as well.

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I identified two stock music:

Race For Sweets (Extreme Music) - weekly new episode promos of Adventure Time in CN USA (2011-2012)
Love You to Bits (Audio Network) - The Powerpuff Girls promo (March 2018) in CN CEE, the Summer of Teen Titans Go block bumpers and promo in CN CEE (2018)


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Can you try to identify the song used in this Dastardly and Muttley filler?

Unfortunately it's incomplete. I ended up recording promos because it was during a time I had to schedule the recording due to not being home.

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Skiddly Bit Bop (Extreme Music) appears in OK KO Dimensional bumpers.

SummerSlam (Extreme Music) - the first music of September highlights on CN PL/CN CEE/CN RSEE (2016)
La Danza (Extreme Music) - CN Cinema promo on CN PL/CN CEE/CN RSEE (2017)
Manic At The Disco (Audio Network) - Cartoon Network Anything promo on CN PL/CN CEE/CN RSEE (2017)
Laser Cowboy (Audio Network) - an "Unikitty" character promo starring Puppycorn on CN PL/CN CEE/CN RSEE (2018)
Bit Positive (Audio Network) - first teaser of "Summer Camp Island" on CN MENA (2018)


Still no clue about this music that can be heard during the Banana Splits part?

It was re-used for a Warner-owned kids channel in Europe two years later where you can hear more from the track:

Also this 1995 promo for October:

Later re-used the same music for a promo in Asia:

And the Checkerboard music recreated:


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This is some commercial music heard in various promos:

Everly Brothers - Dream Dream Dream: late 90s CN Europe filler
Elvis Presley - I Need Your Love Tonight: early 00s Looney Tunes filler (Europe)
Grease - You're the One That I Want: late 90s Tom and Jerry filler (Europe)
Dr Hook - When You're In Love with a Beautiful Woman : late 90s Tom and Jerry Valentine's Day filler (Europe)
The Rembrandts - I'll Be There for You (Friends intro): late 90s Tom and Jerry filler, Cartoon Cartoons promo, 2005 Foster's Home promo

If I find more I'll post here. Do note that the classical opera music used in many Looney Tunes fillers and such usually comes from the atmosphere library.