List of Every Known MCU reference in the Marvel Universe block.


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Jul 1, 2016
Here's a complete list of MCU references in the Marvel Animated Universe shows. I will list them all right here on the forum.

- Ultimate Spider-Man: Tony Stark's first flight test in his first scene on the show reminds me a lot of the first Iron Man film., the Chitauri resemble their counterparts from The Avengers films.

- Avengers Assemble: The debut trailer borrowed a lot from Tony Stark's speech to Loki from the first Avengers film, including the lines "Let's do a head count", "The Avengers; that's what we call our ourselves" and "We have a Hulk", Red Skull quipping that Iron Man "Has a heart", the Bilgesnipe that Thor described to Phil Coulson in the film appears in the series, Thor smashing the mug in celebration like he did in the first Thor film, borrowing lines from Ragnarok like "I totally won the fight", "I am the Prince of Thunder, after all" and the lightning jump in the final episode, Impossible Man asking "What is schwarma, anyway?", characters like Bruce Banner, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Baron Mordo, Ultron, Klaw, Falcon and Ronan the Accuser(In the Guardians of the Galaxy TV series) being redesigned to look like their MCU counterparts and their backstories changed as well,, the Iron Legion making an appearance in Exodus, Aldrich Killian being mentioned in one episode, Captain Marvel encouraging Falcon by saying she knows a good pilot when she sees one, referencing his MCU job, Sokovia being mentioned once in Ultron Revolution. The four-part Civil War Season 3 finale had a couple of references to Age of Ultron, Ant-Man and Civil War, Howard Stark's flying car prototype from Captain America: The First Avengers and Wasp saying "It's about dang time" a reference to her quote in the Ant-Man mid-credits scene.

Hulk And the Agents of SMASH: Loki quips "Who's the puny god now" in "For Asgard" and Hulk performing his move on Loki from the Avengers film.

-Guardians of the Galaxy(2015): Numerous references to the events of the first film are made like the Guardians killing Ronan on Xandar and Gamora trying to kill Peter Quill when they first met. Also, Groot turns into a baby version of himself like he did in the second film.


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