"Lego Star Wars Holiday Special" Coming to Disney+


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There's a Lego Star Wars Holiday Special coming to Disney+ on November 17. Not much else is known at the moment.

Edit: The special is written by David Shayne, directed by Ken Cunningham, and produced with Atomic Cartoons.

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All that is known is that it’ll be a tongue-in-cheek jab at the infamous holiday special from 1979.

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I haven't seen that holiday special, though I've heard some interesting things about it. I think there's potential for this to be good. The silly, cheesy nature of Lego would feel very natural for a Christmas special.


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The most interesting thing about Holiday Special is the behind the scenes stuff. The dated celebrities (and commercials when you watch one of the recordings), Ford’s disinterest, Hamill being covered in makeup and smoke to hide that he was in a car accident, etc. The actual movie is dull.


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